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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking to buy a Bebob zoom controler or gzoom. Does anybody has one that want to sell? Thanks
  2. Hello, I am looking to purchase a used Steadicam Zephyr kit with v-mount and an HD monitor if anybody has one going. Looking to purchase from April ideally in the UK for collection but will consider shipping from the EU. Prices seam to be very varied looking at previous ones for sale so let me know what you might be looking for. I am also looking for 2nd battery hanger, f-bracket, small c-stand, and a gzoom with canon cables. Thanks Chris
  3. This has been long overdo, I just wanted to give a glowing review of Erik Anderson. First time I came in contact with Erik was purchasing a G-zoom( Focus and Zoom control on the Gimbal for ENG lenses). It has worked flawlessly for three years now, and been an integral part of my kit. Ordering was simple and quick to ship, this should be expected. My first extremely positive experience with Erik began when the show I was working for "upgraded" their lenses. The shows truck did not land until the day of the event, so I didn't have a set day, however It is a simple set up that has been replicated for two seasons at this point so I was not too worried about missing a set day. I got the rig up balanced and screwed the connector from the gzoom into the lens. No dice, anytime I used the rocker it just zoomed wide at a high rate. I checked all the connections, everything fine. I check switches... check the lens.... everything is fine... slowly It starts to dawn on me that I'm totally screwed four hours before kick-off. I franticly open up my Gzoom case and get Erik's card out( he ships it with all of his stuff) and give him a ring.. ring...ring..voicemail. I leave a quick message explaining the problem, hang up. With-in minutes Erik calls me back, he spends time going over the whole set up till we figured out what was going on. Its was a new fujinon lens that uses a screw on connector instead of the hirose, same as canon, but they switch two pins... never can make it easy can they..... While on the phone Erik is looking up lenses wiring schematics and solving the problem. He walks me though taking the connector apart and switching the leads, putting it back together then testing it. Never once getting impatient, staying on the line for 30 minutes until we got it working, all on a sunday morning at 8am. Without his "ace" technical support I woulda been shooting with a prime all game. Amazing customer service. That example was over a year ago and I recently had another extremely positive experience when I sent in my Gzoom for service as I had split the cables multiple times from ziptieing cables to my rig...wear and tear repair... I also found out from the forums that he also runs CamHeadsets.com which has a great steadi solution for live work. Normally I've been using wireless PL's, with the box on my vest. This allowed me to key in while operating. The new show I just got booked for would be going off the camera back as I'd be all wired up, so I wanted to find a solution so that I could talk while operating. Erik walked me through his product Steaditalk, after receiving it, its all it was cracked up to be, and an added bonus screaming fans don't make my ears ring by the end of a game. However when I ordered the product on his site I made an assumption that it was boxed up and ready to ship, my mistake. I purchased it for a show with a week lead time so when I didn't receive it four days after I purchased through his website I gave him call " Hey Erik, just wondering if you got that shipped out", He texted me back letting me know he was booked for a week, and there were too many orders in to get to mine out but he'd get it out after.....I was not expecting that reply, and again I released I was SOL and would be wearing a hamburger helper and not able to key in..... I quickly call him back at 8:30PM explained that I needed it for a job that started in two days. Without skipping a beat he said I'll work on it through the night and get it shipped out before his 6am departure for his week long gig. Stellar customer service. All of his products have been rock solid, he's an operator as well, and the product designs show it, very well thought out simple solutions.
  4. Hi, Im looking for a zoom control with full set of connecting cables for fujinon and canon lenses. Do contact: hia.james@gmail.com Thanks James Hia
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