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  1. Package includes: -Ready Rig with Pro Arms and Vega upgrade -Extra set of sealed polycord bands -Gimbal wrist straps -Extra set of gimbal straps -Lumbar bladder upgrade -Cinemilled swivel top bar -Cinemilled spindle mounts -Custom adjustable cage with bearing mounts for dual arm handheld -Custom machined aluminum top mount for dual arm hand held - 2 Ready Rig bags Package is $6750 USD new plus taxes and shipping and duties. Offering at $5000US Not selling mounts or any parts separately. -
  2. Selling XCS gimbal. 1.5” sleeve. Excellent condition, just tested for level. Works on Pro rigs. Signed off on by Greg Bubb when I purchased, and I’ve babied it ever since. Buttery and performs beautifully. Just tested for level and came out perfect! Mainly used as a back-up and haven’t needed it for that purpose. Would love to see it used and not on my shelf. Used both handles on my PRO titan arm and they work great. Low mode holes already drilled on regular handle. Can ship, or NYC pick up. Goofy ergo or regular handles available. 4800 OBO
  3. FOR SALE -- GREAT CONDITION ARRI 1.5 GIMBAL $1200USD - BUYER PAYS SHIPPING QUESTIONS? Contact me at steadirig@gmail.com
  4. Get your hands on an almost brand new Ready Rig GS + Pro Arm and Vega upgrade. I thought this would replace my Easy Rig but I am too used to the Easy Rig I guess and found it didn't suit my operating style. Package includes: -Ready Rig with Pro Arms and Vega upgrade -Extra set of sealed polycord bands -Gimbal wrist straps -Extra set of gimbal straps -Lumbar bladder upgrade -Waist pad upgrade -Cinemilled swivel top bar -Cinemilled spindle mounts -Custom adjustable cage with bearing mounts for dual arm handheld -Custom machined aluminum top mount for dual arm hand held - 2 Ready Rig bags Package is $6750 USD new plus taxes and shipping and duties. Offering at $5500 US
  5. Hello, selling genuine Master Series gimbal, 1,58" diameter, taken from an old master sled, as backup. General good conditions, with some scuffs. Asking 2.000 Euro, but offers are welcome. Shipping worldwide at buyer's expense. Only PayPal payments. best regards
  6. Finally selling my beloved XCS gimbal. 1.5” sleeve. Works on Pro rigs. Signed off on by Greg Bubb when I purchased, and I’ve babied it ever since. Buttery and performs beautifully. Mainly used as a back-up and haven’t needed it for that purpose. Would love to see it used and not on my shelf. Used both handles on my PRO titan arm and they work great. Low mode holes already drilled on regular handle. No need on Ergo! Purchase options with *regular handle (for left or right operator) OR *goofy ergo handle (for goofy operator, holding handle with left hand, like me!) $3900 with either handle included! If you want both handles, we can make a deal. NYC pick up or buyer pays shipping Cheers!
  7. hello all, Im selling my Ronin 2 package after having it for almost 2 years. Just not using it enough and want to get it outta my storage for the next purchase haha. used it on a single TV show, a handful of sports broadcasts, and a music video. Parts And Accessories: Ronin 2 Chassis 6 x TB50s (3 were bought this past year) Ronin to Alexa Mini Power Cable Ronin to Red Power Cable Thumb Controller Motion Block Ronin universal Plate 4 by TB50 Charger Joystick Controller 2 short SDI Cables. Cinemilled Tilt extensions Cinemilled Mitchell castle nut Here are some pictures of the kit. I would prefer a local buyer but willing to ship. Let me know if you have any questions :) $6800 USD or $9000 CAD
  8. GPI PRO Gimbal with VZ Grip and Extended Handle For Sale PRO Gimbal VZ Gimbal Grip Extended Gimbal Handle Short Gimbal Handle Gimbal Wrench Extra Main Bearing The gimbal is in perfect working condition. Some cosmetic wear and tear...see photos below. It comes with an extra unused main bearing, gimbal wrench, and short gimbal handle. The extended and short handles share the same bearing. The gimbal new (without the short handle and extra bearing) is $7900...asking $5000. Please email, text, or call if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks! Scott (213) 880-2550 scott.camera@mac.com
  9. Hello Everyone, I am selling my spare GPI Pro Gimbal, S/N 545 (this is the serial number for the gimbal itself that was printed on the original-style yoke which has since been sold separately; the new gimbal yoke S/N is 642x). For 1.5” center posts. Included in the sale is: Standard Pro Gimbal Grip with Clamp Short Pro Handle XCS Ergo Handle (Regular) Gimbal Wrench Spare Pan Bearing The Gimbal is in working order (last serviced by Jack Bridges on 8/18/2020 and the gimbal has barely been used since its last service). The yoke has been upgraded to the newer version, which is thicker and more robust. There’s normal wear and tear throughout. The gimbal cap has some marks from what appears to be concrete (not sure where these scratches came from as it occurred when the gimbal was out of my possession, however any issues that resulted from the damage have since been addressed). Asking $3,800 OBO plus shipping (gimbal is available for pick-up in Los Angeles) Contact info: aaron.gantt@gmail.com Aaron
  10. Hey, I'm a novice looking for advice on a gimbal to do steady POV filming of nature hikes. I had bought a zhiyun crane m2 to hold a go pro hero9 but it constantly lags/ jitters, particularly when I'm using Pan Follow mode, which really kills the nice footage. Any recommendations on gimbals that will offer a reliably smooth shot would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I’m selling my Cinema Devices ZeeGee. I’ve used it on one job and it performed perfectly. I just had some unforeseen bills come up so I need to sell some gear. It’s such a well made piece of gear. Asking 5,000 USD or Best Offer. I’m in Nashville TN so shipping should be easy and relatively cheap (buyer will pay shipping.) Comes with -Custom Case - Cinemilled Camera Plate
  12. Selling my like new WK Slingshot 2.0 rig. Used on one job, otherwise stored in carry bag. Has a couple scuffs from travel but otherwise brand new. Comes with all bands, soft carry bag, medium gimbal crossbar and two extension arms. Paid $4500 plus duty fees. Willing to sell in the US for $4200 plus shipping. Save yourself import and international shipping fees. Also have an xSpine adapter if interested, $200. Email me if interested and for more photos: mattfrazerphoto@gmail.com
  13. Hi All, So I just had my gimbal serviced. When I got it back, I went to balance it, and it is very out of balance, I can static balance it fine. But when spun 180 degrees, it tilts back quite severely. I chased it around for about an hour (rebalancing to where it would land). Same thing every time. Does anyone know how I can balance this myself? Please say it's easy. Any help, and the sooner the better, would be GREATLY appreciated, as I obviously need this for work. Thank you in advance.
  14. Hey everyone, i've recently gotten a problem with my AK4500 The motors are shaking like crazy, it seems like it can't support the wait of the camera, i've been using the gimbal for a year with the same weight (BMPCC4K + Smallrig case) and have never seen this before. It stopped working after a long shoot (around 5 hours with the gimbal active) Do any of you guys happen to know what the problem is, and maybe how to fix it? Thank you in advance -Adam
  15. I sell my old Steadicam EFP GIMBAL It works very well I'm asking for 600.-€
  16. Hello, today I’m selling the gimbal that originally came on my PRO I sled. It’s not the smoothest or comfiest gimbal to hold, but it’s still kickin! A cleaning and lubrication would be ideal, but can definitely be used just as it currently is. The grip was wrapped with what I believe was 3M tacky tape at sometime, which is pretty nice actually, but not sure what it looks like underneath. For 5/8 arm posts $500 (or best offer) + shipping takes them both. call/text: (805) 320-1845 located in LA/Ventura
  17. I could be barking up the wrong tree here as it seems most posts here relate to high end gear, but I was wondering if there was any Weebill Lab users out there who could answer a couple of questions for me? I have just Picked up a second hand one, and having never used any gimbal before I was wondering if what I have found is normal... or if indeed I need to be contacting the seller! Firstly, the Pitch and Yaw axis can all be locked in place, but the roll only locks in one direction. I'm thinking this should not be the case. Secondly, There seems to be a lot of play in the gimbal arms, I would imagine they should fit snug. Footage I have capture seems to have a lot of movement and jumps...which is exactly why I got a gimbal to eliminate this! Any advice? Jim
  18. Now when many friends out there change to the Volt, are there any PRO gimbals for sale? I’m looking for a newer and/or in good condition PRO gimbal with the clamp grip. Don’t need the VZ thing (.. or you have to convince me). Please send me a private message including photos of your gimbal. All the best, TOMAS
  19. Garage Sale!! Steadi Gear looking for a new home. GPI PRO Cinema Sled ,upgraded to HD Video. good condition and well maintained -GPI PRO Cinema RIG (HD video Upgraded) -2x HD video lines -1x SD video line -PRO Gimbal with VZ grip -Telescoping center post -D-Box Stage -Transvideo 6” SB HD Monitor (1power cable) -Docking Bracket + ring -1 dovetail plate -Multiple lemo power options on top stage -1x Hirose video/power on bitten stage -XLR 4pin PRO power Cables -Peli hard case with peel and pluck foam Asking- $16,000 USD + Shipping Pro Gimbal with VZ Gimbal Grip Asking- $4,000 USD + Shipping Pro Monitor Mount Asking-$2,000 USD + Shipping Tiffen Ultra Steadicam Vest with Travel Bag Asking- $2,600 USD + Shipping Anton Bauer Quad Battery Charger with 4 HC Dionic Batteries and Case (Not Re-celled but in good working condition) Asking- $1500 USD + Shipping 2- Pro Torso Pads (Measurements 31” each) Asking- $150 USD per pad + Shipping Pro Waist Pad (Measures 37”) Asking $125 USD + Shipping PM or email me at diamondsteadicam@gmail.com for more info or interest.
  20. Hello I thought I would share with you a "one man band" rig designed for those like me, who like to use "enterprise" classic gear. I am not a steadicam operator. I did do a Steadicam EFP course in Los Angeles in around 1994 but after doing a few jobs, I quickly realised it was not my future. 30 years later, I still make films as my way to express myself and I want good gear to work with. My personal rig consists of: Red Epic MX Angenieux 24-70mm 2.8f Redrock Micro with Thumbwheel Heden M26VE zhiyun crane 3s zhiyun powerpack zhiyun easysling handle Smallrig zhiyun crane 3s arms and handles SoundDevices 302 mixer 2x Micron Explorer Radio receivers Manfrotto 123 rotule Aigle Concorde Arm & Vest. I had been using the Aigle concorde rig with the above kit (except the zhiyun crane 3s) for a bit with disappointing results. Aigle concorde is an excellent solution for the price with its elastic band arm (I really do recommend it for thos looking an affordable professional rig); I want to shoot at 50mm and with my talents, the rig was all over the place. So eventually, I thought maybe a gimbal would be better suited to my needs and abilities (which are very basic). The rig weighs on the arm about 12kgs, which is starting to be heavy for me .The gimbal is not rock solid stable at 50mm, but it is hundred times better than my classic efforts without it. A post prod image stabiliser locks it off perfectly. The secret is the Manfrotto 123 Rotule which allows me to take the gimbal on and off. Without the ability to angle the female socket, it is impossible to take the rig off the arm. (See attached pictures) PROS of rig Good weight distribution Bounce reduction & stable image for classic tracking shots Ability to do Don Juan with a gimbal Easy to un mount rig on a table CONS Rig height is high Heavy Gimbal consumes batteries very, very quickly Red Epic MX is at the higher end of the zhiyun crane 3s capacity so fragile. I wouldn't do any of those crazy camera moves you see on youtube with it. Cannot see how to easily do low or mid mode. Note: dangeling cables do affect the gimbal a lot. They made my gimbal nod as I walked. These gimbals don't offer cable / power management features for big cameras. This rig does not replace someone who is trained and knows what they are doing, but could inspire those looking for a personal, relatively low cost solution.
  21. Who has ever tried the Smartsystem gimbal? Andrea, the owner, is very competent and precise. I had problems with my old gimbal and I decided to replace it with Smartsystem because I had already tried their equipment. The result was wonderful. The gimbal was adapted to my 1.5" post. It's perfectly soft, smooth and centered, especially no there are mechanical games and it’s all nice solid! Its hinge opening allows a quick adjustment and the handle allows a firm grip without slipping. Smartsystem is recognized by products made in Italy and for the accuracy of their material. I think this is just the first purchase at home Smartsystem. What do you think about it?
  22. The Gimbal is in perfect condition With my broken heart I need to sell my XCS gimbal because doesn't fit in my actual Rig. Buyer Pays Shipping and Taxes by Paypal 5000€ - Lisbon, PORTUGAL
  23. EasyRig 3, Gimbal Rig Vest, STD, 700N (32lbs-43lbs approx) Rarely used. Equipment is in great condition. Some scratches here and there. Comes with Kong Frog clip for easy attachments. Buyer pays Shipping. Sale within Canada preferred. Thanks for looking. $2200 USD (Retails for $3738 at B&H)
  24. We are selling one of our sets of Klassen wheels. Minimal use, in very good condition. They will control the DJI R2 or Movi gimbals. Wheels come with the Futaba transmitter... the corresponding receiver for your gimbal is not included but can be purchased online easily. In the last few months it had the internal hardware upgrade done by Klassen to the latest components (a $1,000 upgrade) which make the wheels super responsive, on the level of the DJI Master Wheels. $3400 is our asking price in USD, these wheels were $5K USD new. As a bonus, the wheels also come with a custom 6' cable we had made by Klassen that allows for the wheels to be powered from a 4-pin 12V XLR battery source. AC power adapter, custom fitted Nanuk case, Mitchell tie down (wheels can be mounted to standard Mitchell support systems).
  25. In efforts to try and post more on the forum rather than Facebook. I am new to steadicam but I do believe to have a basic understanding of balance and have worked with 3axis gimbals for years. I have two sleds currently in my possession that are exhibiting similar but slightly different issues for what I believe to be a misalignment in the gimbal or yoke. Let’s forget dynamic balance for the moment. If I am setting up for a static balance with a 2.5 second drop time and I should be able to set the Fore-Aft and Side to Side to sit level with the lens facing forward and the gimbal 90* to the right and I rotate the rig by 90* and let the rig come to a rest the horizon shouldn’t fall left or right when static balanced correct? My only concern with my setup is on the Zephyr I have a gold to V mount adapter That is offsetting the batter left a bit. my goldmount batteries get here Monday. Attached are links to my links to videos I made to show Tyson at Tiffen about the Aero 30. The first one I believe my dynamic balance was pretty off and in the second video I corrected it as much as I could. Would love to get everyone’s thoughts on this because I feel like I’m doing everything right but the equipment seems off. My lacking of experience makes me question myself to and my camera build. I had even more of an issue getting dynamic balance on the zephyr with the same camera package as in the video so I switched to a weight cage to eliminate any variables with the camera build. Thanks!
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