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  1. Complete Steadicam kit for sale … perfect for someone looking to jump into the wonderful world of operating. MKV 4 stage 2” post, with Nexus V4 electronics and gold mount battery mounts, including original MKV docking bracket Boland BVB07 daybrite 7” monitor with CamJam bracket. Tiffen Master Series arm, serviced by Robert Luna and in great working order (my first arm, then my backup arm for many years) Tiffen Master series vest - good condition, buckles recently replaced and in great condition. Variety of MKV power cables. NO BATTERIES INCLUDED, NO STAND INCLUDED KIT IS CURRENTLY LOCATED IN AUSTRALIA USD$16,500 Purchaser pays shipping Please feel free to get in touch Marty Smith SOC
  2. Hi Everyone, Im looking for any leads/links to the best solution for a low mode monitor bracket on the MKV nexus sled. Struggling to find an out the box solution to get around the data cable. looking for something comparable with the SmallHD-503 and/or the BlackMagic Video Assist5. Please share any leads or links, many thanks! Murray
  3. Steadicam Sled - MK-V infinity For sale is my MK-V Infinity sled, with 3 v-lock battery mounts and Betz top stage. 2” , 2 stage post. Comes with cables, plates, and peli case for transport. Includes: 1 x MK-V Docking Bracket 3 x mounting plates 1 x Arri Alexa plate 1 x Dovetail plate 2 x Lemo power cables 3 x BNC Cables 2 x Lemo to 4-pin XLR Monitor power cable 1 x spare mounting locking plate Additional 15mm monitor bracket 4 x thin BNC 1 x 24V power cable 3 x Allen key tools 1 x additional follow focus mount £5995 + VAT, open to offers. Thanks!
  4. Hello! Don’t much to say… I have to move on. Just that it’s more than in a perfect condition. If need more detail pics, please. Package include: - SLED - Pelicase Storm Case iM3100 - Monitor Swit CM S73H - Cables: x2 backup inner power/video cable. x1 Fischer power cable x1 XLR power cable x1 messy bunch of power cables (lemo, extensions, etc.) - x6 backup post ring brackets -x3 Anton Bauer base and x2 Vlock base - x1 Dovetail plate ADD SOME BATTS, A CAMERA AND ROLL!!! Asking 16.000€ (buyers pay shipping)
  5. Hi, Selling my back up sled in a very good condition. MKV V3 HD ELECTRONICS ,BETZ TOP STAGE, 2'' 4 STAGE POST, MONITOR ARM,CAMERA PLATE AND POWER CABLES, DOCKING BRACKET, ORIGINAL CASE. ASKING - 16000 USD (SLIGHTLY NEGOTIABLE ) ANY QUERIES - PLS CONTACT - kapzverma@gmail.com. Its located in Mumbai (India).Buyers pays shipping. IMG_4634.heic IMG_4635.HEIC IMG_4638.heic IMG_4639.heic IMG_4640.heic IMG_4641.HEIC IMG_4663.HEIC IMG_4664 2.heic IMG_4668.heic
  6. Looking for a MKV 4 stage sled....Please email on vermakapz@gmail.com Best Regards, Kapz
  7. Selling my trusty MK-V, time to move on. It’s a 2” four stage post, HD upgraded, Betz top stage (plate included), MK-V v2 gimbal. Solid rig that has been good to me. Purchased used in 2017 from Bob Gorelick who owned it since new. Currently setup for v-lock batteries but that’s an easy swap if you want to go gold mount with it. One of the post kip handles got shortened somewhere along the way, works fine though. Includes MKV to xlr power cables (2), pile of lightweight 75 ohm BNC, MKV to pro monitor power (2), some MKV bracketry parts, camera plates (2), gold mount power plate for camera, third battery plate (v lock), no monitor included. I’ll include the genesis monitor clamp but you’ll need a delrin donut to use it on the sled. Asking $18,000 Located in Norcross, GA, little north of Atlanta if you want to see it in person. Free shipping in USA. Email me questions at steadisamurai@gmail.com Lets talk.
  8. Great Rig with a super smooth gimbal that is also made to compliment the AR. I bought this rig from Tony Kay ACO GBCT who bought the rig from new. Also included with the rig are : Pelicase IM3220 Transvideo HD8 X-SBL monitor plus 2 x power cables OS Donkey Box 1 x Jerry Hill GAD 2 Docking bracket 2 x Alexa Power cables ( All power cables from optical support ) 2 x Amira / Alexa mini power cables ( OS ) 2 x Red 12v power cables ( OS ) MKV - 4 way d tap splitter box Alexa plate 7" camera plate American stand plus sand bag. 9 x V lock batteries + 2 chargers. ( 2 x Beillen BL-BP160 & 7 x Beillen BL-BP95 ) Plus other spares and general AKS £ 17,000 plus VAT & shipping if required. Am looking at selling it all together but let us know if you don't need certain items and we'll work something out. You can email me on : chriskane76@yahoo.co.uk Thanks
  9. Here are a variety of items that I’m looking to part with: - An Old School Docking Bracket; I have no idea who made this, but this served as my first docking bracket for several years. It’s an unconventional style to say the least. Designed for 1.5” posts. - MK-V Evolution Battery Rack; Sold as-is, but worked fine the last time I had the lower electronics plugged in (that has since sold). It’s been modified from PAG to Anton Bauer Gold Mount. - MK-V to Red Epic/Scarlet 12V cable - Spare MK-V Evolution Parts; see photos. - Redrock Micro Mattebox; Swing-away style 4x5.65 with two filter trays. Designed for 15mm lightweight spacing. - Redrock 15mm Lightweight Off-set - 1.5” Docking Collar Make me an offer; everything must go!
  10. MKV 2" Sled in great condition. Details below: MKV 2” 4 stage super post V3.5 electronics w/ HD and SD lines Betz topstage w/ plate (recently serviced – smooth and rock solid) V2 2" Gimbal Transvideo Cinemonitor HD 8” monitor (screen in perfect condition) w/ CamJam yoke and MKV bracketry Light weight Gold Mount battery base w/ adjustable 3rd battery MKV docking bracket & ring Power cables: 1x Arri Alexa 24v power 2x Arri Mini/Amira power 1x Red Power 1x XLR 4pin power 1x XLR 3pin power 2x Transvideo monitor power 1x MDR 2 power 1x 3pin Fischer female power 1x 3pin Fischer male power 1x 2pin Lemo power Extra Gold Mount Nexus battery base w/ 3 batteries 2x Jerry Hill docking rings Gyro Post mount clamp MDR 2 bracket Spare V2 upper and lower electronics w/ centre post cable Spare screws/bolts, kip handles, brackets, etc. 1730 pelican with custom foam and TrekPak System PRICE: $11,000 USD Can assist with getting prices for worldwide shipping. You can contact me at mattydobson@gmail.com
  11. Hi, I hope everyone is well. For sale Genesis MK-V top stage and dovetail plate. Price 500.-€ (Shiping not included)
  12. LOCATION: Bristol, United Kingdom Price: £19,500 GBP (plus VAT in UK) equiv $24,500 USD equiv €22,000 EUR Kit is located in UK. Price excludes postage or import charges. Serviced end of 2018. Great working condition. MORE PHOTOS LINK: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AtzE2nPdNBrkgjV_lQfYV4AZUDe5 LISTING IN BRIEF: -latest HD MK-v 2” Nexus Sled and Advance v2 gimbal (4 stage sled, suitable for Omega AR expansion) - light and compact -docking bracket -power and bnc cables -Stargate Transvideo monitor and bracket -PeliAIR flight case laser cut with tracker hidden space FULL BREAKDOWN: 1 x MK-V Nexus Sled comprising (new 2016) 1 x Deluxe Topstage, XL Dovetail Plate and 1 x D-Bar 1 x 4 Stage 2” Post with V4 Post Cable 1 x 2” V2 Advanced Gimbal 1 x V4 J-Box,1 x V4 D-Box 1 x Infinity V2 Monitor arm 1 x Infinity Monitor Yoke 1 x LW Base System 1 x Dual V Lock Battery Mount 1 x V Lock 3rd Battery Mount 1 x 7” Transvideo Stargate HD Monitor (new in 2017) with light bracket (records showreel rushes) 1 x Custom Sled Case - AirPeli 1 x 2” Docking Bracket Cable Pack to include: 1 x Arri Mini/Amira 12v 1 x Arri Mini/Amira 24v 1 x Arri Alexa/Arricam LT 1 x 12v 4pin XLR 1 x Panavision 24v 1 x RED 1 x monitor cable 4 x HD-SDI BNC =================================== If interested also available EXTRAS - listed separately: Docking stand with wheels-new in 2016: (£350 GBP) 1 x Steadicam FGS-9000-73 HEAVY DUTY/American Century Stand with lazy leg 1 x Steadicam FGS-9000-74 Wheel set for above 1 x Sandbag (empty of sand if posting) Batteries kit-new in 2016: (£950 GBP) 4 x Beillen BL 95 w V Lock Batteries 2 x Beillen BL 130 w 1x 4 Way charger 1 x Hard case Wireless Transmitter-new in 2016: (£2,900 GBP) Viper HD - by Optical Support 1 x Transmitter, 1 x Receiver performs like and better than Teradeck 2000 without the price tag
  13. Hello! I'm a director on a studio film and I'm interested in the MKV (or similar solution) as a tool on the production. I will ultimately discuss with my DP - but I'd love to hear an operator's POV to better understand the tool and what can make the best shots. Thanks! Overall I'm looking for great shot variety and speed. I love the ability to go from low to high mode within a shot. I love the rolling 360 dutch shots. Are there alternate / better tools. Drawbacks? Can you use a short zoom with it? Like Optimo 15-40mm? What about weight? What's the ideal camera/lens weight? Is there a preferred combo among operators? I don't want to request something that kills my operator. :) Space constraints? Height / width? Anything else I should know?
  14. Looking for the v mount locking dovetail plate out of germany by cam-tec, so I can eliminate the sony camera plate. If you have a used one for sale contact me please. Cheers!
  15. Hey Guys, I love my AR2 Cage, but it is time to sell it and move on. This thing is in fabulous shape and has a ton of cables and such. $20,000 USD get it all. It has more than paid for itself in rentals. Motorized Monitor Mount included. Side to Side Plate Included. Risers included. I live in Atlanta. Will ship anywhere US or Canada. 404-630-8200 Chris Campbell steadicampbell@gmail.com
  16. hi, I sell my topstage back up. asking 500€ photos PM gersamxl@gmail.com
  17. Hello, I'm Alberto Ojeda, a steadycam operator based in Barcelona. I have a problem with MKV and I'm asking for some help... The thing is that I bought the v4 electronic directly to MKV. I spoke with Karen, all was perfect until I did the payment. Then she stopped to answering me my mails, so I started to call them by phone, but equally, there is no any answer. Two months after, I still without my electronic and without any answer... Could anyone help me?! Thanks!!
  18. For sale MKV AR-2 with latest upgrades with Ruben’s app control that manually control the spins and programmed moves. Ended up using less than I imagined and only seen action on set literally a handful of times. This set of AR-2 was built for the M1 sled with power cables built for the iso port. The motor bracket is also made to fit the m1 monitor bracket to quickly switch from AR to Steadicam mode. Cable can be made for the PRO sled/ MKV sled, just contact MKV directly to have them made. Set includes: 1 x MKV AR-2 1 x sliding dovetail with adjustment left/ right 2 x 24V power cable 1 x 12v iso cable 1 x 12v iso cable to motorised bracket 1 x motorised bracket (to fit M1 monitor bracket) 1 x remote 1 x pelican case Looking for 18,500 USD for the set Shipping from Hong Kong to worldwide. Buyer pays for shipping. Email me at nathan.w@thinfilmhk.com
  19. Hi everyone, I'm on the lookout for a sled. I'd love it to have 24v power and three battery plates. My budget is around 15k. Located in the US is preferred. I'm NY based. I appreciate any leads. Thanks and happy holidays. reach me here or by email: kylemparsons@gmail.com
  20. Hello! I want to update my MK-V Nexus sled to HD, so I would like to get a V3.5 or V4 J and D box (with cable) to my sistem. Actually I have a V2, and I wouldn't mind make a change and pay a difference. That's all friends, you can contact me by phone or email: +34 625 27 998 69 hola@aos.camera Thanks!!
  21. Hey everyone, So I'm trying to update my sled and I have a modified EFP with a MK-V carbon fiber post. I'd like a new top stage. I currently have the old 3a with track adjustment top stage. From what I understand, the mounting hardware has the same placement as the Pro gear, and I was curious if the DBII can mount directly to my sled WITHOUT the Pro electronics box as a middle man. I'd like to still use the EFP electronics box mounted off the diving board if I do get the DBII. I've attached two photos, one of the underside of the holes for the DBII and one of my top stage currently attached to the sled. If those even help. Has anyone done this? Would I run into any issues? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
  22. MK-V NEXUS V4 SLED / TIFFEN G-70X ARM / ARRI ARTEMIS VEST MK-V NEXUS STEADICAM SLED This is the flagship of the line and MK-V’s newest version of the steadicam sled and includes the following: - 2" Deluxe 4-stage Post capable of being extended for super-low mode or super-high mode shots - Deluxe V4 Gimbal (super smooth) with interchangeable post handles capable of being used with any diameter arm post - D-Box: V4 Dual HD Electronics w/ dual HD Outputs and high power feeds - J-Box: V4 with Dual HD-SDI in/out - Betz Topstage (vibration-free, built-in bubble level) - Sony PVM741 OLED HD Monitor (stunning off-angle viewing with near 180 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle - V4 Monitor Arm - Monitor Power/Video Cable - 2 x Standard Dovetail plates - 15mm bars and dovetail plate holder - 1 x Dual and 1 x Single battery module with V-lock battery plates (able to easily switch for Anton Bauer) - V4 Docking Station - Full Power cable pack (Arri, Panavision, 12V XLR, 24V XLR power cables) - Pelican 1730 Case MK-V Sled as listed above: Sells for $29,000. ASKING $19,500. ARRI ARTEMIS VEST Brand New. Worn a couple of times. Lists for $5,000. ASKING $3,900. TIFFEN G70-x ARM Beautiful Iso-elastic arm. Includes short post. Looks and feels like new. Just four years old. ASKING $13,000. I am willing to sell the sled, arm and vest separately, but prefer to sell it as a complete package which I will discount to $34,500. This is a $50,000.00+ package that is nearly new. I also have IDX chargers and batteries that I can sell with it as well as a Kenlab Gyro package. This is an amazing ready to go package. You will love it! If you are interested PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY do not post questions here, I don’t check it often enough. Direct emails will get very quick responses. Thanks, Stephen Consentino Email: film.maker@me.com Cell: 914-837-0120
  23. Selling my first and much beloved PRO - MKV hybrid sled. The best of both worlds here, this rig treated me well for a couple of years. Just recently got a new sled so looking to offload this one with some various AKS. It'll make a newcomer very happy with all accessories needed to start besides the arm, vest and monitor. Ready to fly. Gimbal is also VOLT ready. The Sled - MK-V 1.5" Carbon Fiber Two Stage Telescoping Post w/ V-3+ Electronics (Upgraded Post Cable) and 3 V-Mount Battery Plates - GPIPro Gimbal (S/N 294) - GPIPro DB3 (S/N 065) - XCS Dual Rod Telescoping Bracket w Cam-Jam Yoke (just need CG mount for your monitor, around 50 bucks) Cables - MK-V to Arri 24v Cable - MK-V to 4pin XLR Cable (use with AB Plate for universal camera power) - Various BNC Cables Brackets - Jerry Hill GAD 2 Docking Bracket w/ docking ring (BRAND NEW! Used on one shoot) - PRO Docking Bracket - Various Steadicam Camera Plates Cases - Sled Case w/ Monitor Spot - AKS Case Cart - Magliner Cart w/ Steadicam System (Mast, Pin, Cushion) Various AKS/Power - Matthews Hollywood Beefy Baby Stand - 3 IDX Flight Safe 90wh Batteries with Dual Charger - All Tools for the Gimbal, Sled and DB3 25k+ worth of gear. Make me an offer. Looking to sell as much of the full package as possible. NYC Local. Buyer pays for shipping. Will ship worldwide. Email me directly at rtoussieng@gmail.com for offers/questions. Thank you all!
  24. Im reluctantly selling my Kit due to recently diagnosed health issues. It comprises of: MKV Nexus V4 Sled ​2" four stage carbon fibre post Small HD high bright 7"monitor and custom made MKV yoke, plus SD hummingbird monitor with mount/yoke (supplied with the kit when purchased) as back up /emergency replacement. Betz deluxe top stage and wedge plate Two battery modules- twin and single battery V-lock MKV docking bracket Full power cable pack ( Arri Alexa, Amira, Mini, Red, Panavision, 12/24 volt 4 pin XLR ) + 2x custom made MKV cue light sets. Deluxe V4 gimbal Multiple HD/SDI video and power in and outs on both the J-Box and D-Box Peli Storm MI 3220 case ​Sled with Small HD monitor and yoke £ 17,000 or $23,000 - or without Small HD monitor and yoke for £15,500 or $21,000 ​ Walter Klassen back mounted vest Includes two brackets for using the arm either to the left or right All parts in excellent working order with only minor cosmetic marks on some parts of the leather Air Bladder in back pad Suitable for a small to medium sized operator ( Im 5'9" and 180 pounds) Pictures to follow or sent via email Vest Only £3000 or $4000 Steadyrig Sliver Springs Arm Although its not the most sophisticated Arm, it's based on the tried and tested 3A arm and as such has a proven track record in production over many years. This particular example was recently serviced by Brain Bees LTD and is in excellent working order. Ideal as a first time operators arm or as a bullet proof back up. Comes with Storm Peli case MI 3200 Arm only £2000 or $2700 I would obviously prefer to sell the complete kit together, but i'm open to sensible offers for the any of the three parts of the kit, but would be prepared to be more flexible for someone interested in buying everything ​Buyer pays for all shipping and insurance costs. Email me at: christian.testa@icloud.com if you would like more information
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