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Found 8 results

  1. 15 lb pound weight plate $300USD All the components seen here equal 15 pounds. Comes with shoulder mount and quick release video style plate. Quick release camera plate. Rods and anton bauer adapter. (used for canon dslr) but you can buy any cable through B&H. Anton Bauer Battery (no charger, but reads 6 hours fully charged - depending on the load of course). Handheld grips, Matte Box, manual Follow Focus, small velcro plates. Located in Vancouver, Canada
  2. Here are a variety of items that I’m looking to part with: - An Old School Docking Bracket; I have no idea who made this, but this served as my first docking bracket for several years. It’s an unconventional style to say the least. Designed for 1.5” posts. - MK-V Evolution Battery Rack; Sold as-is, but worked fine the last time I had the lower electronics plugged in (that has since sold). It’s been modified from PAG to Anton Bauer Gold Mount. - MK-V to Red Epic/Scarlet 12V cable - Spare MK-V Evolution Parts; see photos. - Redrock Micro Mattebox; Swing-away style 4x5.65 with two filter trays. Designed for 15mm lightweight spacing. - Redrock 15mm Lightweight Off-set - 1.5” Docking Collar Make me an offer; everything must go!
  3. Hello, My name is David and I am a 1st AC I bought a 3D printed Clip-On Mattebox from Abracam for a job and i do not require it anymore. It was great for those situations when you want to filter your camera in tight spaces. Like being in the backseat of a car for example! The light weight clip-on mattebox can hold one or two 4.5.65" or 4x4 filters with a quick release lever and it has two teflon springs to hold a circular filter. There is a rubber wheel to easily adjust the circular filter too! It also has a flag holder with two clips for clamping your top chop The back of the clip-on is 114mm diameter. Aasking price £300.00 (inc VAT) I can deliver within London or meet up at Panavision or Arri Media. Shipping overseas. If you get in touch i will let you know a price. Please call on +44 7939678450 or reply to the thread!
  4. DeFoe 2 stage side loading clip-on matte box 4x5 plus 80mm round rotapol stage. Can go from 110 to 80mm. Asking $1,000 OBO. Arri 2 stage 3x3 clip-on matte box. Comes with ND 3, 6, 9, and pol. Asking $500 OBO. Email me @: steadihandluke(at)gmail.com
  5. Hi everyone Selling some of my camera accessories I've ended up not using anymore. I’m willing to sell separately, but if someone would buy all of it, I will give a discount of 250 € EUR on the whole. That’s 2000 € EUR for all of it (instead of 2250 € EUR). Prices are in € Euro, buyers pay for shipping and for money transfer fees (paypal etc.). 1. Bright Tangerine Misfit Kit Mattebox for 1200 € EUR 2. Blackmagic Design 4K Videoassist Recorder/Monitor 500 € EUR 3. Revar Cine Rota Pola 4x5.65/138mm with Schneider Circular Polarizer 550 € EUR 1. Bright Tangerine Misfit Kit Mattebox for 1200 € EUR Kit includes: 1 x Misfit Clamp-On Lightweight Mattebox 1 x 3 x Filterstage 4x5.65 (3 frames) 1 x Topflag 1 set of masks ⁃ 18-20 ⁃ 24-28 ⁃ 32-40 ⁃ 50-75 ⁃ 85-180 Adaptors for following diameters: 80 mm 95 mm 110 mm 143 mm And for the 143 mm adaptor you have two stepdown rings to 134 mm and to 114 mm I’ve used the Mattebox Kit only a couple of times. It is in a very good condition, except for a few scratches, all of them almost on the same spot, which are shown in the attached pictures. All parts function as they should. 2. Blackmagic Design 4K Videoassist Recorder/Monitor for 500 € EUR Kit includes: 1 x Blackmagic Design 4K Videoassist, 7”Monitor/Recorder 1 x AC/DC Adaptor 2 x Batteries 1 x Charger w/ cable for Batteries I’ve bought the monitor August 2017 and used it only on a few occasions. Display has scratches whatsoever and except for some tiny traces of usage, which aren’t really leaping to the eye the housing is also in pristine condition. 3. Rota Pola for 550 € EUR Revar Cine Rota Pola 4x5.65/138mm w/ Schneider Circular Polarizer + Pouch Thanks a lot. Cheers…
  6. I posted these matte boxes on Facebook and a lot of people suggested I post them here on the forum so here we go. I've been designing and 3D printed custom parts for DP's and fellow operators for about 2 years now and this is the latest stuff I've come up with. I'm a steadicam operator myself which is where this all started, my current DP wanted more than 2 stages of 6x6 filters so I made a custom matte box to fly on my rig and it's spiralled from there. These are a lightweight 3D printed 6x6 and 4x5.6 clip-on matte boxes with however many stages you want (3 stages shown in the photos). They comes with whatever back plate diameter you want from anywhere around 80mm all the way to 162mm for your 12x1 zoom. The base 4x5.6 matte box starts at $400 USD, and the 6x6 matte box starts at $500 USD. Shipping and tax(within Canada) are additional. - Step-down rings are available as well for $25 each. Buy 4 get the 5th free. - Each additional stage (over 3) is an additional $30/stage. - Hard-mattes sets are $100. Only available for the 4x5.6 version currently (LMB-5 hard-mattes fit the 4x5.6 version perfectly if you already have a set laying around) - An eyebrow is available for the 4x5.6 matte box for $50. (none for the 6x6 yet, it does accept the top flag from the mb-14 however) Filter trays are not included, the main body of the matte box is safe being made from plastic, but it's safer to use standard metal trays from your existing studio matte box to hold the glass. The goal of this system is to supplement your studio build and be cross compatible so you can have a lightweight matte box for minimal expense. The 4x5.6 takes almost any standard 4x5.6 tray and the 6x6 takes most standard 6x6 trays. FAQ: Q: What back plate sizes are available? A: Essentially anything you want, I've done 162mm for Angenieux 24-290s before no problem, I can go all the way down to 50mm or something you if you really want it for a still lens. Q: What step-down ring sizes are available. A: Any size to any size. Q: How much does it weigh? A: With a top flag, dry weight of the 3 stage 4x5.6 is 480g. The 6x6 3 stage dry weight is 700g. Q: What is it printed out of? A: PLA then painted in matte black finish. I print in PLA to get the best print quality and it has decent strength qualities. I've tested ABS, PETG, Nylon and PC and had issues with dimensional accuracy and warping with everything aside from PLA. Q: Isn't PLA susceptible to warping in hot environments? A: Extremely hot ones yes. These would fail the hot car test in most cities mid-summer. But having sold about 4 dozen items made from PLA that are used on set frequently and no one has had any issues with PLA based accessories in over a year. As long as you don't leave it somewhere to get up to 140+ degrees it should be just fine. You can contact me directly at dmtwood@gmail.com if you're interested and have any questions.
  7. I've decided to sell off a considerable amount of excess film equipment that i have clogging up the shelves. Almost every item is in perfect condition. All reasonable offers considered! Photos of every item available on request via email (sorry too many images to post here) Sachtler 7+7 Studio II Head: Sale Price $3200.00 AUD (plus GST) RRP: $3500.00 USD (via Alan Gordon or Visual Products) Good conidition, typical signs of use but the head works perfectly and looks great. Comes with Aerolyte style flight case, Pan Handle, Front Box Mount/Adapter. Digital 2 Channel Bartech Handunit (BFD Systems) w/ Heden M26VE and F Stop 2.1 Digital Transmitter: Sale Price: $5,800.00 AUD (plus GST) RRP: $7,850,000 AUD (plus GST) Almost brand new condition, barely used. Iris Slider installed comes with 2x Lemo Power Motor Cables, 2 x Dtap Receiver Motor Cables and Red Epic/Dragon Rec/Run cable (RRP: $350). All complete in a custom Pelican Storm laser cut case. Miller 100mm DS30 Bowl Tripod Head and 2 Stage Legs (Mid Level Spreader) w/ Flight Tube. Sale Price: $2000.00 AUD (plus GST) RRP: $4000.00 AUD (plus GST) Great condition head and legs, everything working perfectly. Included in the sale is, 1x 100mm 2 Stage Legs w/ Mid level spreader, 1x Miller DS30 Head (100mm bowl), 1x Tie Down, 1x Camera Snap Plate, 1x Pan Handle, 1x Miller Flight Tube. Blackmagic Design HDMI - SDI signal converter - Built in battery model w/ Dtap Power cable. Sale Price: $100.00 (plus GST) RRP: Over $250.00 (plus GST) Great condition HDMI to SDI Signal converter w a Dtap Power Cable included. Chrosziel MB840 3 Stage Swingaway Mattebox (Can be configured as LW15mm, Studio15mm or Studio 19mm w/ adapter) Sale Price: $1500.00 (plus GST) RRP: $3000:00 (plus GST) Perfect condition, very minor signs of use. 2 x PV size (4.565) trays and 1x138mm Circular Rear stage. This mattebox can be fitted with additional accessories to run from either studio15mm or studio 19mm rails. The mattebox swings away from the lens for easy lens changes. This is definitely the most professional mattebox Chrosziel have released in my opinion. Redmote (Suitable for Red Epic/Dragon/Scarlet) Sale Price: $275.00 (plus GST) RRP: $650.00 (plus GST) Perfect condition, almost never used, comes in hard 'Red' black plastic case. Note: GST or Goods and Services tax is set at 10% of the purchase price and is applicable only if sold within Australia. Note: All items are based in Melbourne, Australia and are available for pickup. Shipping can be arranged. Thanks for viewing, any enquiries can be made here or to liamgilmour@gmail.com Cheers
  8. The time of year when the NAB Show takes place is here! We will be there, will you? Make sure to stop by at our booth C6037 to check our latest products out and get individual advices about your gear! We are looking forward to see you there! Check out our latest and greatest products here: http://www.chrosziel.de/?lang=en When: April 18-21 To read more please visit --> https://www.facebook.com/events/1583906778566774/
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