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  1. Hello All, Im finally making the big move on my first FF device. Im really only interested in the Digital series of the Bartech, V2 receivers specifically. So analogue kits are off the list. I'd consider Heden Carat kit as well. The more rounded out the kit is with start stop cables, gear wheels, etc the better. Im in the LA area, and I come to SF frequently and work in NM occasionally. Thanks, JB
  2. HANDSET AND MOTORS - 2 channel Bartech Handset with Iris slider 2x Digital fSTOP 2.1 Bartech receiver with short 90 degree antennas. 2x Heden M21VE-L Digital motors with 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8 Gears CABLES - MOTOR 3 x 7pin digital motor cables (2+1 backup) POWER CABLES 1 x 3pin Arri power 1 x D-tap power 1 x PRO power cable RUN/STOP CABLES - 1 x Arri 3 pin 1x RED Epic 1x C300 2x Panavision with 24V inline Regulator power/run stop 2x Arri 11pin Fischer power/run stop ACCESSORIES - 3x Aluminium Handset rings 3x Plastic Handset markup strips Spare 900Mhz antennas - 2x short straight 2x short 90 degree 2x long range 1x Stubby handset $5700 OBO Email for more info and photos cameraworksvr@gmail.com
  3. For sale, a G-zoom + Bartech+Heden bundle! G-zoom, almost new, "Custom" edition, comes cabled for Fuji/Canon broadcast zooms, and ready to be adapted for a variety of focus controls, and a small Pelican for storage. Bartech focus adapter cable included in the kit. (Go to G-zoom.com for more adapters for zoom and focus control). Was sized for a Steadyrig gimbal (1.1875 inches), so with some gaff tape, it will easily fit gimbal handles with a smaller diameter...so if you've got a 3a, EFP, or PRO gimbal, you can make it work. Bartech Analog RX -- nothing fancy, just works, and works well. Comes with PRO mounting hardware, and a variety of power cables (not pictured): (1) PRO Cam Power to Bartech (1) Pro Vid/Focus Power to Bartech (1) D-tap to Bartech Heden M28VP analog focus motor -- used, but solid. Comes with 19mm collar, 15mm adapter, a .8 gear, and 3"motor cable, 1.5" motor cable, and a 1" motor cable with a 90 degree plug. (I also have .6,.5,.and.4 gears that are originally for M21/26 motors, but with some modifications, can be used with this motor. Ask me for details). I'm looking for $2650 OBO for the whole deal. I'd like to sell this as a package if possible, but drop me a line if you're interested in parts, that could be a way to go as well. Thanks for looking, let me know if you have any questions! Beau
  4. Used Heden Motors - Perfect shape - Perfect Function - clean - Excellent Condition - ALSO BRAND NEW UNITS AVAILABLE Also for sale BRAND NEW HEDEN MOTORS - Complete kits with - 4 snap-on gears, modules 0.8 - 0.6 - 0.5 - 0.4 and inserts for 19/15 mm and 5/8 inch rods and mounting bracket - PRICE IS: less than $1999.00 + Shipping / CUSTOMS USED Motor M26VE - $1650.00 + shipping USED Motor M21VE - $1630.00 + shipping USED Motor M21VE-L - $1660.00 + shipping ALSO FOR SALE - MISC. Preston and Bartech RUN/Stop cables - 15mm - 3" long - lightweight INSERT RODS - great for extension or hard to get to lenses when mounting FIZ Motors - 15mm Mini Rod - "DOG BONE" Mounting Bracket - great for extension or hard to get to lenses when mounting FIZ Motors - This bracket allows you offset or adapt your motor mounting. This is handy for getting the motor into those awkward places. Available with adjustable handles. SEE PICS EMAIL DIRECT: TIM@CINOFLEX.COM
  5. A reluctant sale of my Bartech remote focus kit. I'm selling my entire steadicam kit with a change of direction for my work so it's all up for grabs. This is a very complete kit that can go to work right away. HedÈn M28VP with .4 .5 .6 .8 gears M-One with .4 .5 .6 .8 plus spares (plus extra wide .8 gear) HedÈn M26P (this is the older style horizontal motor, nice back up if nothing else) Aaton to BFD power Aaton camera run Panaflex to BFD power+camera run Glidecam BFD power 4 x motor cables Right angled motor cable BFD to BFD piggyback short BFD to BFD piggyback long Dtap and 4 pin XLR power cables 24v Arri / Movicam power / run cable Arri 12V to BFD power Red camera remote run Data cable / hard wire for backup in case of interference. 2 x butterfly clamps to hold focus / iris units together. 2 x neck straps Case Extra white marking strips PHOTOS: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pho/5611631928.html $5500 Kind of bummed to sell this kit but I don't use it so time to let it go. It's pretty bloody rock solid and has never let me down. I spent an enormous amount of cash on this kit, feels like a crime to let this go but such is life! Thanks.
  6. Dear Collegues Up for sale is my trusty Chrosziel GENIO Wireless follow focus system by Christian Betz. This is the 2 ch version, it comes in almost pristine conditions with lens gears, cables and 2 Heden M26P motors. Everything in case. Item is located in Italy but willing to shipping worldwide; buyer pays for shipping charges or must arrange for pick up. Buyers are welcome to come and try the system out themselves, eventually collect it directly here. Price is either € 4.500,00 or $ 4,900.00 but i'm open to negotiate a bit for a quick sale. Please feel free to get in touch for any further information.
  7. Digital 2 Channel Bartech Handunit (BFD Systems) w/ Heden M26VE Motor and F Stop 2.1 Digital Transmitter For Sale (Almost Brand New): Sale Price: $3750.00 USD (Including Shipping) RRP: $5700.00+ USD Almost brand new condition, barely used. Iris slider installed and calibrated, comes with 2 x Lemo Power Motor Cables, 2 x Dtap Transmitter Motor Cables and Red Epic/Dragon Rec/Run Lemo Cable (RRP: $250) All complete in a custom laser cut Pelican Storm case. If you're interested, please contact me via email: liamgilmour@gmail.com Thanks for looking.
  8. I've decided to sell off a considerable amount of excess film equipment that i have clogging up the shelves. Almost every item is in perfect condition. All reasonable offers considered! Photos of every item available on request via email (sorry too many images to post here) Sachtler 7+7 Studio II Head: Sale Price $3200.00 AUD (plus GST) RRP: $3500.00 USD (via Alan Gordon or Visual Products) Good conidition, typical signs of use but the head works perfectly and looks great. Comes with Aerolyte style flight case, Pan Handle, Front Box Mount/Adapter. Digital 2 Channel Bartech Handunit (BFD Systems) w/ Heden M26VE and F Stop 2.1 Digital Transmitter: Sale Price: $5,800.00 AUD (plus GST) RRP: $7,850,000 AUD (plus GST) Almost brand new condition, barely used. Iris Slider installed comes with 2x Lemo Power Motor Cables, 2 x Dtap Receiver Motor Cables and Red Epic/Dragon Rec/Run cable (RRP: $350). All complete in a custom Pelican Storm laser cut case. Miller 100mm DS30 Bowl Tripod Head and 2 Stage Legs (Mid Level Spreader) w/ Flight Tube. Sale Price: $2000.00 AUD (plus GST) RRP: $4000.00 AUD (plus GST) Great condition head and legs, everything working perfectly. Included in the sale is, 1x 100mm 2 Stage Legs w/ Mid level spreader, 1x Miller DS30 Head (100mm bowl), 1x Tie Down, 1x Camera Snap Plate, 1x Pan Handle, 1x Miller Flight Tube. Blackmagic Design HDMI - SDI signal converter - Built in battery model w/ Dtap Power cable. Sale Price: $100.00 (plus GST) RRP: Over $250.00 (plus GST) Great condition HDMI to SDI Signal converter w a Dtap Power Cable included. Chrosziel MB840 3 Stage Swingaway Mattebox (Can be configured as LW15mm, Studio15mm or Studio 19mm w/ adapter) Sale Price: $1500.00 (plus GST) RRP: $3000:00 (plus GST) Perfect condition, very minor signs of use. 2 x PV size (4.565) trays and 1x138mm Circular Rear stage. This mattebox can be fitted with additional accessories to run from either studio15mm or studio 19mm rails. The mattebox swings away from the lens for easy lens changes. This is definitely the most professional mattebox Chrosziel have released in my opinion. Redmote (Suitable for Red Epic/Dragon/Scarlet) Sale Price: $275.00 (plus GST) RRP: $650.00 (plus GST) Perfect condition, almost never used, comes in hard 'Red' black plastic case. Note: GST or Goods and Services tax is set at 10% of the purchase price and is applicable only if sold within Australia. Note: All items are based in Melbourne, Australia and are available for pickup. Shipping can be arranged. Thanks for viewing, any enquiries can be made here or to liamgilmour@gmail.com Cheers
  9. For Sale are 4 Heden Motors (M26PT, and 3 M26P), as well as 2 FMG.6 Motors #1 – Heden M26P (SN: 86493 ) - $950 #2 – Heden M26P (SN: 20334 ) - $950 #3 – Heden M26P (SN: 90190 ) - $950 #4 – Heden M26PT (SN: 81107 ) - $950 #5 – MK-V FMG.6 (SN: 06919 ) - $650 #6 – MK-V FMG.6 (SN: 04719 ) - $650 M26P Motors come with 2 5-Pin cables, bracketry, and 3 pitch gears. M26PT Motor comes with 1 7-Pin motor cable, bracketry, and 3 pitch gears. FMG.6 Motors come with 2 cables, mounting brackets, and 4 pitch gears. Tanner tannerocarlson@gmail.com 5039191053 text preferred
  10. Hello fellow Steadicam and Gimbal Ops, I own a Heden M21VE-L that is up for sale or trade. I would preferably like to trade it for an inovativ cart for my MoVI. Motor is like new in original plastic. The M21VE-L is the successor to the M21VE and has significantly higher torque, but is the same size.
  11. hey yall i have been loving and using heden motors for quite some time, as well as Preston DMs, but recently was thrown a Betz motor and liked that the cable could run flush with the motor itself, just keeping it more streamline and less poking out at anything. i didnt have a chance to put it through the paces, so i dont have a good sense of its capabilities when it comes to bigger lenses, tight barrels, cold days, etc. Does anyone have any notes or experience with these? I am in the market for 3-4 motors and would consider throwing one in the mix, but frankly Id be very happy to go with Heden again. Ive gone through the forum and theres little to nothing on these. Any experience using these motors with a CMotion, Chrosziel, or Preston that would entice or dissuade me from using? Also, any idea of price? And are the only serviced in Germany? Also, how does the M21VE-L perform? A thread was started but with no responses. If I get some more Hedens, itll probably be 1xM26 & 2xM21, but would entertain the L for an Iris motor or slick barrels. Is it just a smaller M21VE? have a good one! brett.
  12. Hi there, i'm selling my much loved and well maintained steadicam ultra 1, with preston (2) remote focus this is a complete kit ready to go. the arm has been serviced recently with new springs. each joint has been replace in the last 5 years. i will take some detailed photos asap. Kit includes: steadicam ultra sled arm, vest 3 channel preston, handset (2)\, three x motors, digital microforce, mdr, 3 x batteries )new cells 8 x IdX batteries (v- lock) cables = motor, power, bnc's etc (with back ups) teradek bolt 1 x tx, 2 x RX cases for everything. i'm in the process of writing up a complete inventory. - there's a load of stuff. if you would like to see photos i can email. cheers, dave
  13. Hey guys, Is there anyone stateside that will service the M28VP's? I was planning on sending mine to Heden in Sweden but I of course would prefer to explore more local options. It's getting louder and is just needing some TLC to bring it back to optimum performance. -Nick
  14. Heden M21VE in Like-New Condition. Barely Used. Asking $1600. Includes: M21VE Motor 15mm Stepdown .8 Pitch Gear For use with multiple Lens Control Systems. Super Light Weight. Great for Gimbal and Steadicam Use. Picture to Follow. Message me if interested. MoVI | Ronin | Jib | Preston | C-Motion | WCU | FIZ
  15. Red Rock MicroRemote - Asking $2200 - (1) Wireless Base Station - (1) Hand Unit - (1) Torque Motor - (1) Finger Control with "Collins" Clamp for Universal Application - (3) Blank Marking Discs - (2) Motor Cable - (1) 2-Pin Lemo to D-Tap Power Cable - (1) Direct Drive Cable Also For Sale - Heden M21VE Motor Asking $1600 This is an amazing combo for Steadicam / Jib / MoVI / Ronin / Gimbal Use - Digital lens control system. Battery Compartment has been adapted with velcro for quick swap (will include original screws). Has great range and is very resistant to radio interference (X-Bee, used it in Barclays for a concert with no problem). Pictures to follow. Message me if you are interested.
  16. Comprehensive 3 Channel Preston Wireless Follow Focus System. All items owned from new, all original G4 (not upgraded G3 units). Can negotiate on type of motors included, or any extras. (brackets, etc) I also have a Preston Single Channel MDR G4 (VLC) available if you are interested. HU3 Handset has some surface scratching from normal use. MDR, DMF, RMF all very clean - see photos. As listed below new would cost over $35 000. Asking $25 000, available immediately. Will ship anywhere in the world by negotiation. PM any questions, etc. No time wasters please. System includes: Handsets & Controllers: 1 x MDR2 G4 (3 Channel Motor Controller) 1 x HU3 G4 (Handset) 1 x RMF G4 (Radio Microforce) 3 x Heden M26VE Motors (incl full gear sets) Misc Cables: 1 x Firmware Update Cable 1 x HU3 - DMF Cable 1 x 30’ Command Cable 1 x HU3-RMF Cable Power Cables (Total 9) 1 x 3 Pin XLR 24V PV 3 x P-Tap 12V (Red, Generic) 2 x 11pin Fisher 12V (Arri Film) 1 x 3pin RS 24V (Arri Film, Alexa, Amira) 1 x 2pin PV 24V (Panavision) 1 x 3pin PV 12V (Panavision) Command (Run) Cables (Total 11) 1 x 3pin RS Power/Run Y COMBO Cable (Arri Film, Alexa, Amira) 1 x 3pin RS (Arri Film, Alexa, Amira) 1 x Fisher11 (Arri Film Cameras) 1 x Hirose (Sony F5, F55) 2 x BNC - 1 X Male, 1 X Female (Red Scarlet, Epic, Dragon) 2 x Red One 2 x Panavision Genesis 1 x Panavision Film Cameras Motor Cables (Total 9) 3 x Straight / Straight 3 x Straight / Right Angle 3 x Right Angle / Right Angle Brackets, etc 1 x Spare MDR2 Antenna 1 x HU3 Handgrip 1 x HU3 Handgrip Blank Plate 4 x 19mm-15mm Step Down Collets 3 x 19mm-PV Step-Down Collets 4 x Pre Marked Focus Discs (A/B/C/D) 5 x Blank Focus Discs 2 x Standard Batteries 2 x High Capacity Batteries 1 x Sony Battery Charger 1 x Travel Charger (AC/DC, can charge from car socket) 1 x 19mm-15mm Dogbone Bracket with 15mm Rod 1 x 3MB-5 Extended Reach Bracket for Heden Motors 1 x Element Technica Vlock Quickclamp 1 x Element Technica Vlock MDR2 Spider Bracket 4 x Cable Pouches 1 x Custom M2700 Storm Case Ben R 1AC
  18. Hi, I have a complete Scorpio kit to sell, great condition (second owner - both were camera assistants); 3 Heden motors - cables, brackets and backups listed below. Works flawlessly, has been fully revised by Cramped Attic from Vancouver in may 2014, the front glass has been changed. 10 000 usd + shipping fees (ships from Montreal, Canada). If you have any question, please contact me at christian@nouba.com, or 514-235-3008. SCORPIO KITHand Unit Motor Driver box ( MDR) Remote Iris Iris motor Focus motor Zoom motor 10 discs 4 NP-QM71D batteries 2 NP-FM50 batteries 1 BC-VM10A charger 1 strap 1 plastic pouch 1 transport bag 1 transport case 2 Lemo 5 pins to Lemo 7 pins long cable ( 1x 25’’ and 1x 10’’) for remote to MDR 1 Lemo 6 pins to lemo 6 pins long cable for remote Iris 1 case with back-ups: 2 x antennas new 2 x antennas used 3 x Pouches : 2 x motor cables Lemo 7 pins ok 1 x motor cables Lemo 7 pins (1 x 90o connector) 2 x power cable ARRI Lemo 3 pins to Fisher 3 pins 1 x cable ON-OFF Lemo 12 pins to Fisher 3 pins 2 x cables ON-OFF Panavision Lemo 12 pins to Lemo 5 pins male / 5 pins female 1 cable ON-OFF AATON Lemo 12pins to Lemo 6 pins (90o) 1 cable ON-OFF ARRI Fisher 9 pins to Lemo 12 pins 1 cable ON-OFF SONY Lemo 12 pins to hirose 12 pins 1 power cable 12V ARRI Lemo 3 pins to Fisher 11 pins 1 power cable AATON Lemo 6 pins to Lemo 3 pins (90o) 1 power cable Pana Lemo 3 pins to Lemo 1 pin male/1 pin female 1 cable Ramping ARRI Lemo 12 pins to 2 Fisher (535,435,SRIII) 4 sides long bracket 5301 1 PVN bracket 1 SVS-PAN 5325 bracket 1 FD 5305 bracket 1 5302 bracket 2 mini brackets 5 reducers 19mm to 15mm (imperial-gold) 2 reducers 19mm to 15mm (metric-blue) 3 reducers 19mm to 15mm (black) 2 rods 1’’ ½ 1 rod 3’’ ½ 1 rod 4’’ 1 rod 5’’ Spare gear for Focus motor Spare gear for Iris motor Spare gear for Zoom motor
  19. Hi there, I have a Digital Bartech for sale with a Heden M21 Motor. Here is an itemized list: 1. BarTech Focus Device (BFD) Handset (1) S/N #T1.1279 (The Hand Unit has been modified with a 3/8ths mount on the top and reinforced Lanyard mount) 2. fStop Wireless v2.1 BarTech Receiver (1) S/N #1142 3. Heden M21VE-L Motor (1) S/N #3122 4. 916 MHz 1/4 Wave 3 1/8" Long Antenna for Handset (1) (double yellow) 5. 900 MHz 1/4 Wave Antenna for Receiver (2) (single yellow) 6. Long Range Handset Antenna from DigiKey (2) (double yellow) 7. Long Range Receiver Antenna from DigiKey (1) (single yellow) 8. 2 Pin Lemo to PTap Power Cable (1) 9. 8 Pin Digital Motor Cable 10. Custom Y Cable Single 2 Pin Lemo Female to Double 2 Pin Lemo Male (allows you to power to digital Bartechs from one cable) (2) 11. Aluminum Bartech Marking Rings (16) (They pressure fit smoothly but I will include a couple screws if you like to screw them down, there are two holes on the hand unit to screw down the discs one of them is stripped one of them is good) $544 worth of rings (sold new for $34 US each) 12. Shapeways Plastic Slip on Marking Rings (12) (These rings also pressure fit, they were custom made through shapeways) $120 worth of rings. $ No reasonable offer refused, Best offer takes it $ Buyer pays for shipping. Please email me if your interested mike @ mikeheathcote.com Thanks!
  20. 1 Bartech remote control 2 Bartech analog receivers 1 M-one motor 2 Heden M26P motors, one with offset gears 1 bracket for mounting the Heden motors 1 bracket for mounting the receiver to 15mm or 19mm rails Assorted cables Reduced price for a quick sale the pic shows 3 motors and two brackets but they have been sold. I do not want to part out the rest of this kit if at all possible. David Flint 310.487.2000 theflintfarm@yahoo.com Feel free to text or email anytime. I am in Manhattan, New York City
  21. Hi looking for any jerry hill brackets. Many thanks x.
  22. Last post :) interested in up to two Heden motors. thanks.
  23. For sale - wireless FI&Z Cmotion Cvolution - Excellent condition (seldom used) 1 - Camin 4M/L 1 - Cvolution slider (iris) 1 - Basic knob 1 - Cvolution zoom-unit 1 - Cvolution zoom handle 1 - Cdisplay II 2 - Heden M26VE motors (focus and zoom) 1 - Heden M21VE motor (iris) 4 - Motor cables 3 - Batteries and charger 1 - Case 1 - Cfastener 1 - Cfast vlock 1 - Cfast czoom 1 - Universal motor bracket extension 2 - Fischer power cables (Arri) 1 - Power tap cable 12 - Marker rings (focus) 5 - Iris Marker strips (iris) 1 - Cfast-cdisplay (flexible fastener for cdisplay II) 1 - Clamp III (connects cdisplay to hand unit) 3 - CBUS cables - long, short, helix 1 - Shoulder strap Will consider including one Arri CML-3 motor in place of one of the Heden M26VE motors. Will also consider selling Cdisplay and its accessories (Clamp III, Cfast-cdisplay) separately. Please email offers.
  24. WANTED: - Heden M26T Motor & 19mm Bracket for M-One - Bartech Wireless Follow Focus (Analog or Digital) - Bartech BUZ (Bartech Utility Zoom) - Loon (Loonworks) M-One Motor Contact: hitfilmproductions@gmail.com OR 830-448-3456
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