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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone I am selling here my GPI Pro Cine Live Rig with a Tiffen Volt in a bundle and quite a few extras. Couple of notes upfront, the rig has been checked and serviced in September of this year at Optical Support in London, it has some minor cosmetic wear but is fully functional and in very good condition (see pictures). List of items that will be coming with the package. * 1 x GPI Pro Cine Live Rig (battery rack Gen III (AB), OS DBIIIs Topstage with 15 mm bars, Volt padded dock) * 1 x Tiffen Volt Kit (on a Pro gimbal!) * 1 x OS Products monitor bracket * 1 x Smartsystem 7” Monitor SM7-3K-Z with integrated Zenmuse level indicator (there is a screenprotector on the screen on the photo) * 1 x Volt lowmode dock ring * 1 x lowmode monitor bracket for Transvideo Starlite (no Starlite monitor incl.!) * 2 x 1.5” Docking rings (no Jerry Hill docking bracket incl.!) * following cables incl.: Pro rig > Smartsystem Mon power cable, Pro rig > Alexa Mini, Mini LF, Amira 12V Power cable, Pro rig > 24V Alexa 35 Power cable, Pro rig > 12V XLR Power cable, Pro rig > 24V Alexa Plus Fischer Power cable * 3 different Jumper Blocks (12V parallel, 24V parallel, 12V only two rear batteries) * 1 x Peli Case iM3220 with custom fit foam inlay to transport the Rig (custom design) Further notes: Requests from within the EU will be preferred!! Buyer pays transaction fees and shipping fees. Price: 36000 € EUR (plus taxes, only if you're based in Germany) For further questions and details shoot me a message. Cheers Ozzy
  2. Selling my entire GPI PRO rig. Unfortunately, chronic back issues have stood in the way of this being a long-term career option for me, so it's time for it to go. CineLive sled (minus topstage) was purchased used in 2019 from a NYC-based operator (first owner, Calvin Falk) and serviced by Jack about 6 months later; vest and arm both purchased new in 2019; upgraded to new Betz stage in late 2019. I have never rented the equipment out to any other operator. You'll find the typical scuffs, etc., but overall everything is in pretty good cosmetic condition (the vest is especially clean). And more importantly, everything is in fully-functional condition, has been well taken care of, and is 100% ready to shoot. All signal and power cables for most camera types are included and detailed below. For now, I'm selling the equipment as a FULL PACKAGE ONLY. The rig is currently located in Seattle, WA. I'd prefer a local pickup, but will consider shipping within the United States at buyer's expense (shipping + full insurance + PayPal fees). $45,000 OBO SEE PHOTOS HERE: https://imgur.com/a/mtxoOkW I'm happy to answer any questions via DM, email, or text. ph: 509-470-0293 email: samsrice@gmail.com Thanks for looking! SLED: PRO Center Post Telescoping PRO Gimbal Gen IV Battery Rack PRO CineLive Upper/Lower Junction Boxes Boland BVB07 Monitor CamJam Quattro II monitor arm with integrated yoke Betz Tools Top Stage + aks: universal dovetail plate Sony & Amira V-Mount snap plate Alexa/LF/Plus/XT adapter Tripodlokplate (SOS plate) dovetail-mounted rod bracket w/ extra rods (chrome) rods for stage-mounting rods (blue) Transvideo Starlite monitor (low-mode monitor): PRO-Starlite power cable Cam-Jam mounting bracket felt bag Hill Docking Bracket Camera power cables + bag: 24V ARRI angled 24V ARRI straight 12V ARRI straight 12V XLR RED DSMC2 24V Panavision Misc cables: p-tap power cable for Boland Rencher p-tap breakout (PRO to p-tap) PRO sled tools Pelican iM2950 Storm Case w/ custom-cut foam & Harrison Lid Organizer ARM ($19,270 total new): GPI PRO Titan Arm 4 x blue canisters 2 x black canisters PRO J-Bracket (low-mode bracket) 6" arm post 10" arm post Titan arm tools PRO arm bag PRO 4-slot canister soft-shell carrier (not pictured) VEST ($5,720 total new; no case included—I've always used a duffel bag): PRO Vest Pro Vest tools and misc spare screws BATTERIES ($4,266 total new): 5 x Core SWX Hypercore 150A gold-mount batteries 1 x Core SWX Fleet Rapid Li-Ion gold-mount charger 1 x Core SWX Fleet Q4Ai gold-mount charger Pelican iM2700 Storm Case w/ custom-cut foam for 8 batts, 2 chargers, 4 spare arm canisters MISC. ACCESSORIES: Bag of thin BNC cables (misc lengths, pictured), HDMI cable, and BNC adapters/splitters Bag of camera/AKS screws (pictured) Bondhus 1/4", 5/32", & 1/8" T-handle hex tools Ratworks Gold-Mount cheese plate Cam-Jam mounting AKS ($377 total new including Starlite bracket): Teradek Bolt through hole mount Teradek 15mm rod mount Teradek mounting bracket (L-bracket) 3 x SmallHD misc mounts (for unique mounting situations) Hill ARRI EVF top-mount bracket Harrison Standby Cover Manfrotto short dovetail for DSLRs STAND: Backstage Equipment Steadicam Stand 1-Riser Backstage Equipment Steadicam Stand 8" Wheel Kit Backstage Equipment Steadicam Stand Utility Tray Tenba 38" Rolling Grip Case
  3. looking for pro2 cinelive sled. pls email- vermakapz@gmailcom best regards, k
  4. I'm regretful to post this beauty, the moment I completed this rig purchase (it took several months of shipping from different vendors) I was presented with another opportunity in the film business that was hard to pass up... :blink: I'm selling everything you see here including the bag for the Titan arm. Michelle from GPI was so delightful during the purchase process, I'm impressed with the quality of all this gear - however i'm unable to use it properly at this time. I balance a red camera on this one time and walked around my house - thats it.... Zero scratches, Zero wear, Zero use, zero issues - all brand new and sitting here in one package for your convenience. BRAND NEW: The big items include: GPI PRO Cine live sled GPI PRO Titan arm - 2 Black canisters, 2 Blue canisters GPI PRO Vest, marked 30" 8" Transvideo Cinemonitor HD8 X-SBL Cam-Jam monitor yoke Jerry Hill Mounting Bracket Steadicam FGS-900073 Stand + wheels 4x Brand new Anton Bauer 90s (New, Unused) Anton Bauer quad charger (new, unused) Cables for Arri Alexa, Red, Sony, Preston, and proper Monitor cable from Transvideo 2x Pelican Cases 1x Transvideo pelican case Can include Preston MDR2 Blue dot, DM1, and HU1 I'll post all the exact cables soon. PM me with offers , and if you need additional pix.- All of this stuff is in one place (Atlanta) and ready to go. Thanks! -Joel
  5. Hi yall When we flip the CineLive into 24v for using ARRI and other cameras, do the upper electronic switch out to 24v exclusively? I am having cables made for a Chrosziel MagNum receiver and am wondering if I need a 12v and 24v cable, or 12v only. The receiver does not care whether it receives 12v or 24v, it will push voltage independent of whats coming in. Try as I might, I have a difficult time understanding electricity. brett.
  6. hey yall i recently picked up a SmallHD DP7 Pro OLED. It came with a 4-pin lemo - hirose power cable, which i wasnt planning on using, but then I realized that the 4-pin lemo fits into my CineLive Tally connector. The tally output on the sled (upper junction) is 12v. Is there any reason that this wouldnt work for my monitor? I am pretty ignorant about power, so I am hesitant to plug it in, as I just dont wanna fry this new monitor. If anyone has some experience with this, id love to know! brett.
  7. hey yall if there are any Atlanta or other south eastern operators that are interested in testing out a CineLive, Atlas Arm, or CMotion Compact then let me know. I am in Atlanta with both systems for the week. I am interested in connecting with more operators in the area and would be happy to do some practicing, gear talking, etc. Ive also got a Teradek Bolt Pro with me and some other odds and ends in case you have any use. Feel free to send me an email, message, text or call! brett. 404.408.5951 12@brettmayfield.com
  8. hey yall I had just thrown up a photo of my new case on another thread and already got someone interested, so I figured Id put out a review on it. I had my case custom built by Thermodyne. It is inspired by the Archer2 case that I used to have, also by Thermodyne. Thermodyne was used to the Tiffen sleds and cases claimed to have never seen another rig, so they did whatever scanning and 3D mapping they needed. They let me meet with the gentleman who was actually doing the scanning and cutting and treated me like I was putting in an order for hundreds even though it was just one case. I had to leave my rig with them for a few days so that they could come up with a configuration. I asked them to cut the mold for the sled and to cut several cavities for aks since I knew there would be room. I can fit my plates, cables, kneepads/AB twin charger and 2 Dionics. There is enough room to keep my hyperdeck attached to the back of my monitor as well. My arm (atlas) folds in 90 deg and I had them put my spare canisters in as well. I asked for a two-tier system and the shelf is not flimsy foam, but is a 1/8" thick plastic shelf which is sandwiched in foam. The case also has an extending luggage handle and two durable wheels, as well as three very sturdy spring loaded handles for lifting. Just to let you know, the case with the rig is beefier and heavier than I was expecting, but I have come to not mind, because it is holding my first born and I feel very confident putting it on a plane, as I used to do with my Archer2 back when. So I guess second born. Here are the dimensions in the laying position (as photographed): 30" wide x 22.5" tall x 23.5" deep and its weighs in at about 40 pounds. It has 4 mickey mouse twisting clasps and a place to lock it with TSA or padlock. With tax it came to $640. The whole process from dropping off the rig to picking up the case was probably 14 days, which may have been a little long, but I think it had to do with mapping, configuring, testing, cutting, etc. They sent me the sketches along the way. So far the case has been excellent in every way, except maybe lifting. The large flat top has been nice as a small table of last resort, with a few grooves so my screws dont goin spinning around. It is heavy, maybe close to 40 pounds, and it is wide, and Im not a big dude, so I ramp it up into my truck typically and have an AC help it out of my vehicle. you can see it on the thermodyne website (thermodyne.com) It is the third picture in the slide show. I dealt with Bill Morgan, and he was super easy to work with. Thermodyne is about 45 minutes straight shot east on I-10/60. William MorganSr. Sales Thermodyne International Ltd. Ontario, CA USA CAGE Code 29724 bill@thermodyne.comP. 909.923.9945 F. 909.923.7505 If youve got any questions, let me know or contact Bill. They can set you up with this configuration for a PRO CineLive and Atlas, but if you have a different rig they may need to get it inhouse for a day or two, except maybe Tiffen rigs, for which I am pretty sure they have already built cases. brett.
  9. hey yall does anyone know the camera pinout on the new Pro CineLive upper junction boxes? i have looked in the manual on the pro website, and it appears to be a 3pin lemo 1S and I believe on the rig its actaully a 3pin 1B... anyone know the facts? brett.
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