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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I’m selling my brand new horizon monitor system from Smartsystem. This thing keeps your monitor always in the same position even if you rotate the camera. Great for trinity or ronity ops. Or steadi ops who do a lot of dutching. It came with my Matrix Package and I just don’t find myself using it, and really could use the money right now. Truly brand new out of the case. Put it on twice to practice. Comes with all you see in the pics - weights, brackets, case + power cables that I forgot to take pics of. New price is $1600 $1100 and it’s yours I’d prefer cash & local pickup in LA, but I’m willing to ship for the cost of shipping.
  2. Hi everyone Posting on behalf of a friend: He is selling his Betz Tools Wave1 It's in very good condition. He bought it in 2017 directly from Betz Tools and he was the only operator to use it. He asks 5400 € Set includes: Betz Tools Wave1 horizon stabilizer, short universal dovetailplate, wave power cable from Betz RIG HD to Wave, original wave case Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer fees. For inquiries and questions please e-mail to kaanca78@icloud.com Cheers
  3. Hi everyone I'm selling my Betz Tools Wave1, which I had bought about a year ago. It's in a very good condition. I've used it so far on exactly 2 feature films (not even throughout each film), and a couple of daily gigs. Package includes (also see pictures below): 1.Wave1 electronical horizon stabilizing system with integrated betz tools quicklock for all standard dovetail plates 2.Original hard case and manual 3.Betz RIG HD 12V Wave1 power cable (Lemo1B > 3pin Lemo1B) 4.D-Tap 12V Wave1power cable (D-Tap > 3pin Lemo 1B) 5. Universal Dovetailplate short (18 cm / 7") Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer fees (paypal etc.) For contact please E-mail me at: info@ozzyoksuz.com I'm asking: 5500 EUR (6400 USD) Cheers
  4. Hi folks. Entertaining the possibility of getting a wave system. I asked the company if any new versions were in the works and they replied no. Although an expensive bit of gear to just have in a case for the occasional beach and windy situation. I'm thinking it will also be great in hardmount camera car work. If you got one and are looking to part with it, let me know. US preferred. Direct Message me or Text. Thanks. Ozzie
  5. Selling New Marshall Digital Horizon module V-LCD-HI. It can be used with the Marshall monitors V-LCD651STX, V-LCD70XP and V-LCD70XHB series. Price: $200 Location: New York City
  6. We are pleased to announce the arrival of Transvideo 6" Evolution3 X-SBL Enhanced monitor in our California office. The 6" Cinemonitor HD/SD Xtremely bright monitor is the brightest monitor available today with a backlight output of 2000 NITS. Of course it displays all HD standards. Transvideo anti-glare optical enhancement technology further reduces reflections and enhances contrast. The monitor can be set in 2 operating modes either for outdoor or indoor viewing. In Xtreme Bright mode, details in both the dark areas and highlights are maintained even in full sun without hood. Even when set in Xtreme bright mode, the power consumption remains very low (1.6Amp @ 12v). The basic price of the 6" CinemonitorHD X-SBL Evolution includes the Virtual Horizon2. The Virtual Horizon2 is the only electronic horizon featuring inertia/acceleration compensation and shock analyser. The sensitivity and direction are adjustable with 6 available renditions. The display can be moved anywhere on the screen. Inertia/shock compensation can be turned off. Transvideo new Cal-On-Tap is the fastest short-cut to zero calibrate the Horizon: once your rig is set, just tap on the screen or on the Transvideo logo. Cal-On-Tap can be turned off by the user. A complete family of Yokes, Bridges and Rods systems is available to fit most rigs. Contact us for a professional and friendly service! Marianne & Noel Tel: 818 985 4903 Marianne@Transvideointl.com Noel@Transvideointl.com
  7. So I looked into the AR and Omega Rev rig, and honestly, it's too much $$$ for me and my needs. I already have a Phantom V from Tiffen Steadicam, and I love it... just need a stabilzer to go from low mode to missionary and keep the camera level the entire time. Here's my question... are there any other optons and/or "poor man's" versions of the Omega Revolution (or Alien Revolution) out there...NOT the system, but just the horizon/camera stabilizer part? Non motorized, no flashy computers. I mean even 2 rings a foot in diameter, a cheeseplate to slap a camera on like the Alexa, and some skateboard wheels to keep it all horizontally stable? After seeing the AR rig being used in the Teenage Dream music video, I sorta wanted one. When I saw the price tag, I was like, "uhm, NO!" Yes, I'm sort of a newbie to all this... only operating my Phantom for 1.5 years. I'm a fast learner... my recent steadi work... Yes, I live in Los Angeles, the dslr capital of crappy inventions. NO, I don't want to spend $29,000 for an Omega Revolution that won't even fit on my Phantom V. NO, I don't want to buy an entirely new arm, post, stage, etc. like the Nexus. YES, I'll keep an extra foot free loop of bnc cable to go from camera to my Phantom stage, and use right angle bnc elbow connectors so I don't go kinking a cable or wire, or breaking a bnc cable connector on the camera or on my Phantom stage. Can someone help shed some light on this? I tried contacting John Moyer from 2 Fast 2 Furious about what he called "gyros" at 1:10 in this video... http://www.productionhub.com/video/view.aspx?item=11037 Not sure if that's the same thing as what I'm looking for (maybe John was just in Low mode the whole time). But in essence, what I want is something that looks like the Omega Revolution, non motorized, non hokus pokus... JUST something to level out the camera with gravity, and go from low mode to missionary having the camera level the entire time. Anyone have experience? Serious suggestions? Advice?
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