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Found 14 results

  1. hey yall ive got a used super post cable. 33.5" -65+" it came in a used super post that i purchased. my cinelive connection is not compatible with this connection. the previous owner let me know that its a modded cable with a single line of hd. im pretty sure it fits Pro 2 models. since im not 100% sure about the cable, if you want it, let me know and if it works for ya then $400. the cable is in great shape, just cosmetic wear. the connections are tight, the lemo slide action works well, and the connector face is not at all misshapen. the pins are straight. have a good one! brett.
  2. Hello! I'm fairly new to this forum. I'm a beginning focus puller currently working closely with a beginning steadicam-operator. We've been doing some shoots with a production company who owns a Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro. I use a Chrosziel Mag Fox (analog) wireless follow focus system and I'd like to start and stop the camera remotely. I've made my own cables for Arri cameras as that's the camera we work most with but now there are more and more shoots coming with the Ursa Mini that I'd like to remotely start/stop it as well. The Ursa Mini Pro uses the LANC-protocol also found on the Canon C-series cameras and lots of DSLR's. The Mag Fox's receiver uses pulses for the start/stop-signal and I'm afraid the LANC protocol won't recognize the Fox's signal. I'll attach some images of the pinout for both LANC and the FOX's signal. As you can see, to trigger a LANC-camera you have to short the shutter-pin with ground, effectively using 2 connecting wires. The Fox only uses 1 wire for the signal. Can this physically be done with just wires? Or will I have to come up with some kind of board to convert the Fox's signal to LANC? Any help would be lovely!
  3. Hi, I am Selling my Heden Carat Remote Focus Kit. I purchased this system around 3 years ago and it has been a solid, reliable kit ever since. I had the M26VE motor serviced 2 years ago by Heden Engineering and had a new Servo motor and bearings replaced. The Motor is very powerful, quiet, fast and runs like new. The Heden Carat has a huge range of over 500m line of sight. Which is great for Drone and Gimbal work. The MDR receiver is very small and light and is perfect for being discreet on the camera body. I haven’t used this kit in a long time as it is sitting around as my back up, and I no longer require it. So, grab yourself a well-cared for bargain! For more detailed info check out their website http://heden.se/lens-control-systems/hedn-carat-kit-with-m26ve-256/ Included in the Heden Carat kit; 1x Heden Handset 1x Heden MDR 1x Heden M26VE High Torque Motor 10x Marking Disks 6x Motor Gears – 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 0.8 Wide, 0.8 XXL 4x ipowerus 9v Lithium Batterys 1x ipowerus 9v Smart Charger with Power cable and 12v car cable 2x Motor Cables 1x R/S Power and Run Start Y Cable (Arri etc) 2x R/S Run Start Cables (Arri etc) 2x D-Tap Power Cables 1x Sony Run Start Hiroshi 4 pin Cable (Sony F55, Venice etc) 1x Red Epic Run Start Cable 1x USB Cable (updates) 1x Hardcase 1x Lanyard 2x Spare Aerials 1x 15mm – 19mm Bushing This Kit new with with all the accessories is worth over $7,000 USD But I willing to sell this kit for $4500 USD Kit is located in New Zealand I can also do international shipping at buyers expense. Contact me at davidsteelcamera@gmail.com
  4. For sale: A Preston DM1 Motor (Ser# 1019) with Bracket and Motor Cable. Please see photos. Asking $1195 USD
  5. Spiral cable, 6 pin lemo, male-female. Length: min58cm - max240cm. In very good condition. Rarely used. (New over 280USD). 150euros
  6. Hi All, Anyone need/want a coiled monitor cable for your Boland BVB07? Just received this cable from Media Blackout. Never used. And I don't have a use for it. now. 8-pin coiled, 90 degree connectors on both ends, wired for Boland's BVB07. I don't know if the pins on this cable match any other 8-pin inputs on other monitor brands... New its $200. Yours for $150 and shipping. Let me know if you have questions! Thanks Beau
  7. Hi all! WTB canon to fujinon converter cable for bebob zoom thanks
  8. I have (3) PRO 1 center posts with SD center post cables–all working fine. One post is missing the kip handle. $1,000 for all 3 posts. or $400 each (post + cable)
  9. I have one 50' Bartech Dircect Connect Cable for Sale for $130 including shipping. I paid $200 for it. I've moved on to Digital. Please email me at brudis@me.com
  10. I think they're about 300$? I have one I don't need anymore, only used a couple times. email dustinheindl@gmail.com
  11. So I am making some new camera power cords for myself and I was thinking it would be really nice to have have coiled / pigtail / stretchable cable for these. I can't seem to find any raw cable like this for sale though. So I am looking for raw cable like this: that have has similar characteristics to something like Canare Two-Conductor Cable (http://www.canare.com/ProductItemDisplay.aspx?productItemID=57) or Canare Star Quad (http://www.canare.com/ProductItemDisplay.aspx?productItemID=53). Thanks!
  12. Looking for someone who can built 6pin Hirose breakout cable to xlr4/BNC ( for Zephyr ). replacing SD monitor on the Zephyr for Marshall... Thanks
  13. Brand New Steadicam Post Cable for sale, Lemo FGG.3B length is 5' $450 Modular 51 Steadicam soft case for sale in excellent condition, universal fit for various sleds $100plus shipping.
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