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  1. Hey all! Newbie steadicam operator here! Been purchasing essential equipment for my rig and was curious whether I should get a low mode monitor! So far, I've used my regular monitor for low mode, and it has worked out with no issues, but what are the pros and cons for having a low mode monitor? Is it worth it? Will it be beneficial to my operating? And if it is essential AND beneficial, which ones do you have? Let me know your thoughts!! Thanks everyone!
  2. Looking for a Gen 1 Cinetronic monitor. If you've got one sitting on your shelf that you have no intention of doing anything with, whether or not it works, please let me know. Cheers!
  3. Hello lovely people, I am a quite new into the steadicam operating and I want to upgrade my current setup from time to time and piece by piece. Currently I am looking into a new and brighter monitor for the next upgrade. Does anybody had the chance to get their hands on this modded SWIT monitor from SmartSystem (SmartCAM SM7-3K-Z)? I am using their arm and I am very happy with that. I would like to know if it would be a reasonable purchase with the integrated ZEN system or if I should look into other monitors like the SmallHD 703 or best a Transvideo Monitor (which I think is a bit too pricey for my point of career). Maybe someone has some good advice or hands on experience with this monitor. Looking forward to hear from you guys. Until then happy shooting. Cheers Bastian https://www.smartsystem.com/product/smartcam-monitor-sm7-3k-z/
  4. I bought this as part of a package deal and currently carry a monitor that uses a different yoke. Great condition. Quattro I can be updated to Quattro II with these parts: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/upgrade-kit-quattro-monitor-arm-2/ This yoke currently sells for 190€ ($215.00 USD) plus shipping from Germany. I’d rather see it get used than sit on my shelf. Buyer pays shipping. $40
  5. Hi all, I am selling my superbright backup Monitor from Portkeys. Located in berlin, germany. - 7" Portkeys BM7 HDMI / 3G-SDI Monitor 2000 NIT (powered via dtap / v mount / npf) - € 849,00 - CAM-JAM Monitor Yoke (Archer 2 adapter included but works also with the quattro monitor arm) - € 450,00 - CAM-JAM Mounting kit Portkeys BM7 - € 55,00 - Robbi Cover 135 USD total value: 1489€ Selling for 1200€.
  6. Cleaning out the closet and parting way with an old friend and workhorse. Was my first rig and got me through more than what it was made for. Hopefully it will go to the next beginner or someone fresh out of collage. It's been modified to be more versitle in the field with the added lower battery hander to accept HD SDI and a third central battery hanger for better balance with heavier Camara Packages. Flyer Kit includes: HD Steadicam Flyer Gold Mount Flyer arm capable of 15ish lbs camera builds Flyer vest - hip pad support is cracked and you'll see in the pictures the... "Surgery" that was done on it works for me but tiffen sells replacements if you're interested in fixing. Top Stage - I replaced the factory dovetail locking knob with a lever for extra tightening Bottomed battery bracket has upgraded wiring Top plate on swivel mount feeds the 2pin lemo on the top stage Bottom plate on swivel is an on hand backup plate but also adds as extra balance Center plate feeds the monitor via DTap I have the original pieces from steadicam that I'll include. Docking tripod - including SKB travel case Low mode bracket Pelican iM2950 case - custom foam that fits all but the stand. Super convenient not having multiple cases to lug around. *Batteries not included ASKING $3,000 (without monitor) $3,900 (with monitor) Atomos Shogun 4k 60p full kit Sun hood 4 batteries DTap adaptor x3 SSDs with reader x2 chagers EXTRAS INCLUDE: Redrock Micro Wireless Remote - $250 Wireless hand unit x1 Motor Basestation Focus finger wheel Extra Redrock Micro Basestation - $100 BM HDMI to SDI converter - $50 Large InnerSpace Case - $1,250 s
  7. Like titles says, looking for the 4" drop down for GPI Pro (goofy side) Also looking for a monitor bracket for Artemis (1.5") Thanks!!!!
  8. Hello people!! I wan to try an electronic monitor horizon for the AR, but I only know 3 models, and I don't know which one is better. I know those ones: - https://www.smartsystem.com/product/smartcam-horizon-lite/ - https://www.smartsystem.com/product/smartcam-horizon/ - https://www.toughgaff.com/product-page/rock-a-bye-baby So, does anyone know any other more? Can you tell me which one are you using and why do you like it? Thanks so much in advance!! ^^ Best regards.
  9. For Sale: Transvideo CineMonitorHD6 X-SBL Removable A/B plate Power cable for GPI PRO sled GPI PRO Telescoping monitor bracket All parts are very lightly used, like-new. No scratches, or signs of wear. Local pickup in Los Angeles or shipping at buyer's expense. $5500/obo
  10. What do you use for your low-mode monitor? I'm flying a GPI kit and have been balancing with the Small HD 702 as my low-mode monitor in order for quick high/low transitions. I love having it there because it really does make things faster. But the 702 is abysmal in direct sunlight, and is too clunky to be practical. And also powering the dang thing via d-tap is an issue. I'm looking into the BlackMagic 5in Video Assist as a budget option, and a Transvideo Starlite 5in as a more permanent solution. A monitor that supports on board video recording is not strictly necessary, but I'm definitely leaning towards a monitor that supports that feature. The BlackMagic 5in seems alright but you have to do some surgery in order to power it properly from your sled. Any thoughts or tips on the matter would be much appreciated! Cheers, -Dan
  11. My backup monitor from Transvideo is for sale. CineMonitorHD6 SBL Evolution 2800 € OBO He is in good conditions. I would prefer shipping within Europe. The buyer receives an invoice. If you are interested, just send a PM I'm still uploading pictures
  12. Unfortunately work is taking a different direction for me since a leg injury, so I have to move on from this. A very complete kit that has everything you need to go to set. Has everything you need to be ready on set, with lots of backups. GPI PRO Cine Live package. Loaded GPI PRO Sled, Betz top stage, Atlas arm with two grey canisters, Pro Vest, Two Small HD monitors, Four B4B 230w Gold Mount batteries and two chargers, Two XCS camera plates, XCS Extendible Mid Arm Swivel, Three GPI PRO docking brackets, Walter Klassen Vehicle Mount, Backstage Vehicle Mount, backstage Steadicam cart, low mode bracket, Three Pelican cases (2X1730 & 1X1650) {Foam laser cut by Pelican}, power cables for Red, Mini, Venice, Alexa and more. Based in LA and looking to sell local. Looking for $35,000 OBO
  13. Hello! I’m selling my brand new horizon monitor system from Smartsystem. This thing keeps your monitor always in the same position even if you rotate the camera. Great for trinity or ronity ops. Or steadi ops who do a lot of dutching. It came with my Matrix Package and I just don’t find myself using it, and really could use the money right now. Truly brand new out of the case. Put it on twice to practice. Comes with all you see in the pics - weights, brackets, case + power cables that I forgot to take pics of. New price is $1600 $1100 and it’s yours I’d prefer cash & local pickup in LA, but I’m willing to ship for the cost of shipping.
  14. Helo guys!! Since long time ago, I saw in my Transvideo monitor that the ACC connector it have the 4 first pines to power + vídeo, but I don't know how it work the video side. I tried to understand it with the monitor users manual, but I couldn't. My sled is the RIG Betz, and it have a MONITOR connector at the bottom, so if I plug the SDI from the camera to the top stage bnc, do the electronic of my sled convert the HD image to have video trough this MONITOR connector at the bottom of my sled? So if I plug a 8 pins lemo cable from the bottom of my sled, to the 8 pins lemo ACC connector to the monitor, do I have power and HD video with one cable without SDI cable?! I hope I'm clear with this doubt, so thanks so much in advance!!
  15. I have moved on from this monitor to something that’s brighter but this one still works great with no scratches. I was using it in my Quattro II yoke on my pro. So if somehow that works for you the cables and kit are included. Tvlogic LVM-075A s/n LV075AP0228 8pin RS to tvlogic 36” 8pin RS to tvlogic 24” Plastic hood Quattro II Mounting kit - TV Logic LVM-074W (two knobs in the picture you will need to have the QUATTRO II postclamp rods and yoke that match which are not included) Asking $1,250 OBO buyer pays shipping.
  16. Hi, The monitor is in a good condition with some minor housing scratches and one display scratch but it’s not visible when the monitor is on (see the picture) The monitor is serviced by Transvideo last week and has a new video board. (See invoice) only monitor, no cables or peli. asking 1800,-€ + shipping
  17. XCS TB-6 SN: 0173 Manufacture Date: 05/10/2002 I purchased this used about four years ago, and used it for little over a year with no issues. The monitor works just fine. I haven’t personally had it serviced but it has sat in a pelican case for the majority of the time I have owned it. In addition to the TB-6 I am also selling: - Pelican Case 1450 - Redbyte Decimator - Blackmagic Design SDI to Analog 4K MiniConverter - Mounting Pin with Pin Receiver - Plastic Rain/Dust Cover for TB-6 - Sun Shade for TB-6 $2,000 OBO (I also have Down Converters for sale in a nearby listing;
  18. USED CINETRONIC GEN 2 Monitor for Sale. Located in NYC $1500 USD MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  19. 7" Transvideo Stargate Monitor v2 (purple edition) Professional level monitor. Ideal for steadicam but also as an onboard monitor. It's Quiet and it Records! Brightness 800 Nits - great on location in full daylight (and night ofcourse) Located in UK. Price £1,600 GBP plus postage Full HD LCD Monitor / Recorder recording great for saving rushes for showreel etc for Steadicam, Operators, DSLR, Focus Puller, anyone with need of professional gear. Original description check the manufacturer: https://www.transvideo.eu/Stargate USED in excellent working condition. Latest software update, works perfectly. Used as professional steadicam monitor and onboard camera monitor (built in digital level, flip modes, record mode!). The only of very few out there manufacturers that make "quiet" monitors and of course the "recording" monitor. Used but cared for. Monitor screen immaculate... Small scratch on the protective screen plastic (not noticeable when monitor is on, protective screen is replaceable of course if one wishes) In the photo below I also attached the plastic extra cover for transport. Comes with its own protective pelicase and very sturdy noga arm. More hi-res photos available on request. Thank you for looking.
  20. Hello, My name is David and I am a 1st AC. I am selling my SmallHD 702 Bright On-board monitor. I own 2 of these and they are great. But realising over the last few jobs i do not require a 2nd on board monitor anymore and its looking for a new home! a BRAND NEW screen has been recently replaced too!! 7" LCD panel with a 1000 NITS with a comes with a screen protector! Small HD 702 SN 702-0003263 I have a 3/8" mounting block on the monitor as well. I will include the original 1/4" thread block. (Please see photos) I will include a medium noga arm with a clamp, an official SmallHD 702 Sun Hood and a 3v Battery Adapter which is 2-pin Out. (i know 2 are in the photo but only supplying one!) Asking Price: £1,500 (inc VAT) I can deliver within London or meet up at Panavision or Arri Media. If anyone is interested overseas i'll check shipping if i get any replies. Please call +44 7939678450 or reply to the thread!
  21. Great Looking Image. In Excellent Condition. Sony DVF-L700 7” Viewfinder / Monitor. 1100 Nits 1920 x 1080 Supports 4K Plus Power Cables Paid: $4140.00 USD Priced at: $1750.00 USD Shipping not included. Please text or call… 760-505-7011. Thank you.
  22. Monitor works great, small scratch on screen as shown in pics. Included: Monitor Arri 3 pin Lemo power cable D-tap power cable Transvideo Noga arm Screen protector Polishing cloth Pelican case Free standard shipping within continental US $950 dekekeener at me dot com
  23. Hi chaps, I’ve been the sole owner of everything listed, and can vouch that every last screw has been lovingly looked after and is ready to shoot. Would love everything to go as one. £16,000 OBO. Based in London - you’re very welcome to come check it out on set or in my living room. Email emilio dot film at gmail dot com. Cheers for looking! 1) Sachtler Artemis Sled (1.8” post, HD-SDI, 12/24V, great condition) 2) Betz Wave 1 (boxed as new, with sled cables) 3) Transvideo RainbowHD 7” High-Brightness Monitor hybrid bracket (scuffs on the casing, a few scratches that disappear once the screen is on) 4) Transvideo Starlite 5” low-mode Monitor (boxed as new, with sled cables, low-mode bracket) 5) Sachtler Artemis docking bracket - frankly awful design, replace with Hill bracket ASAP :/ 6) 6 x IDX 146Wh batteries + 4-way Charger 7) Peli Sled Case (iM3100) 8) Cables, dovetail plates, brackets etc.
  24. ASKING £800 ono 5.6" TV Logic Kit 1 x Peli Case 1400 1 x 5.6" TV Logic Manual 1 x 5.6" TV Logic Monitor + Screen Protector 1 x Medium Noga Arm + 3/8 Step Thread 2 x DTap to Mini XLR 1 x 2pinRS to Mini XLR 1 x 4 pin XLR to Mini XLR 2 x BNC (60cm ish) 1 x Mains Power + Kettle Lead 1 x basic vlock plate, Dtap small scratch on screen protector and one of the corners chipped. (ACTUAL screen is perfect) UK (London/Portsmouth)
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