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  1. Cinetape Used but in very good condition. Been very well looked after. Contains: -Horns -Horn extension -Readout -Mini-noga -3D print readout dial cover -Cables: Power (ALL 3’) - 2 x 3-pin - 3-pin (straight to straight) - 2 x 3-pin - D-tap -Sensor (ALL 3’) - 1 x straight to straight - 1 x straight to right angle 1 x Remote to ARRI UMC3 / L-CUBE (16” length. Carries POWER for Readout.) Great kit in excellent working condition. One careful owner. Very reliable and has served well! Located in the UK, will ship anywhere. Buyer pays all shipping costs. Payment in Pounds Only Please. £3000 Selling for a friend. tomwilliams@me.com
  2. 1 x Cinematography Cinetape Display S/No. 3062 1 x Horn Sensor S/No. 312 541 (with extender tubes) 2 x Noga Arms 2 x Sensor to Display Cable 2 x Arri Fischer (RS) Power Cable 1 x Panavision Power Cable 1 x Anton Bauer 'D Tap' Power Cable 1 x Black Plastic 'SKB' Box £2500.00 London UK
  3. I have a well maintained cinetape located here in NYC for sale. Asking $5000 OBO. Buyer pays shipping. 1x Cinetape Readout S/n 30546 1x Cinetape Horns s/n 35625 2x Cinetape sensor cable 1x 3pin RS to 3 pin RS cable 2x 3pin lemo to 3pin RS cable 1x 1200 Pelican Carrying Case 1x backup knob
  4. Hey guys, Full Cine-tape kit for sale. Includes a wireless cine-remote and Preston mdr interface cable. US$5000 plus shipping from New Zealand Display - S/N 31158 Horns Noga Arm PLC electronics UDM Cine Remote Transmitter PLC electronics Cini Remote Receiver Cine Remote Antenna x 3 2 x Sensor cable 2x RS24V 1 x D-tap 1 x 2 pin Lemo 1 x 24V PV 1 x 12V PV 1 x Cine Data Cable 1 x Cine Data - Preston Handset Custom cable 1 x Arri UMC Cable 1 x laser cut pelican case
  5. Selling (2) Preston Cinema MDR2 motor controllers. 2 x 12v XLR power cables 2 x Power and Run/Stop pigtail cables. 2 x ARRI R/S on /off cables 1 x 2 pin power cable 1 x Panavision Run/Stop cable Panavision Accessory Power TAKING ANY REASONABLE OFFER.......
  6. Cinetape Kit for sale. Great, well taken care of set. $4400 USD bigwheelpictures@icloud.com CINETAPE Horns x 1, Reader x 1, MDR interface cable x 1, sensor cables x 2, 3-pin fisher pwr cables x 2, Anton Bauer d-tap pwr cables x 2, 11-pin fisher pwr cables x 2, 2-pin Limo pwr cables x 2, Custom Pelican Case x 1,
  7. $1000 OBO PLC Electronics Cini Remote Pkg: cini remote transmitter cini remote receiver/Readout 2x Remote/Tx cables PLC 9volt battery mount omnishot Sony M (FIZ)battery adapter + 2x Sony M (FIZ) battery,(only for local pick-up.Not for Shipping) CiniLink $1000 OBO Equipment is in excellent, used condition. part of my personal 1st AC kit,. available for Pick Up in L.A. , US or International shipping available Chris Toll 31o-493-8424
  8. Cinetape + ciniLink w/ cables, Noga Arm, Pelican case + many extras. $3600 OBO for complete kit Cinematography Electronics Cinetape package includes: Cinetape Readout Horns 4” Noga Arm 2 x Extension Tubes 4x Sensor Cables 4x Power Cables pelican case cinetape $3000 OBO PLC Electronics Cini Remote Pkg: cini remote transmitter cini remote receiver/Readout PLC 9volt battery mount omnishot Sony M (FIZ)battery adapter 2x Remote/Tx cables CiniLink $1000 Equipment is in excellent, used condition. available for Pick Up in L.A. or U.S. shipping Chris Toll 31o-493-8424
  9. Hey, Want to sell my Cinetape and Preston KIT. I'm based in Poland, Europe. But sometimes i go to NYC. Contact me : kzawieja@gmail.com FB : Krzysztof Zawieja Mobile : +48 886652638 CINETAPE KIT 1x CineTape 1x Horns Cables: 2x Sensor Cable 1x RS to RS Power Cable 1x D-Tap to RS Power Cable 1x 435 to RS Power Cable 1x XLR to RS Power Cable Accessories: 1x Noga Arm 1x Mattebox EyeBrow Mount 1x Extension Horns 1x Spare Rubbers 1x Pelicase 1510 Price : 4000 USD ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Now the price for KIT is 3700 USD. PRESTON KIT 1x Preston FIZ2 with OMNISHOTsystems NP-FM Battery Adapter 1x MDR2 with G2 Board (G4 board incl.) 1x Heden M26VE Motor w/ CNC made brackets 2x Preston DM1 Motor w/ Hollywood brackets 
Run Cables: Arri Run Stop Sony Venice Run Stop Sony VTR 4435 Run Stop Red Run Stop Power Cables: RS Power Cable D-Tap Power Cable XLR Power Cable 
Motor Cables: 3x Motor Cable Accs: 1x Preston MDR2 G4 Board 2x Spare Radio Antennas 5x Focus Rings 0.5, 0.6, Heden Gears And couple 3d printed 0.8 gears (fits HEDEN spindle) 2x Preston FIZ Battery (one is dead) 1x Preston Battery Charger 1x Np-FM500H Battery 1x Np-Fm Battery Charger 1x HardCase Now the price for KIT is 3700 USD.
  10. FOR SALE: CINETAPE KIT This Kit is in good condition and works. Asking $5,500 USD Kit Includes: Sensor Tubes Display Unit 2 x 24v 3pin Arri cable 3 x sensor cables 1 x AB power cable 2 x 12v pana cable 2 x 24v pana cable 1 x 11 pin Arri power 2 x cinetape MDR 3/4 interface cables 1 x Matte box bracket 1 x small noga arm The kit is located in Toronto, Canada and can be shipped anywhere at buyers expense.
  11. excellent condition lightly used $5,600 Pictures https://ibb.co/G2LcLH3 https://ibb.co/BT3zp97 https://ibb.co/1qMJ3tY https://ibb.co/vXYT5Zt https://ibb.co/sC4wbtz https://ibb.co/30w1D8q https://ibb.co/kHF1QgL https://ibb.co/L8xDXP5 https://ibb.co/NCnwhF4 https://ibb.co/RBhd0HQ Contact for details satrazemis@gmail.com
  12. Pair of Preston Cinema MDR-2 (G4 Blue dot) motor drivers for sale. $2000 for the pair, $1200.00.each. Preston to Cinetape Interface cable for sale, $150.00
  13. For Sale: Arri UDM-1 (Cinetape) Ultrasonic Distance Measure (Arri’s Cinetape version) Includes: Sensor Unit Display Unit 2 Sensor Cables UDM to RS Cable UDM to Alexa Cable UDM to PSC Cable UDM to UMC Cable UDM to P-Tap Cable UDM to XLR Cable Universal Mounting Arm Manual Condition: New, Never used on set. CHF: 6000.- (Swiss Francs) Plus Shipping.
  14. Hi I brought my Cinetape from New, it has been kept in Immaculate Condition, Original Case and Packaging, only used by myself for a few years. Kit Includes:- 1x Cinetape Sensor 1x Cinetape Sensor Extension Tubes (genuine) 1x Cinetape Sensor Spare Rubber Rings 1x Cinetape Display 1x Medium Noga Arm 2x Right Angle - Straight Sensor Cable 1x 3 Pin Fisher - 3 Pin Fisher Power Cable 1x 3 Pin Fisher - D Tap Power Cable 1x MDR3 Interface Cable 1x 1300 Pelicase Original Foam Insert 1x Instruction Manual 1x Cinetape Display Mounting Velcro £4500 Any questions please email me wmorris8@me.com Many thanks..
  15. For Sale as a Package or Separate Cinematography Electronics Cine Tape Measure System 1 - Cine Tape Measure Controller (30392) 1 - Horn Assembly 1 - Horn Mount for clip on Arri LMB or compatible 1 - XLR 4 pin Power cable to CT 1 - Pro Cam Aux Power cable to CT 1 - Pro 4 pin Lemo power cable to CT 1 - 24” Horn Cable - Straight 1 - 18” Horn Cable - Straight 1 - 18” Horn Cable - ST to RA 1 - Pelican 1400 case Personally owned system and has been in my kit for over 10 years. System: USED in excellent working condition, fully upgraded and reconditioned in 2012. Physical: minor surface markings from daily use after many years of work - system has not been used in the last 3 years. Asking price of $1,950.- USD For Sale PCS MDR-2 1 - Preston MDR-2 - (1691) (MT-2122) 1 - Pro MDR Mount 2 - R/S Cables Arri 2 - Pro power cables 1 - PCS Cine Tape Interface (600 dollar cable) 1 - R/S PV 1 - R/S Sony (Hirose) 1 - R/S Red Digital 1 - R/S PV Millennium XL2 This MDR system worked as a back up for many years and has been in my kit since 2008. Well maintained and in excellent working condition. Asking price of $2,250.- USD ***-Systems can be sold separately as listed or together at a discounted package price of $4,000.- Terms: Payment: PayPal Shipping & Handling: Buyer Interested: *-Respond in Steadicam Forum **-Email to: james@dpsteadicam.com ***-Text to: 281-658-3086 Many Thanks
  16. [attachment=27896:IMG_3581.JPG selling $6000. cinetape #3066 w/ extensions 4 x sensor cables 1x panavision 24v power cable 1 x panavision 12v power cable 1 x 3pin arri power cable 1x D tap power cable 1x isreali arm 1x pelican 1400 case one owner , good condition
  17. Time to sell my one owner, never dry hired, Cinematography Electronics Cinetape. Kit includes. 1x Cinetape Controller 1x Cinetape Horns 1x Cinetape Horn Extensions 2x PWR Arri 3 pin RS Cables 2x Sensor Cables 1x Arri Mattebox mounting bracket 1x Mini Noga Arm 1x Steadicam Low Mode mounting plate All in excellent condition, with some marks from wear & tear. Asking £3,300 plus VAT where applicable, buyer pays shipping ex London. Contact me with any questions on matt1ac@mac.com Thanks, MW
  18. PRICE: €5000 Selling my Cine Tape/Cini Remote kit. All in good condition. Set comes with: -Display w/ 1/4-20 threaded mounting bracket -Horns w/ tube extension -Pan/Tilt head -Clean’s Cine Tape bracket -Cini Remote Display -Cini Remote Tx -4x antennas -2x D-tap power cables -2x Arri-RS power cables -2x Horn cables -2x Cini Remote Tx power/data cables -2x WCU-3/4 to Cini Remote Display power cables -Cini Remote Display 9 Volt block power adapter -2x custom 3D printed sunshades -case Buyer is responsible for shipping, customs, taxes. Käufern aus Deutschland wird 19% USt. in Rechnung gestellt. If your business is within the EU you have to have a valid VAT-ID. Otherwise 19% VAT will be added to the invoice. ONLY B2B!!
  19. CEI Cinetape for sale for $5500 USD. CEI Cinetape (used). Includes horns and display. Comes in a black Pelican case, with 2 x power cables (Cinetape to P-tap, Cinetape to 3-pin Arri power), plus 2 x Sensor Cables. Also comes with a "comb" for the top of the mattbox. Comes with a CineArm. New from Cinematography Electronics is $6800 USD for just the system, plus $150 USD for the arm, plus $115 USD for the case, plus $240 USD per cable. Grand total $7500+ USD new. Save over $2000 USD! - Only $5500 USD for everything (please see photos). gottfried.pflugbeil@gmail.com
  20. Hi everyone, I'm selling my MKII, here is the link to ebay, Pls let me know if you have any questions, thanks http://www.ebay.com/itm/222453991560?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  21. We are a UK based rental house currently updating Preston FIZ Kits to MDR3 hence why we are selling MDR2 Packages as stated below. All kits have been well maintained as we are a Preston trained maintenance facility, outer casing has some scratches. Please email mail@camerarevolution.com if interested or for more info. ** We are a London based company, international buyer pays shipping and transfers MDR2 with G4 Transmitter board & V Lock plate. Cinetape interface cable. $3621.00 (£2500) each Package :o
  22. Looking to get my hands on a HU3 or WCU4 as well as a CineTape or Arri equivalent.
  23. Looking for a used Cinetape able to be shipped to Canada (will pay additional shipping costs). PM me if you've got something you'd like to sell.
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