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Found 21 results

  1. Never Used: Easy Rig Adapter for Klassen Vest. $400USD https://shop.walterklassen.com/products/easyrig-adaptor
  2. $3100 USD 11 to 38 lb Load Capacity Adjustable Line Tension Cinema 3 Vest 5" Extended Arm Carrying Case Serial #V1190
  3. EasyRig 3, Gimbal Rig Vest, STD, 700N (32lbs-43lbs approx) Rarely used. Equipment is in great condition. Some scratches here and there. Comes with Kong Frog clip for easy attachments. Buyer pays Shipping. Sale within Canada preferred. Thanks for looking. $2200 USD (Retails for $3738 at B&H)
  4. $3400 USD 11 to 38 lb Load Capacity Adjustable Line Tension Cinema 3 Vest 5" Extended Arm Carrying Case Serial #V1190
  5. $750 for both, like new condition. Cost $1K new. If you have an exovest this allows you to mount a Walter Klassen arm, and/or an EZrig post. Great way to use your EZ Rig with the same vest as your Steadicam (and a way better vest than the EZrig). You can just buy the EZrig post and save $$ as well. Mounts in seconds with a few screws.
  6. This is a like-new Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Vest and 5" Adjustable arm. Vest and rig show zero signs of wear. Interior of vario compartment is pristine. GREAT DEAL at $4100. This sells for $4800 new. Save $700!! Comes with Easyrig bag. Send an email to info@zachzamboni.com and we can set up a call. Vest is on the East Coast and ready to ship. Can send pics. Thanks!!
  7. Easyrig Vario 5 - Gimbal Rig Vest - Standard Arm for sale I have a complete Easyrig Vario 5 brand new bought from 16X9 last month (scan of invoice available with deposit on purchase). Totally under warranty from 16X9 the NA distributor and Easyrig as well. Also I have the Panavision Baxter Bracket that integrates the quick release frog clamp, this bracket is impossible to buy. Also a full kit with various SS eye-bolts and hardware. retail new price: Vario 5 / ARM / CASE / ETC. everything include exactly as brand new - just as brand new- $4895.00 Bracket - $365.00 Frog clip - $43.00 Hardware - $72.00 SALE PRICE TOTAL: $4520.00 http://www.16x9inc.com/shop/products...ndard-arm.html located in LA, pick up or have it shipped at buyers expense email direct for fast response: tim@cinoflex.com
  8. Hello All Selling my Klassen Flex Back Mounted Vest. Purchased new January 2017, In great condition. $3600 I'm 5'10'' Waist 30-32 Inches Fits my frame well. Measurements: TOP: 13 1/4" BOTTOM: 14 3/4" F/B: 10 1/4" BACK: 19 1/2" Would trade for GPI PRO Vest, as I now have two of these back mounted vests so no need for both. Based in LA and more than happy for you to test . Will.lyte@gmail.com
  9. Hi everyone, selling my back mount vest $3500, let me know if you have any questions 5.6 ft, 165 lb, waist 34
  10. Hi there, Looking for an Easyrig Vario 5. Can be with the Gimbal or Cinema 3 Vest. Please email me mike at mikeheathcote.com. Thanks! Mike
  11. EasyRig Cinema 3 For Sale In excellent condition - all straps are clean, no excessive wear, all paint is very clean and the main cable is in perfect condition. This is the heaviest duty of the Easyrig systems and is perfect for use with any of the gimbal systems (Ronins, Moves, etc.) and is great for any handheld camera uses. The package includes: EasyRig Cinema 3 Vest EasyRig Arm (130mm length) with 850N spring (for payloads 32-55lbs) EasyRig Soft case with shoulder strap Retails for $3,900.00. Selling for $2,600. Please email me only, do not reply or leave messages here. Stephen Consentino email: film.maker@me.com
  12. Easyrig Cinema 3 with 700N shock absorber 850N shock absorber included Standard size Travel bag $2450.00 josoman1@gmail.com
  13. We are launching a new camera operation tool on Kickstarter March 6 2017 and would love to hear everyone's feedback. My skin is actually rather thin, but feel free to be brutal! ;-) The website: https://www.kinehawk.com/ Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/187986811 The Kickstarter preview (becomes a live link march 6): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...token=416bca38 It is designed to be a kind of camera operation multi tool. Support and spatially stabilise gimbals, attach to a vehicle or trackless dolly for stabilised tracking, attach to a fluid head for a different kind of hand held or add another module that gives it "easyrig " functionality. It also has quick release connections and toolless adjustment for speed of use on set. The gimbal can be inverted on the arm and the arm can be raised or lowered along it's support shaft, to achieve very high, or very low angles or allow you to move under, and close to overhead structure like doors or branches. It also has a fairly narrow silhouette for moving through narrow doors or passages. So yes. Really looking forward to what you guys have to say.
  14. Hi Everyone, This is our first post on Steadicam Forum. We are a rental house with offices in both Portland and Seattle. I was wondering where else people are renting gear when they come to shoot in the Pacific NW. Do you usually find owner/operators, bring in gear from out of town or rent locally? Wondering what we can do to spread the word that we are here and have a large inventory of gear for rental. For more information on us, visit Koernercamera.com
  15. Kit Includes 1 x Easyrig 2 x Diving weights 1 x Safety strap 1 x Instruction manual Price: £750 Plus VAT £1900 With Flowcine Serene Plus VAT If you are interested then please contact us at info@opticalsupport.com or call us on 020 7281 0999
  16. Used for 10 days - for 2 hours a day. Selling for USD 2,800. Easyrig 3 700N Stabilizing Camera Support w/ Adjustable/Extended Arm (5" Arm, 33 to 44 lb) Load Capacity Range - 33 to 44 lb Supports Both Film & Video Cameras Ergonomic Design Flexible Belt System Enhanced Hip & Back Support 5" (12.7 cm) Adjustable Arm Weight: 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) Height: 90 - 100 cm (35.4 - 39.4 in) Suspension line (fully stretched): 88 cm (34.6 in) Min / Max load: 15-20kg INCLUDED: Support arm (ordered by camera weight) Lockable camera hook (standard/Philips) Vest (breathable material) Hip belt (breathable material) Manual and instruction DVD Transport bag The EASYRIG portable camera support is a new and cost effective system which can be used with both film and video cameras. Ergonomically designed, the EASYRIG reduces the static load on the neck and shoulder muscles and distributes it to other parts of the body more capable of handling it. The EASYRIG gives you the speed and mobility of a hand held camera, while still achieving steady shots from the shoulder and hip. The powerful suspension lines will easily accept the new lightweight digital cameras and the heavier professional Betacams, as well as 35mm film cameras. The EASYRIG is ideal for news broadcasts, sports events, documentaries, commercials or many other hand held situations where stability is crucial and where the freedom to move is essential. After work, just fold away the EASYRIG in its specially designed carrying bag. EASYRIG allows you the freedom of shooting from various positions, only now you will not feel the weight. Simply lift the camera from your shoulder as you would with an ordinary hand held camera Shipping from London, United Kingdom.
  17. FOR SALE ---- EasyRig Cinema 3 Stabilizing Camera Support. This is in excellent condition. I used it on one movie that I did with a bunch of kids. It saved my back! I've used it 2 times in the past year. So I feel it's time to sell it. This is great for the MOVI.......... Weight: 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) Height: Mounted: 90 - 100 cm (35 - 39 in) Suspension line length 88 cm (35 in) when fully stretched. Capacity: 4kg (9lbs) in steps to 25 kg (55 lbs) Hip belt sizes: Small, Standard and Large A basic Easyrig Cinema 3 system includes: Support arm (ordered by camera weight) Lockable camera hook for Standard, Red or Philips Cameras (please state when ordering) Hip Belt (breathable material) User Manual Transport Bag PRICE --- $2600.00 USD Free Shipping to Continental US Please contact me directly at: glund88@gmail.com
  18. I have a Easyrig Cinema 3 for sale. Not sure on the exact sub model. The shock absorber has serial 4431. And the belt is standard size. I have emailed to see if Easyrig can help figure it out. It has been used as shown in the pictures. What you see is what you get. $2500 Located in Arizona. Call me with any questions. Thanks, Dave 928-680-6655
  19. Hi all, Looking for a second hand Easyrig, preferably UK/Europe based. Please PM me. Cheers F
  20. Ahoyhoy, Looking to sell my Easyrig 3 Cinema with a 700N Shock Absorber. The 700N can hold camera weights up to 40 lbs (according to the manual). The largest set up I've put on this rig was a Panavision GII with a 1000' mag on the back. The rig performed perfectly well. Overall, this Easyrig is in excellent condition. Almost brand new condition. Probably been used 6-7 times total. Comes with the original carrying case, aks pouch, safety strap, manual booklet and a DVD manual. The rig originally sold for $3,500.00. I'm looking to get $2,800.00 OBO (plus S&H). I'm located out of North Carolina so East Coasters, I'm willing to work out a hand-off to save money on shipping. Feel free to PM me or email me: aaron.gantt@gmail.com
  21. Up for sale is an EasyRig 1 including 2 extra springs. To be used with any type of camera. Unit is located in EU. Asking 1.500,- Euro
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