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Found 18 results

  1. REDBYTE DECIMATORS FOR SALE: Decimator-1: HDSDI IN / HDSDI OUT (loop) / SD OUT 2 units available: € 350 for both, € 180 each sold with power cables and mains power supply 110-220vAC ------------------------ Decimator-2: HDSDI IN / HDSDI OUT (loop) / SD OUT / HDMI OUT 1 unit available: € 180 sold with power cables and mains power supply 110-220vAC ------------------------- INTERESTED ???? send PM to: realtoreel@skynet.be
  2. XCS TB-6 SN: 0173 Manufacture Date: 05/10/2002 I purchased this used about four years ago, and used it for little over a year with no issues. The monitor works just fine. I haven’t personally had it serviced but it has sat in a pelican case for the majority of the time I have owned it. In addition to the TB-6 I am also selling: - Pelican Case 1450 - Redbyte Decimator - Blackmagic Design SDI to Analog 4K MiniConverter - Mounting Pin with Pin Receiver - Plastic Rain/Dust Cover for TB-6 - Sun Shade for TB-6 $2,000 OBO (I also have Down Converters for s
  3. Hey all, Glad to be a part of this forum. I'm new to Steadicam and have been practicing with my Flyer for a couple months now. I use a GH4, to an Atomos H2S, to a Decimator 2 from which I have to drop the power line down to the batteries on my bottom stage. The reason for this is that when I first purchased a Decimator, I had a lemo to 4x P Tap port/splitter from Alvin's cables that I thought would come in handy in the future. Plugging that into my top stage, and then the Decimator into one of the 4 ports via DC to P Tap, i shorted the Decimator. Smoke poured, and examining the inside of t
  4. EDIT: I'm also including a tally as well. Some wear and tear but nothing that affects its functionality. Standard 4-pin lemo connection, two tally lights, junction box and diode. FOR SALE: Selling the left-over parts of my MK-V Evolution sled. Sled includes center post, center post cable, bottom stage, battery rack. Gimbal, Top Stage and Monitor Bracket NOT included. The sled was originally built for PAG batteries but has since been modified with Gold Mount battery plates. The TB-6 is in excellent condition with minor wear-and-tear. I’m also including a rain cover for the TB-6 as wel
  5. Hey All, I am selling my XCS (Xtended Camera Support) TB-6 Green Screen Monitor. I’ve had this guy for almost two years now and it has served me very well. My only reason for selling it is that I am upgrading. The monitor works perfectly and only has normal cosmetic wear. There are a few small scratches and one dent in the glass that I have pictured below. These scratches do not affect the functionality; I never notice them when operating. I am also including an 8-pin power cable and a Deminator I (upgraded with a 2-pin power connection in the down-converter by Terry West). The TB-6 comes
  6. Looking for a Redbyte Decimator 2 Downconverter, if anyone has one they are willing to part with please let me know. Mike
  7. For Sale--- Used Decimator 2 Downconverter $250.00 + Shipping Matt@nysteadi.com
  8. If you have one laying around, please send me an email. Also looking for a PRO to Decimator Power cable. Thanks. charlyvandedrinck@hotmail.com
  9. Hi All, Up for sale is my old Transvideo Cinemonitor 3a Super Bright (1200 nits) and a Decimator 2. Both is good condition. The Cine 3a has some velcro and a little paint scratched off near the mounting hole on the left side, but the screen is in pristine condition, and everything works great. Good performance in sunlight, etc. Classic example of a solid monitor. Doesn't come with the mounting gear in the pics! Decimator 2 is also in good shape -- just has some of the markings rubbed off. Both come in a small Transvideo branded pelican. $550 obo! Buyer pays shipping. T
  10. Selling old stuff but working and in fine conditions - 7" teletest OZL1702 with AB plate - Transvideo Pegasus Receiver, 2 small antenas and 2 power cables - Modulus 3000 transmiter, with antenna, 6db attenuator Cables: - Pro-Modulus Power/video - Arri 12v- Modulus - Arri - Modulus Power/video - Panavison - Modulus 24v RedByte Decimator with 2 Power cables Shark fin Antena (Ultra-ant, CH. 14-69) Buyer pays for shipping Open to offers
  11. used Decimator 2 for sale great working condition includes AC power cable and PRO to Decimator power cable $350.00 US dickcrow@gmail.com
  12. This trusty beast has been to battle with me many a time, but for the past year, it's been retired to my backups case, so it deserves a new home. This is a Decimator 2 - SDI to Composite downconverter, and SDI to HDMI cross-converter. Never needed to be serviced, never blown up. There are a few scratches and dings, and some of the lettering has worn off, but it worked perfectly the last time I needed it. Keep a backup for using your TB-6 CRT, or use it to turn an HDMI LCD into an SDI monitor (what this was often used for). Comes with the original AC adaptor, and I can toss in a homemad
  13. This is an extra plate I made when making a few of these recently - it's a plate to mount Decimator MD-HX converters (as well as MD-CROSS and similarly shaped "new" Decimators) to the back of Cinetronic and other monitors using their AB Battery mount. Bolt it to your converter and snap it on, and you don't have to worry about PSF issues or compatibility anymore (no Velcro necessary!). Comes in a beautiful chalkboard black anodized finish. Likely to be the last one I have of these for a few weeks. Asking $200 shipped via USPS Priority (2 days inside the US). Email me at willsvideo@gmail
  14. For sale: XCS TB6 monitor (green screen) with frameline, stabilizing plate & Pro mount. Great working conditions. It is the workhorse that it is known to be. I've never had any issues with it. Has a small scratch on top left corner of housing, screen is not affected. Comes with or can be sold separately: XCS Digital Level Plus, a year old, very reliable. Redbyte Decimator downconverter (2 Ptap & 1 2 Pin Lemo power cables). This makes a an excellent go-to or back-up package. Asking price: $3500 OBO + shipping Email me for specific unit price or info. rtournois@gmail.co
  15. Take everything (13 items) for $800.00US or individual items, prices below: 1. Canatrans NTSC Transmitter S/N 1001 New $1500.00 - Asking $400.00 US Comes with two Antennas and 1 Ptap Power Cable. 2. XCS Alexa Adapter Plate New $450.00 - Asking $250.00 US Attaches to the bottom of the ARRI BPA plate or to the bottom of the XCS/BPA plate. Attaches to the front and rear of the camera for maximum rigidity. 3. XCS/BPA for ARRI Alexa New $200.00 - Asking $100.00 US Replaces the standard ARRI BPA plate with one that allows placement over a wide range of positions on the XCS cam
  16. Decimator Design Decimator Version 2 For Sale (3G/HD/SD)-SDI to HDMI with De-Embedded Analogue Audio and NTSC/PAL Down-Converted Outputs In great and fully working condition. Comes with: AC Power Adapter 4-pin XLR Power Cable HDMI Cable USB Cable Mounting Bracket Original Box and Documentation $250.00 If interested please call, text, or email. Thanks! Scott (213) 880-2550 scott.camera@mac.com
  17. Decimator 2 3G/HD/SD-SDI to HDMI De-Embedded Analogue Audio NTSC/PAL Down-Converted Mint condition $400 Richard 310-944-4367 dickcrow@gmail.com
  18. Hello, Looking for decimator 2 or another downconverter that some of you HD cats might be looking to get rid of. United States only please, not interested in paying a boat load for international shipping on a relatively inexpensive item. Feel free to reach me via email or pm blainebakercinema@gmail.com Thanks all!
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