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Found 6 results

  1. I am selling a complete Steadicam kit with a LX Vest, G-50X Arm, and a heavily modified Archer Sled. Complete kit for $13,000 OBO. Available near Times Square in Manhattan NY. Everything is in good working condition, this is a great starter kit! - It is complete with all basic accessories. Major Components: -Steadicam LX Vest -G-50X Arm (Label says G50, but bearings were upgraded) -Heavily Modified Archer Sled (Internal HD Wiring, 12/24v Selector, Sled base is modified-see photos, adjustable battery position ) Accessories: -Tv Logic Monitor -4 IDX V-Mount Batteries -V-Mount 2-Battery Charger -Low Mode Bracket -F Bracket for Low Mode -Docking Bracket -Sony VCT Quick Release Plate -Assorted Cables and small Tools (see photos) -Assorted bolts, zip ties, replacement BNC connectors (see photos) -Practice Weight Cage -Two large cases that fit entire kit Feel free to message me with any inquiries!
  2. Tiffen Archer 2 sled, G-50x arm, LX Vest. Case and many extra parts. $26,000 Selling my Tiffen Archer 2 that comes with a medium LX vest, G-50x arm and TONS of extras. All Gold Mount. Included in the sale is: -Archer 2 sled, LX Vest with steadicam duffle-bag, G-50x arm with bag. -8” Transvideo Monitor with cloth cover and wipe cloth, Thermodyne Steadicam Case With wheels. (stickers included) -American Stand with wheels, 3rd battery mount, Docking Bracket. -XLR/BNC Monitor Cable, 2 BNC Cables (1 x 12”, 1 x 24”) 3 x 12v Power Cable HD Flyer, 1 x 12v Scarlet Power Cable, 1 x 24v Arri Power Cable, Cable pouch and bunch of extra screws. -4 x Anton Bauer Digital 90 Gold Mount Batteries, 1 x Anton Bauer Performance Series Quad Charger Gold Mount. -Custom made 22 pound steel weight cage. The kit as a whole is in excellent shape, have had it for less than a year. Located in Santa Ana, CA but willing to drive up to LA. And will ship at buyers expense.
  3. Hi all, I completed my Steadicam Silver training in September and am looking to purchase my own rig. An Archer2 package with G-50x arm and LX or Ultra vest sound like they fit my needs and price range. I live in San Francisco and will be moving down to LA soon. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have a Steadicam archer 2 with the g-50x arm and I would like to know if someone wit this same equipment has used it with the Alexa LF. Also, does anyone have experience powering the Alexa with the 24 volt sled? Thank you Julio
  5. Ready to fly : STEADICAM ARCHER2 folding version STEADICAM LX Vest + brand new spare part STEADICAM G-50X arm STEADICAM thermodyne case STEADICAM dovetail plate STEADICAM low-mode bracket STEADICAM RED & RED SCARLET power cables Marshall V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI monitor Marshall V-LCD-HI horizon indicator 20 000 € worldwide shipping included from Reunion Possibility to sale parts separately only if buyers are interested at the same moment : Sled, vest, case... 12 000 € worldwide shipping included G-50X Arm : 8000 € worldwide shipping included More pictures : emmanuel.dinh (@) laposte.net
  6. I'm looking for an arm - either PRO Titan or Atlas, Masters Series, or one of the Tiffen Steadicam G-x series. Thanks! Matt Lingerfelt Atlanta, GA
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