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Found 4 results

  1. I've been opperating since Collage with a rig that has not made "getting the shot" easy. The vest rotates and pulls, the arm is not very articulate and far from isoelastic and the sled, well it's there. It's all I had money for but I've always loved moving cameras and Steadicam is my passion and path in life so I made due with what I had and as a result I was the "go-to Opperator". I'm trying to change all that and break into the professional world so I dug deep in my thin pockets and bought a used rig to hold the heavier cameras (with accesories attached) and mount the camera properly on my back. Here is my current reel which was hard to make because some of the pieces are SD and there's not as much Narrative in there as I wish because of the lack I've gotten back from the "no-budget" productions I've worked on. Please rip it apart and give me tips of the trade, I'm ready to take this thing professional and want to make a name for myself. Thanks a million, happy flying.
  2. Hello All, My name is Joseph Robinson, and I decided I would pursue a career as a Steadicam Operator back in March of 2013. Since then, I have had two semesters of experience operating Steadicam, including a course based solely on Steadicam. Not too long ago, I posted my first reel after a semester of course-work (here) looking for feedback. Many of you were kind enough to note certain things I should try to improve on, though I have not had the opportunity to operate since December. As for the Summer, I know that as of now I have time, and was looking to see if there are any Operators local to NY/NJ (I can commute to the City without an issue) and know of any situations in which I could shadow on-set. As of now, I have only worked on course-related work, though I held an internship at the production studio of a hospital. I have never been on an actual set outside of my course-work. I feel that my lack of on-set experience will hold me back, so I have been trying for a while to get experience. I would like to know if anybody here knows of any opportunities in which I would be able to get some experience and/or knowledge of what it's like on set. I am not necessarily asking for a job or internship opportunity, but more like shadowing, as I would love to see first-hand what it's like for a Steadicam Operator more than anything. If anybody knows of such opportunities, or other advice they would like to share with me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Best, Joseph Robinson
  3. Hello, My name is Quaid Cde Baca, a young working camera operator, and 1st and 2nd AC, but new to steadicam (ideally trying to learn about all I can, techniques, and experience from working professionals). I know the only way to really learn is through experience and learning from professionals, and I am no were near a professional, but I want to start on the road to become one. I can 2nd AC, intern, camera PA, or whatever position offered to learn. I want to put in the hours to learn from the pros, develop the right habits, and put myself out there to network. Im very open minded, and a positive thinker, and a clean slate to learn the trade, just looking for some help to get into the business. Thank you, hoping for any help, Quaid Cde Baca. http://quaidcdebaca.com
  4. Hello everybody! I would like to present myself, my name is Csaba Bajcsi, I recently finished the Steadicam course at NFTS under the supervision of David Crute. I am now in search for any opportunity to build my experience, to assist or shadow someone. If you have any idea for me, please get in touch. Thank you!
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