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  1. Hey If someone are interested in this bracket I have some to sell. It fits to all Arri SAM dovetail plates, works in Trinity and Trinity 2. You can use it to add weight behind or below the camera in long setups to help the balance and attach also the free roll cable holder. It's made form powder coated aluminium You can see more pics an a video here, https://www.instagram.com/p/Cq479neqChh/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==.
  2. I bought this as part of a package deal and currently carry a monitor that uses a different yoke. Great condition. Quattro I can be updated to Quattro II with these parts: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/upgrade-kit-quattro-monitor-arm-2/ This yoke currently sells for 190€ ($215.00 USD) plus shipping from Germany. I’d rather see it get used than sit on my shelf. Buyer pays shipping. $40
  3. Low profile Mag Dock 2 Jerry Hill docking bracket for any 750 pin on your cart with 5” clearance from cart so your sled will clear. Great for landing sled safely on cart for company moves or keeping your staging profile small. Simple click to mount, no aircraft pin needed. Perfect for Moses pole or second dock anywhere. Use it with a large variety of docking rings. $300 OBO
  4. Like titles says, looking for the 4" drop down for GPI Pro (goofy side) Also looking for a monitor bracket for Artemis (1.5") Thanks!!!!
  5. Looking for a EFP Docking bracket in good condition. Message me photos, where you’re located and price please.
  6. I bought this as part of a package deal and currently carry a monitor that uses a different yoke. Quattro I can be updates to Quattro II with these parts: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/upgrade-kit-quattro-monitor-arm-2/ This yoke currently sells for 190€ ($215.00 USD) plus shipping from Germany. I’d rather see it get used than sit on my shelf. Please email for all inquiries.
  7. Hey Everyone, I’m looking to mount a starlight HD monitor to my Pro HD II sled. I would prefer to mount it up at the top near the top electronics (whereas MDR could be mounted) this way I could use this monitor as a low mode monitor as well. I know Transvideo has an HD Arm, but I’m not sure of where to mount that besides on the camera. Anyone have any ideas? thanks!
  8. I am looking for a monitor yoke for my transvideo hd6 (cam-jam, transvideo, artemis...) and artemis Act 2 docking bracket for 1.5 or any other brand that serves the purpose cheers
  9. MDR2 for sale $1500 Assorted Cables you can select for $50 each Cinetape Interface Cable $300 MDR2 to 19mm post mounting bracket $40 MDR2 screw on mounting bracket with male v-lock (I suppose you could replace with a cinelock as well) $75
  10. For sale: A Preston DM1 Motor (Ser# 1019) with Bracket and Motor Cable. Please see photos. Asking $1195 USD
  11. Hey all - In search of a steadicam bracket that will fit to a C-Stand, haven't been able to find one anywhere. Trying to pick one up for around the 70.00 range, don't mind if its beat up - as long as it works. Thanks --Z
  12. Selling my Cam Jam monitor yoke and sled bracket. I have a collar that fits to the master series post. I also have spacers for the SmallHD DP7. Yoke will fit the 8" Transvideo Fits with Transvideo HD6 and HD8, Stargate FHD 7 , RainbowHD SBL 7, Cinetronic GEN1 / GEN2, SmallHD 703, SmallHD DP7-HB 703 and 702, Boland BVB07, Marshall V-LCD70XP / XHB and STX651, Nebtek Solar HD7SC and TV Logic. Asking $1k. Photo: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9ipbzgN2fQSeHNlVUlBZE0xZUk?usp=sharing
  13. Wanted: PRO 3" monitor arm extension please reply at dickcrow@gmail.com
  14. Love my Exovest. But I feel that the socket blocked is just sitting a little bit too high for my taste. Aka the default position of the socket block / arm / sled is about 3" higher that I would like it too have. Has anybody come up with a 'socket block lowering bracket' for the Exovest ? Basically the Exovest equivalent of the IBaird Pro Vest bracket.
  15. Got an extra 1.5" ring. Used it with Pro Post and GAD2. $50
  16. Hello, I have a ted churchill monitor bracket on a Betz RIG. I always wonder which is the best/fastest method going low mode, with the bracket. Until now, I did not find a optimal way to do this. How do you guys do low mode with the churchill bracket? Thank you guy and greetings from Luxembourg
  17. Small HD DP7 Pro High Bright set up for V mount batteries- $1500 Cam Jam Monitor Bracket - $900 Both in good condition the Cam Jam was used on a MK-V 2" post 4 stage. Buyer responsible for shipping please contact me at llittee@gmail.com
  18. For Sale 1 x DM-1 With Jerry Hill Pam clamp style bracket $2600usd 1 x DM-2 With Jerry Hill Pam clamp style bracket $2600usd Both in great condition and fully functional 1 x HU-2 with a ton of rings, two batteries and charger $500usd
  19. Hi All, Looking for a Docking bracket to fit a 1.5" post. Let me know if you have an extra one lying around. Thanks!
  20. For sale is a an XCS TB-6 green screen monitor with duo frame line generators, XCS Programable Digital Level (PDL), and XCS monitor bracket. Expected normal wear and tear use, and the XCS bracket is missing one kip handle, but that's about it. All gear works fine and solid, no quirks or issues. $4300 Accepting reasonable offers
  21. Looking for a Monitor bracket for Transvideo 6" for Artemis / without clamp. Thank you
  22. Hello i'm selling an unused ALEXA + ENG Steadicam ANTI VIBRATION bracket.from http://cam-jam.de it has a few paint scratches from sitting in my box but i've never used it due to having other plates. Sale includes the extension kit which is 22 euros + tax. the bracket new is 250 euros + tax, with the extension kit costing extra. For sale at 200 euros all in. thanks for looking :)
  23. Purchased a few years ago and I just do not use them enough to warrant keeping them, despite their versatility. They have been used for *maybe* 6 commercial days. No need for downsizers and no need to pull the mattebox off to add a motor :) Comes with 3 2 1/4" and 2 4 3/4" shafts. Each UniClamp retails for $165.00 and each additional shaft retails for $35.00. Total retail price of $565.00 before sales tax. My price is $450. Located in Los Angeles. Shipping will be an additional charge (can't see it being more than $7 USPS flat-rate). Thanks!
  24. Hi all, In addition to the HU3 wheel guard, I now also have a version of my MDR cheeseplates for the MDR3. A year ago I put up a post regarding a cheeseplate I had designed for the MDR (1&2) allowing the use of 16x9 cinelock brackets to mount the MDR in various positions and orientations to different cameras, handles, mounting points, etc. That post is here: http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=17789&hl I now have a version of this plate compatible with the MDR3 mounting pattern. Cost is $125 (CAD) per plate, and is in stock. Send me an email at kar.wai.ng@gmail.com to order one. http://www.karwaing.com/mdr-cheeseplate/
  25. Steadicam Model 3 Sled for sale * Perfect starter sled * Smooth Gimbal in perfect working order * Topstage in good working order (camera plate included) * Used but fully working * Removable Grip * Holds 3X Ni-Cad batteries (charger included) * Lower Monitor Bracket & SD Monitor included Price £1400 Any questions or other pics needed please ask, Simon Dodds
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