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Found 4 results

  1. This sled is original Cinema Products EFP upgraded by MK-V. I sent the sled to Maurizio Aloi (Italy) to make a new upgrade, he made light, longer carbon 1.5” post with new super clamp, which works perfectly. He also made new inner cables and new orange gimbal clamp + gimbal rebalance. I did not use the sled since this upgrade, so it is like a new one. Top electronics offers 12V XLR output, 24V 3-pin output, 2x 12V Hirose output, HD-SDI and SD. Bottom electronics have 12V XLR output, 2x 12V hirose output, battery voltage meter, HD-SDI and SD. There is 19mm rod system with Marshall 7" monitor, and double V-mount MK-V plate. Also there is third battery option on the bottom of the sled, it is a smallrig plate. There is also original Steadicam docking bracket with tool holder on the side. I will add the raincover for bottom part of the sled. There are power cables for Arri 12/24V cameras, RED Cameras, XLR connectors, DTAP adapters and zoom control for Fujinon lenses, also the virtual horizont for Marshall monitor. 6 SDI cables in 100% condition. All the tools. 15mm rods for the top plate. 2x 19mm Rod arri pin adapters. Everything packed in Pelican 1650 hard roller case. Ask me for any information or more photos, if you need. All the package is located in Czech Republic - Prague. I am able to transport it by myself around the Europe or send it by FedEx. PRICE: 6.500€ + shipping Thank you, with greetings Radim Brunovský. radim.brunovsky@gmail.com +420 736 260 448
  2. Sachtler 20 Plus Head and Tripod – good condition US$4,200.00 OBO Recently serviced by I.J.E.S. Camera Support Systems – “Production Ready” Sachtler Video 20 Plus Head SN/20P3395 Pan Arm Carbon Fiber Legs Spreader Hard Case See complete description - mention Black Friday sale https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlx5hoimqx009m3/Black%20Friday%20Sale%20181123.pdf?dl=0
  3. I am selling my gently used(18mos of work) Sachtler Artemis Carbon Spring Arm Please contact for pricing. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Spring Arm ACT2 Carbon / 26 kg (57.3 lbs) Replacing the aluminum “bones” of the ACT 2 spring arm with the ultra light, rigid and torsion-free carbon fiber “bones” caused lowers the weight of the arm itself by additional weight reduction of another 500 gr. / 1.10 lbs. The ultra lightweight design enables high-speed operating and longer-lasting takes. The ACT 2 carbon upgrade offers the same technical features as the ACT 2 aluminum spring arm. Carbon is used more and more often in modern aircraft construction, and in the field of racing car construction the use of carbon has been the standard since many years. But our main reason was to further cut down on weight. The carbon version of the spring arm weighs another 500 grams (1.1 lbs) less than the aluminum version. Features: Sachtler ’s new artemis ACT 2 includes a full range of design innovations • Light, torsion-free construction • 3 exchangeable spring sets for loads from 11 to 26 kg / 22.6 to 53.3 lbs. • Extra-easy spring pre-tensioning mechanism • Flip-over mechanism for vest connection (mating block) Compatibility with all vests using the American standard industry connector (socket block) and gimbals with 5/8“ arm post • Adjustable arm post friction • Arm posts available in three lengths (6“, 10“ and 12“) • All adjustments handled with a 4 mm 5/32“ hex key Based on the special experiences of our suppliers, we are able to produce carbon parts in series now. New production methods provide high reliability and safety for the products and replace manual lamination that is a quite unreliable production method. The aluminum arm is already an unbelievably quick and agile arm, but the carbon version is even better. Operators who shoot many sport shows or must walk fast or run while shooting for other reasons will appreciate the arm’s light weight and the fact that it stays in steady position during fast movements.
  4. Hi guys, I`m selling my beloved WK backmount vest with a straight carbon arm, that comes with 3 different vest mount brackets (left, right and neutral) to rise or lower the arm attached in the back of the vest. It also comes with an airpump and 2 bags made of leather. One armbag and a small bag for the extras. The vest is in an excellent working condition, usual wear and tear. I bought it in 2009 from Betz-Tools in Munich, it has the serialnumber #72 and is a size small. My weight is about 176 pounds (80kg) and height is 5 10" (1.79m) Summing up: -WK backmount vest -carbon arm straight -vest mount brackets (left, right, neutral) -airpump -leather armbag by WK -small bag for the extra stuff The vest cusioncovers will be washed again before selling. Price is 3,800.- $ or 3.000,- € Feel free to contact me: steadicam@peterschmehl.com located in munich, germany. shipping worldwide!
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