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Found 19 results

  1. Analog Bartech Focus Device for sale. In perfect working condition and lots of cables. I am local to Los Angeles. Asking $2500 and buyer pays shipping. Thanks for looking. Jon
  2. Analog Bartech Focus With M-One Motor $1,800.00 Shipping in the Lower 48 States in the USA is included with purchase Buyers elsewhere pay for shipping Meticulously maintained. This was my backup and very seldom used. - BFD Transmitter - BFD Receiver/amplifier - M-One Analog Focus motor - Matte box rod receiver/amp mounting bracket - Steadicam Motor Rod Set - 6 Lens gears - Various rod adapters - 19mm universal mounting bracket - 2.5" universal extension/offset bracket with 19mm attachment tubes (1.12" and 2.12" length) - 3 spare antennas for Transmitter - 2 spare ant
  3. Hey everyone! I'm selling my Bartech BFD because I've had a slight career shift and my new work doesn't need the beefier setup of the BFD and M-One Motor. Everything is in used condition, but works great. I have lots of detailed photos and I'm happy to take specific photo requests if you have something you want to see in detail before buying. I'm including everything pictured (except the table or cyc wall). There's a lot in this kit, but I'll break it down as best as I can. Frankly, there's a few cables that came with the BFD when I bought it that I'd be unable to identify pr
  4. Hi everyone, I'm selling my lightly used Bartech system. As you can see, the system is very well maintained and fully functional. Here's what's included in the package: - BFD Transmitter - BFD Receiver/amplifier - M-One Analog Focus motor (Very accurate, responsive, and reliable even in extreme conditions) - Matte box rod receiver/amp mounting bracket (the 4 small screws are missing but you can easily get new ones) - 5x Aluminium focus rings - Lens gears: 0.8m-32P, 0.6m, 48P, 0.5m, 0.4/64pitch, extra wide 0.8/32pitch - Various Rod collets - 19mm universal mounting bracket; w
  5. It is with deep sadness that I have to announce that Don Wetzel, the designer and manufacturer of the M-One lens drive motor and Loon Audio boom poles, has passed away. He began to feel ill about four weeks ago and was soon too weak to work. When he finally saw a doctor they discovered he had a severe abdominal infection. He was rushed to the hospital and emergency surgery was performed to remove the infected tissue but the infection was too widespread and he passed away Monday morning. Before I continue let me assure everyone that this will have no effect on the delivery and support of
  6. Last sale fell through due to some issues with the unit. I have sent it in to be serviced by Jim Bartell at the beginning of June 2017 and there are no longer any reception or stuttering issues with the unit. Selling a used Analog Bartech with M-One Motor with Aluminum Marking Rings SELLING AS IS. Notable issues include cosmetic wear and tear and one of the marking rings has a blemish. Asking Price is $3200.00 USD. Paypal is preferred method of payment. Buyer pays for shipping and any insurance desired. Please private message me any question or request for further det
  7. M-one motor (recently serviced) Lots of cables including: -Pro power -Aaton power -dtap> power -2pin>2pin -Back up antennas for motor driver and hand unit -Marking rings & 15mm>19mm step up rings -Motor gear pitch wheels and backup motor 5pin>5pin cables Motor Driver has a Pro DB bracket receiver so you can slide it onto your diving board if you're sporting a DB. Comes in a peli with a backup 9v and a really useful motor bracket that sticks motor out further and gives more mounting options. *things to note*: (HU battery wire/spring was stretched recently on a show whe
  8. M-One Digital Follow Focus Motor Kit for sale. The Motor and Cable are Brand New (replaced under warranty). The brackets and motor gears have been used about 15 times. Everything is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. I bought a Preston HU/Motor kit so I no longer need this motor. Includes: Rod Collets: 5/8”, 15 mm, 1/2", 19mm w/o a collet. Lens Gears: Module/Pitch 0.8m-32P, 0.6m, 48P, 0.5m, 0.4m-64P, extra wide 0.8m-32P. Mounting Brackets: 19 mm universal mounting bracket, Will mount on either side of motor in either direction. Also a 2.5” universal extension/offset bracket
  9. M-One Digital Follow Focus Motor Kit. The Motor and Cable are Brand New. The brackets and motor gears have been used about 15 times. Everything is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. I bought a Preston kit so I no longer need this motor. Asking $1700 USD. This kit retails for $2650 USD. See here for more info: http://www.innocinema.com/m-one-lens-digital-drive-motor.html Shipping from Toronto, Ontario.
  10. A reluctant sale of my Bartech remote focus kit. I'm selling my entire steadicam kit with a change of direction for my work so it's all up for grabs. This is a very complete kit that can go to work right away. HedÈn M28VP with .4 .5 .6 .8 gears M-One with .4 .5 .6 .8 plus spares (plus extra wide .8 gear) HedÈn M26P (this is the older style horizontal motor, nice back up if nothing else) Aaton to BFD power Aaton camera run Panaflex to BFD power+camera run Glidecam BFD power 4 x motor cables Right angled motor cable BFD to BFD piggyback short BFD to BFD piggyback long Dtap and 4 pin XLR p
  11. M-One Digital Follow Focus Motor Kit. The Motor and Cable are Brand New. The brackets and motor gears have been used about 15 times. Everything is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. I bought a Preston kit so I no longer need this motor. Asking $1800 USD. This kit retails for $2650 USD. See here for more info: http://www.innocinema.com/m-one-lens-digital-drive-motor.html
  12. After purchased of Chrosziel Magnum, I've decided to sell complete set BFD Focus System BarTech Engineering. Almost every item is in perfect condition. All reasonable offers considered! Set contains: - 1 BFD set Tx Bartech Focus Device with upgrade to fix with ¼ screw Rx Bartech Focus Device Bracket for mount BFD - 3 Power cables: Canon 4 pin to BFD D-Tap to BFD Paddock to BFD - 4 Special cable: cable with potentiometer for manual control with Rx (not use tx) cable switch to move gear from one to second position (red, white and black cable) cable to connect Tx and Rx without RF
  13. Bartech w/ M1 Motor (Analog) -2 Motor cables -6 Power cables (Alexa, Ptap, XLR) -2 Start/Stop Cables $3500 Obo I've used it mainly for a remote iris option for DP Email me AaronMSmith1@yahoo.com -Aaron
  14. Selling an analog Bartech and M-One motor in great condition. Reason for sale is its a backup I no longer need. Includes: -Bartech Receiver -Bartech Handunit/Transmitter -M-One Motor & bracket -(6) Motor Gears Various Pitches -(3) Step Down Rings for 15mm and 5/8" -(3) Marking Strips -(1) Marking Disc -(2) Ptap Power Cables -(2) 4 Pin XLR Power Cables -(2) Arri 24V Power Cables -(2) Motor Cables -(2) On/Off Cables (Red One, Arri 3 Pin) -Cable Pouch -Pelican 1450 $4500 Available for pickup in Los Angeles or I can ship in the US Please email AaronMSmith1@yahoo.c
  15. 2 x Analog Bartech Systems with M-One motors. One is a BFD focus system with rotary control knob and the other is a BFD iris system with linear slider. Includes many cables, comes with marking strips and 5 marking rings, various gears and collars for the M-one, 2 spare antennas, pelican case 1550, everything you see pictured. Serviced this week and ready for sale. Great starter kit, I used them on Covert Affairs and Orphan Black. Asking $5,600 US for the whole Package plus shipping 10' direct connect cable 4x M-One motor cables 1x M-One motor cable right angle pow
  16. For Sale: Bartech Focus and Iris Systems Hello Everyone, I’m selling my back up remote focus and iris system. I have an analogue BFD focus system with an M1 motor, and an analogue BFD iris system with an M1 motor. The system has been fantastic and ever reliable. Included with the system are the following cables: 3 x motor cables (1 cable is right angle) 2 x 2pin lemo power cables 2 x 2pin lemo to 3 pin MK-V power cables 1 x 2pin lemo to 4 pin Canon power cable 1 x 2pin lemo to 4 pin Hirose Ultra/Master power cable 1 x BFD to Arri remote roll cable 1 x BFD to RED One
  17. I am selling some pieces that are not getting used enough. Everything is in VERY GOOD shape and I'm the original owner. I feel the prices are very reasonable but I'm open to negotiations, so please don't hesitate to contact me with reasonable offers. I have also attached pictures below. Thanks! Glidecam Gold Arm: This has been a great arm. It's lifting capacity is the same as a 3A arm but the Glidecam arm has 6 titanium springs, which also carry a lifetime replacement warranty through Glidecam. It can handle camera loads of 13 to 40 pounds and a combined camera and sled capacity of 31 to 5
  18. Hi, I put my kit BFD for sale, this kit includes: BarTech Focus Device (Transmitter, Receiver, XLR power cable, Case) Ultra/Vector/Cliper/Receiver Power Cable Anton Bauer Power tap Power Cable Matte box rod receiver/amp mounting bracket Motor longvideo M-one (Length: 154 mm (6.06 in.) Width: 29.2 mm (1.15 in.) Height: 68.0 mm (2.70 in.) Weight: 286 g. (11.29 oz.) Connector: Lemo Type B siz
  19. Hello, I am selling my BFD in hopes of upgrading to the digital BFD. Everything is in working order and I will be visiting Bartech to have Jim sign off on it's good condition as well prior to selling. The BFD includes: Transmitter w/ antennae Receiver w/ antennae 2 to 3 pin power cable 2x Receiver to Motor power cables XLR power cable Dtap power cable Carrying case Asking for $1500. It is $2100 new. The M-One includes: Motor 6x gears 3x rod adaptors off set hard shell case (not pictured) Asking for $2000. It is $2500 new. All in: $3500. You'll save $1
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