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  1. Used Preston DM2 Motor for sale Serial Number 2682 Perfect working condition $2000.00 Richard 310-944-4367
  2. Hi all, First, this is a great community. Happy I found it googling. I've lurked for a little while and the wealth of insightful posts is great. I have a Defy G5 gimbal showing up tomrrow that I am using with a 5D Mkiii and a RR wireless follow focus. It's going to be fun but I need to help with powering the follow focus. I am looking for a lightweight solution to mount a battery somewhere near center mass on the gimbal. The main rod is 20 or 22cm...I'll measure tomorrow when it comes in. I may have a friend 3D print some sort of carrier or integrated bracket for that. My main hurdle now is ordering the actual battery/charger. RedRock has this on their site: "Please Note: External power via p-tap power source is also required for proper operation." So they also recommend something like an Anton Bauer with a ptap/dtap, AB, or vmount with a bracket. Because a lot of this is new lingo for me, could someone quickly distill the major differences between those battery types. I know a couple may actually share connections but after a couple hours of research I'm still scratching my head - a bit. I have a friend who uses IDX batteries with his RR microRemote. He has a 7s and 9 with a bracket. If anyone can share a link to some batteries that would fit that application I would really, really appreciate it. How are guys with the Movi powering their followfocuses? Finally, here's a picture of the gimbal with a remote follow focus and an external battery pack. Can anyone reverse engineer what is going on from these angles? Thanks.
  3. Preston Cinema Systems F.I.Z. Hand Unit for sale. 3rd Generation (3G) Microwave transceiver with all software and firmware updates by Preston Cinema in Santa Monica, CA. Late model Hand Unit 1 with LED gragh for zoom indicator and all HU II electronics. Includes 2 batteries and charger with AC adapter cord, 12 marking rings and extra transmitter antenna. Included is a G3 board for an MDR2 (MDR not included) Never had a single problem with it. Beautiful machine. Originally priced at: FI+Z $4120.00 Charger $400.00 Batteries $350.00 each ($700.00) Marking Rings $29.00 each ($348.00) Total New $5568.00 I'll take the first offer over $2500.00 Call me at 917 468-4800
  4. Cinetape reverse side readout. Gently used and babied. Works great- zero problems. Comes with one 3' cable. New costs $700. Asking price $600. Please email me at txfilmgirl@gmail.com with any questions, etc.
  5. Cinetape reverse side readout. Gently used and babied. Works great- zero problems. Comes with one 3' cable. New costs $700. Asking price $600. Please email me at txfilmgirl@gmail.com with any questions, etc.
  6. BarTech Follow Focus Package for Sale. Everything is in great shape, ready to go. Photos Here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32392962@N06/ $6,500 or Best Offer Contact: Jeff Cook Email: jeff@jctv.com Phone: (813) 690-9555 (2) BFD Focus Transmitters w/ shoulder straps (2) BFD Receiver/Amplifiers w/antennae (2) M-One Motors (2) l9mm Motor Mount Brackets (2) 3” Grey l9mm Attachment Tubes (2) l" Grey 19mm Attachment Tubes (10) BFD Focus Marking Rings (1) 24v to l8v Power Downconverter (1) Panavision Focus Mount Bracket (1) BarTech Butterfly Brackets (to mount 2 Transmitters together) (1) Anton/Bauer Power Splitter (Get power from A/B Battery Mount) Cables: (4) M-One Motor (1) Receiver Power Jumper (1) Arriflex 435 Power & Run/Stop Y-Cable (1) Panavision Power (1) Panavision Run/Stop (1) l l-Pin Fischer Arri-3 Power (1) Varicam/HDX900/Other - Power (1) Varicam/HDX900/Other - Run/Stop (2) XLR Receiver Power Lens Gears: (2) .8m-32p wide (2) .8m-32p narrow (2) 48p (Panavision zoom) (2) .4m - 64p (Panavision & Fuji iris) (2) .5m (Canon) (2) .6m (Fujinon Focus & Zoom) (8) Rod Collets: (2) l/2” Rod Collets (2) 5/8" Rod Collets (2) l5mm Rod Collets (2) Misc. Black Rod Collets BFD Owners Manual Storm im2400 Case
  7. Hello Every One, New to this forum but i am on Reduser few years now any ways . Guys i am in the market to buy a steadycam setup for my self we do low budget punjabi regional (indian) films and music videos so i don't know which one to get proline,action prod.,steadycam and so many other one's in the market now.. I'm new to steadycam Business so please help out to pick the right equipment.My budget for steadycam under 10K.. i also need wireless follow focus.& wireless video Unit as well. quicker way to get me in hold is email me please ... Pawitter parmar +91-987-861-7299 pawitterparmar@gmail.com
  8. Hey I'm currently looking in the market for a used bartech and motor package. I'm located in LA so a local purchase would be great. So if your looking to sell one please feel free to shoot me an email. Thank you. thomascolefedak@gmail.com -Tom
  9. Hello Guys, Looking for a Bartech Digital Follow Focus Single motor system with cable etc...... ASAP. Please contact me +91-987-861-7299 or email me pawitterparmar@gmail.com Thanks ....
  10. Hello everyone, I put my kit BFD for sale the kit includes: BarTech Focus Device (Transmitter, Receiver, XLR power cable, Case) Ultra/Vector/Cliper/Receiver Power Cable Anton Bauer Power tap Power Cable Matte box rod receiver/amp mounting bracket Motor longvideo M-one. contact: danielbuilesm@gmail.com Regards, Daniel Builes M.
  11. Hello all, I am a steadicam operator who is still somewhat fresh to Los Angeles with a steadicam flyer LE. So far things have been a little slow but I am getting there. The one thing that seems to drag me down into the mud over and over again is follow focus issues. I have lost more jobs than I can count because I simply can't afford to just go out and buy one. I took a minimum wage job at a studio to subsidize my income until the steadicam can provide at least minimum wage earnings. I've tried setting up my rate so that I can rent one for each shoot out of pocket, but since I cannot consistently have one handy it shows in my reel, who in turn will turn me down. Does anyone have any sort of advice on the matter? This literally eats at me every single day, sometimes makes me depressed about the whole issue. I'm not sure what else I can do at this point, but I love steadicamming way too much so I have no intention of ever giving up. I've considered taking out a loan, but I'm afraid if things go sour I wouldn't be able to pay off the loan without starving.
  12. Hello everyone. I'm selling my Steadicam Zephyr package includes: STEADICAM ZEPHYR SD PACKAGE: Camera Mounting Chassis (sled) Telescoping Centerpost 7" LCD Monitor Iso-Elastic Arm Standard Vest AB Battery Mount Docking Bracket 12V Power Cable 3' (0.9m) Lightweight BNC Video Cable Dovetail Plate (with 1x 3/8", 1x 1/4" mounting screws) Hard Case with Handle and Wheels BNC to RCA Adapter RCA to BNC Adapter EFP Instructional DVD Owner's Manual 4 x Merlin Start Weights 4 x Merlin Middle Weights Steadicam SteadiSTAND (c stand) includes: H50 Digital HyTRON 50, NiMH Battery DIONIC-90 Lithium-Ion Battery Tandem-70 On-Camera AC Power/Charger QR-GOLD Gold Mount Battery Plate Anton Bauer PowerTap Open End - 3' Male PowerTap Power Cable to Open End, (10 amp max) MATRIX Cheese Plate 15mm Rod Clamp Kit BarTech Focus Device (Transmitter, Receiver, XLR power cable, Case) Ultra/Vector/Cliper/Receiver Power Cable Anton Bauer Power tap Power Cable Matte box rod receiver/amp mounting bracket Motor longvideo M-one (Length: 154 mm (6.06 in.) Width: 29.2 mm (1.15 in.) Height: 68.0 mm (2.70 in.) Weight: 286 g. (11.29 oz.) Connector: Lemo Type B size 1, 5 pin. Rod Collets: 5/8”, 15 mm, 1/2", 19mm w/o a collet. Lens Gears: Module/Pitch 0.8m-32P, 0.6m, 48P, 0.5m, 0.4m-64P, extra wide 0.8m-32P. Mounting Brackets: 19 mm universal mounting bracket, Will mount on either side of motor in either direction. Also a 2.5” universal extension/offset bracket with 19mm attachment tubes (1.12” & 2.12” long) Motor cable: 58 cm (23”) long. Price: 10,500 U.S. dollars I am located in Colombia (South America) shipping and taxes paid by the buyer. Any questions or offers please contact me at the mail danielbuilesm@gmail.com Best regards, Daniel Builes M.
  13. Hey Guys and Gals I looking for a single unit Bartech system. Analog is fine, with out motor ok but would prefer a M-one. Thanks Brian hartsteadicam@yahoo.com
  14. Hi guys, I'm new and I'm not an expert, but I'm trying to find a good-but-cheap follow focus for a Blackmagic Cinema Camera mFT 2.5K. This is my list of preferences, and I hope in your advices. 1. Engineerable: FocusShifter (50$) http://www.focusshifter.com/follow-focus-dslr/buy/ This is my first choice because it's so simple and so effective, and the minimal “rubbery” backlash seems useful to smooth focus changing. But I fear that the elastic band that fix the FocusMarker panel can stress the lens. Am I thinking wrong? 2. HONDO Garage: EverythingYouNeedPro (239$) http://www.hondogarage.com/index.php/pr ... u-need-pro 3. D|Focus: D|Mount_Bundle (240$) http://dfocussystem.com/d-bundles/d-mount-bundle Third choice (perhaps screwed upside-down to the top of the BMCC). It's light and cheap, but I don't like that the marker doesn't face directly to the user. 4. Edelkrone: FocusOnePro + Rods + CameraPlate (600$) http://edelkrone.com/e-store/61-focuson ... 80408.html Last one... even if I must admit that I like this more than the D|Mount (and FocusOne's marker face to the user!) but it costs more than double! Any advice? Thanks
  15. I had a problem with my Hocus Focus wireless FF this weekend. I have had it for about 2 year now and its been faultless up to now. For me it's an essential bit of kit when I'm on Steadicam. However on Sunday it broke down. Luckily the shoot went on with a wider lens, stopping down for more DOF and using more sideways movements rather than going back and forth. The shoot was on Saturday evening and I tried to get in touch with Pete (The owner of Hocus Products) via email and mobile. I left a message as his answer machine was saying he was returning from NAB that same day. About half way through the shoot I got a call back from Pete straight off the plane I guess. He suggested a few things to try, but to now avail. I asked if I could pop over and see him to do a repair or replacement unit for my next shoot which was more important. So earleir today I met up with Pete. He repaired my unit while I waited and gave it a good look over and now its as good as new with a few extra free marking rings thrown in for good measure Absolutely fantastic service from a fab UK based company. While I was there I had a look at the new Axis 1 unit which looks like a major upgrade to the original unit that I have. I believe it should be shipping in a few weeks. I'm seriously considering ordering one and keeping my original unit to do iris pull when needed. Overall I'm very chuffed Surinder.
  16. Hello, I am selling my BFD in hopes of upgrading to the digital BFD. Everything is in working order and I will be visiting Bartech to have Jim sign off on it's good condition as well prior to selling. The BFD includes: Transmitter w/ antennae Receiver w/ antennae 2 to 3 pin power cable 2x Receiver to Motor power cables XLR power cable Dtap power cable Carrying case Asking for $1500. It is $2100 new. The M-One includes: Motor 6x gears 3x rod adaptors off set hard shell case (not pictured) Asking for $2000. It is $2500 new. All in: $3500. You'll save $1100. If you have any questions or need more pictures, let me know. Thank you and have a great day.
  17. Complete Bartech system for sale with M One motor, Hill bracket and cables for every professional camera. In great shape! $5000. Not willing to break up package. PDF of full list attached. Please email me for photos or questions. txfilmgirl@gmail.com
  18. Hi Looking for a Bartech Analogue focus system complete!
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