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  1. Hello all, Selling 1 Arri Mini Follow Focus MFF-2 Cine Set. Great condition. KK.0005759 Price is $1000.00 including tax. Free shipping in the USA jerome@mediatropics.com
  2. Selling my Bartech Digital Follow Focus (without motor). Works great - very responsive and accurate! The set includes: 1 x BarTech BFD Handset with antenna 1 x fSTOP Wireless V2-1 BarTech Digital Receiver with antenna 1 x fSTOP P-Tap Power Cable $375 USD plus shipping from Toronto, Canada.
  3. PDMovie Remote Air Mini Follow Focus Price : $150 USD Buyer to organise shipping and fees. Contact : Vladimir Peeters – vlad@steadicam.fr - +32 472 41 04 53 Country : Belgium PACKAGE CONTENT: MINI-01 1x Bluetooth Controller Motor 1x 0.7m D-Tap Power Cable(6 pin) 1x 15/19mm Adapter ring 1x Short Antenna All you need to do is download the PDMOVIE APP to begin! Additional slave motors can be purchased separately to obtain dual or triple channel operations. FEATURES: - Stable signal transmission REMOTE AIR MINI uses a low power consumption bluetooth module and can achieve fast data transmission and immediate response without any delay. The stable transmission distance between two devices is set as 20m. If the distance is too far and interrupted, the device can connect automatically within a short time once back in signal range. - Convenient software upgrade The biggest advantage of REMOTE AIR MINI is the APP touch control operation, free updates will be available when there is new functions added. You can download it to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. - More intelligent automatic zoom REMOTE AIR MINI adds a ZOOM automatic operating function, you just need to set the zoom range and the time required and the REMOTE AIR MINI will finish the rest of the work, it will then only operate according to the parameters you set. - Automatic backup lens data Registration required to backup lens data. The REMOTE AIR MINI saves lens data through member login accounts. After registering and logging in, using SET interface, you can mark and save any commonly used lenses. REMOTE AIR MINI uploads the data to the backstage server. So when you log into the account on a new device, REMOTE AIR MINI will download the data saved from the server automatically. - Manually mark REMOTE AIR MINI uses the fastest and most accurate marking method allowing you to mark lens parameters on the APP interface directly. The mark position is super accurate without any physical or visual error, it is extremely simple and accurate with a 0.01% margin of error. - Import/invoke/ share lens data You will enjoy using the marking method on the iOS APP interface which makes it unique. Besides marking your own parameters, you can also login to an account to download lens data. That way you may import corresponding data according to lens and share the marked data with your friends. - Abundant extended function The outstanding performance comes with even more outstanding functionality, and that is what the REMOTE AIR MINI does best. It can connect two or more motors and even set two motors in the same channel to support 3D shoot. SPECIFICATIONS: Wireless: Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology Transmission Distance: 20M signal transmission distance Motor: • Weight:182g/4 lb • Dimensions:10.8x7.3x2.9mm • Torque:max 0.5Nm • Working voltage:12~18V • Gear:Module: Teeth:40 Module:0.6 Teeth:60(Optional) Module:0.5 Teeth:72(Optional) Module:0.4 Teeth:90(Optional) • Noise:< 28 Db Compatibility: • System:IOS (No support for Android) • Version:Requires iOS 8.4 or later • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Memory Function: • One-key stroke memory function can record strokes of different lens • Manually set the(AB point) • Employing digital limitation function can guarantee the safety of the lens Stroke Detection: • Automatic detection • Automatic current and speed distribution • Automatic matching maximum speed Function: • Interface generalized markup • Automatic backup lens data • Import/invoke/ share lens data • Automatic detection • AB point set • ZOOM channel automatic operation function
  4. Arri FF-4 Follow Focus For Sale Follow Focus with 15mm Rod Bridge Plate Right Side Knob with Extension (2) Flat Marking Disks Prime Gear (3) Zoom Gears Flexible Extension Whip Speed Crank MasterCases Shipping Case All in good working condition. Cosmetic wear and tear…see photos. $2,500 If interested please email, text, or call. Thanks! Scott scott.camera@mac.com (213) 880-2550
  5. HEDEN CARAT Lens Control Kit (Complete) for sale. Have owned since 2016 (handset since mid 2017) but it was bought as a backup so hasn't been used all that much. Been a great system but not using it anymore so selling it cheap. Includes - Heden Handset - Heden MDR - Heden M26VE High Tourque Motor - 8 Blank Marking Discs - 4x Motor Gears (0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8) - 2x Motor Cables - 2x Dtap Power Cables - 1x Arri Run Cable - 1x RED Run Cable - Lanyard, Case, Spare Aerial, 19-15mm insert - 4 Battery iPowerUS 9V Battery Charger I don't think I'll include the 4 rechargeable batteries since that will make shipping more complicated, however if it can be done easily then I'm more than happy to include 4 batteries too. $2900USD Kit is located in NZ. Happy to ship internationally at buyers expense. Contact me at nat.brunt@gmail.com
  6. Unit includes: .Bartech analog Transmitter x 1, .Receivers x 2 ( you have the option to power them both, and control 2 motors by switching channels! ) There is a D-tap - main receiver power cable , and another one, lemo - lemo, which connects power to both. This is suitable for distant f control, which works separately with focus control! .M1 motor with gears like new, .Heden M28VP motor with gears, .Motor cables X 2 .D-tap to lemo power cable X1, .lemo 2pin to lemo 2pin power cable X 1, .on-of ARRI lemo cable X1, .Brackets X 3 .Rods, rods adapters, .Kata strap (new) .Case They are all in perfect working condition, What is missing, is the one of the two original receiver antennas, replaced with an other after market one. I sell this unit, because I own 2 of them, and I haven't used it for too long. Unit price 1200 $ I am Based in Athens, Greece. For any kind of information please, mail me to......... kalothetos@me.com Thanks!
  7. For Sale $6,000.00USD A very well taken care of 3 channel Preston follow focus. Case and pouches are included. Buyer will assume any and all tax/shipping cost. There are 2 cables that I made to power the MDR off of my sled. If you let me know what sled you have (if you have one), I can alter the cable for you before shipping it. Follow this link to see more pics! https://www.facebook.com/groups/forsalecameraassistantaks/permalink/2380915348645899/?sale_post_id=2380915348645899 Includes: MDR2 Handset with TX analog microforce X3 DM1 motors X2 battery Chargers x5 Preston batteries x2 shorty microforce cbls x1 10' microforce cbl x2 4pin XLR to 4 pin lemo mdr pwr cbl x2 2pin lemo to 4 pin lemo mdr pwr cbl x2 ptap to 4 pin xlr mdr pwr cbl x3 coiled mtr cbls x2 mtr cbls x2 command cbls x2 OSHA cbls multiple dog bones for mtrs multiple 15mm/19mm inserts x2 pana iris gears x1 2B lemo connector for s/s cbl extra anttenas
  8. Analog Bartech Focus Device for sale. In perfect working condition and lots of cables. I am local to Los Angeles. Asking $2500 and buyer pays shipping. Thanks for looking. Jon
  9. I have Preston FIZ System. HU3, MDR2, Microforce, with cables, as well as Omnishot battery system for sale. It's a very well kept system that lived with a crane and remote head.... (never seen a rental house) Hand unit is pristine. Im located in Chicago IL. Email me at ChicagoCameraCar@gmail.com if your interested. Preston FI+Z HU3 -s/n 2479 Molded hand grip Micro Force Digital Zoom control -s/n 99584 -micro force bracket Ominshot Battery system -two bay charger -single Edison plug charger -4 Li-Ion Sony NP style batteries Three Motors -DM-1x – PCS - S/N 1744 -integral bracket -DM-1x – PCS –S/N 1732 -integral bracket -DM 2 – PCS S/N 2597 -integral bracket Brackets -#4333 -#4301 -#4302 -#4335 – MDR rod braket -#4310 -Custom machined MDR2 mounting bracket made by Libra / Monster Remotes MDR2 -G4 Wireless -S/N 1255 Fuji / Cannon Gear set -2x F -2x C Pana Gear set PCS z/R.S. Primes lens gear Camera ON/OFF cables -2x Arrifles & Moviecam 3-pin #4521 -2 x MDR2 - Red Remote -2x MDR2 – Epic #4546 -Arri #4520 -Red 3 BNC sync cable Focus Iris Zoom Cables -3x #4412 -3x #4410 Preston Power -P-tap 12v Anton Bauer (24”) -FIZ 12v 4 pin XLR 4461 -FIZ 24v 3 pin xlr – Arri -Arri/MovieCam – 24VDC Power 4499 Video Zoom – Fuji / Cannon -MDR2 – Cannon HD 4532 -Fujinon 5428 -Canon 4529 Zoom Extension Cables / Main Command Cable / Panavision Cables -DMF to FIZ #4445 (35’) -Comand 4401 (75’) -MDR2 –Canon HD 4532 (36”) -MDR2 S/S HD900R -Panavision #4522 -24-PV #4472 -Sony VTR 4435
  10. Posting for my partner. If interested please contact Mike Gillis. Thanks for looking! I am selling 2 complete Preston DM1X motors. Each one includes a right angle Lemo cable, Standard pitch and Fuji pitch gears and a Jerry Hill 19mm adjustable mounting bracket with 15mm insert. These are in as new condition with very little hours. They have been very well cared for. I am the original and only owner and they were never rented out. S/N 3061& S/N 3007.Brand new each motor alone is $3320.00Brand new each Jerry Hill bracket is $250.00I am asking $2200 for each bundle (motor, cable, bracket and gears) or $4200 for both bundles. Mike GillisMilwaukee DP414-303-3890 mike@bluemoonlights.com
  11. Hello, We are close to buying our first Steadicam for your shop. Going to be a Zephyr and mostly flying a C300 with Canon CN E Prime Lenses but may use an Alexa Mini too. The consensus seems to be Gold Mount batteries over V-Mount. What type of Gold Mount battery is the best for battery life? Want to make sure we get efficient batteries but at the same time not batteries that weigh a ton either. Also curious about the various wireless follow focus and teradek systems. Seems to be quite a broad price range? I know some operators like to make sure their kit is equipped with a prompter and top light if necessary too. I'm a little concerned about the weight but ultimately I think we can get it under with Zephyr even with all this stuff. More concerned about getting quality accessories that are actually necessities. Pricing also seems to range for some of these systems too so curious about that too. I appreciate any feedback on accessories especially batteries and wireless follow focus systems. Thank you
  12. Hi Guys, I hope it`s ok if I do a short post about cmotion`s new wireless lens controls system, which has been launched at IBC. The cPRO follows a complete new design of the hand unit and a motor, which has a built in RF receiver - so no extra box needed on the camera. You can daisy-chain another 2 cforce mini or plus motors, for a full 3 axis control... Find more on: https://cmotion.eu/page/cpro You can also fill out a short survey, about software features you would like to see in the final product... Shipping of the first units will start early next year. Target price is around 6.000 EUR for a ready-to-go kit, incl. the hand unit and one RF-motor. Hope this little teaser is ok. Thanks, Clemens
  13. Excellent condition Bartech single channel digital wireless follow focus kit with Heden M21VE-L Motor. Heden M21VE-L Motor has just returned from Heden in Sweden having been fully serviced including a new internal motor, internal pin, gear hub and ball bearings in December 2018. Attached is a screenshot of the invoice to show the work that was done. Kit comes with: 1 x BarTech BFD Handset 1 x fSTOP Wireless V2-1 BarTech Receiver 1 x HEDÉN M21VE-L Motor with snap on pitch gears sized 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 and 0.81 x Digital Motor Cable 1 x fSTOP P-Tap Power Cable 2 x Antenna Operation manuals for handset and receiver Asking $3000 USD buyer to pay for shipping kit is currently in Auckland, New Zealand nick323@gmail.com
  14. Up for sale is my mint condition Bartech single channel digital wireless follow focus kit with Heden M21VE-L Motor. This kit has been used on one small film project and once or twice for practice and testing. Kit comes with: - BarTech Handset - fSTOP Wireless V2-1 BarTech Digital Receiver - Heden M21VE-L Digital Servo Motor with 0,8 gear - Set of Heden gears for M21VE-L: 0,4 0,5 0,6 - Digital Motor Cable - P-Tap Power Cable - 4-Pin XLR Power Cable - BarTech C300 On/Off Cable (Works with C100, C300, C500) - Bartech hard case - Pelican Hard case - 3 Plastic Focus Strips - 9V Battery holder - Fine tip dry erase pens with small eraser on each pen Asking $3500
  15. Selling my Hocus Products Axis 1 single Channel wireless follow Focus, this unit is in Great condition and has barely been used. Pristine Condition 9,5/10 1x Pelicase 1x Axis Hand Digital Unit 1x Receiver 1x Digital Motor Axis 3x Antena Axis MDR w/Antena Reflex Universal Motor w/ 0.8 gear 0,6 gear 0,5 gear 1x 15mm standard Rod Mount 1x19mm standard Rod Mount 1x 8 Pin Lemo motor cable 1x D-tap to 2 pin Lemo Power Cable 1x USB upgrade cable 1x Arri Runstop Cable 1x Red Runstop Cable 2x Battery 1x Battery charger 1x Ac Cable 3300 € Based in Europe. steadikam@gmail.com
  16. Selling my Preston MDR II works great. Let me know if you have any questions. Totally willing to negotiate :)
  17. Preston HU2 Kit with MDR-1, Iris Control Unit (Wired), 2 x DM-1 Motors & all cables included. Comes in Peli Storm case with Trekpak interior. Kit in good condition and serviced regularly. £4200 or nearest offer + Shipping & Taxes For all enquiries please contact: ismac@me.com 1 x Preston FIZ II Focus Handset 1 x Preston FIZ Transmitter II 1 x Preston Iris Handset (Wired) 1 x Preston MDR-2 1 x Preston DM1 Motor 1 x Preston DM1 Motor 2 x 19mm to 15mm Motor Mounting Arm 3 x PCS Batteries 2 x Preston Motor Cable (2ft: Right to Straight) 1 x Preston Motor Cable (2ft: Right to Right) 1 x Preston Motor Cable (2ft: Straight to Straight) 1 x Iris Cable 1 x Zoom Cable 1 x Red Remote Run Cable 1 x Panavision Remote Run Cable 1 x Arri Remote Run Cable 1 x Aaton Remote Run Cable 1 x PV 24v to MDR-1 Power Cable 1 x Arri 3P RS to MDR-1 Power (Right Angled) Cable 1 x Pro 12v to MDR-1 Power Cable 2 x 4-Pin XLR to MDR-1 Power Cables 2 x Panavision Focus Dovetail to 19mm Motor Bar Brackets 1 x 15mm-15mm Offset 1 x Jerry Hill Bracket (Cut-Down) 1 x Preston Motor Offset 1 x MDR-2 Steadicam Pro Mounting Plate 1 x MDR-2 Mounting Plate 1 x Preston Focus Handset Strap 1 x Preston Iris Strap 1 x Handset Rain Cover 2 x PV Zoom Gears 2 x Canon Zoom Gears 1 x PV Iris Gear 2 x Preston 15mm Motor Mount Bars 5 x 19mm-15mm Step Downs 1 x Spare MDR-1 Aerial 1 x PAM Motor Rosette (Complete) 1 x Battery Charger 1 x IEC Mains Power Lead 1 x Pouch of BNC Cables & Phono Video Cable 6 x Marking Discs
  18. Hey folks I'm selling my Chrosziel GENIO two Chanel follow focus system. All works fine. 2 hand units 2 Heden motors, m26p plus gear 2x05, / 1x 0,6 / 2x0,8 4 antennas 5 focus rings 3 batteries (one needs new cells) extra battery case with plug vor extern 6-12V battery extra battery case (no cells inside) quick charger 3 motor cables 1 power cable Arri 3/SR2 1 power cable Arri 435/SR3 1 CAM start/stop 1 Fujinon lens / Hirose 1 Canon lens / Hirose Handbook all in Amtown case there is a second charger (one pin of plug is broken) US$ 2850 or € 2500 I am located in Hamburg/Germany willing to ship woldwide buyer pays for shipping
  19. Used Preston MDR2 Cables for Sale-- Power-- (1) 3 Pin XLR $50 (1) 4 Pin XLR $50 (1) Panavision Lemo $75 Motor Cables-- (1) Right Angle to Straight 22in $120 (1) Straight Connectors $110 Camera-- (1) Sony VTR 4430 $100 (1) Panavision $100 (1) Arri 12 Pin $100 EMAIL MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  20. Preston FI&Z II Package Selling Full Preston FI&Z II with MDR. Minor dings and scratches. Everything works great! Asking 16500 OBO. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Anthony.Roger.Parisi@gmail.com Pelican Case 1600 24x20x8 FI+Z II Remote Lens Control Focus Disks MDR to FI+Z Command Cable Preston Main Command cable - 30' MDR II Motor Driver Panavision power cables (1) 24V power Cable DM1X Motors (2) DM2 Motor (1) Motor Cables (4) Hill - Uni-Clamp, Pan Arm w/3.75" Long shaft (3) Misc Motor Clamp(s) Panavision 64 & 48 Pitch Focus Gears Canon .5 Pitch Focus Gears Fuji .6 Pitch Focus Gears (2) Single Channel Remote Focus-Iris Unit Focus-Iris Disks (6) Iris Controller Hand Unit W/Cable Micro Force 1 - Zoom Control Micro Force to FI+Z Cable Micro Force Zoom Control Bracket Panavision Camera Run (2) Panavision Camera Run Genesis Arri Camera Run - 3 pin Fischer Sony Batteries Batteries (3) Sony Battery Charger Sony to Preston Battery Adaptor
  21. Parts and pieces for sale, ill post some cables to throw in soon (for PRO). PM me with offers, questions and for more photos. Preston DM1, HU2, and MDR Blue dot for sale, all professionally maintained and ready for work. FYI - The MDR2 is set up for a HU3. -Joel
  22. Hello, I sell my 2 Analog Follow focus sets : - 2x Bartech remote controls - 2x Bartech receivers - 2x Heden motors M28VP - 5x cables (receiver to motor) - 6 gears (0.4, 0.5, 0.6) - 1 mounting bracket Good working condition Sell price : 1300€ each, or 2200€ for all package Price drop : 1000€ each or 1800€ for all package Available in Paris, France (9th district) Jean tel : +33 (0)6 22 61 68 17 mail : jean@steady.fr
  23. FOR SALE - OFFERS Preston Cinema FI+Z II ** I'd like to sell this fast, so if you want to make an offer, please do! ** Contact: dan@mega3.tv Also on website: http://www.mega3.tv/preston-fiz-for-sale.html Kit contents: Electronics: 1 x FI+Z II hand unit 1 x FI+Z II transmitter (new channel select hex switches) 1 x V+F Microforce control 3 x NiMh batteries - newly recelled (Jun-17) with 1800mAh NiMh cells 2 x fast chargers 1 x MDR-2 motor control unit (new channel select hex switches) 3 x DM2 lens motors Cables: 5 x motor cables (90 degree) 1 x Power cable for MDR-2 1 x CMD cable 3 x Microforce camera/VTR cables (Sony VTR etc) 2 x Microforce to FI+Z hand unit cables (1 long, 1 short) 3 x camera power cables (3 x PV, 1 x Moviecam) 1 x neck strap 1 x Peli case Brackets: 1 x MDR-2 mounting plate 1 x Microforce FI+Z hand unit link bracket 6 x motor mounting brackets (various lengths) 3 x 19-15mm adaptor rings 2 x spare battery locking plates 2 x spare battery mating connectors 5 x iris marking plates 5 x focus marking rings 3 x motor geartooth adaptors (64/48 teeth) 11 x antennae (9 spares, 2 for system RF)
  24. Selling my Preston FIZ-2 Kit great starter kit for steadicam and the like..... 1x Preston FI+Z II Hand Unit 1x Preston FI+Z Transmitter II 1x Preston MDR-1 (updated) 1x Preston DM1 Motor 1x MDR1 Bracket 1x MDR1 mounting rod 1x Jerry hill pam motor bracket 2x Preston RX antenna's 2x Preston TX antenna's 12x Preston marking rings 1x Preston 24v 3pin power to Preston cable 1x Preston P-Tap power to Preston cable 1x Right to right motor cable 1x Strait to strait motor cable 1x Preston Arri run/stop 1x Preston Red run/stop 1x Preston Battery Fast Charger 3x Preston Batteries 1x Cable bag 1x Focus ring bag 1x Pelican case $4000us also have a Microforce V+F Zoom controller for sale $700us...
  25. Hello, I sell my 2 Analog Follow focus sets : - 2x Bartech remote controls - 2x Bartech receivers - 2x Heden motors M28VP - 5x cables (receiver to motor) - 6 gears (0.4, 0.5, 0.6) - 1 mounting bracket Good working condition Sell price : 1300€ each, or 2200€ for all package Available in Paris, France (9th district) Jean tel : +33 (0)6 22 61 68 17 mail : jean@steady.fr
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