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Found 19 results

  1. Hey Folks i am selling my one-time used Flowcine X Bone. Then I realized that I'm not the type for backmounted. No scratches, no quirks. It has only been in the office since then. Shipping within the EU. 1.200 € OBO new is 1.500€ (excluding VAT and shipping) The xBONE is a back mount adjustable arm, that is mounted on vests that allows this type of configuration. INCLUDED IN THE BOX 1 pcs Back bone 1 pcs Extension block Short 1 pcs Extension block Middle
  2. Hi, looking for a Tiffen Steadicam Fawcett Exovest Thanks
  3. An emotional sale! This rig has barely been used, as life took a different turn shortly after I bought it, and it's taken me a while to come to terms with letting it go. It's a complete Tiffen Aero-30 system, including two v-lock batteries, charging station, balancing bracket, monitor, weights, Aero-30 arm. I upgraded the vest from the Zephyr to the Exovest, which comes in its own bag. Also includes: C-Stand and a custom-made brass weight plate. Looking for £5,400 please I am based in London, U.K., but don't mind shipping internationally. It all fits in a Peli-case (S
  4. Hey everyone! I'm really sad to post this, but due to life circumstances, I have to part with this custom rig I've built. Flies rigs up to 40lbs easily. You can probably even push 45lbs. Comes with everything you see here. (except C-stand) Steadicam Exovest w/vest bag Flowcine Xbone kit Steadicam G50x arm with bag and raincovers Glidecam X45 sled with Camjam Monitor bracket and SmallHD 702 monitor PLEASE NOTE: The monitor has 1 stuck green pixel. You can sorta see it in the pics. It never bothered me, but you can send it in to SmallHD if it bothers y
  5. Looking for a used Exovest with large block.
  6. $750 for both, like new condition. Cost $1K new. If you have an exovest this allows you to mount a Walter Klassen arm, and/or an EZrig post. Great way to use your EZ Rig with the same vest as your Steadicam (and a way better vest than the EZrig). You can just buy the EZrig post and save $$ as well. Mounts in seconds with a few screws.
  7. $3900 - This Exovest has never been used with an arm! Used 10 days or less with, very, very little signs of use. Only used with an easy rig post, using the Walter Klassen Adapter. Vest comes with all the pads, and the duffle bag. Please note there is the socket mount for the vest but not a large or small socket block. New block is $400 from Tiffen (back ordered) if you don't have one from another vest. Vest with block is $4500 new. $750 - Walter Klassen adapter is two parts, one to mount a Klassen arm to the Exovest. Second part mounts an EZrig to the adapter. With this mount you
  8. TIFFEN FAWCETT EXOVEST I switched a while ago to a Walter Klassen Harness and after more than a year I no longer need a second vests. I've bought it in 2014-2015, it is in well maintained condition - works flawless. I've replaced all pads recently, so those are pretty new. The Vest will come with a lot of spare parts (set of extra hip pads, neck pad busters and stuff) and a Walter Klassen adapter block (WK arm mounting option/backmount). For inquiries shoot me an e-mail at steadicam@jschenten.de I'm asking 3300 EUR (buyer pays for shipping and any upcoming mon
  9. Fawcett Exovest I am selling my Exovest that I purchased in the Fall of 2015. Unfortunately I am not doing Steadicam much these days so I am selling off my kit. I have only used the vest on 5 days of shooting since purchasing it. $4,200.00 Shipping in the Lower 48 States in the USA is included with purchase Buyers elsewhere pay for shipping Included Exovest Extra pads Soft Carry Case
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a vest, preferably a GPI PRO or a Tiffen Exovest. Also looking for Arm post for G70/Artemis Sachtler sled (same diameter as PRO sled) Thanks!
  11. Hi folks, I'm selling my Exovest that I've had for a year or two. It's been lightly used with my Zephyr, so it's still in perfect shape. I'm the second owner. The original owner provided an entire box of backup parts, and several sets of pads. I picked up a full set of pads top and bottom, so these are practically new. In total there are 4 full sets of shoulder pads, and two sets of hip pads. There's also the original soft bag, however it's ripped on one end. Everything will ship in the Pelican flight case. Included: - Box of bagged spare parts - Manual - 4 total sets of should
  12. Hello all, I'm currently doing the proper research to assemble a rig in the near future, and I've tried out numerous vests and these two are my favorite so far. Just want to know if anyone has had any particularly good or bad experiences with either, just to help me weigh out my options. Thanks!
  13. Love my Exovest. But I feel that the socket blocked is just sitting a little bit too high for my taste. Aka the default position of the socket block / arm / sled is about 3" higher that I would like it too have. Has anybody come up with a 'socket block lowering bracket' for the Exovest ? Basically the Exovest equivalent of the IBaird Pro Vest bracket.
  14. TIFFEN Exovest for sale. As new condition, about 18 months old, and only used twice. Bought when I sold my rig so I’d have a vest in case I had to do any Steadicam, but never used. Comes with original TIFFEN soft case, manual, additional chest pad, and a Klassen back mount adaptor. Located in London but will ship anywhere. Please contact for shipping cost. £3500/€4200/$4400 +20% VAT in UK and EU unless you have an EU VAT number. stuhow@me.com
  15. Hi guys, So has anyone tried and compared these vests : Walter Klassen, ActionCam Back Mounted 100lb vest, Exovest backmounted. The Exovest is a front and back mounted vest I guess, but in this case I wanted to know how is the experience with it when backmounted. Thanks! Vahe
  16. Walter Klassen - Steadicam Fawcett Exovest adapter (from the klassen site): "Mount your Klassen FX Slingshot, Suspender or back mount harness carbon arm off your Steadicam Fawcett Exo-vest with this simple easy to use adapter. Made in Canada with black anodized aluminum." Used once... New they are $425 Selling for US$325 .AJ Andrew Johnson ajcam@me.com
  17. Selling my Fawcett Exovest. The Vest was purchased May 2015 from Betz Tools, and is located in Berlin, Germany. It is in perfect working order and has some minor cosmetic wear and tear. It has been in use for 6 months. I'm apparently a to old fart and can't get used to this new vest. It's a shame to sell it, but it doesn't work for me. Price is €5900 EUR firm + shipping outside of Germany VAT applies for Germany buyers no VAT in the EU with a valid VAT-ID number or outside of the EU Cheers
  18. Dear Exovest Owners, Firstly a big thank you to all you early adopters of the Exovest, especially for your patience and support. Your feedback has driven important changes that we have integrated into the current design, and we’d now like to offer free upgrades to bring all vests up to that same standard. If you received your Exovest during or after December 2013, and has the scooped-out finger grips on the D shaped portion of the waist over-centre lever, your vest is entirely up to date. If not, there may be some updates available for you. Procedure will be one of the following
  19. Having been researching/poking around both Tiffen's site and here for a while, my understanding of the Zephyr's place within the Steadicam range is as a semi-professional, self-contained, non-upgradeable system. Having said that (and assuming it's correct), can the Zephyr arm attach to the standard socket block on the Exovest? If not, is there an adapter anywhere that anyone knows of? Thanks :) (Side note: I'm aware of the advice to all newbies to attend a workshop. It's on the list.)
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