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Found 128 results

  1. I bought this as part of a package deal and currently carry a monitor that uses a different yoke. Quattro I can be updates to Quattro II with these parts: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/upgrade-kit-quattro-monitor-arm-2/ This yoke currently sells for 190€ ($215.00 USD) plus shipping from Germany. I’d rather see it get used than sit on my shelf. Please email for all inquiries.
  2. I am looking for a monitor yoke for my transvideo hd6 (cam-jam, transvideo, artemis...) and artemis Act 2 docking bracket for 1.5 or any other brand that serves the purpose cheers
  3. Brian Romano

    Starlight HD bracket to sled?

    Hey Everyone, I’m looking to mount a starlight HD monitor to my Pro HD II sled. I would prefer to mount it up at the top near the top electronics (whereas MDR could be mounted) this way I could use this monitor as a low mode monitor as well. I know Transvideo has an HD Arm, but I’m not sure of where to mount that besides on the camera. Anyone have any ideas? thanks!
  4. Salutations, community! I am emptying my cache of monitors and such to make room for a steadi rig. Very exciting times. Feel free to make offers. If you can make use of any of these items, please inquire! Located in Los Angeles. Local pickup or buyer pays shipping if necessary. 17" Sony OLED (pvm-a170). In superb condition. $3KCustom hard case 5/8" VESA mount Hoodman w/raincover. Also like-new. OSHA cable 5.5" TVLogic (vfm-058w). Like-new. $1,1002x 2-pin to mini-XLR power cables 2x P-tap to mini-XLR power cables LP-E6 battery back Spare Screen Protector TVLogic 9" (srm-095w). Great condition. $3.2 new, asking $2K!"house power" cable included Flawless screen, no dead pixels. Ward Sniper MK-III. "Pro-Kit" In superb condition. $11.4K new, asking $8K!2x Pan/tilt brackets. 2x Xylons, 17º and 5º p-tap power cable 2-pin power cable Display Cable Preston Aux Cable Smoke Iris Wireless Display 4x 9V batts + charger
  5. Professional level monitor. Ideal for steadicam. Quiet! and Records! Brightness 800 Nits - great on location in full daylight (and night ofcourse) 7" Transvideo Stargate Monitor v2 USED, in excellent working condition. Latest software update, works perfectly. Full HD LCD Monitor / Recorder recording great for saving rushes for showreel etc for Steadicam, Operators, DSLR, Focus Puller, anyone with need of professional gear. Original description and price comparison check the manufacturer: https://www.transvideo.eu/Stargate Located in UK. Price £2,200 GBP ono USED in excellent working condition. Latest software update, works perfectly. Used as professional steadicam monitor and onboard camera monitor (built in digital level, flip modes, record mode!). The only of very few out there manufacturers that make "quiet" monitors and of course the "recording" monitor. Used but cared for. Small scratch on the protective screen plastic (not noticeable when monitor is on, protective screen is replaceable ofcourse in the long run if one wishes) Comes with its own protective pelicase and very sturdy noga arm. More hi-res photos available on request. Thank you for looking. Video Inputs 2 x 3G/HD/SDI Recorder .H264, .MP4 Display LCD 7 inches Picture zone 1920 x 1080 Supported Standards 3G: 1080 / 50p, 60p HD: 1080 / 50i, 60i 1080 / 24p, 25p, 30p 1080 / 24psf, 25psf 720 / 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p Contrast ratio Viewing angle Brightness 1200:1 ±85° H&V 800Nits White point calibration D65 ITU-R BT.709-5 & D56 Color space Rec. ITU-R BT.709-5 AvengerLeveler TM Yes Tally LED Yes Power 10 - 36V DC Power Cons. 22W nominal External SD Card Slot Yes Dimensions (l x h x d) 208.2 x 116.7 x 42.25 mm 8.2 x 4.59 x 1.66 inches Weight 770g, 1.7lbs
  6. $650 OBO. Monitor is clean and functions perfectly. Lots of extra cables. W/ Sony L battery back 1 - P-tap power cable 1 - 3 pin power cable 2 - 2 pin power cables 1 - 4 pin XLR power cable 1 - Panavision power cable 1 - 3 pin power with BNC cable
  7. Martijn Lembeck

    MustHD 703S Hyper-Brite monitor 2200 Nits

    A couple of years ago I bought a 7" Teletest CyclopsHD High Bright HD-SDI Steadicam monitor which I stumbled onto online. It was on sale for about € 700,- ex VAT at Teletest. The brilliant idea I had was to replace the analog standard monitor on my Steadicam Scout, which was unusable outside. The resolution on that Teletest monitor however turned out to be just aweful, I could not tell if anything was in focus or not, and the colours were all over the place. And there was no access to a menu (only in the factory I was told). Pretty disappointing all together for a monitor which was normally priced around € 1.100,- ex VAT. So I have been looking around for a nice steadicam monitor for a very long time. But I don't fly my rig every day, therefore a lot of high brightness (steadicam) monitors cost many thousands of euros and are way beyond my budget. But............. today I upgraded my Steadicam Scout with a 7" MustHD 703S Hyper-Brite monitor. And I'm really amazed how well this monitor performs in full direct sunlight. No sunhood needed here. The monitor is 2200 Nits (!!!) 1920x1200, 3GSDI in+loop out, HDMI in+loop out. Very good build and image quality, coloraccuracy, sharpness and has focus assist, false color, zebra, markers, histogram, H/V mirror and more. The only thing it doesn't have is a virtual horizon. But my Sony FS7 has a (somewhat acceptable, sort of) horizon in it. And.......(drumroll please) the monitor is only around € 500,- ex VAT here in the Netherlands. I also bought the V-mount plate for it for about € 30,- ex VAT. So I must say that, as a not-daily-flying-Steadicam-Operator, after a day of testing I'm more than happy with it. I'm excited for my coming steadicam gig next week !!!
  8. Up for sale is my Steadicam Scout HD. This rig has treated me well. Ive flown cameras of all sized and weights from A7s, to BlackMagic Ursas, to fully built REDs. Its just time for me to upgrade. -5 lb to 18 lb Payload -2-Stage Adjustable Iso-Elastic Arm -Dual-Axis Vernier Adjustable Stage -Camera Mount Chassis / Removable Sled -18.5" - 32" Telescoping Centerpost -7" 800 Nit HD Monitor w monitor shade -Knurled Gimbal Handle -Standard Vest -V-Mount -Docking Bracket & Dovetail Plate -3pin to 4 pin xlr camera power cable -4pin to 4pin power cable -2 Indipro 95Wh v-lock batteries with Rolux dual charger - Steadicam stand -2 camera plates -Weights - Carrying bag
  9. I have a Cinetronic Digital Level for the Gen 2 Monitor. CDL v1.0 The monitor crapped out and has been replaced with a Transvideo, so I don't need this anymore. Works perfectly and will included 2 of the 4-Pin Lemos to connect to the monitor. Make me an offer. Located in Los Angeles, willing to ship.
  10. Frank Schwaiger

    Monitor Yoke Atomos Shogun Inferno / Flame

    Hi all, I will make a Yoke for the Atomos Shogun Flame. I think it will also fit on the Inferno and the Ninja Versions in 7". I can easily produce some more when someone interested. To get it mounted to the Steadicam i bought this cage: http://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-atomos-7-monitor-cage-with-sunhood-2008.html To attach V-Mounts to the cage I bought this one http://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-v-lock-assembly-kit-1846.html Because neither the monitor nor the cage have holes in the middle of the sides I will machine plates in 2 versions: VERSION 1 - with SSD and to Sony NP-F, without V-Mount battery this version will have ports blocked because of the mounting of the plates to the sides: right side: - blocked headphone jack - blocked sound jack left side: - maybe blocked HDMI in (which I try to prevent but don't see the reason for myself :) ) VERSION 2 - with SSD and small V-Mount battery 99Wh this version will also have blocked ports, even more because of the COG which is now behind the monitor right side: - blocked headphone jack - blocked sound jack - blocked SSD port (which is not so bad as it reads. Just carry a HUGE SSD and you won't have to change it often :) ) left side: - maybe blocked HDMI in (which I try to prevent but don't see the reason for myself :) ) The Yoke will be similar to the design in the attachment which is from another OP from this forum who I don't remeber and can't find anymore. Sorry! It was originally done for the Marshal 651 and is now changed by me for the Atomos Series. I will post prototype pics when ready, approximately two weeks Price will depend on orders! I will keep you updated when I know more. Best, Frank
  11. Great Looking Image. In Excellent Condition. Sony DVF-L700 7” Viewfinder / Monitor. 1100 Nits 1920 x 1080 Supports 4K Plus Power Cables Paid: $4140.00 USD Priced at: $1750.00 USD Shipping not included. Please text or call… 760-505-7011. Thank you.
  12. I have 4 x Small HD AC7 OLED Monitor Kits for sale. 7" monitor that was my absolute favorite for pulling focus. Image is bright, peaking great as well. Monitors come with custom cables and pelican cases with foam cut outs and trays for safe keeping. Priced to sell as $250 USD ea bigwheelpictures@icloud.com KITS INCLUDE: SMALL HD AC7 OLED MONITOR #1 7” OLED Monitor x 1, LG Noga Arm x 1, BNC cable, hable quick clamp connectors x 1, Right angle to right angle BNC cable x 1, Anton Bauer D-Tap to barrel PWR cable x 2, 4-Pin XLR to barrel PWR cable x 1, 3-Pin fisher Clairmont wired 12v to barrel PWR cable x 1, 3-pin fisher Sim wired 12v to hiroshi PWR cable x 1, Custom Pelican Case w/ Foam x 1, SMALL HD AC7 OLED MONITOR #2 7” OLED Monitor x 1, LG Noga Arm x 1, BNC cable right angle to right angle x 1, Hiroshi to barrel PWR cables x 2, Anton Bauer D-tap to barrel PWR cable x 1, Custom Pelican Case w/ Foam x 1, SMALL HD AC7 OLED MONITOR #3 7” OLED Monitor LG Noga Arm x 1, BNC cable, Hable quick clamp connectors x 1, BNC cable, straight to male x 1, BNC cable, right angle to right angle x 1, Hiroshi to barrel PWR cables x 2, Anton Bauer D-tap to hiroshi PWR cable x 1, Custom Pelican Case w/ Foam x 1, SMALL HD AC7 OLED MONITOR #4 7” OLED Monitor x 1, LG Noga Arm x 1, BNC cable, Hable quick clamp connectors x 1, BNC cable, straight to male x 1, BNC cable, right angle to right angle x 1, Hiroshi to barrel PWR cables x 2, Anton Bauer D-tap to hiroshi PWR cable x 1, Custom Pelican Case w/ Foam x 1,
  13. 1400 Nits In Excellent Condition. Great Daytime Visibility. Free from scratches and blemishes. This Monitor was Lightly used. Priced at: $1700 USD. Tiffen HD UltraBrite2™ 8.4” TFT Color Monitor is HD/SD SDI (SMPTE 259,274/292/296), DVI, Y/C, PC VGA and Composite video monitor exclusively designed for Steadicam® and field production use. Compatible with any stabilizer system. Features 1400 nts (cd/m2) of brightness and the use of a proprietary bonded AR glass coating, the HD HD UltraBrite2™ can be viewed under the most extreme lighting conditions. • Selectable Color Temperature (9300K / 8000K / 6500K / 5000K). • Brightness/Contrast/Color/Tint/Sharpness/Gamma Adjustable. • Portrait/Landscape Image Rotation. • Vertical and Horizontal Image Flip Capabilities. • Adjustable Image Scaling, 4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1 Anamorphic, Under scan and more. • Control settings stored in non-volatile memory. • Automatic video format switching. • Isolated video inputs. • Picture-in-picture (PIP). • Non volatile memory storage of monitor settings. • Dimmable dual Tally light indicators for studio applications. • Selectable OSD Menu Language Support. • AR Glass for Direct Sunlight Viewability. • Standard _-20 and 3/8-16 tripod screw mounting holes, and optional yoke with rod mounts. • Mounting screws located on back cover for mounting of external V-loc battery adapter. • Front panel LED power indicator. • Programmable Direct Access Menu Buttons. • Fully software upgradeable for special applications or future options. • Built-in frameline generator • Instant on feature that powers up monitor without pressing additional buttons. • Integrated 10-LED horizon display. • Wide support of SDI, HDSDI, RGB, YPbPr, YCbCr, SVHS, Composite NTSC/PAL/SECAM, DVI-D, and RGB video formats. • Unique dual chamber aluminum case design to help dissipate internal heat and keep electronics cool without the use of a fan. • Ergonomic cable connection layout to help prevent cable snags Monitor has two input sources for power: 4 pin XLR or 8 pin Lemo. Please text or call... 760-505-7011 Thank you
  14. Selling my BON monitor. Paid $2,300 for it new. It has two HD-SDI inputs and one HDMI input. It also has one HD-SDI output and one HDMI output. The monitor has false color, waveform, focus check. It has some minor scratches on the screen that is you can't see when it's turned on. It does not have flip function. You can power it either from v-lock plate or power cable D-tap. Asking $850/€815. Buyer pays for shipping. LE
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm selling my Rainbow 7" monitor, like new conditions, it's a very good monitor, not the SBL model, but it's very good for every application. It's really in excellent working and aesthetic conditions, really like new. it comes with a transvideo PAG original V-lock battery plate (340 euro optional). The new price is 1700 Euro plus VAT for monitor and 280 Euro plus VAT for battery plate, I'm selling the hole package for 1200 Euro plus shipping costs.
  16. Hi everyone Selling some of my camera accessories I've ended up not using anymore. I’m willing to sell separately, but if someone would buy all of it, I will give a discount of 250 € EUR on the whole. That’s 2000 € EUR for all of it (instead of 2250 € EUR). Prices are in € Euro, buyers pay for shipping and for money transfer fees (paypal etc.). 1. Bright Tangerine Misfit Kit Mattebox for 1200 € EUR 2. Blackmagic Design 4K Videoassist Recorder/Monitor 500 € EUR 3. Revar Cine Rota Pola 4x5.65/138mm with Schneider Circular Polarizer 550 € EUR 1. Bright Tangerine Misfit Kit Mattebox for 1200 € EUR Kit includes: 1 x Misfit Clamp-On Lightweight Mattebox 1 x 3 x Filterstage 4x5.65 (3 frames) 1 x Topflag 1 set of masks ⁃ 18-20 ⁃ 24-28 ⁃ 32-40 ⁃ 50-75 ⁃ 85-180 Adaptors for following diameters: 80 mm 95 mm 110 mm 143 mm And for the 143 mm adaptor you have two stepdown rings to 134 mm and to 114 mm I’ve used the Mattebox Kit only a couple of times. It is in a very good condition, except for a few scratches, all of them almost on the same spot, which are shown in the attached pictures. All parts function as they should. 2. Blackmagic Design 4K Videoassist Recorder/Monitor for 500 € EUR Kit includes: 1 x Blackmagic Design 4K Videoassist, 7”Monitor/Recorder 1 x AC/DC Adaptor 2 x Batteries 1 x Charger w/ cable for Batteries I’ve bought the monitor August 2017 and used it only on a few occasions. Display has scratches whatsoever and except for some tiny traces of usage, which aren’t really leaping to the eye the housing is also in pristine condition. 3. Rota Pola for 550 € EUR Revar Cine Rota Pola 4x5.65/138mm w/ Schneider Circular Polarizer + Pouch Thanks a lot. Cheers…
  17. No idea if this is worth anything to anyone, but feel free to make an offer if this interests you. This is the very old school green screen. Still the brightest image ever on a Steadicam. The lower right corner of the screen is suffering from delamination. You can see where in the photo: it's the area that looks like an oil slick. Included is the raincover. The last time I used it was in the rain because the monitor is well sealed for weather and my HD LCDs at the time were full of holes to let the rain in, and would overheat when wrapped up. Could be useful for spare parts (the high voltage assembly is relatively low mileage as it was replaced not long before I retired the monitor.) Or might look nice in a Steadicam museum, or as a doorstop.
  18. Marianne Exbrayat

    New Transvideo monitors at the NAB 2018

    Transvideo International booth # C 7806 in the Central Hall and check-out Transvideo latest innovations in the field of monitoring, at show prices. New 8" Cinemonitor X-SBL (V2), (85º viewing angle in all 4 directions, 2000 to 2500 NITS depending on what publication you read…), hi-contrast and the latest Anti-glare coating. Designed for body-rig Operators the 6" and 8" X-SBLs include the digital horizon2 with inertia compensation and shock analyzer. In addition, they are Horizon3 ready - ready to use with the wireless external/remote sensor. Go to our website for a complete description of the CinemonitorHD family, a comparison of the 6" vs. 8" V2 XSBL including the complete range of brackets and cables: www.transvideointl.com The 8" X-SBL (V1) can be updated to V2 but it requires a return to the factory in France as it is very comprehensive. The cost is 850 Euros (about USD 1085), turn around 2 to 3 weeks (5 days each way + 1 week at the factory). Maybe if enough people ask that the update is performed in the USA the factory will approve it... A map to locate our booth C7806 is attached. See you all there! Marianne Exbrayat. marianne@transvideointl.com
  19. Selling my barely used Tiffen Steadicam Aero 15 Sled, Arm and Vest w. 7" HD Monitor and Canon LP Battery Plate. Looking to switch stabilizer systems so I am trying to sell this unit. Works great and in perfect condition. Looking for best offer. Pricing to sell so open to all offers.
  20. Transvideo International is at Cine Gear: Booth B101A, near the large Chapman Leonard booth. New 8" XSBL Version 2 (85º viewing angle in all 4 directions), 2000 to 2500 NITS (depending on what you read)... The 5" StarliteHD V2 will also be on display (delay reduced to less than 1 frame, crisper image). Programmable recording compression rates to maximize quality or recording time. Come and support your local support. We are also at Stabilizer Expo this Sunday 10am - 4pm. Great Barbecue & lots of time for one on one conversation.
  21. 325 euros Lilliput TM1018 S 10" monitor 3G-SDI & HDMI inputs & outputs hard case flip screen Gimbal bracket Velcro Sunshade Mini XLR to XLR Battery plates included for Sony... capacitive touchscreen including peaking, focus assist, waveform analysis The Lilliput TM-1018/S is a 10.1 inch 3-G SDI and HDMI field monitor featuring a capacitive touchscreen function for the features menu Monitor Specification Screen Size (diagonal) 10.1 inch Aspect Ratio 16:9 Maximum Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 Viewing Angle (degrees) 170/170 Brightness Ratio (cd/m2) 350 Contrast Ratio 800:1 Backlight LED Video Inputs 1 x 3G-SDI (BNC), 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x Composite (RCA) Video Outputs 1 x 3G-SDI (BNC), 1 x HDMI, 1 x Composite (RCA) Audio Outputs 3.5mm Jack output, 1 x Built in speaker (<1W) Touchscreen Technology Multitouch capacitive touchscreen allows for control of internal monitor settings Input Power 12V DC Operating Temperature -20 - 60 degrees Contents Of Box Product 1 x TM1018/S monitor Connection Cables 1 x Mini HDMI to HDMI cable Power Adaptor 12V UK, EU, AUS, or U.S upon request Mounts and stands Shoe mount adaptor Additional accessories Sunshade, battery plates Dimensions Height (mm) 170 Width (mm) 250 Depth (mm) 29.6 Weight (g) 630 Send from Belgium
  22. FOR SALE: Brand new SmallHD 1303 HDR Production Monitor and accessories. Purchased in November from the DVShop in Toronto. Tested once and put back into original packaging. Panel has less than 2 hours on it. I was going to use this monitor as a focus monitor, but decided to stick to the 703 instead due to being in such tight sets. The monitor comes with a Gold Mount Power Kit/Cheese Plate, as well as a Sun Shade and one Rapid Rail Mount for mounting a wireless receiver. The gold mount plate features small risers that raises the plate up by approximately 1/2", to allow a standard Vesa mount to attach underneath it. SmallHD designed the cheeseplate/gold mount adapter to conflict with standard Vesa mounts, forcing you to use the SmallHD C-Stand/Table mount, which I do not like because it does not tilt. This modification from VFGadgets allows you to use any tilting Vesa mount of your choice. Brand new, this monitor goes for $3,499 USD. Accessories valued at $450 USD. I am asking $3,000 USD for the package. Buyer pays shipping. Pictures can be sent upon request, but would prefer not to take the monitor out of the packaging.
  23. complete steadicam package for sale. 1)sled :Custom made carbon fibre 4 stage Telescoping superpost sled.Its a very Good Sled in terms of Stability and extremely low mode and high mode shots.Rock Solid.center post Dia:2inches.collapsed lenght:29 inches,extended length :80+ inches. No sdi output.No coiled SDI cable inside(could not find it in the market when it was being constructed) but you can install it if you want and find it.presently i hard wire the sdi cable from camera to monitor.which works fine and gives best picture without any Noise Interference which you get sometimes when it is center wired. Rest all power supply(12/24V Inbuilt switchable Circuit)in good working Order. 2)Arm :Steadirig silver spring arm.For any Load Cameras.Almost brand new.In Prestine condition.Had bought it recently.just 2 months old.only few shoots done on it.comes with a soft case. 2)Monitor:7" Day Bright Boland Bvb07a 1400nitts.Had bought it recently.Almost Brand new.just around 2 months old.with mounting bracket.with sun Hood.And power cables and adaptor.With Compay Packing as it came.plus a carrying case. 3)Vest : Walter Klassen Back Mount with all accessories in the pics(extra pads, extra bladder and ratchets).Used but in Superb Condition.see the pics. Operator waist size :32-34 inches, Height :5:10 inches. with a vest case. 4)Cables : 1 x sled to Alexa power cable, 1 x sled to red power cable, 1 x sled to bartech power cable, 1 x sled to cmotion power cable, 1 x sled to Teradek Bolt power cable, 2 x hdmi to mini hdmi cable, 1 x sdi to sdi cable, 2 x hdsdi to hdsdi cable. 5)Batteries : 2 vlock batteries. 6)1 Dual battery Charger. 7)Additional Gear Arm : Movcam Knight d202a Ideal for Red Cameras. vest: Movcam front mount vest. for all cameras. Monitor:7"Konvision monitor with sun hood. 8)Hard Cases: Steadicam Case; Vest Case: 9)Accessories: free with above purchase. camera mounting plate. practice weight cage.heavy if you can afford shipping. weight block :1kg Accessory mounting bottom plate. Stand. please let me know if wish to see more pics. Located in INDIA price: USD29000/- for everything listed above. Buyer pays shipping. For Questions and Enquiries contact : sameer_kharatmal@yahoo.co.in Enquiries,Questions and comments on email only please. Thanks.
  24. Hi again, I'm also selling off my Transvideo Starlite HD5 monitor. It's in very good shape. I had used it with a gimbal only a few times. Specs: 3G / HD-SDI input + reclocked output 5" OLED touch screen with wide color gamut (EBU) Extremely lightweight: 190g / 0.4lbs 6-30v DC power input through Lemo2 "mini" Low power consumption (approx. 6W) Built-in tools: high-resolution waveform monitor, a precise vectorscope histogram of the luminance embedded SD card recorder delivers dailies in H.264 Package includes: 1 x StarliteHD 1 x Power cable mini-Lemo2 to D-Tap 1 x Noga Arm for Monitor 1x Sunhood 1 x HD BNC Cable 1 x 8Gb class10 SD card 1 x microfiber pouch 1 x hard case with custom foam See Transvideo website for more info. Euros 900,- (plus additional 19% VAT in Europe) Free Shipping within Germany if interested email me... mail@dploher.com
  25. Frank Schwaiger

    Monitor Yoke as you like it

    Hi Guys, since I produce a monitor yoke for the ATOMOS Shogun Inferno / Flame I thought I can also make different ones for you if you need one for a monitor with threads on the sides. If you tell me the dimensions, I'll be able to make them for you with threads where you want them also fitting ones for my monitor bridge with clamp. I already have one for the SmallHD702 but could easily do some for your monitors. What I need: - width of the monitor / meaning the distance of the 1/4"-20 threads on it's sides - distances from top AND bottom of the monitor to the middle of the 1/4"-20 threads on the sides - space you want between monitor and yoke at the bottom. I would go with at least 15mm. If you want to attach a V-mount battery on the back or a spirit level on top/bottom of the unit you may need more.