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  1. For Sale (Obviously) Recon Ultra TX/RX Kit (Everything shown included) I've had this guy on the shelf for a while and need to give it a new home. ASKING $2,000 OBO Perfect working order. This has been a solid device for me - on par with Bolt Pro (not Bolt 2000 or Tomahawk). Extra set of rubber ducky antennas in addition to the fan-blade antennas that came with it. Wiring upgrade to allow the AB mounts to pass power through to the p-taps. Quieter fan installed than what it came with (factory install).
  2. The CW-5HD is designed to wirelessly transmit HD images from any standard ENG broadcast camera to field monitor in professional quality clarity and definition. Ideal for live real-time viewing, this happens with a latency of less than 1 millisecond. Images transmitted in real-time with latency less than 1 millisecond Fully uncompressed, high definition images with embedded sound Uni-cast and multi-cast modes for reception on up to 4 receivers simultaneously Automatically detects between HD-SDI & SD-SDI video Transmission range of 50m line of sight or 30m through walls Wireless transmission via MIMO/OFDM, operating between the 5.1 & 5.8Ghz band Complete audio/video synchronisation Stylish and rugged design, with no visible or external antenna I have 3 pairs to sell. Please see images, if you would like to know anymore information about the Camwaves or price please email mail@camerarevolution.com. Almost new!!! ​Look forward to hearing from you, Lucy Whitelocks Camera Revolution
  3. Hi All, I Have Stedicam Pilot VL, and would like to know if its possible to upgrade the internal wiring to a lemo connection so i can power and use my RED Monitor and power the camera (RED Scarlet Dragon) from the Stedicam bottom mounted Battery. Has anybody been able to upgrade their rig, or know where to order parts and cables ( Maybe from a higher end Stedicam) that can be retrofitted to my Pilot. Running the cables off the camera is pretty tricky to operate, and having v lock battery on the camera is just overkill with weight. Im in Australia. My Stedicam only has sd connection and dc power connectors thanks for your help in Advance. Daz Sticky Productions Melbourne, Australia
  4. Hello, How difficult/ what is the process for re-wiring a Master series sled to support HDSDI? Maybe even swap out the 4 pin HiROSE to be all 2 pin LEMOs and throw on another Aton plate to the front of the K section too. I plan on keeping this sled for a few years so upgrading it is not a option, just wanted to try and bring it up-to-date. It all seams like a challenge over my head, is there anyone to be recommended for this in the LA area? Trying to know what i am getting into before I make the first step. Thanks.
  5. Looking to sell Boxx Meridean HD video transmitter/receiver kit. Comes complete with spare aerials Boxx original power leads and connectors set of standard aerials pelican case 2 years old limited use, SDI, Composit, YPRPB In/Out TX serial number 371258ZXV RX Serial number 421248ZXV Asking £7k ono Images available on request. info@ministryofvideo.co.uk Andy
  6. 7' TV logic LVM-074W for sale with Max Bright setting and IDX battery fitting. Included are 3 pin Rs power and 2 pin Alexa power cable. The monitor has only been used for six weeks on the film Grimsby(UK shoot). It is in excellent condition. Price £1000.
  7. FOR SALE: BOXX Meridian HD Video Transmitter/Receiver System This Tx/Rx package has served us flawlessly for the past few years, in congested environments in NYC and LA, as well as oversees. Purchased from Steve Consentino, so it's got the HD Film Tech Anton Bauer Offset plate (so the Tx clears the power port on the Alexa) and a nicely customized Pelican 1610 case with lid organizer. Very Well Maintained and Cared For [it was my 1st's… need I say more? :) ] Itemized description below... Located in Los Angeles; will ship at buyer's cost. Please email me with any reasonable offer, or for more info! craig_bauer (at) mac (dot) com (no direct-messages, please) Thanks! -c Transmitter SN 371284ZXV w/ HD Filmtech Offset Anton Bauer Gold Mount (clears standard Arri Power Cable connector on Alexa) w/ 4 x Orientable Rubber Duck Antenna Receiver SN 21272ZXV w/ Anton Bauer Gold Mounts (both Male and Female) w/ 6 x Orientable Rubber Duck Antenna BOXX Flat Panel Array Antenna w/ Anton Bauer Gold Mount (so Receiver clips right on) Cables: 2 x 2 pin Fischer (M) - 4 pin Hirose (M) (for Arri 12v) 3 x 3 pin Lemo - 4 pin Hirose (M) (for Panavision 12v) 2 x 4 pin Fischer (M) - 4 pin Hirose (M) 2 x 4 pin XLR (M) - 4 pin Hirose (M) (10’) 1 x 4 pin XLR (M) - 4 pin Hirose (M) (12”) 3 x Medium BNC (3’) 2 x Short BNC (~12”) 1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable 1 x AC Power Supply [4 pin XLR (F)] Pelican 1610 Case (w/ lid organizer)
  8. PARALINX - HOLIDAY WEEKEND DEALS START NOW CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS The 2014 Paralinx Holiday Weekend Rebate is here! For this weekend only all Tomahawk 1:1 systems qualify for a$1000 mail-in rebate while all Arrow-X 1:1 systems qualify for a $700 mail-in rebate. Additional receivers for each system qualify for $250 rebates. Any purchase made between November 27 and December 1 at Paralinx.net or an Authorized Paralinx Reseller qualifies for the offer! Details What are the rebate conditions? The rebate is valid for all qualifying purchases from November 27, 2014 through December 1, 2014. Rebate only valid for purchases made within the United States from Paralinx.net or from an Authorized Paralinx Reseller. Rebate checks must be sent to a physical address and not a P.O. Box. Payment will be made in the form of United States Dollars. Rebate form must be submitted no later than December 31, 2014. Rebate payments will be issued within 60 days of form submission. Only one rebate may be submitted per qualifying purchase. rebate is not transferable and is only valid for purchasing customer. Rebate not valid with any other discount or offer. Offer not valid on 1:2 Deluxe Packages. How long will it take to receive my rebate? Rebates may take up to 60 days to process. What information do I need in order to complete the rebate form? Place of purchase Date of purchase A copy of your sales receipt or invoice What is the time frame to claim a rebate? You must file your rebate claim by December 31, 2014 How long will the rebate last? Rebate promotion is valid from November 27, 2014 through December 1, 2014 How do I claim my rebate? Complete the online rebate form on the Paralinx website http://www.paralinx.net/rebate HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  9. Fujinon 13 x 4.5 BERM M-48 2X Extender For Sale Good Condition Located in Miami, Florida $7500 Free Shipping 305-778-9450 Todd This is a very good lens hate to sell but moving to all cine lenses
  10. Steadicam Zephyr HDFor sale used for my F55 this is a very good tool located in Miami, Florida $7500 Free Shipping Contact me directly 305-778-9450 Todd Zephyr Sled System Camera Mounting Dovetail Plate 1/4-20 Camera Mounting Screw 3/8-16 Camera Mounting Screw 2 Section Post System Low Friction Gimbal Zephyr Arm System 7" LCD Monitor 7" LCD Monitor Cable Gold Mount 12V Battery Mount Counter Weights (x4) Middle Counter Weights (x4) Docking Bracket BNC to RCA Adaptor RCA to BNC Adaptor 7" BNC Video Cable 12 Volt Power Cable Operating Manual Hard Case w/ Wheels Low Mode Kit Images Attached
  11. Hello, For sale is my Steadicam Zephyr, it includes: Sled Package - Standard Zephyr Vest - V- Mount Sled & Dovetail Plate - Steadicam SD Monitor with cables. - Marshall V-LCD70XP 3G-SDI with Sony - L battery back and cable to power from sled. - Zephyr arm (24 lb. max load) with extra unused pin - Docking Bracket - Extra Weights - Travel Case Power - (3) V-Mount Switronix Batteries - (1) Dual Switronix Charger Asking Price: $8,000. Located in Philadelphia, shipping included within the United States. Any price negotiations will not include shipping, which can be between $150-$250. Images Coming Soon.
  12. Hello everyone, I have an Flyer LE which is the 12/24 model with a 19lbs weight range. That I have been using for a year and half now. It's has been great and more recently since I have found some steady work to use it with it. The thing I wanted to ask was about rewiring the sled to HD. I have the original monitor that came with the flyer and I've wanted to swap it out for a newer monitor maybe one I can add a yolk to it. Though I know that steadicam has a proitiary 9-pin connector which doesn't allow me to use anything esle.. A few things I'm unsure of is if I rewire the sled would I loss value in the rig or gain it? Also is there way to rewire it so that I can use original flyer monitor incase of a backup? I know many monitors have either a 4 pin xlr like the marshalls and I know the small HD's have a different plug in which to power them. So I figure I could get a cable to power either of them through a p-tap connector. Please correct me if I am wrong. I've been operating for a year and half now and I'm still learning. I was curious if there are anyone else that does rewiring I'm located in NY. I have contact some people though are busy at the moment though it would be great if anyone knew anyone else. Thank you all! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July.
  13. Hi, Some of you may know me as a fellow steadicam operator. Since a few months i am colaborating with Rebotnix Technologies, a uprising german company for wireless video solutions. After a long time of development and testing we are happy to release the unique long range wireless video system RB-2. A goal was to unify as many features one might need working on broadcast and feature film sets in one single system. Just to name a few: - up to 900 meter range (with standard omni-directional antennas) in line of sight - over 1.5 km range using patch antennas (we did not test that distance to its limit yet. -we will update that information as soon as we found enough space to do that :) ) - 40ms delay (1 frame @25fps) - full duplex intercom audio connection - timecode transmission (coming soon) - 3G-SDI - FullHD (no downsampling or similar processings) - Multicast on as many Receivers as you need - Multicast on tablets (Android only, Ipad coming soon) or computers (WiFi enabled, PC/MacOS) in full 1080 included (no additional hardware needed) - V-Lock battery plates (AB Lock coming soon) For further details please check out the Rebotnix RB-2 product page. http://rebotnix.com/?page_id=2735 Here is a range test video we shot a few days ago: If you are interested in the RB-2 System or if you are missing some features don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to receive your feedback soon. Best regards from Germany, Karsten Jäger
  14. I know you guys like zero delay systems, but Serv offers a whole new experience for on-set monitoring. The Teradek Serv is a groundbreaking camera-back and tabletop HD-SDI transmitter that allows your clients and production staff to view every shot in real-time on their smartphones and tablets. Serv supports up to 10 connections at a single time and transmits both HD and SD video & audio in perfect sync over dual band WiFi. Since Serv utilizes WiFi networks, you can easily extend its range by adding any standard dual band router to your setup. But what about latency on my phone or tablet? Don’t sweat it. Serv transmits at just 4 frames of delay and is compatible with Teradek’s TeraView application, which lets you view and record up to 4 live feeds simultaneously on your iPad or Samsung Galaxy Pro Tablet at the same 4 frame latency. But TeraView must cost something, right? Nope! Its absolutely free. The application also supports 3D LUT filetypes, allowing you to transform your live video feeds into a gorgeous post-production look. Even better, you can load any custom 3D LUT filetype by connecting your Serv and smartphone or tablet to the same IP network video village utilizes. Serv will be showcased along with our other products at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), from April 7-10, 2014 at Booth C8218.
  15. I'm looking for a used Steadicam Zephyr HD package and BarTech Focus Kit Contact me at emily@hemmingshouse.com Emily St. Pierre
  16. I'm selling my Steadicam Zephyr for a bigger rig for £8500 Inc VAT 20%. Steadicam in very good condition only used 3 times... DESCRIPTION The Zephyr vest design incorporates adjustable and pivoting shoulder buckles to assure a new comfort level for extended use. New vest and pad covers are easily removed for cleaning or replacement offering extended durability. The tools-free patented Iso-Elastic stabilizer Zephyr Arm has been upgraded from the Steadicam FLYER and supports 23lbs (10.4kg) of payload weight. The no-tools Arm / Vest interface allows for quick customization to the individual operator. “On the fly” weight adjustment frees the operator from dismounting the system to make changes. The open design of the arm has freedom of movement unknown in this weight class. The Zephyr adjustable and interchangeable arm post assembly is a feature usually found on more expensive systems. The Steadicam Zephyr comes standard with a 7 inch, 16:9/4:3 composite NTSC/PAL LCD monitor, or optional 7 inch 16:9/4:3 HD/composite LCD monitor that features enhanced image quality and a wide viewing angle, even under bright sunlight making it ideal for field production use. Input configurations include: Analogue NTSC/PAL Composite/S-Video/Component/RGB and HD/SDSDI (SMPTE-274M, 296M, 260M, 125M) with active loop through. The Zephyr camera mounting stage was designed for enhanced mounting stability with standard HD and composite BNC video connectors, 2 x standard 3-pin LEMO power connectors and expandability ports for future accessories. The stage comes complete with a dual axis vernier adjustable mounting platform and extended camera mounting dovetail plate. The Zephyr Sled Base features extendable rigid aluminum monitor and battery mounting rods, easily removable for compact storage or transport. A single mounting rod release allows for quick set-ups and ease of dynamic and inertial adjustments. PICK UP ONLY (UK) Please feel free to contact me if you require further information. Please see attached photos and plus a heavy duty C-Stand (Heavy Duty Docking Stand) is also included.
  17. Baer-bel Sled HD, 2” Titanium Post, 12/24V power capabilities, x2 Volt meters, x2 dovetail plates -x3 Support rods (Bracket for lens control unit), Gimbal, monitor arm, x3 Battery mounts with multi combinations, x2 4 pin XLR power camera - x2 BNC, x1 pelicase 1650. Transvideo monitor Super Brightness. Separe parts Rods, screws, gimbal tool, etc.. Sony plate Arri plate Pag charger x 3 Pag batteries , recycled 1 1/2 years ago, in good condition x 1 Pag batteries, this batteries is deas, is only for weight Low mode bracket. Case for batteries. Tripod for equipment. The sled was purchased in 2008 Markus Baer-bel give a one year warranty to the new owner, a sample of the state of the team and the great service of Baer-bel More Photos http://www.ipernity.com/doc/341565/album/459511 The equipment has little use. Prise 7500€ OBO Open to offers. Preferable European Union Located in Spain contact: victorlop@hotmail.com
  18. I have a Steadicam Zephyr package for sale in good condition. I've flown everything from a 5d to a red epic and even a bare bones Alexa. I'm looking for $8500 for the package. The package includes everything below and I'll also throw in an extra BNC and a Red Epic power cable to power an Epic from the sled. Steadicam Zephyr Camera Stabilizer Package (V-Lock Battery Mount, Standard Vest) includes: V-Lock Battery Mount Standard Vest Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled) X-Y Vernier Stage Drop-in Dovetail Camera Mount 2x Lemo Power Connector on Stage 2x BNC Connector on Stage (Composite and HD) 12/24V Via 1x 3-Pin Lemo HD Capable Via 1x BNC 2-Section CF Post Dual Rod Pilot Type Base Coiled Post Cable 24V Capability (via after sales battery mount) 1/4-20 Mounting for Base Weights Inertial/Balance Control via Merlin Weights Docking Bracket 12V Power Cable 3' (0.9m) Lightweight BNC Video Cable Dovetail Plate Hard Case 2x Mounting Screws 2x Locating Pin 2x Start Weight 2x Middle Weight No-Tools Gimbal Clamp Email me at foundation1@gmail.com if interested. Thanks! - Devin
  19. Hi everyone! I'm searching for a wireless HD transmitter / receiver to transmit uncompressed HDTV and video data up to 1080p with a realtime transmission feature of <1ms latency and a robust signal transmission. Someone recommends the SRI WHDI Module No.1 from a german company, see link http://www.sri.de/en/products/industry-pcs/prod/whdi-modul-no-1/extb/Main/ Does anybody has experience with this module? I heard, that they provide samples to test. Has anybody used this possibility and can give feedback?
  20. I am selling the GPI PRO Cinema HD Upper and Lower Junction Boxes. Will only be sold as a set. They are the Cinema HD (formally HD-Upgrade) electronics housings. These Have the Tally Option . And the Lower electronics housing has 12 volt out on the recorder lemo, instead of the 5v or 9v of the past. I use this to feed SD video and power a program monitor for live broadcast shows. I will include a Tally cable for the top that I had Terry custom make that has the sensor, as well as two other LED lights op top, so you can tape the sensor to the camera, and tape an LED to the top or bottom of your Lens shade/Mattebox, and have another LED to place on the side of the camera facing you while you operate so if your looking up when your camera goes live, you can react faster. At the bottom is a Cable that has a 90 deg Lemo for the bottom of the sled and a Bright LED you can tape or Velcro to the top of your monitor. Both Housings are in perfect working order. Condition is like new. You can purchase an HD Center Post cable from PRO for $665 and you're good to go. Pro sells the Cinema HD set for $5165 + $800 for Tally Option, Terry charged $250 to make the top and bottom Tally Cables, So we're talking $6215 plus shipping. Price for everything is $4700 and is available for immediate shipping. Located in Miami, prefer local sale. Will ship international at buyer's expense. I accept cash. I can also accept a credit card/PayPal payment with a 3% transaction fee. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Email me off the forum for a faster reply. Ozzie@silverafilm.com
  21. Hi, I Sell Steadycam Zephyr package. - Sled Zephy HD - Bras Flyer LE (11kg) - Veste Flyer LE - Century tripod - weights - key allen - Cables SDI (2X) - Dock - Flycase STEADICAM 9800$ without shipping Location PARIS teva.vasseur@gmail.com +33 6 80 78 86 34 www.disquetteprod.com
  22. I'm selling a customized Steadicam Ultra 1 : Standard: - 4 section telescoping Carbon Fiber Post (24-71") - 12V/24V - All No-Tools - Tilt Head - Frame Lines Generator - 5" Green Screen 16:9 Monitor Customized Extras: - Extra direct HD line (HD SDI) (additional tiny HD coaxial cable 75 Ohm inside the post. BNC connector on top and bottom of the sled.) - Additional 2 wire cable inside the post (Cinch connector on top and bottom of the sled. Could be exchanged to a Lemo or any other connector easely. I used it for Tally) - V-mount Plate Modification (The V-mount plate can easely be removed and it works with the original Ultra 24V batteries again, or you can exchange the V-mount to an AB plate) - Adapter Plate for 24V with two batteries - Modified Fracolizer system. (It has a battery plate mounted. So you can attach a third battery on the bottom of the sled. The Fracolizer plate can be adjusted for and aft or being removed completely. It has a Lemo FHG.2B.303 connector which you can plug in the HS connector on the lower right side of the sled. The sled has a built in switch with which you can turn the third battery on or off thru the HS connector. What will you get: - Ultra 1 HD Sled with extra wiring and customized options - 5" Ultra green screen CRT 16:9 monitor with CG-balanced monitor bracket and bubble (an LCD monitor can be replaced easely if you prefer the non-green way - I mostly used my Transvideo, see picture) - Sled-to-Monitor cable - Modified Fracolizer System - Long Dovetail Camera Plate - Ultra Dynamic Spin and Docking Bracket and two docking rings - Docking Ring for the Hill Balancing Bracket (if you already using it or intend to do) - Original sled hard case (with wheels) Asking price is EUR 19'500 or USD 25'500 This sled is not a regular Ultra sled. It is more a regular Ultra sled with all the bells and whistles of today's needs added. Everything is located in Zurich Switzerland. You can stop by and have a look at the rig anytime. You can pick it up or I will ship it anywhere (add shipping cost). Thank you for your interest. Lukas ( Transvideo, Recorder, Batteries and ALEXA are NOT included! ;-) )
  23. As more and more HD digital cinema cameras are trickling out, so too is the market growing for accessories and tools to work with those cameras. Inevitably, the question of backwards compatibility and multi-use comes up: does that onboard recorder receive SD? SDI? What tools do I need to make it work as many places as possible? Since I get a few questions from time to time (and I seem to be the resident geek, what with Afton working and being a Dad and all), I thought I'd write up a small primer. Let's start in the past: the film cameras you're (probably) accustomed to working with had a video tap that gives analog video, or composite video. Read the following if you're a REAL nerd: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Composite_video Composite video is an analog signal, as in it's a modulated video signal carried over the cable from camera to your monitor. As a modulated signal, it's susceptible to attenuation, noise, interference, etc. Otherwise, the signal itself IS the video. Since it attenuates over distance, often times weak signals were amplified by adding a video distribution amplifier to "beef up" the strength of the signal. As the wiki article says, let's called this CVBS. Now, we have all these fangled HD digital cinema cameras, and usually their monitor or video outputs HD (some cameras don't have a specific "MONITOR" feed, so we just tap one of the video outs). Now, the camera itself is digitizing the image, sending the video to internal storage as well as video outputs. They come out in a format called HD-SDI. HD-SDI is digital signal, in that it is not a modulated signal like CVBS, but rather a stream of data whose signal constitutes a transmission of images. To use a household analogy, your old school telephone line is an analog signal. Your internet connection, ethernet cables, etc are a digital signal. So, HD-SDI signal carries an HD video image, and connects to an HD-SDI input on a monitor, recorder, or some other bulkhead jack with a receiver in mind. To any receiver not expecting a serial digital interface signal, it won't know what to do it and disregard the signal. Likewise, to any receiver expecting a modulated signal, be it NTSC, PAL or SECAM, it won't know what to do with an SDI signal and ignore it. Now, for some confusion: SDI, being a digital signal, can carry standard definition much like it can carry high definition. The signal carries less data, but it's a digitized signal all the same. Lots of accessory manufacturers sell things and say, "Yes, our product transmits/records/handles SD as well as HD!" Technically, they're not wrong. Yes, that device does transmit/record/handle standard definition, but they handled it in a digital format: NOT CVBS. Their product is already set up to handle a digital interface, regardless of the resolution. What their product is generally not set up to do is handle an analog signal (unless they specifically say that it does). Most of us think of our world in HD or SD: HD means HD-SDI and SD means CVBS. What we're thinking of is 2 different technologies, but in our heads, it's just a video feed. Many accessories out there will say, "Yes, we do SD!" and we think it to mean "Sweet, I can use this on my film camera jobs with an SD video tap as well as my Alexa jobs!" IT DOES NOT. Products I've seen that are misleading in this way include: Decimator MD-DUCC - Specifically says it cross-converts SD to HD, HD to SD, HD to HD, SD to SD... but in actuality, it only does all those cross conversions in SDI. Yes, it still has HD to SD down-converting, but even I made the mistake thinking it would convert CVBS to HD-SDI. Nope. Atomos Samurai - a few operators have told me that the Atomos people have told them it records SD. Again, that's correct... it records standard definition when inputed as SDI. No, it does not demodulate an NTSC analog signal, convert it to digital and then store it. Switronix Recon - I think a few operators bought one, expecting it to transmit SD. Yes, it transmits SD-SDI, but not CVBS. To my knowledge, one of the few transmitters I know that transmit CVBS and HD-SDI is the Boxx Meridian. Just some thoughts to keep with you this Christmas shopping season, as well as going into this digital future we're facing. If you're considering buying a tool or accessory, and it has anything to do with the video signal, MAKE SURE you ask the sales rep to distinguish if it works with CVBS, SD-SDI and HD-SDI. p.s.- I kinda hate the new post editor. What does it leap back 5-10 words randomly when I hit backspace!?!
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