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Found 17 results

  1. Selling my barely used Tiffen Steadicam Aero 15 Sled, Arm and Vest w. 7" HD Monitor and Canon LP Battery Plate. Looking to switch stabilizer systems so I am trying to sell this unit. Works great and in perfect condition. Looking for best offer. Pricing to sell so open to all offers.
  2. Hi need help with the swaying issue. I don't know if it's an issue or its just normal I am new to Steadicam and this is my first Steadicam. I tried sony alpha 7sii and also with 5d mark 3 and 4. After performing static and dynamic balance the sled is swaying slightly. I have also tried different drop time from 1 sec to 3 secs its the same for every change that I make. Its a brand new Steadicam. Also when I wear the vest and arm and perform a walk the swaying shows up. Let me know if I am doing something wrong or is it normal for a little sway.
  3. Hello, I'm selling my SD Tiffen Steadicam Pilot. I bought this as my first rig and I am the second owner. It is in really great condition and comes in the original kit as Tiffen sold it. The only thing broken is the original stand. I got the stand repaired by Tiffen until they no longer carried the pieces to fix it. The clamping mechanism on the riser post on the stand is broken. I can send more detailed photos if you desire. The rig is perfect for dslrs or camera weighing in the 5 - 10 lb range. Here is a link to the manual of rig I am selling with the OG Michael Craigs! http://www.tiffen.com/userimages/Steadicam_Pilot_Manual_sm.pdf Asking $1500 or best offer
  4. BeStableCam newest 3 axis gimbal for BMCC/DSLR cameras SteadyGim6 PLUS---the most cost effective encoder system 3 axis gimbal for BMCC/DSLR cameras Product link: http://www.bestablecam.com/camera-gimbals/steadygim6-plus-3-axis-bmcc-dslr-camera-stabilizer.html For more details, please write to chris@bestablecam.com or add skype: bestablecam
  5. Has anyone operated with or own a GH4? I am considering purchasing Pilot SD system. I am unsure how to connect GH4 to monitor? I know, all the typical dslr headaches, lol. I am brand new to this forum but am serious about operating. Should I buy SD rig and use an HD monitor? Then buy an hdmi - sdi converter box? Can you connect sdi in (BNC) to composite? Also, the GH4 camera has NTSC, PAL, and a 24 Hz "Cinema" frequency, through which is the only frequency capable of Cinematic 4K. According to the gh4 manual, when system frequency is set to 24 Hz (which mine is all the time) playback on a composite monitor is impossible? I would love to be informed about how to properly connect a DSLR to a SD monitor or HD monitor
  6. I am selling this for a friend. Steadicam Scout Comes with: Sled (18lb payload limit) Vest Arm Docking Stand Monitor Low mode bracket Spare socket block HDMI Cables Rig is a year and a half old and has only had one owner, selling it for future endeavors. Manages DSLR/RED/Canon C/Sony FS cameras with ease and agility. Please note, there is a frayed HDSDI cable. Asking $4250 OBO
  7. Hi, I have recently purchased a Hague DSLR Motion Cam Stabilizer off of Ebay (http://www.haguecamerasupports.com/products/steadicam_stabilizers/dmc_dslr_motion_cam.shtml). It seems the item has arrived without instructions! And the seller doesn't have them anymore! Much of it seems quite self explanatory (though I've never used one of these before), but I'm sure it'll be much easier with some instructions to hand providing a guide on the weighting counter-balance etc. Would anyone have a copy of the instructions that they could send over digitally? Or any general advice on using this with a Canon 70D would be muchly appreicated. Cheers, Claire
  8. Hi there, I'm new here and I'm wondering if you guys can help me. I recently purchased a Steadicam Merlin 2 and a canon Rebel T4i with an 18-135mm IS STM lens. However, I'm having quite a difficult time balancing this baby since it's nowhere in the Cookbook. Can anyone help me? Coz I've been spending hours but to no avail. Hope you all can help! Thanks S
  9. The original Merlin cookbook website is down but I'm not sure if it will help anyway. I can't get my t3i with Canon 18-55mm kit lens to balance. I've read the manual, watched numerous how to's, and i'm still having trouble. Does anyone have the specs for this combo (seems pretty standard)? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. This is a robust, and well made DSLR cage for Film/Video use. It has plenty of 1/4 20 and 3/4 holes to attach accessories as well as one of the best HDMI security systems on the market. It has access panels for the battery, CF card, monitor, and top view LCD. It comes with a 15mm Rod adapter, and accessories to mount almost any camera. I have only used it with Canon DSLR, not sure if it can support a Nikon, but I am willing to test it out with the buyer. I have posted several pictures of the item, but if you need more clarification on the features please go to the video link bellow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k2-bTTD2WY Or search: "Hollywood HD-SLR Camera Cage--Alan Gordon Exclusive" on YouTube. The cage alone is priced at $508, new. The rod adapter is priced at $130, new. The whole package would cost $638.00 plus tax and shipping. At $325.00 this is a great deal for any DSLR filmmaker looking for a cage solution. Thank you.
  11. Just upgraded to a Zephyr, so sellin' my old Pilot system. It's same as this guy (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/536219-REG/Steadicam_PILOT_VLB_Pilot_VLB_Camera_Stabilization_System.html). Everything works great, except the SD video signal cable is damaged. It's just the RCA connector that popped off, so it's an easy fix. But I have a long HD-SDI cable spiraled down the post for HD work so I haven't bothered to replace it~ Comes with... - Vest w/ Buckle Upgrade - Arm - Center Post - Sled - Stage Plate - LCD Monitor - IDX Battery Mount - (2) IDX Batteries - Dual Charger - (2) Counter Weights - Carry Case - Trolley Upgrade for Case - Long HD-SDI Cable - Manfrotto Quick Release Plate for Sled $2250 for the package! Definitely prefer a local sale, so if you're in the market for one these guys, come check it out! I'm based in Manhattan in the Lower East Side~
  12. Hello, do you think we should turn ON or OFF the IS (image stabilzation) when flying a full frame DSLR on a steadicam. i would like to use the Tamron 24-70 2.8 VC on a 5DMKIII someone told me that the IS is not useful because the steadicam eleminate micro vibration... what do you think? thank you
  13. For Sale: Steadicam Flyer 2nd Generation (Black Arm) The flyer systems supports cameras up to 15lbs. Possible Camera configurations (weight body only) RED: Epic + Scarlet (5lbs) Canon: C100 (2.2lbs) + C300 + C500 (3.2lbs) Sony: F3 (5,3lbs) , F5 + F55 (4.88lbs) , NEX-FS700 (3.7lbs) Arri 235 (7.7lbs) + 416 (12.1lbs) any DSLR These are only examples, many more cameras are possible obviously. Complete ready-to-shoot package including: Flyer Arm Sled with Flyer Monitor Flyer Vest Flyer Docking Bracket Solid C-Stand Long Dovetail plate Steadicam Tool Low Mode F-Bracket Low Mode Cam-Handle 2x IDX V-Mount battery Endura 80s 14.4V / 5.7 Ah IDX Dual Sequential Charger Storm Hardcase + Original Steadicam Case Cables: Flyer 12V - XLR Fem // Flyer 12V - P-Tap Fem // P-Tap Ma - 4x P-Tap Fem // P-Tap Ma - 4pin Hirose // P-Tap Ma - XLR Fem // 2x P-Tap Ma - open end If picked up in Hamburg / Germany and required I will give a 2 - 3 hour workshop for free. Otherwise shipping can be arranged. 5000 Euro obo
  14. We have a spare Ultra II vest from an Ultra IIC sled that went with a Walter Klassen setup. It's in great condition. This has never seen a feature or extended production work. Worn maybe a dozen times to supplement some smaller sleds with a nicer vest. We don't own any big sleds now so this has no place with us and needs a new home. Here's a complete detailed review of it: The key block has a couple of small, very light spots on the metal from use (purely minor cosmetics). Couple of minor scuffs on the shoulder latches. No major frays in the fabric, all velcro is solid, the foam has no dents or deformations, and the main chest plate is flawless. This is a great vest for someone looking to save a little but get something in like-new shape. Please reference the photos to see any further details. Includes the bag (slightly dusty from being shelved but never used). Give us a ring or email with any questions: $4000 + Shipping we prefer Paypal but can accept any major credit card. Open to offers or trades. Link to photos on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lnyi2dajogy8eqf/Zx4G786lYB CONTACT: 912 Nine Four Four 6111 info AT meddinstudios DOT com Ask for Jason
  15. Coz the mkiii is heavy on one side n screw not in the middle.. I have to adjust plate all the way to other side , but it's still side heavy. Tried hanging a weight off the side but doesn't like it, what dya do? Is there special plate adaptor I can screw it to?
  16. I have recentely purchased a steadicam Merlin. Balanced it after 30 min, put on an accesory and haven't manged to balance it again for days and days. Watched all tutorials and videos, read through many forum opinions and links, read all instructions, cookbooks, magic formulas and the like Camera: 5D MII, 17-40mm Canon Lens. Merlin on hole "N" with nose weight 1 mid+1 finish, lower weights 3 mid+ 1 finish. drop time under control After I discovered a strange thing about my Merlin, by mistake. I wonder if it's normal or if it's damaged in some way and thus my impossibility to balance it properly. I have the Merlin set up on the original bracket so it's easier to handle. Please watch the video, it's a much better explanation than the textual one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYwyaxJgGpQ&feature=youtu.be This is the strange issue: I can only balance it if I turn the grip at a certain angle (25-30 degrees) on the Y(vertical) axis, relative to the position of the grip with the place where you put your fingers aligned parallel with the Merlin spars. If the grip si facing forward (as the Merlin nose weights are, for example) I can not get it to balance whatever I do, even when bottom heavy. If I turn the grip at that certain angle something seems to turn with (inside?) the gimbal and I have a steady point to balance the Merlin on. Is it normal to be able to balance the Merlin only under those conditions and not to be able to rotate and turn the grip independently with the camera holding steady? I don't think it should be... As seen in the video, the Merlin displays some friction between one edge of the ball holding the gimbal and the inner wall of the cylinder ring, if rotated (camera un-mounted and stage turned on a side). I would like your opinions on this. Will send the video to Tiffen as well. Is this behavior normal as I'm a beginner at this or is there something wrong with this particular Merlin unit?
  17. Hi, Not sure how friendly the forum is to non-steadicam-related gear being sold through the Marketplace. I've got these items listed on Cinematography.com and I figured I'd cross-list them here, just in case anyone had any specific interest in them. -- Canon 7D: $1000 I'm selling my Canon 7D Body package. It's in excellent condition with very few actuations. Very few scuffs on the base near the tripod hole, and a small (1/4") rip in the plastic on the top of the eyepiece cushion. Purely cosmetic and does not effect the function of the camera. Otherwise, it's in perfect condition (eyepiece clean, LCD clean and scratch/scuff-free, sensor is clean. It served as a backup to my 5d Mark II, and both were primarily used for video shooting. So, the shutter is very much still fresh! It comes with a Canon LP-E6 battery and a Canon LC-E6 charger and an 8GB Sandisk Extreme III CF card. Also included are the manuals, software, A/V cables, USB cable, and original packaging. -- Panasonic AG-AF100 Kit: $3,300 Included: Panasonic AG-AF100 (http://www.panasonic...eo/ag-af100.asp) Charger AC Adapter Panasonic VW-VBG6 Battery Panasonic CGA-E/625 Battery Manuals Additional: Panasonic 14-140mm f4.0-5.6 Zoom, Autofocus Lens (Like New, Scratch-Free Glass) (http://shop.panasoni...odel/H-VS014140) RedRock LiveLens MFT Canon EOS-MicroFourThirds Mount (to mount and electronically control iris of Canon EF/EFS mount lenses on the AF100) (http://store.redrock...com/livelensmft) Everything in this kit comes entirely in Like New condition. The camera only has 21 hours of use, which can be verified in the menu of the camera. The entire time, it's been kept in a climate-controlled storage unit, inside a Pelican case with padded foam inserts. I need to verify by rummaging through my basement, but I believe I can even include original packaging if it's still down there and you want it. Ha. Price is $3,300 or best offer. I am willing to break apart the 14-140mm lens or the RedRock lens mount from the kit if you don't need/want it, but priority goes to those who would like the kit as a whole. Feel free to message me with any and all questions. -- PM or Email me with questions! I can also send detailed photos if you request them. I'll ship to anywhere, buyer pays shipping/insurance. They're located in Boston, if anyone wants a local pickup.
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