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Found 3 results

  1. Short story -our place has become a camera prep lane. Gear everywhere. If my partner trips over one more case she'll send me to the couch. If I trip over one more case I'll send myself to the couch but I can't ...because there's gear on it. You get the picture. Stuff needs to go. Everything is shipping from Toronto, Canada. Understandably I can't run to the post office to get a quote for every item but if you are not in a hurry to get stuff I can ground ship USPS via Canada Post for cheaper. Socket Block. Missing one screw. Used. I have three arms (Pro/G70/3A) and it fits them all tightly $210 usd. Touch and Go plates. Used. Msrp new approx $90 USD. Selling for $40 usd each for the ones with grip pad on them *from left to right plates #1-3* and $35 usd for the one without *plate #4* C-Stand head. Used. It's ugly and works great. Selling for $5 usd. Counter weights with threaded bolts. Source unknown. Combined weight approx a Dionic 90 and a half. Selling pair for $5 usd. Baseplates. 750 spigot. Used. Selling for $15 usd each or the pair for $20 usd. Precision Camera Battery Belt. Brand new, never used seven-chamber belt. Six of the seven chambers have protective foam lining. Selling for $30 usd. Type E AC plug for you jet setters. 2-pin grounded 16A 220-240 v. Selling for $5 usd. Lazy susan. Made by yours truly. I have two but don't need both. Mitchell sized to fit perfectly on plate if need be. Non-slip padding on both sides. Selling for $20 usd. Shot bags. My logo is on it in sharpie otherwise unused as they were backup bags. $6 usd each or the pair for $10 usd. Avenger Light Stand with leveling leg. Black Aluminum-alloy. Used. Was my backup lightweight docking stand for tight spaces. I cleanly sheared a bit off the top of the 750 pin so that it better fit my Hill dock allowing the dock to rest on the o-ring and not pull down so hard as the Hill docks tend to do. Selling for $80 usd. RED DVI Cable. Brand new. $5 usd. 15mm stainless steel rods. 17 1/4" pair $30 usd 8" pair $16 usd 9 1/2" single $8 usd 6" single $5 usd. Misc Items. 1. XLR 4-pin male to 4-pin female 6 ft long $15 usd. 2. 2-pin lemo to D-Tap 12V. 12" $30 usd 3. 4-pin lemo female to 5-pin lemo male 9" $30 usd 4. Right-angled 4-pin lemo to 12 pin fischer *I think* 19" $20 usd 5. 2-pin male to 2-pin male lemo 12V $30 usd 6. 15mm rod bushings. In think it came from a Bartech set *will not fit Jerry Hill 5/8 rod motor clamps* $10 usd 7. HVX 200 bracket $5 usd 8. Bracket of unknown origin with sliding 1/4 20 and 3/8 threaded piece $30 usd 9. Receiver bracket for v-shaped male piece. $15 usd 10. 15mm-sized rod bracket of some kind. $10 usd 11. Preston MDR1 plate $10 usd 12. Part unknown $3 usd 13. Mini 15mm threaded rod extension. $5 usd 14 Uniclamp knock-off. I can't get it to work well. Maybe you can. $5 usd 15. Jerry Hill 5/8" PAM arm. $30 usd 16. Jerry Hill 15mm PAM arm. $30 usd Can message me here or at alankellycamera@gmail.com. Thanks.
  2. The garage sale has commenced!. And after a lot of work we have started uploading the products. More will be uploaded over the coming weekends including: Sleds, Battery Hangers, Centre Posts, Arms, Vests, Monitors etc. Keep an eye on the ebay page! http://www.ebay.com/sch/steadyrig/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact! Kind regards and Happy bidding Hugo
  3. Hi all; Steadicam Workshop & Stabilizer Expo April 20-21, 2013 We cover it all with all sizes of rigs from the full-sized rigs to the small camcorder rigs. Tiffen’s Pilot; Flyer; Zephyr; Ultra rigs; new Exo-vest; Sachtler; Glidecam; Actioncam; others (Operator garage sale too) We’ll cover; Set up; Theory; Balancing; Low-mode; Follow Focus, transmitters, Accessories; Sebastien Audinelle’s Rickshaw Location; Fletcher Chicago 1000 N. North Branch, Chicago, IL 8:00 to 6 daily Steadijan@hotmail.com to reserve a space Instructors; Janice Arthur 31 yrs experience; Sebastien Audnielle Chicago Steadicam Operator; others TBA Other manufacturers welcome too, contact me.
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