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Found 25 results

  1. Hey all! Newbie steadicam operator here! Been purchasing essential equipment for my rig and was curious whether I should get a low mode monitor! So far, I've used my regular monitor for low mode, and it has worked out with no issues, but what are the pros and cons for having a low mode monitor? Is it worth it? Will it be beneficial to my operating? And if it is essential AND beneficial, which ones do you have? Let me know your thoughts!! Thanks everyone!
  2. What do you use for your low-mode monitor? I'm flying a GPI kit and have been balancing with the Small HD 702 as my low-mode monitor in order for quick high/low transitions. I love having it there because it really does make things faster. But the 702 is abysmal in direct sunlight, and is too clunky to be practical. And also powering the dang thing via d-tap is an issue. I'm looking into the BlackMagic 5in Video Assist as a budget option, and a Transvideo Starlite 5in as a more permanent solution. A monitor that supports on board video recording is not strictly necessary, but I'm definitely leaning towards a monitor that supports that feature. The BlackMagic 5in seems alright but you have to do some surgery in order to power it properly from your sled. Any thoughts or tips on the matter would be much appreciated! Cheers, -Dan
  3. GPI Pro Fixed Monitor Arm w/Clamp and 3" Extension Priced at: $950.00 Low Mode Bracket Priced at: $150.00 Please text if interested: 760-505-7011
  4. Hey Everyone, I’m looking to mount a starlight HD monitor to my Pro HD II sled. I would prefer to mount it up at the top near the top electronics (whereas MDR could be mounted) this way I could use this monitor as a low mode monitor as well. I know Transvideo has an HD Arm, but I’m not sure of where to mount that besides on the camera. Anyone have any ideas? thanks!
  5. For sale complete kit of low Mode bracket, arm post and post clamp. 1 low Mode bracket 1 post clamp 4 gimbal arm post in four lengths. Comes in 4'5", 6, 8, 13 PRO: 0.625" Based in Spain steadikam@gmail.com 240€
  6. Low Mode bracket for Arri 16mm film camera Very specialized piece of equipment.... $100 plus shipping
  7. For Sale my Low Mode or F-Bracket. I know it works with lots of rigs because of the customizable size but I always used it with my Ultra 2. It is in perfect working condition and comes with all the original parts as seen in the picture. Asking $250 Jon
  8. Love my Exovest. But I feel that the socket blocked is just sitting a little bit too high for my taste. Aka the default position of the socket block / arm / sled is about 3" higher that I would like it too have. Has anybody come up with a 'socket block lowering bracket' for the Exovest ? Basically the Exovest equivalent of the IBaird Pro Vest bracket.
  9. Looking for a J-Bracket. 5/8 post size. (Use with XCS Gimbal and 3A Arm). Thanks charlyvandedrinck@hotmail.com 321 246 3214
  10. Selling: Docking Bracket Tiffen US$ 450.-- € 400.-- Baer-Bel Low mode cage brand new never used. It is for all cameras. The cage is telescopic from 8 inch to 12 1/2 inc. There are two support rods (15 mm) and screws 3/8" US$ 250.-- € 225.-- Ari 435 Low Mode Bracket Jerry Hill US$ 250.-- € 225.-- Ari SR-3 Low mode Bracket Jerry Hill US$ 150.-- € 135.-- plus shipping fee contact: chlanderer@gmx.de
  11. Well, the time has come to part ways with my love! I'm selling off all my steadicam kit. I've throughly enjoyed myself but work has me in a different direction and it's pointless having all this kit sitting in boxes. I'm selling my Glidecam GOLD 2inch post sled, arm and vest along with all the other bits I have kicking around. Also selling my Bartech system in a seperate ad. I did mostly live tv work and commercials, this rig has been a killer system, I'll miss her. Here is a link to the official Glidecam site for all the specs and tech talk: http://glidecam.com/product-gold-sled #NOTE# My sled has the 'anton bauer' base with V-Lock plates. Included in sale: SLED (HDSDI internally) ARM VEST Docking bracket (no stand) 2 x pelican 1650 cases. The sled case has a removable lid for tools and spare bits. Everything in the photo is included, tools, cables, talley light etc - (the two blue cases aren't included, they are part of a Vocas kit, I just forgot to take them out for the photo!) Blue wedge plate with Sony VCT plate Jerry Hill hard mount - BRAND NEW, never used Spare vest ratchets NEW x 4 Spare yellow wedge plate Triax header cable 2 x extra docking stands - I used on on my magliner Marell 3 way bubble with elastic strap Low mode cage Padded arm bag Collapsable wind break, custom made with clear viewing panel Extended post for arm - get that extra length you've always wanted Tally for Sony cameras - use the viewfinder plug various BNC cables and a sled to 4pin XLR cable for monitor I'm throwing in a Marshal 7inch LCD. I think this monitor is a piece of crap but I have no use for it so I'll chuck it in. It'd be fine to throw in the kit as a back up but it's only good for indoor situations. (piece of shit!) My heart breaks a little to see her go but it's time. Kit is located in LA and can be viewed in person. Let me know any questions you might have, leigh@loosecannon.com.au Thanks. PHOTOS: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pho/5611611617.html $8000
  12. Looking to sell my Zephyr. I am based out of San Francisco…. lease let me know if you are interested. Rig was bought from the amazing Brian Sergott last September. Rig was put through a thorough quality control check from Dan Ikeda at Steadicam prior to my purchase. ASKING: $6250 + Shipping email: brettaaronsims@gmail.com More details: - Steadicam Zephyr with Marshall HD Monitor - Low Mode Bracket - Extra V-Mount Battery Mount - Steadicam Handbook and EFP DVD - Mini C-Stand - 2 Dovetail plates - Docking station - Hard Case
  13. I'm currently shooting with an Alexa on my MKV rig and while I can handle normal low mode was wondering about super low mode, can anyone give me any advice, the sled I have is a 1.5" post and with the Alexa and bits its heavy enough to extend the post already. Russ
  14. Looking for a gimbal grip for a PRO2 sled 1.5" post Julian Delacruz juliandela@gmail.com 917.992.5354
  15. Hello All! I fly a Master Series rig and I am looking for a J-Bracket to use on a shoot this sunday. If anyone in LA has one I could rent or for sale please let me know ASAP! Thank you! And I am sorry if this is in the wrong place on the forum I am in rush to find one.
  16. I am selling this for a friend. Steadicam Scout Comes with: Sled (18lb payload limit) Vest Arm Docking Stand Monitor Low mode bracket Spare socket block HDMI Cables Rig is a year and a half old and has only had one owner, selling it for future endeavors. Manages DSLR/RED/Canon C/Sony FS cameras with ease and agility. Please note, there is a frayed HDSDI cable. Asking $4250 OBO
  17. Looking for low-mount adapter for use with an EPIC on a Flyer rig. @$100.00 if available. I did see an angled adapter listed in the marketplace, but it has since sold. Is an angled adapter preferable to the straight F-Bracket mount? Thanks!
  18. hey yall i am about to fly out for a gig and use a few bits of another operator's gear. i have a pro atlas arm and will be using a low mode J bracket by Tiffen that is typically used on the other op's Ultra 2. as i understand the diameter for the atlas arm is about .625". does anyone know the diameter of the current tiffen posts for low mode brackets? on their website it says .625" but i know that they have a few different sizes, so i want to be sure i am looking out for the correct size. I am scrambling to get my gear and myself outta the house since this gig just popped up an hour ago and i have to be at the airport in an hour so i havent done any math on the post diameters, etc. thanks yall brett,
  19. To all former Flyer/Zephyr users, I'm looking for a used F Bracket / Low Mode Bracket for my Zephyr, preferably located in Europe. tilman.holzhauer@yahoo.de Thank you!
  20. Sell ​​my steadicam ultra 2, in very good condition, shipping worldwide. For more information, contact. Thank you!
  21. I've got a low mode bracket. It's like new. I've only used it twice. I just sold my Zephyr so I have no use for it anymore. If someone needs one make me an offer. Thanks! Here's a link to the exact model: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/192877-REG/Steadicam_300_7901_3007901_Mini_Low_Mode_F.html
  22. Hi all, I have a Master arm and a BaerBel sled and want to buy a f-bracket fpr low mode for it. The arm post diameter of the Master is 0,740", the BaerBel arm post diameter is 5/8". Please correct me if I am wrong here. A J-Bracket which fits the Steadicam/Tiffen Series with 0.740" would be fine because I have some arm post adapters here. I am located in Berlin, Germany but would buy from everywhere. Please write me a PM or email me. mail@frankschwaiger.com Best, Frank
  23. Hi all I'm selling this for a friend, he is always filming in the jungle or up a mountain at the mo so never about. I have the kit so can answer most questions. Here is what it consists of.... 'Looking to sell my Steadicam Archer. This is a versatile rig that offers a big step up from the Flyer and Zephyr. It will handle Epic, Scarlet, (reasonable) RED and Alexa builds, and you're getting a G-50 arm which is an utter joy to operate. Bought the rig about is four years ago and as a mainly film wildlife doesn't get enough use by me. It is in very condition and ready to be put to work. The rig was last serviced by optical support in London in 2012 and hasn't been used since. Tiffen Steadicam Archer sled in original hard flightcase with the Hofmann AT-AT base modification which makes the Archer a joy to dynamic balance and operate. With v lock battery plates. It is 12 volt. Link to the hofman AT-AT mod page : http://www.hofmann.se/produkter/steadicam/upgrade/archer/index.htm G-50 arm in soft case LX vest in soft case in original hard flightcase Docking bracket 1 Plate for mounting cameras plates to Steadicam. Gimbal J handle and camera handle grip for low-mode 2 Allen Drivers wrenches XLR4 to 2 pin dc adapter XLR4 it 3 pin lemo Lemo 7 pin to component cable for monitor Monitor is Composite. Caveats: Broken latch on the archer case. red one cable and red epic cable Looking for GB £10000 This would be a great alternative to a new Flyer or Zephyr for someone new to Steadicam - skip the smaller rigs and get straight to work with something that can take a MUCH wider range of cameras' Here is a link to my Dropbox acc. for Pics. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nv1u17t3htnwt5r/XL0spUgp5i Regards Rob rmcgregor3@me.com +44 7974 353 727 (UK)
  24. Hi all, I put a little video together with a few shots I did on a movie in 2012 with the Alexa. There's some slow moves, low mode and a crane step off in it which I'd like to show you. I already posted it on The Steadicam Group on facebook: https://www.facebook...51220513606629/ Here's the direct vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/57601874 Please let me hear what you think about the single shots! Best, Fabian
  25. Glidecam V20 rig for sale. V20 Low Mode accessories. VariZoom VZ-TFT7 7" LCD Monitor NTSC/PAL. Peli Protector 1650 case. Takes cameras from 15-30 pounds. Been modified to take two V-lock batteries on a adjustable sled that powers monitor + 4-pin XLR cable to camera inside the center post. BNC cable from monitor to camera also inside center post. Info from Glidecam.com http://www.glidecam....roduct-v-16.php Link shows both V16 and V20. Asking 2500.eur + shipping. Great rig for beginners or as an upgrade from smaller rigs. Has some scratches on it but in very good condition. email: tomasmarshall@me.com for more photos or info. Location:Helsinki Finland.
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