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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I am selling my spare GPI Pro Gimbal, S/N 545 (this is the serial number for the gimbal itself that was printed on the original-style yoke which has since been sold separately; the new gimbal yoke S/N is 642x). For 1.5” center posts. Included in the sale is: Standard Pro Gimbal Grip with Clamp Short Pro Handle XCS Ergo Handle (Regular) Gimbal Wrench Spare Pan Bearing The Gimbal is in working order (last serviced by Jack Bridges on 8/18/2020 and the gimbal has barely been used since its last service). The yoke has been upgraded to the newer version, which is thicker and more robust. There’s normal wear and tear throughout. The gimbal cap has some marks from what appears to be concrete (not sure where these scratches came from as it occurred when the gimbal was out of my possession, however any issues that resulted from the damage have since been addressed). Asking $3,800 OBO plus shipping (gimbal is available for pick-up in Los Angeles) Contact info: aaron.gantt@gmail.com Aaron
  2. Hello, For sale is an XCS ergo handle for PRO arm posts and Regular operators. The rubber lining has come off, but it still works great. Selling because I switched rigs and does not fit the new one. Asking price $750, buyer pays shipping. Thank you.
  3. The Gimbal is in perfect condition With my broken heart I need to sell my XCS gimbal because doesn't fit in my actual Rig. Buyer Pays Shipping and Taxes by Paypal 5000€ - Lisbon, PORTUGAL
  4. XCS gimbal 1.5” + non-goofy ergo handle for sale. In great condition. Shoot over an email/text for more photos or other detail requests. $4950 + shipping Janice Min janicemin@gmail.com 440-503-2685
  5. I am not sure if the ergo is specific to regular or goofy, but I am regular. I love the ergo handle, but I am now using a Volt so I cannot use it. This is in great shape. $800 and it is your's! I also have the XCS 1.5" Gimbal for sale for $4000. I live in Atlanta and will ship anywhere in the world. Chris Campbell 404-630-8200
  6. FOR SALE: Mint condition XCS Ergo handle purchased in 2017. Used on one short job and switched to a straight handle. This is for normal (non-goofy) operators. Non-slip skin is in new condition, no hand oils or stripping. Comes with 5/32 allow screw. Handle in pristine condition, as if new. Buyer pays shipping. ASKING $950 USD.
  7. XCS Ultimate Gimbal in excellent condition, with both Ergo (conventional, non-goofy) handle and regular handle options. 1.5" sleeve - but that can be changed out for other sizes up to 2" Includes service/cleaning tool kit with instructions. (if you ever need it) $6K USD OBO
  8. TB-6 monitor s/n 0163, DUO digital frameliner, dual telescoping support arm 2” carbon fiber telescoping post 19-31”, no tools gimbal, standard and ergo handles Lower Electronics s/n 023 Programmable Digital Level (PDL), UNO digital frameliner (transmitted image), Battery Management System 1- XCS deep camera plate, 2- XCS camera plates (older style) Hard shipping case. US sell only. $23,400 Contact David dscmove@yahoo.com
  9. Well, the title explains it all. A while ago i contacted XCS in order to ask about the compatibility of their ERGO handle with my Ultra2’s gimbal. Unfortunately the handle is incompatible with Tiffen gimbal design. I could very well buy the whole gimbal from XCS’ and have the ERGO handle on my Ultra2 as the XCS gimbal is compatible with 1.58 Tiffen post but replacing a perfectly good gimbal seemed excessive to me and I decided to drop the idea. Now, cruising in older forum posts (http://www.steadicam...13&hl=ergo&st=0), my desire to have an ergo handle on my rig flamed again. I just want to express that I’m a potential buyer if XCS (or someone else depending of intellectual property rights) would have made a Tiffen-compatible version of ERGO handle. And even better, if such product could have a stage remote cradle on it. I know some people will have something to say about the Tiffen incompatibility issues with other brands but this will be out of the subject. I’m aware that Tiffen’s product is more or less incompatible with other brands parts, but I bought my rig being fully aware of the trade-off. Meaning that I personally preferred what Tiffen has on their rigs better than the other options elsewhere. Now I want to have my cake and eat it too by putting an XCS ERGO handle on my Ultra2’s gimbal along with stage remote (and even compatible with G-series arm-post diameter) and don’t have to buy a whole new gimbal. Any thoughts on this subject?
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