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  1. Selling my Glidecam V-25 arm. Haven’t had it serviced or anything, but I know it works well. I used it for years, pretty consistently maxing it out and it still did alright. B&H says the Glidecam V-25 arm weight capacity is 25-40 lbs, which needs to include your sled. If your sled is too heavy, you’ll have no room for camera weight. I think an EFP-type sled would probably do well—something more on the lightweight side. I may be selling one of those soon, too...after this arm sells, though. My friend Thomas Crescenzo machined an adapter piece to use a standard Steadicam socket on this arm, so I could use it on a regular vest and give myself a path to upgrading. I’ll include the original Glidecam pieces, if you have a Glidecam vest you’d rather use with it. This is a standard 5/8” arm post, so should fit the smaller rigs (that aren’t a Zephyr.) I’m including a long post as well. Asking $1,000 and am open to reasonable offers. Email steadiclements@gmail for correspondence.
  2. Glidecam is excited to announce our 1st ever competition!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CI5e6jEDYz-/ The 2021 Glidecam Demo Reel Competition! Send us your favorite Glidecam shots for a chance to get your SHOT cut into The 2021 Demo Reel which will be featured on Glidecam's website, our industry partners websites, industry events and much more.. All contributors will also automatically get entered to win a New Glidecam!!! Show off your skills and enter today!!! Send submissions via WeTransfer to tom@glidecam.com @Glidecam @adorama @bhphoto @filmtools #glidecam #glidecamdemoreel
  3. Selling a Glidcam X45 sled with Camjam Quattro monitor bracket with SmallHD 702 monitor. Comes with extra dovetail plate and extra cords and accessories. In great condition, just upgrading. Solid, yet simple rig that will hold heavy payloads easily. Flown well with me. You'll see there is a small chip in the gimbal handle's socket. Doesn't effect the operation, and it will ship with 2 extra sockets to replace it. I never got around changing it as it works fine for me, but you have the option to get that replaced as I'm sending it with 2 replacement parts. Also, the monitor has a 1 stuck green pixel, as you can see from the pic. Not that big of a deal for me, as well. Still got the job done. Sled Brand new $5995, CamJam Quattro Monitor bracket new $1430, SmallHD 702 $800 GRAND TOTAL $8225 SALE PRICE $5500.00
  4. Hey everyone! I'm really sad to post this, but due to life circumstances, I have to part with this custom rig I've built. Flies rigs up to 40lbs easily. You can probably even push 45lbs. Comes with everything you see here. (except C-stand) Steadicam Exovest w/vest bag Flowcine Xbone kit Steadicam G50x arm with bag and raincovers Glidecam X45 sled with Camjam Monitor bracket and SmallHD 702 monitor PLEASE NOTE: The monitor has 1 stuck green pixel. You can sorta see it in the pics. It never bothered me, but you can send it in to SmallHD if it bothers you that much Also, the gimbal handle has a chip in the socket. Still fully functional, and that too, didn't bother me in operation, but if you can see in the sled layout pics, I am supplying 2 extra socket caps if you want to replace it. Again, I HATE that I have to part with this rig, but still has a TON of life to it as it is just over a year old. Purchased this system brand new for around $23,000. Save on me and get into a big rig system affordably! Thanks for looking! YOU CAN FIND ALL THE PICTURES HERE: https://scenedirector.imgur.com/all $14,500 obo
  5. Selling my X-22 Arm and Vest. £900 for both OBO. No VAT. UK Based. Shipping at buyers expense.
  6. Selling my first rig. Great way to get into Steadicam. I just used this rig to shoot a union feature film in Atlanta and the Dead & Company Live in Boulder, CO. PLEASE NOTE: I bought this rig with issues and have fixed many of them...however, there is still video drop out from time to time (in order to combat this I run a low profile HD-SDI cable from camera straight to my monitor when working). The rig needs a new Lemo post cable and a new interior port for the top stage. The cable can be purchased from Greg Bubb for $1100 or other retailers. The port can be purchased from Alpine Electronics for $150. Terry West can do the install of the port. I am taking the cost of these repairs into consideration when selling the rig. Rig includes: - Gold Series Sled - Gold Series Vest - Gold Series Arm (38lb. payload) - Gold Series Docking bracket (this thing is super solid) - Low Mode brackets (2) - Jerry Hill Posts 8", 10", & Jerry Hill Post Clamp - Cam Jam Quattro monitor bracket w/SmallHD 702 AB Mounting kit (lower post fitting ring & Universal Backup Monitor Mount included) - Small HD 702 DayBright (this thing has nearly 3 years left of drops and spills coverage from B&H) - Pelican 1200 case (for SmallHD) - Small HD LP-E6 to DTap power cable - Gold Series Monitor Bracket - Nebtek NEB70HDS Monitor - Decimator LX - (2) 4Pin Lemo to Micro USB power cables (for Decimator) - (2) 4Pin Lemo to DTap Breakout Boxes (for powering accessories) - (7) AB Proformer Batts & Quad Charger (some need recell) - (2) dovetail plates (one for smaller and one for larger cameras) - Glidecam Correira DLR Bracket (for mounting focus/iris motors) (I even rigged them to a studio standard spaced 15mm bracket and mounted a Jerry Hill Preston Paddle underneath) - a myriad of sled power cables for different cameras - a few HD-SDI cables - (2) Pelican 1650 cases with custom cutout foam Modifications: - 2" post - HD-SDI - upgraded to aluminum Kipp crank handles & cam levers for the sled - extra lumbar padding and crossing back straps added to the Vest I am hoping to sell as an entire package... $8500 OBO Buyer pays shipping Jake Butler jkbtlr2015@gmail.com (805) 453-3727
  7. Just upgraded to the Exovest so I'm selling my Glidecam Gold Vest. The vest has a Industry standard arm connector so should fit the arm you already have. It's in overall good condition, some minor wear and tear. The vest offers a no-tools quick release safety system for the operator. The ratchet buckles are in good shape and make the vest highly adjustable for operators of all sizes. I am the third operator to use the vest. Bought new from Glidecam is $2695 Asking price is: $1600 Buyer pays shipping For inquiries send email to jonbtor@gmail.com Thanks, Jonas
  8. HI! Does anyone has experience with glidecam gold series, 10-15 years old seld, to upgrade cables to HD. Dave from glidecam said: There is no upgrade from Glidecam direct to have the video work with HD-SDI. The outside cable is the easiest option. Has somebody upgraded his sled and could tell me who could do it? Best Regards Kristjan-Jaak
  9. This kit originally started as a complete Glidecam V-25 kit designed for film and video cameras weighing from 10 to 25 pounds. The complete system is comprised of a Support Arm, Vest and Sled. Then the upgrades added included: -Titanium block -MKV Adjustable Monitor Mount for Sled -Transvideo Cinemonitor IIIa SuperBright is 1200Nits -Low-Mode Kit -Gold Vest -X45 Arm -Many cables to power 4-Pin XLR, DC Barrel Power, Bartech FF, etc. All items come in custom foamed Pelican 1650 cases (2 Cases) -1 Holds slide and arm, Dock -1 Holds Vest, low mode and monitor & accessories No Batteries Included (Currently setup for V-Locks) $7500 USD Details regarding arm: The Glidecam X-45™ sled holds any video or 12 volt film camera weighing up to 45 pounds. The X-45 Sled incorporates sophisticated engineering and precision machining to make it lightweight and strong. Three dedicated video BNC connections are located on the base and head assembly. The Glidecam X-45 central post power/ video cable can handle composite video, component video and HD-SDI video. Two 2-pin Lemo connectors are also located on the base and head assembly. The two on the base are for accessories. The head has one for camera power and the other for camera accessories. The precision, x-y adjustable Head assembly incorporates a drop in style dovetail camera plate for quick front to back balance. Very, fine tuning, ergonomic knobs control front to back and side to side balance adjustments. The Sled’s “no-tools” precision Gimbal is made to top of the line quality. The Gimbal incorporates 4 bearings inside the handle to yoke connection (the tilt axis). There are 2 bearings on each side of the yoke, providing 4 bearings for the roll axis. A very tight knurling has been machined onto the Gimbal Tube to improve handling. An easy to replace soft foam covers the handle grip. The Glidecam X-45 Sled has a strong and rigid 1.75” central post, and a “no-tools” Telescoping Post. This allows you to easily adjust the sled length and position of the LCD and batteries. The Glidecam X-45 base platform can be set up with two-three Anton Bauer or V-Mount style batteries.
  10. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Canon 750D which I use to film short films. I'm relatively new to the world of DSLR's and noticed that my camera was very shaky, to the point where some footage is almost unusable despite the fact I used a shoulder rig. I looked into getting a gimbal after seeing how effective my friends one was, but even though my camera and lens combination was in the weight limit, I couldn't get the gimbal to balance and had to send it back. I think I couldn't balance it because my lens was weighed more than my camera. My camera weighs 604g and my lens of choice (a Sigma 18-35mm) weighs 842g. I spent more than £600 on that lens recently and love the look of it, so I don't really want to change it. Does anyone know a combination that would work with my Canon 750D and Sigma lens? I was looking at a Zhiyun Crane 3-Axis Gimbal but am hesitant about spending so much money in case I can't get a refund. Also, can someone tell me if I need a gimbal, could a steadicam or glidecam act as a cheaper alternative? All I'm really looking for is a perfectly smooth image, I'd rather have something portable and handheld too. Thank you!
  11. The package is worth over 30k new. It's only at $2000 in the bidding with buy it now at 10k and less than 24 hours to go. its about to end on ebay: http://r.ebay.com/R7oziP Thanks Tyler
  12. Selling my Glidecam Gold rig. Great solid rig for all types of work. Six Titanium springs allow the gold arm to handle a combined camera and sled carrying capacity of 56 pounds. For added strength and durability the vest and arm connectors are also made of Titanium. The arm and vest have Industry standard connector, so the arm can be used with other vests and the vest with other arms. The sled has an upgraded gimbal for even smoother performance. 1 Gold arm 1 Gold sled 1.5 " with Baer-Bel CamTec Gimbal and internal tally wiring 1 Gold series gimbal (extra gimbal) 1 Gold vest modified with additional straps 1 C-Stand 1 Glidecam docking bracket 1 Transvideo Rainbow II 6.5 SBL monitor with mounting plate 1 Redbyte Decimator 3G/HD/SDI converter 1 Pro VCT-U14 quick release plate 1 Pelican 1650 case Tally system, several connection cables and small parts Price: 8.000 € To speed up the communication, please contact me by e-mail if you are interested or have any questions: brenootranto@gmail.com
  13. GLIDECAM V25 with extra accesories for sale. http://glidecam.com/product-v-25-sled Hello Friends, I have really well preserved Glidecam V25 for sale. Everything is in full working order. Ready to fly. System is designed to film or video cameras weighing from 10 to 25 pounds. It doesn't have any repairs and you dont have to do anyone. I used it with care because i now how to. In fact this one has upgrades. There is a new 7" HD monitor with HDMI. You can use the serial one like backup monitor. The reason for the sale is my deteriorating health. Stuff list: 1. The Sled and Pelicase 1650 with foam for the sled 2. Vest and arm witch trolley bag (cover for the arm too) 3. Docking bracket + New Manfrotto tripod for the Docking 4. Low mode bracket 5. J-bracket and long post, from Jerry Hill 6. Arm rain cover, from Jerry Hill 7. Rain cover on set 8. 7" Monitor Liliput and backup monitor Glidecam. 9. The wires. 10. Additional weight plate Optional stuff: 2x Sony BP-GL65 Batteries 250€ 1x Sony BP-GL95 Battery 220€ 1x Battery Charger - Varizoom 200€ The GALLERY with main poster i prepared for you and other photos https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1yG4Vudiq-_aXh5SmZjNTJDRU0 I will including the box tool too. The price is 4400 € . You can pick it in Poland (Warsaw) or pay for the sent. I prefer if you came here to Poland but it is your choice. The dimension are: The Pelicase 1650 (LxWxD) 78.1x52x29.30cm 16,800kg of weight The trolly with the vest, arm,,tools... LxWxD 76x34x34cm 18.200kg The tripod 109x15x7.5cm 2kg If you have any questions, just let me know. lukaskrzeminski@gmail.com or PM Best regards!
  14. GLIDECAM V25 with extra accesories for sale. Hello Friends, I have really well preserved Glidecam V25 for sale. Everything is in full working order. Ready to fly. System is designed to film or video cameras weighing from 10 to 25 pounds. It doesn't have any repairs and you dont have to do anyone. I used it with care because i now how to. In fact this one has upgrades. There is a new 7" HD monitor with HDMI. You can use the serial one like backup monitor. The reason for the sale is my deteriorating health (Backbone). Stuff list: 1. Pelicase 1650 with foam for the sled 2. trolley bag for the vest and arm (cover for the arm too) 3. New Manfrotto tripod for the Docking 3. Original SONY Batteries and a charger 4. Low mode bracket 5. J-bracket and long post, from Jerry Hill 6. Arm rain cover, from Jerry Hill 7. Rain cover on set 8. 7" Monitor Liliput and backup monitor Glidecam. 9. The wires. The GALLERY with main poster i prepared for you and other photos https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1yG4Vudiq-_aXh5SmZjNTJDRU0 I will including the box tool too. The price is 6450 € (Negotiable). You can pick it in Poland (Warsaw) or pay for the sent. I prefer if you came here to Poland but it is your choice. The dimension are: The Pelicase 1650 (LxWxD) 78.1x52x29.30cm 16,800kg of weight The trolly with the vest, arm, batterys,tools... LxWxD 76x34x34cm 18.200kg The tripod 109x15x7.5cm 2kg If you have any questions, just let me know. lukaskrzeminski@gmail.com or Private message Best regards
  15. Well, the time has come to part ways with my love! I'm selling off all my steadicam kit. I've throughly enjoyed myself but work has me in a different direction and it's pointless having all this kit sitting in boxes. I'm selling my Glidecam GOLD 2inch post sled, arm and vest along with all the other bits I have kicking around. Also selling my Bartech system in a seperate ad. I did mostly live tv work and commercials, this rig has been a killer system, I'll miss her. Here is a link to the official Glidecam site for all the specs and tech talk: http://glidecam.com/product-gold-sled #NOTE# My sled has the 'anton bauer' base with V-Lock plates. Included in sale: SLED (HDSDI internally) ARM VEST Docking bracket (no stand) 2 x pelican 1650 cases. The sled case has a removable lid for tools and spare bits. Everything in the photo is included, tools, cables, talley light etc - (the two blue cases aren't included, they are part of a Vocas kit, I just forgot to take them out for the photo!) Blue wedge plate with Sony VCT plate Jerry Hill hard mount - BRAND NEW, never used Spare vest ratchets NEW x 4 Spare yellow wedge plate Triax header cable 2 x extra docking stands - I used on on my magliner Marell 3 way bubble with elastic strap Low mode cage Padded arm bag Collapsable wind break, custom made with clear viewing panel Extended post for arm - get that extra length you've always wanted Tally for Sony cameras - use the viewfinder plug various BNC cables and a sled to 4pin XLR cable for monitor I'm throwing in a Marshal 7inch LCD. I think this monitor is a piece of crap but I have no use for it so I'll chuck it in. It'd be fine to throw in the kit as a back up but it's only good for indoor situations. (piece of shit!) My heart breaks a little to see her go but it's time. Kit is located in LA and can be viewed in person. Let me know any questions you might have, leigh@loosecannon.com.au Thanks. PHOTOS: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pho/5611611617.html $8000
  16. Hello! I am currently experiencing small vibrations, particularly during medium/high speed shots. I'm flying a FS7 on a Glidecam HD4000 w/ x10 arm, possibly slightly over the weight capacity. I suspect that this could be a case of "you get what you pay for" or possibly an issue due to being over the weight capacity. I wanted to share some samples to get some feedback: The issue isn't as apparent on Youtube, but in 4K it's very noticeable. I tried quite a few fixes including zip tying the battery down, and clamping the monitor with two arms, but I'm still seeing vibrations. I'm looking into upgrading to a Zephyr eventually, but that may be a few months out, and was hoping to find a short term solution to get me by until then. Thanks, Cornelius O'Donoghue
  17. Hello, I am a novice in the Steadicam arena but would love to ultimately own REAL (40K-60K Equipment). Right now I fly my GH4 with battery grip & Rokinon 14mm on my Glidecam HD-2000 with GlideGear's Vest & Arm. The payload is 2-6 lbs. I am ready for a real rig. I have been eyeballing the Pilot for a long time, as well as the Scout. Then I had this phase where I was mainly concerned with Came-TV's chinese knockoffs. Knowing they were probably crap, I still heavily considered buying one of their rigs. Not to fly on set right away, just to practice framing, horizon control, etc. However, after spending frivolously on Camera, Lenses, Cages, and Rigs over the past two years I want to really take my time before I purchase a Steadicam Rig. I have been told there are more rigs out there than Tiffen's. I have seen MKV, GPI pro, ActionCam, Movcam's and Sachtler's Artemis's websites. There was another brand named EEMOV??? Has anyone heard of these rigs? Are they decent?? Bottom line is I am caught between Pilot SD Sled only with AB mount. I feel like the Vest and Arm that comes with pilot is just not worth buying, when I can purchase a cheaper vest/arm from one of these chinese knockoffs (Laing, Wondlan) and still fly the Pilot. That is one conflict. The other is should I just forget flying the pilot and look for a Scout. I know I am always going to want to add more weight to the rig. There are a lot more compact cameras today but I still would like to eventually fly a heavier rig. If I buy the pilot should I buy the whole system with Pilot Arm and Pilot vest? Or should I just buy pilot sled and maybe a less expensive vest and arm? Or should I buy this less expensive arm and vest and buy EEMOV's EG-11 sled?? Or should I see about selling some of my current gear, save up, and purchase the complete Scout system?? --Thanks for your input
  18. Hi everyone, I have been lurking on these forums for a while and thought it was time to write my first post. I love a contentious title so, there ya go :) I picked up a glidecam 4000 and steadicam merlin arm combo/shamozzel a fair while ago and thought using a steadicam would be quite easy. I looks easy when you see some one doing it well. I should have known better, oh well, never underestimate the arrogance of ignorance. So I used it a few times and struggled, eventually I bought the steadicam hand book and got a bit better. Then about a year ago I was asked by a friend to shoot a one shot short film. I thought it would be easy. I was wrong :) Its been tied up with the director since then so thats why its taken me so long to show you guys. So here you go: Password is: Steadicam Feel free to be as critical or give as much or as little feedback as you like :) Wow, it was difficult. I shot on the wee AF100 and prior to this had really shot random stuff moving around with out any purpose. As soon as I needed to think about proper framing and camera operating with a purpose it all became amazingly harder to do. I was really happy with the result in the end but it took a lot of takes to get it to work. We hired a wireless follow focus and shot the film with 4 shots. You can see where the edits are hidden. Since then, I have bought a steadicam Flyer and put a bunch of practice in and finnaly about a year later I feel like I can do alright. I also watched Birdman and thought gad damn! That looked like it was a lot of incredible but hard work. Funny thing is that ages ago I watched the Art of Steadicam video on vimeo and though, "gee whats so amazing about that shot, it looks simple enough" I now see the same shots and I'm in awe at how still and how little notice the move brings to itself because its perfectly timed and exicuted to draw you into the movie. Anyway, the more you know, the more you are aware of how much you don't know. Nat J P.S. Hi every one, I'm Nat, nice to meet you :)
  19. Glidecam Gold Series Arm for sale! -- 3a style arm, weight range from 30-56 lbs. Titanium springs. Titanium socket block. Good shape, clean, but used. One of the spring covers has some scratches on it, which, unfortunately, I didn't take pics of...I can if you need them. But they're cosmetic. Thing is built like a tank. Could be that starter arm you're looking for! Asking $3250, but I'm certainly open to reasonable offers. Questions? Drop me a line here, or beau800@Gmail.com! Mahalo! Now some pics!
  20. Hi! I'm looking to buy a camera stabiliser for my Panasonic gh3 (shooting with a 14mm f2.5 pancake lens) to shoot some long shots (up to 25 minutes). I am completely new to steadicams however have several months to learn and practise before shooting. I had the Glidecam x-22 in mind however it is not designed for a camera as light as the gh3, would this still be an issue with extra weight plates? I also looked at the Glidecam 2000 and 4000 pro and hd, how do these compare to the x-22 for a camera of this size? Are they all equally as easy to learn how to balance and use? Does anyone have any alternative recommendations? I ideally need something with a bodypod as I don't think I'd be able to hold a steadicam for 25 minutes otherwise. Thanks for your help!
  21. Hi Everyone, I am a pro photographer, with the long term ambition of to learning how to use a Glidecam, either the HD2000, or the HD4000 for my video work. Unfortunately, I've just been offered a job photographing AND videoing a water park's equipment. I cannot do both, so I am looking for an experienced Glidecam operator who would be willing to use their experience and equipment to help us make a short video. Cameras will be provided (either the 5D MK II & III, or GoPro), no editing necessary, but you should be willing to get a little wet! The job is in Vaudeuil-Dorion on 11 July, or the 18th if it's raining. Transport provided from central Montreal, and a small 'gratitude' payment of $150. There is the prospect of additional work. Peter peter@fordography.com
  23. Hello Every One, New to this forum but i am on Reduser few years now any ways . Guys i am in the market to buy a steadycam setup for my self we do low budget punjabi regional (indian) films and music videos so i don't know which one to get proline,action prod.,steadycam and so many other one's in the market now.. I'm new to steadycam Business so please help out to pick the right equipment.My budget for steadycam under 10K.. i also need wireless follow focus.& wireless video Unit as well. quicker way to get me in hold is email me please ... Pawitter parmar +91-987-861-7299 pawitterparmar@gmail.com
  24. I am selling some pieces that are not getting used enough. Everything is in VERY GOOD shape and I'm the original owner. I feel the prices are very reasonable but I'm open to negotiations, so please don't hesitate to contact me with reasonable offers. I have also attached pictures below. Thanks! Glidecam Gold Arm: This has been a great arm. It's lifting capacity is the same as a 3A arm but the Glidecam arm has 6 titanium springs, which also carry a lifetime replacement warranty through Glidecam. It can handle camera loads of 13 to 40 pounds and a combined camera and sled capacity of 31 to 56 pounds. The vest connector is also made from titanium. I used this arm with my current Walter Klassen back mounted vest as well as my old Steadicam Ultra2 vest. I am including the weather resistant gator guard arm covers too. This arm was $8000 new and I'm asking $5000 or best offer. Bartech Focus Device: The included components are listed below: - transmitter unit - receiver unit - iris rod mounting bracket for 15mm & 19mm rods - PRO mounting bracket - (1) BFD receiver 4-pin XLR power cable - (1) BFD receiver Anton Bauer power cable - (1) BFD receiver to ARRI 435/535/Arricam/Movicam run/stop cable - (1) BFD receiver wired remote control to pull your own focus. I used to attach this small unit to my gimbal. It worked well. - Extra marking strips for the BFD transmitter hand unit - case - neck strap - extra screws and key ring for hand unit I am asking $1800 or best offer. I would prefer to sell the Bartech with my M-One motor as a complete package for $3500 or best offer. Let me know if you would like to purchase only the Bartech or M-One motor separately. M-One motor: This kit includes the motor, Bartech power cable, the original full set of snap on gears, 15mm and 19mm rod collets, the mounting brackets and the custom fitted case. I am asking $1800 or best offer. Shark Fin Antenna: This is in great condition. It is a UHF Ultra High Gain antenna. I used this with my old Modulus 3000 and transvideo receiver. I am asking $50 Weight Cage: SOLD Vehicle Mount: This mount is in VERY GOOD condition. I purchased it new from Walter Klassen about 2 years ago. It comes with the case, the mounting bracket with socket block, the 2" speed-rail mounting clamp, the tripod mounting bracket, and the custom fitted pelican case. I only used it on a few projects. I am asking $800 or best offer. Thanks for checking out the items for sale. Email me if you are interested in any of the items and would like other photos. Buyers will be responsible for shipping and insurance costs. Thanks again!!!
  25. For Sale: Steadicam Flyer 2nd Generation (Black Arm) The flyer systems supports cameras up to 15lbs. Possible Camera configurations (weight body only) RED: Epic + Scarlet (5lbs) Canon: C100 (2.2lbs) + C300 + C500 (3.2lbs) Sony: F3 (5,3lbs) , F5 + F55 (4.88lbs) , NEX-FS700 (3.7lbs) Arri 235 (7.7lbs) + 416 (12.1lbs) any DSLR These are only examples, many more cameras are possible obviously. Complete ready-to-shoot package including: Flyer Arm Sled with Flyer Monitor Flyer Vest Flyer Docking Bracket Solid C-Stand Long Dovetail plate Steadicam Tool Low Mode F-Bracket Low Mode Cam-Handle 2x IDX V-Mount battery Endura 80s 14.4V / 5.7 Ah IDX Dual Sequential Charger Storm Hardcase + Original Steadicam Case Cables: Flyer 12V - XLR Fem // Flyer 12V - P-Tap Fem // P-Tap Ma - 4x P-Tap Fem // P-Tap Ma - 4pin Hirose // P-Tap Ma - XLR Fem // 2x P-Tap Ma - open end If picked up in Hamburg / Germany and required I will give a 2 - 3 hour workshop for free. Otherwise shipping can be arranged. 5000 Euro obo
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