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Found 13 results

  1. Low profile Mag Dock 2 Jerry Hill docking bracket for any 750 pin on your cart with 5” clearance from cart so your sled will clear. Great for landing sled safely on cart for company moves or keeping your staging profile small. Simple click to mount, no aircraft pin needed. Perfect for Moses pole or second dock anywhere. Use it with a large variety of docking rings. $300 OBO
  2. Looking for a EFP Docking bracket in good condition. Message me photos, where you’re located and price please.
  3. Never used Dock N Roll for sale. Paid 395 Euro - Selling $250 USD + shipping Item located in Toronto https://www.betz-tools.com/en/accessories/accessories-abracam/tilt-dock.php At last, a solution to those shots at the end of a day where the Steadicam® Operator is required to perform “human tripod” lock-offs or you end up holding your Steadicam® at an angle in your docking bracket. Abracam DOCK N ROLL for the Jerry Hill and Tiffen Docking Brackets Achieve lock-off shots from the docking stand whilst finely tuning your frame The whole operation of setting the shot is quick and accurate Once the rig is docked and saves your back in the process Fits the Jerry Hill Gorelock with no modification to your existing bracket Steven French camerasteve@gmail.com
  4. WTB an older 1.5" style post-collar for older-style docking brackets, like for a Pro 1 or similar. DM or email at gregory.gustafson@gmail.com. Thanks!
  5. I am looking for a monitor yoke for my transvideo hd6 (cam-jam, transvideo, artemis...) and artemis Act 2 docking bracket for 1.5 or any other brand that serves the purpose cheers
  6. Hi, I'm looking to get American Stand 12″ Straps. Prefer local (los Angeles) Cheers Fabian
  7. I purchased these items for $1,070 and only used them twice. Looks Brand Spankin' New. My loss is your gain. -1x Gorelock 2"/HBBM, 0.740 Balance Studs -2x DR2-1.580" ID Docking Collars Asking $800, located in Los Angeles, but will happily ship domestic or international.
  8. Got an extra 1.5" ring. Used it with Pro Post and GAD2. $50
  9. Hi All, Looking for a Docking bracket to fit a 1.5" post. Let me know if you have an extra one lying around. Thanks!
  10. I am selling an XCS Docking Station and (2) XCS Docking Rings. Here are the current prices based on the 2012 Price Sheet (the newest on the XCS website)... Docking Station II $1,200.00 Drop in style docking station. One piece solid aluminum design. Multiple hole positions for accessories and multiple tapped holes for spare screws. Telescoping balance bar with arm hangers. 2” Docking rings $85.00 ea. That is $1370 if purchased new. I am asking $700 for all of it. That is the docking station plus 2 docking rings.
  11. Does anyone have a 1.5" Docking Ring that they would be willing to part with ? This is for a Provid sled and docking bracket.
  12. Hi, I´m looking for a good docking stand for heavy rigs. I hear good things about the American Stand, and found an online dealer: http://www.filmandvideolighting.com/amsttstbl1ri.html I see there's two options for the base: Standard-12instraps and wide-14instraps. I would guess the wider base is the way to go for spin balancing a heavy rig, without necessary having to put a sandbag on it. Anyone having experience with this? And if you have another stand to recommend, feel free to scream it out. Thanks, Stig
  13. Snapped a pic of this old docking bracket made by Cinema Products and named the West Docking Bracket, after Terry West.
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