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Found 8 results

  1. Preston Sale Original owner. Mostly used with Steadicam work. Shows in very good condition. MDR3 currently in for Light Ranger upgrade. All sold together. Asking $24,500 USD. Plus, shipping. You may reach me at michaelmsoos@gmail.com for more info. HU3 G4 Handset, with quick grip release, Blue Dot upgrade MDR3 G4, 4 Channel Motor Driver, Blue Dot upgrade, w/antenna Focus/Iris G4 (aka Single Channel) with blank mapping disk (missing eye bolt) Five Mapping Rings (Ai, Bi, Ci, Di, Ei) One Aluminum mapping ring by Filmfrog Two DM2X Digital Motors with 15mm rod & .80m gear output One DM1X Digital Motor with 15mm rod & .80m gear output Three Preston Motor Rod inserts Four Li-Ion Batteries FM50 Two Digital Battery Travel Chargers for FM50 with car adapter One 30-foot Main Command Cable for wired operation HU3 to MDR3 HILL Accessories: Four Hill Motor Mount Inserts Four PAM D Rod Clamps One PAM D Rod Offset Arm Clamp Two PAM Arm 5/8” Two PAM Arm 15mm Two Uni-Clamp Arm with 3.75” long shaft One Remote Follow Focus Rain Cover
  2. FOR SALE: Preston Remote Focus System Asking 15,500 USD The kit was well loved and is in great condition with some cosmetic wear. Everything is working 100% and was recently serviced by the Preston Rep in Toronto. Kit - HU3 Remote Focus Unit (G4 Blue Dot) - MDR 2 (G4 Blue Dot) - Focus/Iris Single channel Unit (G4 Blue Dot) Motors - DM1X S/N # 3746 with bracket - DM 2 S/N # 6721 with bracket Rings - 5 x Pre-mark rings (A,B,C,D,E) - 1 x Blank Ring - 1 x Small Blank Ring Cables 1 x Control cable to Red Epic 1 x Control Cable to 3 pin Lemo 1 x Power to D-Tap 1 x Power to 3 pin Lemo 2 x Motor cables (Right Angle to Right Angle) This kit is located in Toronto Canada and can be shipped anywhere at buyers expense.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm helping a fellow 1st AC sell his beloved Preston kit. This kit would make a perfect steadicam starter kit. This kit has been regularly maintained and serviced, and has been owned by one owner only, and never consigned to a rental house or subrented. It is very well looked after and has no issues. Motors run quiet. Seller recently upgraded MDR and motors, hence the reason for selling. FOR SALE: MDR2 (M+ and Blue Dot Upgraded*) - Serial#1842 - $2,200.00 USD * When upgraded, blue dot sticker was not applied but unit is in fact blue dot upgraded. DM1x Motor - Serial#3133 - $2,100.00 USD DM2 Motor - Serial#4027 - $1,900.00 USD MDR2 Mounting Brackets - 3 Brackets - $300 USD - Rocket Surgery Alexa Handle Rear Mounted Bracket, Mk.I Lightweight Single Orientation - Camera Positioning Systems Mk.I Spider Bracket w/ Arri & Panavision Dovetail Arms - Camera Positioning Systems Mk.II Spider Bracket w/ Arri & Panavision Dovetail Arms Cable Pack - Run/Stop & Power Cables - $500 USD - 2x Arriflex Run/Stop MDR2, 3-Pin Fischer - 2x Arriflex Power 24V, 3-Pin Fischer - 1x 11-Pin Fischer 12V Power - 1x Panavision 24V Lemo Power (1S.302) - 2x Control Cables, MDR2, 10-Pin Lemo - 2x Varicam/F55 Hirose Run/Stop MDR2, 4-Pin Hirose Package Total: $7,000 USD Would prefer to sell as a complete package and will entertain offers for complete package first, before breaking the kit up. Buyer pays shipping and all applicable taxes and duties. Located in Toronto, Canada. Shipment via FedEx or Canada Post Ground. HST/GST will apply for Canadian buyers. Thank you!
  4. Hi guys, I'm after a DM1X motor if anybody has one to sell. Please message me or email me direct on barney@vesperpictures.com - based in London, UK. Also after a small Heden motor too, second hand compatible with Preston i,e, 512 encoder 3.3K ID Resistor. Would consider DM2, DM2X, DM5X so feel free to email. Thanks, Barney
  5. Hello. Looking to purchase the following second hand in fair-good condition, preferably from North American seller. - HU3 Handset, Blue dot, hand grip, cover plate, marking rings A-E. Recently serviced (within last 24 months) - F/I Handset, blue dot - Digital Microforce 2, bracket to HU3 - DM1X motor (with or without PAM bracket) No need for MDR, DM2's, or cables. I have these and am assembling a second kit. Thanks!
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a used Preston DM-1X or DM-1 motor. I already own the pam motor mount, aks, etc., so I wouldn't need anything else. Based out of NY -- please contact me at: billygreeniv@gmail.com Thanks! Billy
  7. Hi there, I am selling the following: - Preston DM1X Motor S/N #3609 (Serviced at Preston three weeks ago $774 Repair, Brand new Internal Motor, Brand New working Condition) - Preston DM2 Motor S/N #5516 (Rarely used as iris motor only, works great) - Four Additional Pitch Gears ($200 Value). PLC Long Range Iris Control includes: - FStop Wireless Receiver S/N #0422 - FStop Wireless Remote Pedestal S/N #0114 - Preston Iris Box P/N 4020 - 1 2 Pin Lemo to 4 Pin XLR Power Cable I would like to sell everything for $8,000.00US or if separate: $5,500US for both Preston Motors DM1X and DM2 with additional Gears. $2,500US for the FStop Long Range Remote Iris Package (Pedestal, Receiver, Iris Box, Power Cable) Please email me if interested mike @ mikeheathcote.com. Buyer pays for shipping. Thanks!
  8. Original Preston Follow Focus HU3 with 3 motors for sale: Handunit 3 with custom low profile prototype grip. (Original grip also included) MDR 2 modified by Preston to trigger a recorder deck via the regular power connector. (Preston documentation included) Focus Iris unit. One DM1X and two DM2 Follow Focus Motors. Tons of Brackets and Cables, Manuals, spares, etc. This unit is not upgraded to G4! No case is included! Price: $30'000.- Not splitting up the kit, so don't ask (if it doesn't sell, I will keep it)! Please contact me via: steadicam@landaucamera.com See list below: 1 4024 Focus/Iris Unit 5 4026 Marking Rings for Focus/Iris Unit 4 4025 FM50 Batteries 2 4027 Battery charger for FM50 Batteries 1 4060 FI-Z Control (Hand Unit, HU-3) with 6 Rings 5 4065 Focus Marking Rings for FIZ 1 4100 Custom Grip HU-2 Prototype 1 4103 Follow Focus Motor Driver (MDR-2) 1 4906 Receiver Antenna (SMA connector) [spare 2 4000 XCS/PRO to MDR Power Cable 1 4205 DM-1X Digital Motor with 0.8/0.25" Gear 1 4201 DM-2 Digital Motor with 0.8/0.25" Gear 1 4201 DM-2 Digital Motor with 0.8/0.25" Gear 3 4221 0.5" Motor Output Gear 1 4230 32 Pitch Gear / Panavision Focus 1 4231 48 Pitch Gear / Panavision Zoom 2 4232 64 Pitch Gear / Panavision Iris 2 4240 0.5 M gear Canon Video 2 4241 0.6 M gear Fuji Video Focus / Zoom 1 4242 0.6 M gear Fuji Video Iris 2 PAM15mm PAM (Preston Adapter Mount) 1 PAM5/8” PAM 5/8" Arm for Panavision 1 19mm Arm PAM 19mm Arm for Arri 1 19 to 15 Blue Reducer 19mm to 15mm 2 PAM Offset PAM Offset 1 Preston Breck Mini Television Bracket for the Preston Handunit 1 4400 Main Command Cable 30' 5 4411 Motor Cable w/right angle Lemo 1 4412 Motor Cable w/right angle and straight Lemo 2 4435 Sony Hi Def Run Cable for FIZ 1 4440 Micro Force to FI+Z 12" [for bracket mount 1 4441 FI-Z to Analog Microforce 8' [for remote operation 1 4461 MDR Arri 12 Power 4 pin XLR 1 4462 MDR 24V Panavision battery 8' w/3 pin XLR POS1 2 4472 MDR 24V to Panavision w/ 2-pin Lemo 1 4473 MDR from Anton Bauer Battery 1 4477 Preston Power (24V) 1 4499 Arri 24Volt/Moviecam/F65 2 4520 Arri Camera Run, ARRI 3 - 11 pin Fischer 1 45205 Arri Camera Run, ARRI 3 - r/a 11 pin Fischer 2 4521 Arri Camera Run, 535, 435, SR3 r/a 3 pin Fischer 2 4521 Moviecam Run for FIZ 3 Pin Fischer 1 4522 Panavision Camera Run for FIZ (straight) 1 45225 Panavision Camera Run for FIZ (right Angle) 1 4523 Moviecam Clairmont Run for FIZ 2 Pin Fischer 2 4524 Aaton Camera Run 8 Pin Lemo 2 45245 Aaton Camera Run 2 Pin Fischer 1 4535 Arri F/X Cable: Arri 24 Volt 1 4538 Serial RS-232 4-pin w/Firmware CD [spare 1 4542 CineTape Interface cable 1 4543 Red One Digital Cinema 1 4544 Cooke Lens Interface
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