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  1. Looking for a EFP Docking bracket in good condition. Message me photos, where you’re located and price please.
  2. For sale – Steadicam EFP full system, with standard def B/W monitor. It is rated for film and video cameras up to 38 lbs. I am the original owner and (factory trained) operator. No one else has used the system. The Steadicam EFP has only seen very light use and is in excellent condition, pristine actually. The unit has been used on less than twenty five shoots. The system comes with the vest, sled, arm with padded case, dock, low mode cage, zoom handle, all tools, cables, Anton Bauer charger & 2 Encore hard cases. Everything is packed in original bags. I also have a spare arm cover to replace the one that has a minor crack in one corner that I did while tracking through a 24" wide door. I'm selling the complete package only – will not separate. Asking $12,750 for complete package. Shipping & insurance extra. I'd prefer not to ship international. Also available for inspection or pick up in Kula, HI. Call (808) 878-1020 and ask for Robert or email robert@bestmedia.com. Additional photos at http://bestmedia.com/steadicam/
  3. Selling Used EFP top stage. Fits most sleds. $750US. Located in Orlando, FL Johnatkinson3@mac.com
  4. I'm looking for a "arm-vest connector" for an EFP arm. Or the marked part in the image to be more precise. Anyone? Thank you! /Martin
  5. I'm looking for a "arm-vest connector" for an EFP arm. Or the marked part in the image to be more precise. Anyone? Thank you! /Martin
  6. Hey everyone, So I'm trying to update my sled and I have a modified EFP with a MK-V carbon fiber post. I'd like a new top stage. I currently have the old 3a with track adjustment top stage. From what I understand, the mounting hardware has the same placement as the Pro gear, and I was curious if the DBII can mount directly to my sled WITHOUT the Pro electronics box as a middle man. I'd like to still use the EFP electronics box mounted off the diving board if I do get the DBII. I've attached two photos, one of the underside of the holes for the DBII and one of my top stage currently attached to the sled. If those even help. Has anyone done this? Would I run into any issues? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
  7. So I have a modified EFP sled that I had rewired by Terry for HD and 12/24v last year. Came to the conclusion my gimbal needs to be re-centered so I brought it to Robert Luna. He needs the gimbal off the post so he can work on it. I futzed around with it and realized I have no way of removing the gimbal off the sled. There's no break point in the cable line anywhere between my top stage and bottom stage. It's a wrapped bundle from top to bottom. My thoughts are I have two, maybe three options: 1. Bring the sled back to Terry and create a break point 2. Disconnect/cut the cables somewhere, get the gimbal fixed, then reconnect cables/Terry creates a break point wherever I cut cables. 3. If I can't just add a break in the line, have Terry disconnect, Luna fixes the gimbal, then Terry reconnects everything (basically I don't take any chances doing it myself and causing horrible, horrible damage). Is there something else I can do? Someone else who can shim my gimbal while it's still on the post? Save me from this cruel fate? I've attached three photos sort of showing the cable. My set up: MKV carbon fiber 2 stage post EFP gimbal EFP top stage EFP/modified battery rack Any help is greatly appreciated. I really want to get this sled up and running at 100% again soon!
  8. Hello, I noticed a little play where the post is attached to the lower sled of my CP EFP. Does anybody know how the post is fixed and if this is problem wich i can fix by my self ? Are there maybe any drawings around ? Thanks in advance Holger
  9. Selling my customized and upgraded Steadicam EFP Sled on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/122476829773 Everything is as described in the listing and includes a Transvideo CineIII Superbright SD monitor. Feel free to PM with any questions and/or just make me an offer! Local NYC pickup available and encouraged. Nico PS: Also selling KinoFlo Kamio Ringlight: http://www.ebay.com/itm/122476701736 SONY PVM740 OLED Monitor: http://www.ebay.com/itm/122476702706
  10. Hi Peeps, I'm looking for a bottom section for an old EFP, anyone have an old EFP or parts they may want to part with? Thanks Hit me at +1 310-993-0667. USA or RobVski@aol.com Thanks Peace Out Rob Vuona
  11. Hello i am selling my steadiram EFP full kit. It is upgraded by MK-V to HD and has a brand new Gimbal. I am the second owner and the full kit is in very good condition. Asking 13'000€ plus shipping from switzerland I have some more items to sell as you can see below. For more information and pictures just email me: info@zteady.com Steadicam EFP full kit 13’000 € Steadicam Aigle MDV Full Kit 3’500 € Steadicam Arm G50 3’500 € Vest Steadicam 2’500 € Dock Station (From Steadicam Master) 150 € Handsfree for Segway 2’000€ IDX CW5 HD (1Tx and 2 Rx) 1’200 € Slider Cinevate full kit 2’500 € Monitor HD (New) 120€ DSLR HCamera Rig Pro version (New) 150€
  12. Hey, I'm looking for an EFP rigg for sale, please contact me if you have!
  13. Hey! Looking for some Hytron 140s that still holds a good charge. I'm located in Sweden but I am willing to buy from anywhere in the world as long as the shipping costs doesn't kill me! I'm also looking for a full size A/B gold mount plate (not the QRC, compact version). Cheers!
  14. Hey! I'm looking to buy my first "real" big-rig. What I'm searching after is an EFP sled or a complete rig! Let me know if you have anything I'm looking for! Thanks!
  15. I've had my Steadicam EFP in climate-controlled for storage for almost two decades. What should I watch out for/get tuned up in preparation for use with a new owner? And where might I go in Chicago for any technical repairs, if necessary? Thank you, - Eric Swanson
  16. I am selling my backup arm. It is an EFP red spring arm in very nice condition. This arm has a lift capacity of 16-40 pounds. Here is the list of maintenance that has been done to it: - The arm covers have had a couple small dents straightened and they have been powder coated. - The rubber bumpers on the center joint are brand new. - The screws that hold the arm covers and bearing pins have all been replaced with black oxide coated stainless steel screws for low maintenance. - The tension screws have been replaced and the new ones are slightly longer than stock so the arm can be tuned a little lower than the stock configuration and it is easier to disassemble the arm for cleaning. - The spring stops have been upgraded to 4-40 set screws (The originals were the older style dowel pins that were very hard to remove if you wanted to clean the arm) Asking $4,300
  17. EFP Gimbal and a EFP Topstage for sale. Give me an offer. The buyer pays for shipping costs from Sweden. Thanks! crooken@gmail.com
  18. Cleaning out the shop and selling off some old Steadicam monitors. An EFP green screen, an EFP lcd and a teletest for parts. Green Screen: http://www.ebay.com/itm/252111524293?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 EFP LCD: http://www.ebay.com/itm/252111530916?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Teletest: http://www.ebay.com/itm/252111535633?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  19. Selling originals Cinemaproducts EFP & III vest Both are old but confortables and ready to work EFP como with backup chest plate. 1200€ III vest fits very well. Small size. 900€
  20. Hi All, You know when sometimes things happen, and you didn't plan for them to happen? That's what happened. So now, I'm selling my X45/EFP rig. Here's some highlights: Glidecam X45 Sled Steadicam EFP Arm (#350) Boland 8.4 DayBright HD-SDI Monitor -- with fan control (1400 nits, I believe it was) Transvideo Cinemonitor iiia SD backup monitor (sd only) Transvideo Frameline Generator for Cinemonitor (sd only) Glidecam Gold Series Vest Glidecam Low Mode Brackets (2) Various Hex Wrenches, and Screwdrivers (see pics) Glidecam Docking Bracket Libec ZC-9EX Canon/Fujinon Zoom Control (2) Mega Flex HD SDI cables -- 12 and 24 inches, from Media Blackout (1) Hyperflex HD SDI Cables -- 24 inches, right angle connectors, from Media Blackout (2) Cinecoil BNC Cables, right angle connectors, 10, and 20 inches. (2) 2-pin Lemo to XLR 4-pin (2) 2-pin Lemo to DC Pelican 1650 with dualie wheels/pluck foam insert. Rig is clean, in good shape, with low miles. I'd like to sell this package as a whole, if possible. It would be nice to hand her off to someone who's just starting out, or who needs a bigger rig. But, I'm open to discussion/offers for pieces. I'm attaching pics, with some comments on pros and cons of the whole setup. Get it now for $9250 + shipping. Or best offer.... :) PM me, or mail me, beau800@gmail.com.
  21. Due to a merger we are selling our camera support equipment. Everything is in good working order and must be sold. If you see something you want, contact me and I can provide details and photos for that particular item. We also have lots of accessories that will be listed after the main systems have been sold, (the buyers of the rigs will get first shot at the accessories), but you can let me know what your looking for at anytime. For Sale Steadicam EFP w/MKV Carbon Fiber Sled Upgrade, EFP & Mark III arms, Ultra Vest. $12,000 MoVI M15 (new in the box) $10,500 MoVI M10 w/Remote & Custom Case $ 6,000 MoVI M5 w/Remote & Custom Case $ 3,000 MoVI Controller w/Redrock FF Transmitter $2,900 MicroDolly Jib w/Power Head, Dolly Wheels and 4’ Extension $3,000 Kessler CineSlider 3ft w/Outrigger Feet. $900 Edelkrone SliderPlus V2 Medium w/Wizard Motion Control $700 Accepting Offers. PM me with questions and inquires. Contact: Jeff Cook Phone: (813) 690-9555 / Email: jeff@jctv.com
  22. Hi all, Does anyone have or know of a spare 1.5" post please? I'd like to replace the original post on my EFP but it's not worth buying a new post for, so hoped one of you helpful chaps & chappesses might have one around somewhere! If one of you know of or have a post that might suit do drop me a PM or email john@fryfilm.com Thank you all!
  23. Does anybody know where i can buy new bearings for a EFP gimbal? Part number or webpage.
  24. Brand new MK-V Standard topstage with dovetail plate in excellent condition, for sale. Never used, no scratches. Fits almost every professional sled on the market, from EFP, MK-V to PRO. Check out www.mk-v.com for more information. Price for a new MK-V Standard topstage with dovetail plate is, $2,760.00 / 2,000€ so give me an reasonable offer! Buyer pays freight from Stockholm, Sweden. Please email me, steadicam@gloration.com
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