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  1. Hello, I'm selling my steadicam vest. I bought it 2 years ago as my first vest. The vest is in very good condition and has a lifetime warranty from the seller / smartsystem.com . For more info on the vest, here is the link: https://www.smartsystem.com/product/vest-lite/ located in czech republic / europe. I am asking 1600€ + shipping
  2. I am selling my Klassen Flex vest. It has a 2" drop in the arm that is set up for goofy operating. It is the 5th one made that was purchased in November of 2012. It has only been used on one 25 day shoot. It will fit someone about 190lb(86kg) "right out of the box", but Walter Klassen is very good about retrofitting vests for changing body sizes. Original purchase price was $5000 USD. Selling for $3900 USD
  3. Mint condition WK SingleShot complete kit with the 3 elastic latex strength (light, Medium, Heavy), 1 x SingleShot standard adaptor for Klassen Harness, also 1 x optional Side adaptor, 1 x soft shell bag. Used only few times. Price buying a new unit is US$2790. --Asking US$2200 OBO, buyer pays all shipping costs.
  4. Selling my like new WK Slingshot 2.0 rig. Used on one job, otherwise stored in carry bag. Has a couple scuffs from travel but otherwise brand new. Comes with all bands, soft carry bag, medium gimbal crossbar and two extension arms. Paid $4500 plus duty fees. Willing to sell in the US for $4200 plus shipping. Save yourself import and international shipping fees. Also have an xSpine adapter if interested, $200. Email me if interested and for more photos: mattfrazerphoto@gmail.com
  5. Looking for a Klassen Universal or flex. Medium sized. possibly located in the UK thanks
  6. Klassen Ibaird 4” Right Sided (regular) drop down for Gpi Pro vest for sale. Get your socket block 4” lower. Used only a handful of times- essentially new condition. Located in LA. SOLD
  7. I'm selling My Klassen Vest. It's in great shape.I'm 5' 11" and 155 pounds, and have plenty of room for adjustment. Save your back! I had a stroke, hence I wont be Steadicaming any more, so my whole kit must go.I'll even throw in a Chrosziel FOX follow focus. In Los Angeles. Buyer pays shipping. My misfortune is your gain. $4000. IMG_1556 2.HEIC
  8. Walter Klassen Slingshot 1.0 (no Vest). They have now released the 2.0 which has some updates (mainly a larger spool for elastics). I have upgraded to the 2.0 so I am now selling my original Slingshot. Comes with Light, Medium and Heavy bungees. Custom hardmount so that you can mount it directly to speedrail. New $4,365.00 usd asking $3,300 usd. Cosmetic scratches but perfect working condition. Located in Toronto, Buyer pays for shipping! Please message or email info @ horizoncamera.com. Thanks! Mike
  9. Price drop! We are selling one of our sets of Klassen wheels. Minimal use, in very good condition. Open to offers. They will control the DJI R2 or Movi gimbals. Wheels come with the Futaba transmitter... the corresponding receiver for your gimbal is not included but can be purchased online easily. In the last few months it had the internal hardware upgrade done by Klassen to the latest components (a $1,000 upgrade) which make the wheels super responsive, on the level of the DJI Master Wheels. Our used price is in USD, as these wheels were $5K USD new. As a bonus, the wheels also come with a custom 6' cable we had made by Klassen that allows for the wheels to be powered from a 4-pin 12V XLR battery source. AC power adapter, custom fitted Nanuk case, Mitchell tie down (wheels can be mounted to standard Mitchell support systems).
  10. $750 for both, like new condition. Cost $1K new. If you have an exovest this allows you to mount a Walter Klassen arm, and/or an EZrig post. Great way to use your EZ Rig with the same vest as your Steadicam (and a way better vest than the EZrig). You can just buy the EZrig post and save $$ as well. Mounts in seconds with a few screws.
  11. Looking for a Klassen Vehicle Mount. B side configuration. Thanks all!
  12. Hi there, I´m selling a Walter Klassen vehicle mount + a doughty clamp. Nearly new. Only used very few times. Scratch free. Optimum conditions. PRICE: 600€ (Transport Costs not included) Contact details: email: c.cabeceran@gmail.com phone: +34 686 073 321 web: www.carlescabeceran.com Origin: Barcelona (SPAIN)
  13. Hello All Selling my Klassen Flex Back Mounted Vest. Purchased new January 2017, In great condition. $3600 I'm 5'10'' Waist 30-32 Inches Fits my frame well. Measurements: TOP: 13 1/4" BOTTOM: 14 3/4" F/B: 10 1/4" BACK: 19 1/2" Would trade for GPI PRO Vest, as I now have two of these back mounted vests so no need for both. Based in LA and more than happy for you to test . Will.lyte@gmail.com
  14. Klassen vest has signs of wear but is in very good condition. It is a hinged vest and comes with storage bag, spare parts pouch and separate bag for the vest arm. My girlish measurements are 5'10" 200lbs. waist is 36". Asking $3000.00 plus shipping and PayPal fees. Contact me for questions at richfate02@gmail.com
  15. Hi guys, So has anyone tried and compared these vests : Walter Klassen, ActionCam Back Mounted 100lb vest, Exovest backmounted. The Exovest is a front and back mounted vest I guess, but in this case I wanted to know how is the experience with it when backmounted. Thanks! Vahe
  16. Klassen Back Mounted vest for sale. 36" waist, max. Very good condition. Includes: - Heavy Canvas Bag - Spare Parts in Heavy Leather Pouch. $2000, plus shipping and PayPal fees. Thanks, Scott
  17. Walter Klassen - Steadicam Fawcett Exovest adapter (from the klassen site): "Mount your Klassen FX Slingshot, Suspender or back mount harness carbon arm off your Steadicam Fawcett Exo-vest with this simple easy to use adapter. Made in Canada with black anodized aluminum." Used once... New they are $425 Selling for US$325 .AJ Andrew Johnson ajcam@me.com
  18. In good condition some wear and tear. Im 5'11 with a 34 waist 170lb Comes with all original replacement parts, air pump, manual, leather arm bag, pelican case USD $3500 Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance costs. Contact me at: llittee@gmail.com
  19. I'm looking for a hardmount preferably in europe. Best Ben
  20. Selling my Klassen Vest. It's been my backup vest for several years. Normal wear and tear, with a cosmetic scratch on the arm socket. It fits someone who's around 5.11" and about 180lbs. Comes with klassen vest bag, extra straps, buckles and a air pump. Asking $3000. nyc based, can ship worldwide. buyer pays shipping. thank you. email me at Yoshisteadiop@gmail.com
  21. Gore-Link / Klassen Handheld support w/ Turret for sale. Hardly Used. Complete with long and short posts and Klassen leather bags. (see photos) Sells new for USD $1475: http://shop.walterklassen.com/products/gore-link-handheld-support?variant=987697113 Selling this one for USD $1100 + shipping. email me! ajcam@me.com Andrew 'AJ' Johnson www.ajcamera.com Info from walterklassen.com: The Gore-Link handheld camera support allows you to: achieve the look and feel of a handheld shot while keeping the camera off the shoulder have an up/down booming effect using your SteadicamTM arm shoot from floor to eye level in one move Included with each Gore-Link camera support kit: one Gore-Link Handheld adapter 4” and 8” stand-off, for increased flexibility camera hook case Optional or stand alone accessory- Turret: the Turret replaces the hook on the Gore-Link to allow mounting of the camera using a dovetail plate and low-mode bracket. Key features: Quick mounting interface Left/right balancing with thumbscrew Fore/aft balancing is achieved by sliding dovetail plate in holder. Handles with multiple attachment points allow plenty of flexibility for comfort with any setup. works with both front and back mount set-up
  22. I'm selling my klassen vest. I've not used it since I sent it back to be refurbished so it's as good as new. The vest will fit a slim operator with a 30" waist. £2000. Cheers.
  23. Clearing some stuff : This vest has been collecting dust for the last 3 years, I just went back to my front mounted vest . Everything is in excellent condition. I would rate the cosmetics a 7/10. Couple of scratches from normal use, no abuse here. All pads linings are clean ( just washed them today) Vest will fit a 33/36 waist, I'm 5'11. You have also the extension to get a couple more inches at the waist. Comes in the soft transport bag from Klassen (not pictured) Only thing missing is the air pump. 25$ from Klassen . Any bike shop will get you one, no magic here. 2000$US (2300$CAN) I accept Square payments (mastercard/visa/AMEX) 100$ shipping to Canada using Canada post 120$ shipping to USA using USPS Rest of the world : will only ship on your FEDEX/UPS account. https://www.flickr.com/photos/90607088@N06/sets/72157650005055545/
  24. I am selling my Walter Klassen Back Mounted Traditional Harness Including Soft Bag, pump and sprare parts… The vest is 10 years old, but it does´t look like! My measures are: Waist circumference at hip bones: 95 cm = 37,4" Weight: 72 kg = 158 pounds Hight: 178 cm = 70" Fix price: 1500,00 Euros net, plus shipping When you are in EU, give me your VAT-ID! I am based in Munich, Germany
  25. I am selling my Walter Klassen Vehicle Mount. The Hard Mount is brand new (only one time used)! It comes with a used dolly mount (with 150 mm Bowl) and a Manfrollo Clamp. So you are prepared for nearly every mounting opportunity! I will give you a solid grip box for free! Price: Only 700,00 Euro I am based in Munich, Germany. ​Please check out conversion rate and shipping costs.
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