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Found 7 results

  1. Hi folks. Finally got around to making another run of the Silveratray. It replaces the finder on most every broadcast Sony or Panasonic camera ( WILL NOT WORK ON IKEGAMI OR GRASS VALLEY) This quick bracket allows you to slide it onto the dovetail in front of the handle and you can use it for many things. Attach a prompter monitor to it with the included MSE 1/4-20 bolt. or add a piece of velcro to the plate and put whatever you want on there, Audio receivers, MDR, you name it. I added 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes to the top of the clamp. Aluminum, Anodized, 100% made in South Florida. $160 shipped anywhere in the Continental US via USPS. Also have a few Zoom Risers available. These will sit on your gimbal handle and raises your Zoe Bebob Zoom control, also prevents marring. I've used my prototype for 10 years on live shows. Aluminum, Anodized, 100% made in South Florida $60 shipped anywhere in the Continental US via USPS.
  2. Posting for a friend who's retiring from Operating. This kit has everything needed and then some to start working on Live Broadcast immediately, has been with the original owner since purchased new and has been kept in excellent condition. Never rented, light use, G70 recently serviced/cleaned by Tiffen, all cables run through the post for a clean Live setup: Clipper 312(12V) Sled 8.4 HD Monitor 3.5"Program Return Monitor 7" CK 700 w/Anton Bauer plate backup monitor Teleprompter Monitor G70 Arm Tiffen Vest Gzoom plus spare cables Plus spare zoom control 4 Anton Bauer Dionic 90 Batts Anton Bauer Charger Tally System 2 Mohawk Fibre (SMPTE) jumper cables Triax to BNC cable adapters Various necessary (and backup) cables and tools. C Stand Monopod $35 000.00 USD Please email owner directly with any questions: Dale Johannesen dale.johannesen@icloud.com The kit is in Vancouver, Canada
  3. Used Tiffen Archer2 Sled and G50 arm with extras for sale-- $20,000 USD + Shipping Will not break up package. Located in NYC. Matt@NYSTEADI.COM Kit List: (1) Steadicam Archer2 Sled Anton Bauer with Folding Base and 700 nit Marshall Monitor (1) G50 Arm with X upgrade (2) Docking Brackets (2) Dovetail Plates (1) Low Mode F Bracket (1) 6in Arm Post (4) 1lb threaded weights (2) Monitor Power Cables (1) Live Tally Sensor and Cable (1) Tiffen Live Return Monitor (2) Return Monitor Power/Video cables Cable Package: (1) 4pin XLR (1) ARRI 24 VOLT ALEXA/FILM (1) ARRI 12 VOLT ALEXA (2) AMIRA/ALEXA MINI 24 VOLT (1) HIROSE TO FEMALE PTAP (1) RED EPIC POWER (1) RED-ONE POWER (1) DECIMATOR POWER (1) BARTECH POWER (2) MODULUS POWER
  4. Hello, My questions probably seem to be a bit noob but I want to be prepared: I have my first "Live on Tape" Gig on Thursday. It's a TV-Show. I'm new to TV stuff, I normally do fiction, so I don't really know the shooting procedures. The cam is a Sony DXC with Triax. I get a Triax adapter cable and I know how to run the cable. The chief of the broadcasting van told me, the cam would be around 12 kg (26,5 lbs). I this a normal weight for TV cam? (Unfortunately I do not have a special camera plate, so I have to use the tripod plate.) How does the shooting normally proceeds? How long is an "usual" take on TV respectively how often can you dock the rig? Any tips and tricks? Thanks in advance for some constructive answers for my newbie questions Best Regards, Oliver Waldbillig http://www.oliver-waldbillig.lu/ https://vimeo.com/120611295
  5. Several Operators have recently purchased Transvideo 5" StarliteHD monitor/recorder for their sleds. Some use it on top of the main monitor as a return monitor/recorder. Others set it up near the batteries as a recorder and as a secondary monitor. With a viewing angle of 80º in all 4 directions the Operators sees the image when turning the head around. The 5" 16/9 StarliteHD weighs only 7 oz. We have made a bracket to mount it on top of the 6" or 8" Cinemonitors (all models). The bracket weighs 3 oz and includes a slide to position the 5" StarliteHD laterally above the 6" or 8" and preserve the left/right balance. The 5" sits exactly on top of the Cinemonitor without any gap in-between. The Built-in Recorder provides on the spot playback and peace of mind. Of course the StarliteHD includes a digital Horizon and is the perfect back-up to your main monitor. Mention this post to get your discount. Marianne Exbrayat, Transvideo International (California) marianne@transvideointl.com Tel: 1 818 985 4903
  6. I have just finished a live TV, testing my new return video system : TERADEK CLIP --> (WiFi) --> iPad on board STEADICAM (with TERADEK CLIP app) It worked like a charm, so I wanted to share. Actually, I was looking for an affordable return video system, and did not want to spend 1000$ or so for just a new monitor, not mentioning video transmitter. Designed for drones, the CLIP is a WiFi video transmitter with a delay of (only) several hundreds of ms (depending of network and obstacles), while the iPad is, as everybody know, a very versatile unit not limited to my STEADICAM uses.
  7. Hi for sale is a BeBob Zoe Zoom for Canon Lens. It's well used but I only used it once. I purchased it secondhand in 2013. ​Pictures to follow in a second post because the uploader crashes my computer. £125 + postage. Many thanks :)
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