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Found 12 results

  1. I am selling my two(2) IDX Camwave CW-7 transmitters with V-lock battery plates. Transmit uncompressed 422 1080p HD-SDI up to 330'(100m). They have a bit of cosmetic wear but they are in great working condition and have never had an issue. Both sets have had firmware updated by IDX to the latest version which allows the DFS mode (stronger connection) to connect and re-connect lost signal in a couple seconds instead of the original 60 second link time. Original boxes and manuals included. Range and connection compares to Teradek Bolt 300 Pro. Asking $1250 each or both sets together for $2000. Shipping included. Message me for more info and pics. nick.malcolm@icloud.com
  2. The CW-5HD is designed to wirelessly transmit HD images from any standard ENG broadcast camera to field monitor in professional quality clarity and definition. Ideal for live real-time viewing, this happens with a latency of less than 1 millisecond. Images transmitted in real-time with latency less than 1 millisecond Fully uncompressed, high definition images with embedded sound Uni-cast and multi-cast modes for reception on up to 4 receivers simultaneously Automatically detects between HD-SDI & SD-SDI video Transmission range of 50m line of sight or 30m through walls Wireless transmission via MIMO/OFDM, operating between the 5.1 & 5.8Ghz band Complete audio/video synchronisation Stylish and rugged design, with no visible or external antenna I have 3 pairs to sell. Please see images, if you would like to know anymore information about the Camwaves or price please email mail@camerarevolution.com. Almost new!!! ​Look forward to hearing from you, Lucy Whitelocks Camera Revolution
  3. Camwave CW 5HD transmitter and receiver for sale 1800 + shipping Are in great working condition and have been very well taken care off Please email me at tripleecho@aol.com Also for sale Marshall 70XP 3gSDI (No Battery plate) 350 + shipping Panasonic 17in 1200 + Shipping https://www.facebook.com/marco.naylor.5/posts/10155747655960321?pnref=story (Sorry for link, my pics were too large) Thanks
  4. hey yall i have an IDX CamWave CW5-HD wireless transmitter here. V-Lok and SDI. $1200 it is used and has some wear but works great. it has been my backup for a few years. just time to slim down. the unit works great, locks signal quickly (in my experience). my test today gave me about 50' with two double-thick brick walls. it started to scramble at about 60' after the third brick wall. receiver has lots of hard-side vel-cro. let me know if you have any questions. i am located in los angeles (though ill be in new york this week and can bring it with me if you contact me before tuesday 4a pacific). happy to ship anywhere. $1200 pretty much priced to sell. let me know if you are interested in a trade. ive also got lots of IDX batteries and charger (with case), a 7" hdmi marshall monitor, and a nanoflash if you need a bunch of stuff. brett.
  5. Teletest have recently launched the new HD Video Wireless Link, the TELESEND. Would a couple of UK members of the Steadicam Forum, who already own digital links eg IDX / Teradek etc, like to borrow a TELESEND kit for a few weeks and write a brief review, comparing the different systems? TRANSMITTER The HD-SDI transmitter fits onto your camera or Steadicam rig: Choices of HD transmitters with HDMI, HD-SDI and PAL/NTSC inputs HD-SDI loop through RECEIVER The HD receiver is built inside the LCD monitor, thus it can be used as a very portable wireless confidence monitor or as a stand alone receiver for a broadcast quality link: Choices of LCD receivers with HDMI, HD-SDI and PAL/NTSC outputs for feeding the media village / OB van etc Option of an LCD receiver with two receivers built in, so the director can switch between two cameras The link is broadcast quality and there are options with embedded audio HDMI, HD-SDI and PAL/NTSC inputs using the BNCs on the rear TECHNICAL OVERVIEW The TELESEND uses the Amimon chipset and so has a latency of <1ms: you can see two videos on our website showing that the delay is practically zero. The TX and RX are matched pairs that Dynamicaly Select the Frequency (DFS - ie auto-tune) so the TELESEND is simply turn on and forget. Ranges of 20m-40m without breaking up when moving around Ranges of up to 70m without breaking up when the TX and RX are fixed. Choices of battery plates on TX and LCD RX eg PAG, Anton Bauer, V-Lock 7.5V to 30V input range on TX and LCD RX Teletest designs and manufactures the TELESENDs in the UK, so we are always available for support & feedback FEEDBACK The feedback we have had so far from Hire Companies and Lighting Cameramen is that the TELESENDs perform better than the IDX WEVI and Camwaves and also perform better than the Teradek BOLT (see our website for the quotes). They tell us that their directors also like the lightweight, all-in-one LCD receiver. It would now be great to have feedback from Steadicam users on this forum. So if you are interested, please email me at nr@teletest.tv For more details and to download a TELESEND brochure, visit: www.teletest.tv Best regards Nick Rose MD Teletest Ltd
  6. Selling my Camwave. IDX installed AB Gold mounts on both TX and RX. I have 1 set of the original Vmounts included with sale. Asking $1850 obo. Purchased new, not a rental. karlkimdp@gmail.com
  7. As a special thank you to all of the CW-5HD users throughout the years, IDX is pleased to announce a special rebate program to help you upgrade to the CW-7! No trade-in of your CW-5HD system is required! Please take a look at the attached file for more info!!
  8. For Sale 1 x HD Camwave Transmitter and Receiver set. V-lock mounts all round Excellent condition 2000€ + Shipping teva.vasseur@gmail.com City: Paris can bring the Camwave everywhere
  9. Hi everybody, I sell my CamWave on Ebay see this Link: http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Cam-Wave-/151025121729?pt=FR_Image_son_Emetteurs_vid%C3%A9o_sans_fi&hash=item2329cc79c1 Thanks and good Luck
  10. BOXX, CW5HD, BOLT, others? Hi all, I have been asked to quote for a little multicam red carpet job that will see me on Steadicam plus one other wireless camera. The location is in the middle of central London, outside & inside, with the cameras probably never more than 100m from the receivers. The pictures will be going live to screens, not broadcast. There are various options for wireless HD, the ideal being a Vislink Gigawave but there's certainly not the budget for that, so I'm wondering if you have any advice or recommendations on the other options. Here's what I am considering: Two BOXX Meridians cost about £700 to hire for the day, but would they be overkill in price and performance? Two Teradek BOLTs would be about £2500 to buy, which would be paid for out of the other kit hire & would be useful in future, but would they be up to the job? Two Camwave CW5HDs would be just £100 to hire total, but would their latency be a significantly more than the others, & would two work together well in close proximity? Are there any other options I should be considering? Any advice & experiences warmly received! Many thanks, John
  11. For Sale!! Three used IDX Camwave systems w/ Transmitter and Receiver intrinsically Anton Bauer Gold Mount. All units in perfect operational condition. Price: $3,500 per unit. Used Bartech Remote Focus Systems: Tranmitter, Analog Receiver, M1-Motor w/ Motor Cable. Several Units Available!! Price: $3,500 per package 3x Brand New Arri WBU-2 Batteries! These are possibly the final 3 batteries made by Arri for the older WLCS Unit as they were made by special request earlier last year. Price: $550/battery For inquiry please contact: Paul Hawxhurst HandHeld Films Inc. - Camera Department Manager Office: 212-502-0900 x218 Fax: 212-502-0906 paul@handheldfilms.com
  12. Does anyone have an HD Transmitter (Preferably Paralynx, cam-wave or similar) that I can sub-rent for a job on Monday here in LA? Alan Rencher 323.213.9427
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