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Found 26 results

  1. GPI Pro Fixed Monitor Arm w/Clamp and 3" Extension Priced at: $950.00 Low Mode Bracket Priced at: $150.00 Please text if interested: 760-505-7011
  2. I’m looking to buy a PRO sled and either the Titan or Atlas arm. If you got something for sale let me know
  3. PRO DB2 plus extras Comes with; -9" Pro camera plate - Pro Follow Focus Bracket Dovetail -XCS Preston MDR 2 Bracket -4 x Mounting Bolts Used but in very good condition. Serviced by Optical Support London in September last year. No vibrations, all in very good working order. Perfect for someone building there first rig. Located in the UK. Will ship anywhere, buyer pays. Prices is £1580 plus vat. tomwilliams@me.com
  4. WTB Pro Gimbal tool, based in Chicago and will pay shipping!
  5. What’s up everyone?! I’m looking to purchase a previously owned complete GPI pro kit, if there is one out there... please reply with any information that may lead in that direction! Thanks in advance!
  6. Brand new PRO vest for sale, light scratches on the front at the bottom. chest 42 , waist 32, I am 5'10" tall. Spare screw kit / T-handles included. Asking $5,500, Los Angeles local sale only.
  7. WTB: I´m looking for an used GPI PRO gimbal grip 1,5" (like GPI PRO or MK-V tools free upgrade) like the pictures attached... Looking for a good deal nothing fanci, can have marks of usase as long as it works. steadikam@gmail.com
  8. Looking to buy a GPI Pro sled in europe vio.federico@gmail.com
  9. I selling my Gpi Pro Arm with 2 Blue and 4 Black Canisters, the Arm and canisters working perfectly and are in a very good condition see the photos. Price 12,900,- EUR or 14,700,-$ I accept only PayPal Contact: info@lm-photography.me Thank You Leon
  10. TWO GPI PRO BLUE CANISTERS. In Excellent Working and Cosmetic Condition. With PRO Canister Bag. Asking: $2400 each. Please PM or Text: JeffZach@mac.com. 760-505-7011 Thank you.
  11. Hi there Selling two of my spare Black Canister. Used them only once or twice, they look as new as they can be. Located in Switzerland, but can ship worldwide. Price : 5 000$ or serious offer New at GPI PRO: 6'600$
  12. Selling pro gimbal + long handle and telescoping Center post. Both are latest gen and recently serviced (last month). Price New is $9792 + tax/shipping Price is firm. Will split up: Gimbal 5500 Centerpost 2500 DM me or email me at nickmullercine@gmail.com Unfortunately only have rig photos to show as Im on the go but contact me and Ill have pictures of the parts separated shortly.
  13. 2x GPI PRO BLACK CANISTER For Titan Arm Brand new (2017) never used ! Ok to trade for 2x BLUE CANISTER ! Located in Hollywood, California Come try it out when you want. Price : 6 000$ or serious offer Contact me anytime : Pierre Pascalie DOP / STEADICAM ‭‭+1 (347) 449-9405‬‬ ppascalie@mac.com
  14. Hello! I recently was out in shoot in the desert when I noticed a clicking-like noise coming from what sounds like my gimbal, I own a GPI Pro rig if that info helps. Does anyone know any leads of what might be the cause of it? I noticed it particularly when i was walking with the rig. Thanks, Joseph H.
  15. Hey Steadicam community. I am looking to try a GPI PRO rig. I have an Archer 2 with a G-50X arm if you have never flown Tiffen and are interested in trying that your self. Maybe we can get a group going of people willing to try other rigs in Atlanta. Thanks P.S. I have attached links to my work if you need to know who I am. https://vimeo.com/194912861 https://vimeo.com/223474369
  16. Selling a complete GPI PRO Steadicam Package. Everything is in like new condition and ready to use. Kit is located in LA. New package price is over $60K. Selling for $49,500 or best offer Package consists of: - PRO Arm w/ 6 canisters 4 x Black and 2 x Blue Long Arm Post Short Arm Post - PRO Sled Donkey Box III w/ T bracket HD Centerpost II Complete HDSYS Complete w/upper and lower junction box Dual HD Center Post Cables Complete Battery III Module VZ Gimbal Telescoping Monitor Support w/ Monitor Arm Post Clamp D Bracket Handle for Low Mode 9" Camera Plate 12" Camera Plate Custom Alexa Camera Plate Preston MDR Mount - PRO Vest - Nebtek Solar56HD High Bright Monitor Nebtek Level w/ Lemo Cables for PRO Custom Cage for Monitor - 5 x Power Cables & various BNC cables - Spares kit, PRO Custom Tools, Camera Screws, Allen Wrenches, Anton Bauer Cheese Plate - Jerry Hill Dock w/ 2 x rings - American Grip Stand w/ wheels and case - Custom Storm Cases, Arm Bag, Canisters Case
  17. I am a new steadicam op looking for a decent (complete) rig that I can start out with, yet can carry good weight like Alexa, alexa mini with heavy Primes. I'm looking out for either: Steadicam: archer 2 / g70 arm. Steadicam: shadow / g70 arm GPI PRO: sled (live electrical top/bottom, bottom plate gen III) with either g/70 or Pro 2blue/2black. I'm Just trying to get started for a reasonable price. Pm, or Email: Hudsonmstafford@gmail.com
  18. Looking if anyone has a used DBI/DBII T-Bracket for sale, before purchasing a new one. Thanks, charlyvandedrinck@hotmail.com
  19. Hello, my dear steadicam gurus. I just graduated from film school, (I am 23 right now) and I decided to go serious about my carrier as a steadicam operator. I've made some mistakes along the way to start this business, such as buying CAME-TV steadicam as my first rig, and buy many 3rd party accessories to minimize my budget. I know many of you criticize that this rig will not be acceptable in professional field, and initially I disagreed. However more research I do and more gig offers I get, I realize I do need better equipments that last long and perform effectively. In a way, I learned my lesson in a hard way. Now, as you can tell from the fact that I try to minimize my budget to start my carrier, I don't have much to start with, and especially not 30k-50k. I was about to give up on pursuing this carrier until I bumped into rent-to-own program and leasing options. I was looking into GPI Pro rigs, because it offered rent-to-own program while offering solid service, and it was the same for Steady Rig although they only sell arm component. Then as I research more, I realize I can talk to credit union to get loans if I want to get gears from other companies. This option will let me go on a track to be in the business, but as I am young and unexperienced with financial world, I am very concerned if I will be eligible for loans, so I am asking advice from folks who were also in same path as I was, I want to hear from your perspectives how you guys handled the initial budgets and which would you guys recommend me between lease, loans, and rent-to-own programs. On a different question, I am very new to upgrading sled with different components, so I want to know what is absolute feature in sleds that I should consider if I am choosing my first rig? For an example, I realize both MK-V J Box center pole cable and GPI Pro HD center pole cable would not fit in any rigs that is less than 2' diameter. So I know now that if I want to upgrade electric components in future, I must get a sled that is larger than 2' diameter. That's one feature that I learned to consider, but I want to know if there is anything that is essential features in sleds if I am considering upgrading in future to minimize expenses in the future. Thank you teachers, and any criticism and advices are welcomed.
  20. I'm selling a fresh out of the box, never been used, GPI PRO Telescoping Monitor Arm & Post Clamp Assembly. $900
  21. GPI PRO II Sled for Sale Donkey Box III VZ Gimbal Telescoping Center Post Upper J Box Lower J Box Battery Rack Gen II (AB) Recorder Mount Pro Monitor Arm Fixed Pro Monitor Arm Clamp 3 Jumper Blocks SD Sled7" Dovetail Plate Docking Collar Pro Docking Bracket GPI Pro Tool Kit: Gimbal & Post Wrenches, T Handle Allen Wrench Sled is in Very Good Condition $14,800 ---------------------------- GPI PRO Vest ***Brand New Condition*** for Sale Includes 2 Sets of Pads: Waist 32" & 38" Was purchased for a Documentary Film Dual pads were provided for DP and Operator This vest was literally used for two days of shooting $4800 ---------------------------- Shipping is not included. I do accept credit cards with an additional 3.5% fee. Please email or call with any questions or offers. JeffZach@mac.com 760-505-7011
  22. hey yall i recently picked up a SmallHD DP7 Pro OLED. It came with a 4-pin lemo - hirose power cable, which i wasnt planning on using, but then I realized that the 4-pin lemo fits into my CineLive Tally connector. The tally output on the sled (upper junction) is 12v. Is there any reason that this wouldnt work for my monitor? I am pretty ignorant about power, so I am hesitant to plug it in, as I just dont wanna fry this new monitor. If anyone has some experience with this, id love to know! brett.
  23. We are selling our TB6 green screen monitors with PDL plus level. For more information and other used and new items we have for sale please visit: http://opticalsupport.com/misc-sales/ or contact us directly on info@opticalsupport.com
  24. hey yall i am about to fly out for a gig and use a few bits of another operator's gear. i have a pro atlas arm and will be using a low mode J bracket by Tiffen that is typically used on the other op's Ultra 2. as i understand the diameter for the atlas arm is about .625". does anyone know the diameter of the current tiffen posts for low mode brackets? on their website it says .625" but i know that they have a few different sizes, so i want to be sure i am looking out for the correct size. I am scrambling to get my gear and myself outta the house since this gig just popped up an hour ago and i have to be at the airport in an hour so i havent done any math on the post diameters, etc. thanks yall brett,
  25. Hi fellow readers and operators, I'm researching modular products and currently looking at the PRO lineup. I don't have many if any local contacts in the industry so hopefully this forum is the place to start for such a request. I would like to ask any PRO Titan or Atlas owners in southern Ontario Canada if I could try their rig. I have several years of experience on the various systems I own (X10, Flyer), SOA trained, and could also get some referrals from some top operators. My ideal setup to try would include the following: - Front Mounted Vest (Pro or Steadicam) - PRO Titan or Atlas arm I'm not too concerned about the type of sled, just something to test out the arms. If you have a PRO sled as well that would be bonus but not my primary objective to look at. I would only need about 10-15 minutes with the rig although I may take up some additional time asking questions related to the rig or industry if time permits. I will work around your convenience. Please PM me if you can help me out with an opportunity. Thank you very much, Mitch
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