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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! I’m Douglas and I’m a Steadi-OP who recently moved to Philly! I’m looking to connect with more operators from around my area. After what felt like an eternity, I finally bit the bullet and moved back to the US after 20 odd years of growing up in Hong Kong and Mainland China — and it’s only fitting for me to move to the birthplace of the Steadicam! (truth be told, my partner is doing her master's at UPenn and I didn’t really have a choice) I’m 2 years into my steadi-journey — I’m relatively green and have much to learn; I will humbly listen to anyone willing to teach. I’ve taken a few unofficial workshops and solo classes in China and I just did my Silver Workshop in August at AbelCine and will hopefully be taking the SOA workshop next year! (please have spots please) I recently purchased my first big boy rig (M2V/X1/EXO) and am waiting for them to arrive in the mail. To operators in Philadelphia: Hi! I’m trying to reach out to as many of you as I can privately but there is a more than likely chance that I don’t have your contact info/don’t know you are out there! (I’m sorry!) If that’s the case — please give me a shout! Leave a comment, message me on Facebook, write me an email — whatever you do, please let me know you are out there! I would love to chat more and meet all of you! Drinks are on me and I’d love to talk more in person. Please also point me to the best cheesesteak in town and explain why Wawa is such a big thing here :P To the operators (it would be great if you are in PHL/NJ/NYC) who might be interested in mentoring the younger generation: I am looking for guidance and wisdom from the experienced. I would love to shadow you for a day on set, or just buy you a cup of coffee or lunch in exchange for some of your knowledge. And if you’re just a friendly op in the US (or anywhere!) trying to make a new friend: Hi! A few have told me that I’m rather curt at times — I promise you I’m nicer than what they think :) Leave a comment or shoot me a message! I’d love to connect with all of you from this amazing community! Between the senseless lockdowns and quarantines (and those NDAs!), my reel is admittedly lackluster — and I’m dying to change that! To operators (NYC/NJ/PHL) who have passed their stage of student films/low-paying passion projects and are now turning down those calls: I would love those (for now)! If you are aware of any student films or passion projects looking for a Steadi-OP “willing to be compensated with experience or crafty” or just billing rental rates — I’m your guy! ***Just to prevent incurring the (understandable) wrath of those fighting the good fight(thank you!) for rates — I need to preface again that I’m not trying to low-ball anyone; I’m still in the process of building a more well-rounded reel and will make sure I respect the going rates once I’m past that stage/when I’m working on sets that can afford the going rate.*** Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone who actively participates in discussions in this Forum. Seeing new questions, answers, and posts constantly about the craft — whether that be technical jargon or general FAQs — make this journey feel less uncertain and much less lonely. I read most of the posts here and I’m thankful for the supportive and constructive atmosphere that everyone has cultivated here online(which is extremely rare to find nowadays); please don’t stop sharing your rig builds and answering beginner questions — I think I speak for a lot of people who are just getting into the craft that most if not all the threads on the forum/Facebook Groups are helpful in one way or another. Here’s a link to my website: www.lysdmedia.com Thanks and have a great Sunday! Fly safe and steady everyone!
  2. We will be running this 5 day introductory course in March 2017: his workshop is supported by Cretive Skillset’s Film Skills Fund and the BFI. ​ The GBCT’s 5-day Steadicam Workshop is now considered one of the best, most practical and intensive available. Participants will receive tuition of the highest standard from Guild members who are amongst the best Steadicam Operators in the world. The course will be run by two very experienced and well respected GBCT Steadicam Operators. And if time is available, other eminent and experienced Operators will come and share their personal industry knowledge and skills and tips. Please go to http://www.gbct.org/courses for more details!
  3. Here is another upcoming Steadicam information that we are running shortly: There are many reasons why working with Steadicam is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the Camera Department - and by attending this Workshop you will find out why! Using camera stabilizers and working with Steadicam needs complex techniques to be mastered so a great Operator will not be created in five days. However, we guarantee you will leave this course with the basic technical skills and knowledge of the essential current working industry practices required to become a good Steadicam Operator. Our intensive course timetable is designed around practical exercises to maximize time ‘in the harness’, with lectures and demonstrations imparting the vital information an aspiring Operator needs. Using state of the art equipment, you will receive practical tuition in the techniques for flying all current models of camera and accessories. ​ Course dates: MONDAY 9 to FRIDAY 13 JANUARY 2017 LONDON More information: www.gbct.org/courses
  4. Hello everybody! I would like to present myself, my name is Csaba Bajcsi, I recently finished the Steadicam course at NFTS under the supervision of David Crute. I am now in search for any opportunity to build my experience, to assist or shadow someone. If you have any idea for me, please get in touch. Thank you!
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