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Found 7 results

  1. Hi It may be a topic that has been asked before, but I hope to get an answer here anyway. I have been working as a film photographer for 10+ years and have now decided to start my next chapter up, going into the Steadicam world. I have used Steadicam very limited before, but have an idea about it. I have the opportunity to attend the Gold workshop this summer, which I will do. But I would also like to go out and invest in my own equipment. My question then is whether Steadicam Zephyr is a place to start, or whether it will limit me so much from the start that it's better to wait until the savings are big enough to go all-in? There is, for me, a big difference between going out and buying a Zephyr for 12.000$, rather than an M2 for 47.000$. It would probably take me a year or two to get that money set aside at the moment and I would like to get started now. I currently shoot a lot at Arri Amira, Arri Alexa Mini, various RED, Canon C500mkII etc. and that is one of the things that worries me about Zephyr. Is it a bad choice to start with if you know you want to fly movie cameras and not DSLR at all? I am aware that there is a limit to the weight, but your experience says that it will be an eternal headache with a weight limit of 10.4 kg, or is your impression that the most cameras will gradually become so light that it can actually be done In most cases? Zephyr is gradually becoming an older system, does anyone know if there is anything newer on the way in the same class that it makes more sense to wait for? Here are a few of the perhaps stupider questions: - When it says that Zephyr can carry 10.4 kg. So is it with everything that is on the pole? Camera with all accessories, monitor, batteries, etc. or is that what you put on top, ie camera with accessories? - in several places there is disagreement about whether the cabling inside the pole is powerful enough to power cameras like Arri. Does anyone have a clear answer to that. If I buy extra battery mount so I have 2 batteries on each minimum 150Wh, is that possible or is there a limitation? --- summary, is Zephyr a good place to start for the above cameras and with limited experience with Steadicam, but in return for intending to use it professionally and eventually upgrade to a larger rig? I hope you will take the time to answer my many questions, so I make a sensible choice and get started on this exciting world. The best greetings Sebastian
  2. Hey all, I've been operating for almost 8 months now and this is my first post here. I'm tasked with flying the Arriflex SR3 on my Zephyr and I know I have to get some attachments to be able to do that. From my understanding I need a second battery plate with the ability to switch between serial and parallel in addition to cable adapters for the camera. However, when I searched Tiffen for any official 2nd plate for Zephyr I couldn't find any. I've been scouring the forums to find anything of use and I've found some stating that the Zephyr is able to fly 24V with some attachments, since everything else is already wired in - but that's pretty much it. Is there anywhere else I could find a suitable plate and is there anything else I am missing? Please correct me if I'm wrong and hit me with your wisdom. Thanks.
  3. Hey all, Glad to be a part of this forum. I'm new to Steadicam and have been practicing with my Flyer for a couple months now. I use a GH4, to an Atomos H2S, to a Decimator 2 from which I have to drop the power line down to the batteries on my bottom stage. The reason for this is that when I first purchased a Decimator, I had a lemo to 4x P Tap port/splitter from Alvin's cables that I thought would come in handy in the future. Plugging that into my top stage, and then the Decimator into one of the 4 ports via DC to P Tap, i shorted the Decimator. Smoke poured, and examining the inside of the Decimator I can tell I burnt it pretty bad. So I thought for sure, that splitter must have been the problem, maybe it was the polarity. Luckily I had bought that one second hand and just bought another one new, along with the Nebtek DC to lemo from B&H made for the Decimator. Problem is, when I plugged my new Decimator into the top stage of my Flyer with this Nebtek cable, I heard a pop again and quickly unplugged the cable. Very slight smell of smoke again but I managed to save my Decimator and have been using it with no problem. For learning and practicing I don't have too much of a problem dropping that power cable, but at this point I am afraid the issue lies with my actual Steadicam and the lemo power port. I'm hesitant to plug anything else into that port until I can figure out what the issue is, and hoping someone on here can point me in the right direction. It is worth noting that I also bought the Flyer secondhand from someone on Craigslist and haven't been able to verify with them if they had any issues with the rig. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  4. Hello, looking to Frankenstein a Steadicam Ultra Arm I bought used and serviced with Mr. Luna. The arm didn't come with an arm-to-vest socket block so I need to buy one or make one. I have a Proline Vest which has the same connector size as the GPI Pro vest. The post is .750" and I need .625" to fit my Proline sled gimbal. And I would like the option to have one long post that I can adjust for different subject's heights. Thoughts or ideas? I attached photos of the arm.
  5. Hello, I'm Quaid Cde Baca, a camera operator out of LA. Primarily a camera operator working on narratives and a newbie steadicam op, I also camera operate for Larry King Now, and am an editor for a Rolling Stone feature documentary. I will be in Ireland for 3 weeks July 20 - August 10. I would love to jump on a project as a PA or to at least help out in anyway to become familiar with the film industry in Ireland (with aspirations to make a move out to the UK for to wor)k. Will anyone will be in the area at the time? I would love to help out on set or buy you a drink and talk about film and camera/ steadicam stuff. Thank you for your time, Quaid Cde Baca +1(949) 412-7153 Quaidcdebaca.com
  6. Hello everybody! I would like to present myself, my name is Csaba Bajcsi, I recently finished the Steadicam course at NFTS under the supervision of David Crute. I am now in search for any opportunity to build my experience, to assist or shadow someone. If you have any idea for me, please get in touch. Thank you!
  7. Hi, I am an Engineer/Researcher at NASA Langley in Virginia and i very recently won a Steadicam kit in a government equipment auction. It was in a lot with several Sony cameras (DSR300AL,DXC3000A) which I plan to resell. AND, I thought it was just a couple of tripods for the cameras in a nice padded case. I get the lot home and packed very nicely in layers of notched out foam is a bunch of "Steadicam" components {vest, monitor, gimbal....}. These are some incredibly nice components. I am in the aviation industry and know good engineering, machining and materials when I see it. I see "Tiffen" and "Steadicam" all over the case and components so I googled a couple of videos of it in action and then find this forum. I got to admit it I am overwhelmed and inpressed by this group and industry in general. I am a sucker for things that are high tech AND require special skills/training, like Aviation. I am primarily a still photographer and not sure this will do much for me but sure looks like nice suff. It seems to be used entirely for video/film photography, correct? Would it help for air-to-air photography? So I am asking for help because I am a total newbie with this equipmkent. I wasnt even sure where to post this. (Please re-direct me if it is not the place to ask). I need to 1) to figure out what I have and 2) figure out If I am equiped to utilize it properly. If not, 3) figure out what the value is and how can I sell it. I couldnt find a model that exactly matched on the steadicam.com site. Everything looks in brand new condition. I found some paperwork with at 2005 date. It is a "Certificate of Compliance" from Tiffen to B&H photo. It has serial numbers for Arm, Sled, Vest, & Monitor. The model number written in is [sC721 SK-2 AB "NTSC"]. Couldnt find a match for these numbers. The vest (and case) is blue/black nylon type material that is well padded with a waist/hip pads and an aluminum chest piece that the straps clip into. It looks to be a carbon fiber tube with a red aluminum grip below the gimbal. I managed to put everything together like I saw in the videos and tried it on. Amazingly smoth gimbal action, but it wasnt ballanced well as I dont have a battery to counter the monitor. There is a very stout tripod stand to hold the whole deal and a nifty bracekt on top that I suppose you use to get the balance right. There are a bunch of nice annodized aluminum machined parts, brackets and cables. The monitor seems to be a basic monichrome display and has a minor scratch on the glass. Any help is appreciated. Does this model have a name? Does it have much value? I can answer any question and can take pictures if necessary and post if this forum is capable of it. Thanks Much Kevin Yorktown VA Jeez, sorry for the long post.
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