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  1. *edit* looks like im within the 30 day window. So, any suggestions for sled then with my rig taken into account? Heres the issue, I purchased a Steadicam Merlin, however i forgot to take into account the mounting equipment I was planning on using with the mount. My fault, however now im trying to buy just a sled and its proving to be more difficult than i thought. I have the vest and arm from the merlin, I just really need a heavier duty sled. I have my Canon 5d Mark III in a Redrock UltraCage with Ultracage Back. Definitely more than the weight limit of the merlin. The Rig -Ultracage -Ultracage back -microFollowFocus -Side rail with acessory plate (for H4N Zoom -Redrock Mattebox -v-Mount battery for the back plate and power distribution through the Redrock Power Distributor -Marshall V-LCD70MD -Sennheiser shotgun microphone with blimp All in all a fairly heavy rig even though I replaced the steel tubes on the mattebox with Carbon Fiber ones. Not much of a difference. Is there any way to buy just the sled. I already have alot of my budget sunk into this rig and buying both a whole new vest and sled is just not feasible. However it seems most heavier supporting sleds are sold with an lcd and the arm/vest stabilizer set. Ok so im looking for a sled/arm vest combo without LCD mount. XD Just wondering if anyone here would know. A few i looked at were. Glidecam V-Series Steadicam Pilot-AA or Zephyr Varizoom Stabilizer
  2. Fellow ops, I'm selling my back up arm. It's a Glidecam Gold Series Arm. It has been modified by Glidecam with stronger springs. It easely lifts 65 lbs. The arm has it's fair wear and tear but works just fine. Selling it for USD 4800.- plus shipping. The arm is located in Switzerland. Thanks. Lukas
  3. Ok, well the time has come to let my first rig float out the door and into the hands of someone else! For sale is my Glidecam Gold rig (SLED) with NP1 base. The sled is 10yrs old but hasn't been used for 5 1/2 years. It's been living in it's case since I upgraded the sled to a 2inch version. It's still in good condition and functions perfectly. The gimbal is in perfect condition. Only modification is the rubber grip I added. Sled comes with two LCDs, the original Panasonic plus a spare L7 Pro as a backup. (I preferred the Panasonic but the L7 was there just incase) Also included are 11 Lithium NP1 batteries. (10 pictured) 6 of these are brand new with barely any use. Charger is NOT included. Jerry Hill balacing bracket included PLUS a Mag Dock bracket for another stand or if you have a Magliner etc. ($1000 in those two mounts alone!) A Marell Digital level is also included with the sled plus associated cables. Brand new GOLD wedge plate. Custom road case. Wet weather covers. Sled has 12/24 volt power, loads of 12v/video out lemo connectors. It's a workhorse and earnt me a good living in my first years of operating. I had some heavy loads on the old girl back in the day. This would be a great starter rig for someone getting into the game or upgrading from a small light weight system. I'd be thrilled to see it go to a younger operator starting out. I was lucky to have lots of help when I started out so if I can help answer any questions it would be my pleasure. I have been keeping the rig as a back up but I think it's time to let her go for someone else to play with. NOTE - This rig is wired for a SD composite signal. I spoke with the guys at Glidecam and for less than $1700 they will totally rewire the rig for HD-SDI. If you'd rather just use a down converter then you'll save yourself a few bucks. If you'd like to learn more about it, check this link for the full blurb! http://www.glidecam.com/product-gold-sled.php This sled sells for $16,000 and that's with out the extra gear included above. Sad to see her go! Sled is based in LA. Price $5000. Email me if you'd like more details or you have questions. I have approx 25 photos I can email through. leigh@loosecannon.com.au
  4. any cinematographers flying with glidecam hd4000 + red scarlet/epic here? so far i found only couple poor setups very "indie" sytle :-) anybody found comfoprtable working solution, solved fixature to connect monitors and batteries probably to lower part of glidecam? which cables, attachements? thanks for advice...
  5. Are you looking for a good place to learn and improve your Steadicam Skills? Lukas Franz, one of the best swiss Steadicam Operators teaches you in small groups of 4 to 8 people how the get the best out of your favorite tool. Creative Docks is the leading provider of film workshops in Switzerland and makes sure that the events are always on the best level possible. Do you want to have an insight on how these workshops look? Check out this video: http://vimeo.com/46248178 For more informations and tickets visit: creative-docks.com Next dates: 16th March 2013 (Basics) 4th May 2013 (Basics) 5th May 2013 (Advanced) We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our workshop soon!
  6. Glidecam V20 rig for sale. V20 Low Mode accessories. VariZoom VZ-TFT7 7" LCD Monitor NTSC/PAL. Peli Protector 1650 case. Takes cameras from 15-30 pounds. Been modified to take two V-lock batteries on a adjustable sled that powers monitor + 4-pin XLR cable to camera inside the center post. BNC cable from monitor to camera also inside center post. Info from Glidecam.com http://www.glidecam....roduct-v-16.php Link shows both V16 and V20. Asking 2500.eur + shipping. Great rig for beginners or as an upgrade from smaller rigs. Has some scratches on it but in very good condition. email: tomasmarshall@me.com for more photos or info. Location:Helsinki Finland.
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