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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all. So I've been a stedicam operator for around 4 years and have my own Flyer-LE that I was handed down from a old production house that no longer had a need for it. I recently picked up Cinemilleds Ronin Adapter which lets me mount my ronin to the vest and arm. I was at a camera rehearsal last night and took a pretty nasty fall and broke one of the chest clips (somehow nothing else was damaged) But to my question.... I have a merlin vest that can fit the flyer-LE arm. Is it safe to run the flyer arm on the merlin vest? My rig is around 20 pounds I know the weight limit listed for the merlin is 15 pounds - but I assume the weight is heavily dependent on the arm. It actually fits and I was walking around with it , but I'm nervous that it is going to snap and just fall straight to the ground. Anyone have any insight on this ? Thanks ! --Zac
  2. Have a new Merlin2 and am trying to understand setting up and dynamic balance: Ideally, where should the camera's center of gravity be in relation to the gimbal? Directly over the gimbal, slightly behind, lots behind, or does it matter? I did watch and think it said the CG should be a bit behind the gimbal, but if the CG is far from the gimbal, compensation could be made to the location of the bottom and front weights. Am I overthinking this? thanks Phil [Panasonic LX100 and Nikon D810]
  3. Good day, I am considering buying the pilot. However, the vest (which looks very flimsy and cheap) and arm look somewhat mysterious. Should I buy the sled only and go for a cheaper arm and vest like Glide Gear 6001? Or buy a used flyer vest and arm? Or even a chinese knockoff arm and vest? Any suggestions?
  4. Hi Folks, I own a Sony Ax100 and just bought a Merlin Steadicam 2. I cannot find the balance settings listed on the Merlin 'cookbook' and was wondering if anybody had any hands on experience w/ Merlin with the cam I own? Or perhaps you can recommend a similar camera that is listed in the cookbook that I can base the initial balance settings on? Many thanks, Matt.
  5. Does anyone happen to know the measurements for the Tiffen Steadicam Merlin Arm post? What size would it fit?
  6. Hi! I'm looking to buy a camera stabiliser for my Panasonic gh3 (shooting with a 14mm f2.5 pancake lens) to shoot some long shots (up to 25 minutes). I am completely new to steadicams however have several months to learn and practise before shooting. I had the Glidecam x-22 in mind however it is not designed for a camera as light as the gh3, would this still be an issue with extra weight plates? I also looked at the Glidecam 2000 and 4000 pro and hd, how do these compare to the x-22 for a camera of this size? Are they all equally as easy to learn how to balance and use? Does anyone have any alternative recommendations? I ideally need something with a bodypod as I don't think I'd be able to hold a steadicam for 25 minutes otherwise. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello, I registered on the forum in hope some of you can help me :) I'm a happy Steadicam Smoothee Operator and used it now almost 1.5 years. Recently I bought myself a Steadicam Merlin 2 for a good price in hope to even get better shots (especially when there's a little bit of wind). Now to my problem: I can't get the rig setup perfectly. I reach a drop-time of about 1-2 seconds but for example as soon I want to start panning the whole rig starts to spin around and going down+up to one side rather then panning. Moreover when I make a "test" where I spin the whole rig front-back-side-side it wont stay horizontally stable. Any tips how to improve that? I tried it with several combinations of weight/arc size/... but I always have problems. My whole camera setup has about 600 gramms (with dovetail-place) so shouldn't normally be too light for the Merlin. My setup right now: GoPro Hero 3 with Battery BacPac + extra weights Manfrotto 357 Quick-Release-Plate Arc size: on it's minimum Weights: front: 1 finish weight; bottom: 1 mid-weight and 1 finish-weight. when operating I'm using the one-hand-technique (like it more than with two hands). Would be very happy if some of you can give me tips how to properly balance a camera like this. Thanks!
  8. The original Merlin cookbook website is down but I'm not sure if it will help anyway. I can't get my t3i with Canon 18-55mm kit lens to balance. I've read the manual, watched numerous how to's, and i'm still having trouble. Does anyone have the specs for this combo (seems pretty standard)? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. hello forum, i am using a merlin 1 with a lightweight camera (canon hf s30). i'm on day four and have made improvements but problems remain: at rest, the camera still sways like a fisherman's boat on a gentle sea and as i walk forward, the front of the camera wants to point back at me as if i'm the sun and it's the earth. for what it's worth, i've read, re-read the manual, watched and watched again the dvd, and have scoured these forums and various videos online. it seems the common thread of advice is to practice. but herein lies the rub, if the setup is somehow incorrect, no amount of practice will help. it's like improperly sighting-in a rifle. if the thing is askew, your shot will always be off. i am encouraged by the progress i've made, but the shots i am taking are still unacceptable. my camera with battery weighs 1.2 lbs. i'm using hole M (despite the cookbook setting calling for G -- boy was that off). i'm using a start weight for the front a start and an end for the bottom. stage mark is 4.2 arc is nearly wide open at 10.9 i'm at one thread (although the cookbook calls for 5). and i still don't know how to adjust vertical center of gravity (cookbook says 1.4"). i've really spent a lot of time experimenting with different arc settings, different stage marks, different dovetail holes, etc. and i'm even using two hands. despite that, i still get the gentle boat sway and when i walk forward, the camera wants to turn towards me like it has a gravitational attraction to me. any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. tom edwards janesville, wi ps -- i tried adding a rode videomic to the canon to add weight. it was simply too top-heavy (i have pulled up some wireless mic threads to see if there is an answer) tks tde
  10. I have recentely purchased a steadicam Merlin. Balanced it after 30 min, put on an accesory and haven't manged to balance it again for days and days. Watched all tutorials and videos, read through many forum opinions and links, read all instructions, cookbooks, magic formulas and the like Camera: 5D MII, 17-40mm Canon Lens. Merlin on hole "N" with nose weight 1 mid+1 finish, lower weights 3 mid+ 1 finish. drop time under control After I discovered a strange thing about my Merlin, by mistake. I wonder if it's normal or if it's damaged in some way and thus my impossibility to balance it properly. I have the Merlin set up on the original bracket so it's easier to handle. Please watch the video, it's a much better explanation than the textual one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYwyaxJgGpQ&feature=youtu.be This is the strange issue: I can only balance it if I turn the grip at a certain angle (25-30 degrees) on the Y(vertical) axis, relative to the position of the grip with the place where you put your fingers aligned parallel with the Merlin spars. If the grip si facing forward (as the Merlin nose weights are, for example) I can not get it to balance whatever I do, even when bottom heavy. If I turn the grip at that certain angle something seems to turn with (inside?) the gimbal and I have a steady point to balance the Merlin on. Is it normal to be able to balance the Merlin only under those conditions and not to be able to rotate and turn the grip independently with the camera holding steady? I don't think it should be... As seen in the video, the Merlin displays some friction between one edge of the ball holding the gimbal and the inner wall of the cylinder ring, if rotated (camera un-mounted and stage turned on a side). I would like your opinions on this. Will send the video to Tiffen as well. Is this behavior normal as I'm a beginner at this or is there something wrong with this particular Merlin unit?
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