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  1. IDX VL-4SE 4-CHANNEL CHARGER Selling as its a spare. Full working good condition. UK Plug Located in London UK £250- (plus VAT if applicable) Can ship at buyers expense Please email jt@jonathantyler.co For questions or offers
  2. Selling this battery charger which was always a spare, bought new as part of a kit from Tiffen, Pinewood back in 2016. I used it one time when I took it out of the box and since then it has been stored. All manuals, cables and charger still has protective stickers in place. The VL-4S is a fully simultaneous 4-channel charger, housed in a high-impact, polycarbonate enclosure with a recessed power switch and carrying handle. Quick and powerful charging make the VL-4S the perfect choice for broadcast and production facilities with a high battery usage. Each channel is operated independently so batteries can be placed on charge in any order and at any time. Asking £750 ONO Portsmouth, UK. (Can arrange a meeting or drop off in London also)
  3. I'm wanting to off-load some gear I never use and some spare parts. All gear is located in Los Angles but I'm willing to ship as long as buyer pays for shipping/handling. Happy to provide an invoice for records. Here is the beginning list. There are still a few more odds and ends that I'll add within a week. Transvideo Starlite: $900 -this is the generation 1 version. I've heard you can upgrade it to be able to control Arri cameras. -lightly used, some scuffs around connection points -comes with case, BNC, power cable, cleaning sleeve Pelican 1650: $200 -never used, I purchased this in case a warranty replacement didn't arrive before a travel job. Forgot to return it before return date. New this is $245 Arri Unit Bag Medium II: $320 -Like the Pelican above, bought this as a backup plan for packing for a travel job. Never used it. Only taken out of cardboard shipping box to take photos. Tiffen 3rd Battery Mount, Slim version, V-Mount: $720 -used on my M1 sled, some visible use but overall in great shape IDX Batteries and Quad Charger: $2000 for everything -this package is used. I tried to only use these on short gigs but I've had the EHL9s, 7s, and charger since June '16. Then Cue75s were purchased in '17. All the batteries still fully charge and behave great. I had them evaluated last late summer by IDX and all received a good rating. -Endura 7s x2 total $90 each -Endura Cue75 x2 total $100 each -Endura EHL9s x8 total $150 each -IDX VL-4S Quad Charger $700 More to come. Happy to answer questions or get additional photos. Thank you.
  4. For Sale, 6 IDX Tiffen Powercubes and the 4 bank Charger with the included hard case. Batteries all fully charge and Charger is in good working order. Asking $3,000 (USD) Jon
  5. 2 x V-Mount VL-4S Simultaneous chargers – work perfectly. 8 IDX E-HL9S 88Wh 10 Amp/120w Batteries, some branded Tiffen Powercube. 3 of these have been re-celled by Ritter (July 2017, Dec 2017 and May 2018). The others are older and work but I’m sure they don’t provide anywhere near the capacity they should. Ritter charged $165 a piece plus shipping to redo these batts and I recommend them. 1 x Sharkfin to put 2 batteries on one mount Pelican 1600 padded case to hold everything and room for more. Located in Los Angeles, buyer pays shipping. $1400 OBO
  6. Hi Folks, Up FOR SALE is a complete Steadicam Master Series Package, Inc: 1 - Master Series Sled with MK-V bottom stage rebuild, HD Line through the sled and 12v/24v Power, Transvideo HD6 monitor 2 - Master Series Arm - Recently Reconditioned by Robert Luna in the USA 3 - Master Series Vest 4 - HP Video HD Transmitter 5 - 10 x IDX HL9s V-lock Batteries w/ 4 way Charger 6 - Preston MDR1/HU1 w/ 2 DM1 Motors 7 - Hardmount w/ Moy plate 8 - Matthews Stand,Jerry Hill Dock, Low Mode Bracket, Rain Covers/Hood, Other accesories This was my first Steadicam and allowed me to learn and work as an operator on small Music Clips, Corporate Vids, Short films and move on to larger TVC's, Television Series and Feature films. I see this package as a great way for someone to start as an operator. Learning and working towards bigger and better jobs. For this reason I'd like to keep it all together, however I can separate the kit if it gets it moving. Below is a more detailed description of each part and individual prices as well as pics. I'll try to list everything in as much detail as possible. It's priced to sell, but I hope its clear that this equipment was well looked after and cared for. Please contact me with any questions. Cheers! Jonathan Tyler jt@jonathantyler.co +61417428880 Sydney Australia Total Package Price $18,800 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) Shipping at buyers expense 1 - Master Series Sled with MK-V bottom stage rebuild, HD Line through the sled and 12v/24v Power, Transvideo HD6 monitor - 3 vlock battery plate - 1 large camera plate - Inc's 2 BNC Cables - Flight case $4000 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 2 - Master Series Arm - Recently Reconditioned by Robert Luna in the USA - long and short post - Carry bag $6000 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 3 - Master Series Vest - Carry Bag - Spare Clips included $1500 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 4 - HP Video HD Transmitter - Inc Dtap, Hirose, 4pin lemo and XLR Transmitter power - V-lock and AC power for Reciever - Various Spare antenna - Pelican 1620 Case $1000 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 5 - 10 x IDX HL9s V-lock Batteries w/ 4 way Charger - Pelican 1550 case $4000 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 6 - Preston MDR1/HU1 w/ 2 DM1 Motors - MicroForce, Wired Iris Control w/ cable - 4 motor cables, Arri Roll Cable, Red Roll Cable (few more old ones) - Various marking rings, brackets - Spare Arials - 3 Re-celled batteries w/ fast charger - 12/24v XLR power, 2 pin lemo power (from sled) - Flight case $2000 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 7 - Hardmount w/ Moy plate - Soft case $300 USD (+GST if sold in Australia) 8 - Matthews Stand,Jerry Hill Dock, Low Mode Bracket, Rain Covers/Hood, Other accesories - No price on this stuff as most of it goes with the sled.Or I'll negotiate as offers arrive
  7. The Steadicam Zephyr for sale is in excellent condition. I’m the original owner and have kept this Steadicam package like new showing little to no wear. The system is V-Mount and comes with everything that is needed. This kit includes a 7" TV Logic 074w monitor which I used as my main HD monitor on the rig. The Steadicam SD monitor was originally sold with the Zephyr and it served as a backup monitor. Both monitors are included with the package. There are 2 x IDX Endura 7s with dual charger that I used for lighter builds and 4x IDX HL9s with quad charger that I used for more traditional setups. Asking $8,000 OBO and buyer pays shipping. The rig is currently located in NY. There is a complete list of items included and photos of everything below. Kit Includes: Zephyr Sled Zephyr Arm Zephyr Standard Vest 2 x IDX Endura 7s IDX Dual Charger 4 x IDX HL9s IDX Quad Charger VL-4S Steadicam SD Monitor HD Monitor - 7" TV Logic 074W with custom Zephyr power cable (also includes AC power cable and monitor bracket) Thermodyne Rolling Case Docking Bracket Dovetail Balancing Weights American Steadicam Stand Low Mode F-Bracket 2 x BNC cable 12V Power cable Manual & Instructional DVD Please message me with any questions and I'd be more than happy to answer them. Cheers, Mike
  8. Selling my IDX VL2-Plus charger. VERY light use, I've been using my Quad charger. Immaculate condition. New:$250 Selling:$175 Buyer pays shipping. Located in NYC for local pickup. Thank you friends! Note: Photos upon request. Mobile isn't allowing these file sizes.
  9. Batteries are a couple years old but were only used on a few shows. Two are brand new, never used. Great “V” Mount batteries with a P Tap built in. Smart simultaneous chargers and cases. Let me know if you have any questions. Please email: Justinwat@gmail.com 12x Swit 190Wh Battery 2x IDX Endura 7s 68Wh Battery 2x IDX Quad Charger 2x IDX Dual Charger 3x Hard Case - A&J $5,750 for everything (New costs over $13,000) http://www.swit.us/s8160s-vlock-liion-bat.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/398120-REG/IDX_VAL_4SI_VAL_4SI_Endura_Lithium_Ion_Battery.html http://www.filmtools.com/idx-2-channel-fully-simultaneous-quick-charger-with-ac-adaptor-100w-vl-2splus.html
  10. Friends! In a bit of a pinch right now. Im looking to buy a V lock male plate for my Intersex plate to mount my recorder to an empty v lock battery spot. Attached a photo of what I need. I can buy them online, but they take weeks and I have a job coming up in a week. My email is rtoussieng@gmail.com Thank you so much!
  11. I am selling my two(2) IDX Camwave CW-7 transmitters with V-lock battery plates. Transmit uncompressed 422 1080p HD-SDI up to 330'(100m). They have a bit of cosmetic wear but they are in great working condition and have never had an issue. Both sets have had firmware updated by IDX to the latest version which allows the DFS mode (stronger connection) to connect and re-connect lost signal in a couple seconds instead of the original 60 second link time. Original boxes and manuals included. Range and connection compares to Teradek Bolt 300 Pro. Asking $1250 each or both sets together for $2000. Shipping included. Message me for more info and pics. nick.malcolm@icloud.com
  12. I am selling my IDX EHL 10DS Batteries with the IDX IDVL4s Charger. I am going onto a job that uses all Anton Bauer so I decided to convert. The batteries were purchased new in October 2015 and are in perfect working condition. Each battery now sells for approximately $282 and the charger sells for approximately $868 totaling $3,406. I am hoping to get $2500. Will ship anywhere in US, buyer pays shipping. Contact me at 860-237-0754 or at devinmladd@gmail.com
  13. I am regretfully selling my amazing starter sled, the Ultra 1. I am selling because I recently upgraded to a more powerful rig to eventually get the artemis trinity setup. I also am expecting a baby boy in april so I need to make some room! I bought this sled from James Baldanza a few years back and it has been nothing but great. I am looking to get $12,000 for the sled (and hard case), a steadicam stand, IDX Battery Charger, (7) E-HL9s IDX Batteries (one of which charging lights doesn't work anymore), a bunch of cables, and I am throwing in the IDX Camwave HD/SDI wireless transmitter which even though you don't see around anymore still works in a jam. The sled was recently serviced by Tiffen, I have had it upgraded with an HD/SDI line, as well as changing out the old gimbal to the new steadicam ultra 2 gimbal. There is a third battery plate on the bottom of the sled, and has three different options for battery placement for power. This sled is a super post (27" to 71") so it can go super high mode or super low mode very quickly and easily. It still has the fore/aft - left/right top stage wireless trim control which is one of the few sleds that still has this amazing option. The tilt stage works like a wonderfully and maintains dynamic balance regardless of where you want to angle the camera. I bought an HD/SDI wondland monitor to replace the super bright monitor from Tiffen because it was an older SD monitor and I wanted the HD. It is a cheaper monitor, but works wonderfully and I have rarely had a problem with the light. It can be powered off the sled or with an IDX battery on it's back. This setup also comes with three camera plates (two long and 1 short), three posts (12", 3.5" and 5"), the ultra 1 low mode handle which has been upgraded to work with this ultra 2 gimbal, a 12V power cable, arri alexa power cable, a few BNC cables, the redbyte decimator downconverter (for use with Tiffen superbright as a backup), cables for the decimator made by konash, and also power cables for MDR2 and MDR3 systems. Please feel free to call or email with any questions. Devin Ladd 860-237-0754 devinmladd@gmail.com
  14. Hello Everyone! At NAB 2014 IDX introduced the CW-3, the world'd lightest 3G-SDI transmission system priced under $2,000. If you missed us, check out what we showcased HERE. The CW-3 is now available through any authroized IDX Dealer. Thanks! Zack
  15. Hey Guys, Just wanted to share a fun battery test series we worked on with the help of EVS in Burbank. Some surprising (and in some cases not so surprising) results from these batteries. More episodes coming! I hope you enjoy and that our sense of humor isn't too offensive!
  16. Thought I would put some feelers out there before contacting MK-V directly... Anybody have an extra Dual IDX mount with 3 pin MK-V power lying around? Mine crapped out unfortunately, Mount drops power sporadically. Thanks so much!
  17. Hi, I've a Steadicam Zephyr as good as new for sale. Been use only 7-8 times. All original part included (manual, DVD, case, etc) Work with V-lock batteries (NO batteries included and NO C-stand included) I'm around Montreal, Quebec, Canada; and will ship anywhere (Shipping extra) Price : 5300 $ US Dollar Kit include : Steadicam Zephyr Camera Stabilizer (V-Lock Battery Mount, Standard Vest) Camera Mounting Chassis (sled) Telescoping Centerpost 7" LCD * SD * Monitor Iso-Elastic Arm Standard Vest V-Lock Battery Mount Docking Bracket 12V Power Cable 3' (0.9m) Lightweight BNC Video Cable Dovetail Plate Hard Case with Handle and Wheels BNC to RCA Adapter RCA to BNC Adapter EFP Instructional DVD Owner's Manual 4 x Merlin Start Weights 4 x Merlin Middle Weights Thanks, Didier
  18. For sale: Used IDX Wevi CW-5HD Cam-Wave HD Video Wireless Transmission System. Includes a transmitter and a receiver, both configured for V-Mount battery operation. Some cosmetic wear, but fully functional. $900 If interested please send a PM or an email to sales@tcsfilm.com with any questions. Pictures and serial numbers available upon request. We have multiple units available. SDI Compatibility 150' Range Low 1ms latency The transmitter can run off a V-Mount battery or function off DC power through its 4-pin XLR input Weighs only 1.8 lbs.
  19. i'm selling my much loved and very well maintained ultra 1. selling arm, vest, sled (IDX upgraded) with 8 batteries (6 x ELH9 + 4 x EL10) and 1 x (4 mount) similtainious charger + one x (2 mount) consecutive charger. purchased 2003. arm was reconditioned/rebuilt by steadicam at the start of this year. top stage was rebuilt about 3 years ago by lemac in melbourne has had light use since. one year old Ikan high nit steadicam specific monitor. gear has been well looked after and is a good looking kit. there are numerous cables, power for arri, red, sony + various accessories loads of mounting (hill) bracketry. hard mount for car/bike rigs. rig in original case - batteries, accessories, spares all in genuine pelicans. vest and arm in steadicam bags. bolt wireless Tx/Rx with 2 x receivers. i also have a preston fiz kit with three motors and micro force controller. i was going to hold onto this but would consider selling as package. the total value of all components new would be over 100k (not including preston) but i am realistic and looking for offers at this stage. please don't hesitate to ask if you have any queries, thanks, dave dave@steadicam.co.nz +6421800081
  20. Looking to build a set of IDX batts, chargers, and plates. ELH9s and CUE 150's pls email juliandela@gmail.com
  21. hey yall i have a handful of IDX batteries here, plus the charger. On the few occasions that I have used these batteries, they have preformed very well. I cant tell you how long they last, but all of them will take a full charge and preform as i would expect. The charger works very well and the case seems indestructible. 4x endura 10s 1x endura 10 1 x endura 7 (the 10 and 7 can piggy back) 1x RED brick 1x IDX VL-4S 1x A&S case Everything is in very good condition. Used, but sparingly, as I usually am on Anton Bauers. Id like to sell the whole thing for 2200 (usd) or a reasonable offer and can ship or deal locally. I am going on a road trip over Christmas, so locally would be Los Angeles, Vegas, Zion, Santa Fe, Austin, New Orleans, or Atlanta. Let me know if you are interested! feel free to email (which is best) brett. 12@brettmayfield.com
  22. Selling my VL-4S charger after switching to AB batts. In great condition, had it serviced not too long ago. Asking $500 + shipping steadihandluke@gmail.com
  23. Hi, I'm posting for a friend, who is looking to buy a Flyer Le full package. Do contact me: hia.james@gmail.com Thanks James Hia
  24. IDX wireless video package Like the paralinx but through IDX, same robust signal. Uses native HDMI connections, but comes with the paralinx crossbow HDSDI to HDMI converter, and Atoms HDMI to HDSDI converter for the receiving end for video village. HDMI or HDSDI (or any combination) you can run it with this package. Got all the bits n pieces to connect and power it too. Everything included. $1200
  25. Asking Price: $4,200 Package includes: Soft Case Collapsible Stand w/bag Docking Bracket Instruction Manual Low Mode Bracket 5/32” Hex Tool Arm and cloth bag Sled IDX V-Mount w/ NTSC monitor 12volt Monitor Remote Dove Tail Plate IDX V-Mount two battery charger 2 IDX V-Mount Batteries Vest and Socket Mount BNC Cable Camera Screws 5/16” and 3/8” Any questions feel free To ask.
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