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Found 12 results

  1. Hey fellow filmmakers, I'm reaching out to this amazing community today because I'm ready to make a shift in my cinematography journey. As an experienced gimbal operator, I've decided to explore the world of Steadicams, and I could really use your expertise and recommendations! If any of you have made a similar transition I would greatly appreciate your advice and recommendations. My budget is somewhat flexible, but as a beginner, I'm looking for something reasonably priced that will allow me to practice and grow my skills. I'm Base in Ecuador, the industry here is small, maybe a zephyr is enough. What do you think? (looking for rigs in US only)
  2. Good day, evening and everything in between! I currently work as a camera operator and AC based in Norway, but I’ve always had a dream of doing steadicam operating one day. Experience wise, I’m pretty much starting from scratch. The closest I’ve been to steadicam operating is a bit of gimbal work- and running around with a knock-off glidecam (the handheld kind) when I was younger. I am looking to attend a steadicam workshop, and saw that there is both a gold and a silver workshop coming up later this year. The question is, which do i choose? Seeing as i have little to no experience, should i go with a silver workshop first, then perhaps step up to a gold workshop later? Or could I in theory go straight for the gold one, and be just as fine? Would you recommend me getting at least some experience with a steadicam before attending, or could I rock up as a complete beginner? The silver workshop is being held in the UK and the gold one in Sweden. Being based in Norway, I would have to fly in either way, and the Gold workshop includes accommodation/food, so the price difference wouldn't be too massive. Thanks -Yngve
  3. Finally upgrading out of my zephyr. Great learning rig for beginners and aspiring ops. Comes with everything in the list. Great condition! Pros: Affordable price point Tool-less arm tuning Solid hardware Guided 2-stage post Vest is great for any size Cons: Small payload (up to 25lb) smaller post size, higher inertia Small arm, limited range INCLUDED: Steadicam Zephyr Sled [V-mount plate] Steadicam A-30 Arm Steadicam A-30 Vest 7" Feelworld UltraBrite Monitor Drop-in Dovetail Plate Docking bracket Low-mode J-bracket 12V power cable for DSMC 12V power cable for Alexa Additional Bottom stage Battery mount Microfiber Arm sleeve 3D Printed Monitor Yoke w hardware 3D Printed V-mount release safety cover Rolling Hard Case
  4. Hi guys, I'm from Europe and want to purchase my first steadicam, which should fly camera systems @ ~8-10kg. I prefer buying a solid used kit (vest, arm + sled) and got my eyes on these kit-setups: 1. Easysteady Lite&Go Kit Too https://www.easysteady.com/kit_too_it.html 2. Tiffen Zephyr There are more infos and reviews about the Zephyr, so buying this one should actually be a nobrainer. But i would be quite happy if anyone here can share thoughts and experiences on/with both - Zephyr & Easysteady Kit. And: Maybe i'm already blind from newbie investigating, so i'm always open for new advices. :) Thank you & best regards, Lu
  5. Dear collegues, I am selling my Steadicam Zephyr kit due to upgrading. It is used, but in full working order. The Steadicam is based in Vienna, Austria, Europe. I will ship at buyers expense. Price: 7.000 $ Steadicam Zephyr kit includes: Zephyr Sled with Steadicam Zephyr Wrap Grip 2.2” ZWG-2.2 Zephyr Arm Zephyr Vest Cables: 2x 3-Pin Lemo to 12V universal Power Plug, 80 cm, 65 cm 1x Monitorcable for Video and Power, 55 cm 1x Camera Powercable 12V: 4-Pin Neutric Plug to 3-Pin Lemo, 80 cm 1x BNC cable 60 cm 1x Bag for cables Extras: Steadicam Zephyr Monitor Yoke for Marshall CGM-ZSP-MM Monitor Marshall V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI: Docking bracket 2x IDX E-HL9S Li-ion V-Mount Battery 1x IDX Quick Charger with AC Adaptor VL-2 PLUS Zephyr Operating Manual Marshall Operating Instructions Original hardcase If interested, please pm me for more pictures or infos or write an email: martin.kreslehner@gmx.at Cheers
  6. Tiffen Steadicam Flyer 24LE Complete System with Anton Bauer Mount $2,225 Mint condition: purchased new 2010 & used primarily in Steadicam Workshop training and practice. Carefully stored in office environment in Steadicam Case. Flyer-LE Sled Features: Robust, 2-section, indexed, carbon fiber, no-tools, extendable post. Index system, increased post diameter assures the alignment and stability of the sled Friction-free gimbal assembly, large knurled extended handle Precision stage adjustments enable careful balancing of camera to rig Operates in standard or low mode Kipp handle secure locking for the stage and battery assemblies Proprietary 12 and 24-volt power capacity 3 pin 12 and 24 power connectors Battery design mount assembly for easy dynamic balance adjustment and set up 7” NTSC/PAL TFT-LCD Monitor Flyer-LE Steadicam Arm: Frictionless, silky smooth, double-action arm\ Supports 19 pounds (8.61kg) of camera weight 30” (76cm) lifting range Iso-Elastic effortless booming and precise vertical control throughout the range Tool-free, one-touch, “on the fly” lift knobs for precise, quick adjustments Arm post assembly permits different length arm posts 2-section arm separates with quick release pin for fast and neat storage Spring design with rounded arm sections Flyer-LE Ergonomic Vest Comfortable ergonomic breastplate Metal shoulder connection with 100% positive vest-to-shoulder clips Removable vest and pad covers Tool-free arm to vest connector with 2 axis arm-to-body angle adjustments Stiff front spar and yoke Socket block mounts left or right Vertical adjustment of socket block for extended lens height Local pick up: Mountain View CA 94040 (aprox 45 miles south of San Francisco)
  7. For sale my first Rig! This baby got me starting and was a solid learning machine for me! See details: https://cvp.com/pdf/GB_ArtemisDVPro.pdf Listing: - Sled - Arm - Backmount Vest - Docking Bracket - 4Pin XLR Power (I can adapt that for you to have a female DTAP) - Tool (Allen Key) - all canisters for the arm (light,medium,heavy) It as a very nice stage at the bottom for fine tuning dynamic balance. This is a SD Sled so you'd need a downconverter for most cameras. Asking 1.900€ + VAT + Shipping Based in Vienna, Austria
  8. Hello, my dear steadicam gurus. I just graduated from film school, (I am 23 right now) and I decided to go serious about my carrier as a steadicam operator. I've made some mistakes along the way to start this business, such as buying CAME-TV steadicam as my first rig, and buy many 3rd party accessories to minimize my budget. I know many of you criticize that this rig will not be acceptable in professional field, and initially I disagreed. However more research I do and more gig offers I get, I realize I do need better equipments that last long and perform effectively. In a way, I learned my lesson in a hard way. Now, as you can tell from the fact that I try to minimize my budget to start my carrier, I don't have much to start with, and especially not 30k-50k. I was about to give up on pursuing this carrier until I bumped into rent-to-own program and leasing options. I was looking into GPI Pro rigs, because it offered rent-to-own program while offering solid service, and it was the same for Steady Rig although they only sell arm component. Then as I research more, I realize I can talk to credit union to get loans if I want to get gears from other companies. This option will let me go on a track to be in the business, but as I am young and unexperienced with financial world, I am very concerned if I will be eligible for loans, so I am asking advice from folks who were also in same path as I was, I want to hear from your perspectives how you guys handled the initial budgets and which would you guys recommend me between lease, loans, and rent-to-own programs. On a different question, I am very new to upgrading sled with different components, so I want to know what is absolute feature in sleds that I should consider if I am choosing my first rig? For an example, I realize both MK-V J Box center pole cable and GPI Pro HD center pole cable would not fit in any rigs that is less than 2' diameter. So I know now that if I want to upgrade electric components in future, I must get a sled that is larger than 2' diameter. That's one feature that I learned to consider, but I want to know if there is anything that is essential features in sleds if I am considering upgrading in future to minimize expenses in the future. Thank you teachers, and any criticism and advices are welcomed.
  9. Hi all, I’m considering a career in steadicam. It’s really hard to find answers to some questions, so hopefully someone here can shine some light. Overall, is there more or less work for steadicam these days? I see it a lot, but I know there are alternate devices competing like Ronin etc. How long did it take you get established (as in making the bulk of your living from steadicam) and how many days a year do you generally shoot? Here’s a touchy question, but generally, what do operators make per year? Not the outliers who make zillions or nothing at all. I’m just curious what a living looks like for steadicam ops. I’m in LA, so I’m curious how business is around here. Thanks!
  10. Sell my Easysteady Stadycam Arm, for Cameras up to 8,5 kg (total sled weight 17kg ) - aluminium incl. 4 light springs and 4 heavy springs. fits on every pro vest and sled. Works with HDSLR and XDCAM. 1600,00 OBO located in germany if somone is interestet in a full beginner rig feel free to contact me
  11. STEADICAM FLYER LE FOR SALE - LONDON, UK £3700 + VAT I really can't justify owning two rigs (heavyweight and lightweight) at the moment so this one is up for sale. It is being sold as it was delivered when new, but with custom built focus unit mount included. Does not include batteries. V-Locks required. Kit includes: Vest Flyer LE arm in soft bag Post and gimbal Dovetail plate Stand Docking bracket Monitor (small dead area - very cheap to replace) 3 pin Lemo to XLR cable Allen key for gimbal Original soft case Home made monitor shade (don't get too excited - it's not fancy - but it does work well!!!) Custom built bracket to hold Preston brain. The rig has recently been serviced by Optical Support. Please contact them for confirmation, if required. It is in good condition. There are the usual scuffs that rigs get on the arm etc but nothing performance affecting. As mentioned the monitor has a small dead area on it. I can replace this or knock £200 off the price if you would prefer to replace it yourself. This may be a better option as you can choose one that may suit your purposes better. Send me a message if you're interested.
  12. I have a Steadicam Zephyr package for sale in good condition. I've flown everything from a 5d to a red epic and even a bare bones Alexa. I'm looking for $8500 for the package. The package includes everything below and I'll also throw in an extra BNC and a Red Epic power cable to power an Epic from the sled. Steadicam Zephyr Camera Stabilizer Package (V-Lock Battery Mount, Standard Vest) includes: V-Lock Battery Mount Standard Vest Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled) X-Y Vernier Stage Drop-in Dovetail Camera Mount 2x Lemo Power Connector on Stage 2x BNC Connector on Stage (Composite and HD) 12/24V Via 1x 3-Pin Lemo HD Capable Via 1x BNC 2-Section CF Post Dual Rod Pilot Type Base Coiled Post Cable 24V Capability (via after sales battery mount) 1/4-20 Mounting for Base Weights Inertial/Balance Control via Merlin Weights Docking Bracket 12V Power Cable 3' (0.9m) Lightweight BNC Video Cable Dovetail Plate Hard Case 2x Mounting Screws 2x Locating Pin 2x Start Weight 2x Middle Weight No-Tools Gimbal Clamp Email me at foundation1@gmail.com if interested. Thanks! - Devin
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