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Found 4 results

  1. ARRI LMB-25 2-Stage Matte Box includes: 1 - LMB-25 Basic Matte Box Set 2 - 4X5.650 / 4X4 Filter Trays 1 - Flag Holders Set Brackets 1 - 4X5 Top Flag 5 - Hard Matte Set 1 - 144mm Clamp-On Adapter ARRI FF-5 Cine Kit Pro - Focus Package includes ( NOTE: You need to purchase either the 15mm or 19mm BP Adapter for your choice of systems) FF-5 Cine Base Focus Knob - Left Focus Knob - Right Flexible Focus Whip Focus Lever 6 - Round Marking Disks Large Gear Small Gear BP-9 15mm Bridge Plate Set includes: 300mm (12") sliding dovetail Plate 2 - 15mm Rods Bridge Plate Case Cruizer Custom Case This package is in excellent condition. I've used this only several times with my Mini Camera. My MINI was primarily used on my Steadicam. This was part of my "Studio" Package", which is why it was used only several times. $ 5,000.00 plus shipping $100.00 ( or provide your Fed Ex Acct ) Greg Lundsgaard
  2. Here are a variety of items that I’m looking to part with: - An Old School Docking Bracket; I have no idea who made this, but this served as my first docking bracket for several years. It’s an unconventional style to say the least. Designed for 1.5” posts. - MK-V Evolution Battery Rack; Sold as-is, but worked fine the last time I had the lower electronics plugged in (that has since sold). It’s been modified from PAG to Anton Bauer Gold Mount. - MK-V to Red Epic/Scarlet 12V cable - Spare MK-V Evolution Parts; see photos. - Redrock Micro Mattebox; Swing-away style 4x5.65 with two filter trays. Designed for 15mm lightweight spacing. - Redrock 15mm Lightweight Off-set - 1.5” Docking Collar Make me an offer; everything must go!
  3. Arri MB-14 Matte Box For Sale 4-Stage 6x6 15mm Rod Matte Box (2) 6x6 Filter Trays (2) 6x6 Geared Filter Trays 6” Filter Ring 138mm Filter Ring Light Shield Set Hard Matte Set Flexible Extension Whip MasterCases Shipping Case All in good working condition. Cosmetic wear and tear…see photos. $3,500 If interested please email, text, or call. Thanks! Scott scott.camera@mac.com (213) 880-2550
  4. Bright Tangerine has been quite busy and responsive to the commentary and requirements of the community. Many members here and, in the at large film community, have embraced the quality and service that they have offered. Well, they have listened once again and Strummer has evolved…Strummer II The first, and always welcome alteration is decreased weight. Lighter is Better. Switching between 6” and 5.65” is more facile. Faster is Better. Field of view is now wider than an Arri MB14 6” mattebox, whilst remaining just as compact as the original strummer. Wider Field of View is Better. The core has been improved for additional strength. Stronger is Better. There are also tilting, anti reflecting module and dual, bladed side wings. Accessories are Better. The new Strummer II will be more affordable. More affordable is Best… Due - end of January, 2014. More to follow. Thank you very much Fury
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