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  1. Preston DM1 motors. Works great! Inexpensive way to add another motor to your Preston kit. Works great for focus, iris or zoom. High torque. I currently have 2 for sale. $650 USD each. $1200 USD for both. $30 shipping with insurance & tracking. gottfried.pflugbeil@protonmail.com
  3. Preston FIZ1 $5000 (or best offer) 3 motors (with hill brakets) mdr1 handset1 cables for every occasion flight case details available by request i just have too many cables to list take a look
  4. Hello all i am selling a Preston Fiz its on ebay but if anyone wants to make an offer directly i will take the listing down and sell it here. Email me directlly -ben BTCasias@gmail.com PRESTON FIZ https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F184039088650
  5. Well used but works well. Price is $900 USD + Shipping Location Vancouver
  6. For sale: A Preston DM1 Motor (Ser# 1019) with Bracket and Motor Cable. Please see photos. Asking $1195 USD
  7. Analog Bartech Focus With M-One Motor $1,800.00 Shipping in the Lower 48 States in the USA is included with purchase Buyers elsewhere pay for shipping Meticulously maintained. This was my backup and very seldom used. - BFD Transmitter - BFD Receiver/amplifier - M-One Analog Focus motor - Matte box rod receiver/amp mounting bracket - Steadicam Motor Rod Set - 6 Lens gears - Various rod adapters - 19mm universal mounting bracket - 2.5" universal extension/offset bracket with 19mm attachment tubes (1.12" and 2.12" length) - 3 spare antennas for Transmitter - 2 spare antennas for Receiver - Hard cases for both the BFD system and M-One motor - Cable 5795: BFD Receiver to Video Camera 12-Pin Run/Stop cable - Cable 612:BFD Receiver to M-One/Heden 5-pinb Motor cable - Cable 6066: BFD Receiver to Arri 435/535/Arricam/Moviecam Run/Stop cable - 5-Pin Lemo to 5-Pin Lemo - 2-Pin Lemo to 2-Pin Lemo –(I power from the sled with this one. One end is 2 pins in a 3 pin casing)
  8. Preston V+F Lens Control (Wireless or Wired) w/DM-2 Motor + Swing Arm Single Channel In Excellent Condition Lightly used Also Included: 3 GPI Pro to Preston Power Cables 3 Preston Motor Cables Canon Broadcast Lens Gear Fuji Broadcast Lens Gear Preston Bracket Preston Control Asking: $2300 Preston DM-2 Motor Asking: $1700 Please PM or Text... 760-505-7011 Thank you
  9. Hi Everyone, Helping out a fellow assistant. Selling a digital zoom kit for a Preston System. The package includes a Preston Digital Micro Force, a Preston DM2 motor, and a Preston Micro Force Y cable. It can be used as a stand alone system or you can combine it with your Preston MDR for remote zoom. The Digital Micro Force is in great shape and works smoothly. The Preston DM2 Motor is in excellent condition and runs smooth. The Cable has been tested and it works. It is a 3 pin power connector. All three pieces are currently in Toronto, Canada and can be shipped anywhere at the buyers expense. Asking $3500 USD You can contact Ben directly at isoar@me.com or send me a message here on the forum.
  10. Hi Everyone, Helping out a fellow assistant. Selling a Preston DM2 Motor in excellent condition. It was from his back up Preston kit and has been lightly used and well cared for. The motor is currently in Toronto, Canada and can be shipped anywhere at the buyers expense. Asking $1900 USD You can contact Ben directly at isoar@me.com or send me a message here on the forum.
  11. *Posting for a friend Up for sale is my very well cared for, and extremely reliable RT Motion wireless follow focus (now called Teradek RT since teradek acquired them). I love this unit as it is very reliable, very easy to use with a great menu system. Tiny MDR that is great for smaller builds and gimbals. The motor is very strong and can pull on stiff glass. Absolutely great unit. For sale worldwide as long as buyer pays shipping! Comes with everything you need plus a pelican case - Hand Unit (and 2 lens rings) - MDR - (1) Motor - Power cables and a DSMC2 Run Stop cable - Thumbwheel, perfect for gimbals on smaller shoots, or handheld doc work. - (2) Batteries - (1) Charger Contact: jamesmarin8888@gmail.com
  12. Hi Everyone, helping out a fellow assistant. Selling a Preston DM1 motor. It is in good shape and runs smooth. The motor is currently in Toronto, Canada and can be shipped anywhere at the buyers expense. Asking $1000 USD You can contact Ben directly at isoar@me.com or send me a message here on the forum.
  13. Hey everyone! I'm selling my Bartech BFD because I've had a slight career shift and my new work doesn't need the beefier setup of the BFD and M-One Motor. Everything is in used condition, but works great. I have lots of detailed photos and I'm happy to take specific photo requests if you have something you want to see in detail before buying. I'm including everything pictured (except the table or cyc wall). There's a lot in this kit, but I'll break it down as best as I can. Frankly, there's a few cables that came with the BFD when I bought it that I'd be unable to identify properly, but I've included the detailed pictures of all cables and connectors. Here's what's in the kit: Foam-Fitted Handheld Case An ORIGINAL printout, analog paper Manual with OEM staple. Bartech BFD Wireless Transmitter - Handheld Focus Puller (S/N T1.0154) Spare Markers for BFD BFD Hardwire Cable. 25' Cable connecting the Transmitter to the Receiver in case of signal loss or faulty connection. Works great on jibs or cranes. (Reference: Image B) Bartech BFD Wireless Receiver (S/N R1.0154) Horizontal and Vertical Mounts (15mm and 19mm) New Antenna (Not pictured; I lost the original plastic antenna cover, but ordered an entirely new OEM replacement antenna.) BFD Receiver Gimbal Mount - Hard-wire Remote Control for use on a Steadicam, Movi or Ronin. (Reference: Image A) M-One Motor (S/N M-1.0010) Six gears with varying pitches for different size lenses: 0.8m - 32P (2x), 0.5m, 48P, 0.4m - 64P, and 0.6m 15mm, 17mm and 19mm rod adapters for proper mounting fit Misc Hardware for Receiver Mount and replacement screws Additional Cable Assortment 3-Pin male to 3-Pin male LEMO long hardwire power extension cable (Looks to be about 10-15 feet long. I can confirm if you'd prefer, just let me know!) (Reference: Image H) 5-Pin male to 5-Pin male LEMO connector cable from receiver to motor (Reference: Image D) 3-Pin male to 2-Pin male LEMO to power receiver from Steadicam Zephyr (and others with similar 3-Pin connector) (Reference: Image I) Anton Bauer D-Tap male to 2-pin LEMO male to power the receiver from an Anton Bauer battery or V-Mount adapter with proper D-Tap connector. (Reference: Image G) 12V 4-Pin XLR male to 2-pin LEMO male presumably powering the receiver off of beefier film cameras or battery connectors (Reference: Image E) Unidentified 2-pin male LEMO to a fun, half 2-pin male, half 2-pin female connector that I've never seen before or needed to work with. If you recognize it, you get bonus points. (Reference: Image F) I think this last one is an old Panavision connector, if memory serves. But, I'm really not certain on this one either. It's a half 1-pin male, half 1-pin female LEMO connector and a fat 11-pin male connector on the other end. (Reference: Image C) Price: $3750 USD FREE SHIPPING to USA. Will provide quote for international Shipping. Payment via Paypal for Shipping or cash for Local Pickup: Boston area) Pictures attached:
  14. Hi guys, I'm after a DM1X motor if anybody has one to sell. Please message me or email me direct on barney@vesperpictures.com - based in London, UK. Also after a small Heden motor too, second hand compatible with Preston i,e, 512 encoder 3.3K ID Resistor. Would consider DM2, DM2X, DM5X so feel free to email. Thanks, Barney
  15. Selling a 2 Channel Digital Bartech System with 2 motors and extra cables. New: $11,000 CAD Asking: $5,500 CAD Package List: 1 x Bartech BFD Handset (with 2 channel upgrade) 1 x Bartech v2-1 Digital Receiver 1 x Bartech v1.0 Digital Receiver 2 x Heden M26VE Motors w/ .8 Pitch Gears (both recently serviced at Heden) (These are $3150.00 CAD new at the moment, so the motors alone are a steal) 2 x 19-15mm Collet (only one shown in photos) 3 x Standard Antennas 2 x Long Range Antennas 2 x Motor Cable (only one shown in photos) 1 x Red Start Stop 1 x Arri Start Stop 3 x P-tap Power Cable 10 x Focus Strip 1 x Pelican 1500 Case Buyer pays shipping (DHL, UPS or FEDEX) Email me with any questions: dmtwood@gmail.com
  16. Brand new, never used Preston DM1X motor. Bought it with a kit, don't need it. SN/4511 $3100 Photos here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/forsalecameraassistantaks/permalink/1774101342660639/?sale_post_id=1774101342660639
  17. FOR SALE: DM2 Motor No. 4922 Excellent condition. Purchased new in 2012 and only owner. Motor runs quiet and fast. Recently serviced. Comes with a Jerry Hill rosette installed. Original 15mm motor posts can be included upon request. Cosmetically has a few bumps and scratches, but overall looks great. See pictures. Asking: $2000 USD Shipping via Canada Post to Canada or US destinations included. Thank you!
  18. Digital Bartech V2-1 Receiver. Recently checked and serviced by PLC in Canada, great receiver tested and reliable. $750 OBO.
  19. Preston DM4 in great shape - this has been my iris motor for the last year, just came off a job and working like new. Comes with the reversible rosette for a Hill bracket. $1500 + shipping to CONUS Located in ATL Thanks!
  20. HEDEN MOTORS FOR CAMERA LENS CONTROL SYSTEM (PRESTON, CMOTION, BARTECH, ETC.) 2 x M21VE-L (.8 gear) 3 x M26VE (.8 gear) 4 x Lemo cables 3 x bracket & 15/19 inserts €6250,- for all Email us for more information: arrialexaclassic@hotmail.com SPECIFICATIONS: M21VE-L small sized high resolution digital vertical orientated lens servo motor for professional film-and Video/HD camerasThe M21VE-L is compatible with appropiate digital drive systems like Preston FIZ, Cmotion, Chrosziel, Bartech. No tools needed for mounting. Interchangeable snap-on/off gears with automatic lock action to be mounted on either side of the motor. Superior single gear design. Suitable for smaller lenses with lighter focus/zoom actuation. For use with heavy focus/zoom lenses we recommend buying M26VE. Extremely silent. Lightweight and small size. Optional 0.6, 0.5, 0.4 gear and insert for 19/15mm. X-large diameter gears and offset spacer (optional). Specifications: Weight: Lenght: Width: No load current Torque (Max): Connector: 175g 104mm 21mm Approx. 60mA 1Nm LEMO size 1 M26VE The HEDÉN M26VE is a high resolution digital vertical oriented lens servo motor for professional film and Video/HD cameras The M26VE is compatible with appropriate digital drive systems like Preston FIZ, Chrosziel Aladin, C-motion etc No tools needed for mounting Interchangeable snap-on gears with automatic lock action to be mounted on either side of the motor. Superior single gear design Integrated adjustable bracket High torque Very quiet Lightweight and small size Optional gear modules 0.6 - 0.5 - 0.4 and inserts for 19/15 mm and 5/8 inch rods Inserts for 0.5 inch rods (optional) X-tra large diameter gears and offset spacer (optional) Specifications: Weight: Lenght: Width: Height: Torque (Max): Connector: 250g/7.70ozs 120mm/4.72 inches 26mm/1.02 inches 33mm/1.29 inches 1.80 Nm LEMO size 1 7-pin IMG_3144.pdf IMG_3149.pdf IMG_3150.pdf IMG_3151.pdf
  21. Comes with 15mm bushing, and Jerry Hill mounting bracket. Still strong and serviced 4 months ago with all green lights. S.N. 2274 $2,300 LA located, buyer pays shipping/ or local pick up.
  22. Hello, I have two motors for sale. The first is a DM4 in good condition with a 64 pitch gear that only fits this motor. Asking $1,500.00 The second motor I have is a Hedén Motor, M21VE, which is in poor condition. Works but needs to be fixed up. It comes with a 0,5 and a 0,6 pitch gear. Maybe someone might want to take it on if interested make an offer. Any questions please let me know. -Gareth garethmanwaring@gmail.com
  23. Selling my analog Bartech system. Comes complete with: -hand unit -blue MK-V motor -rail mount with 15mm adaptor -motor cable -p tap power cable -extra focus rings -case Asking price is $2k OBO. Make me an offer. Brendan
  24. camera interface and control unit for 8 motors, ARRI White Radio Module, compatible with 7 pin Lemo motor cables. The camin is the ‘brain’ of the cvolution lens and camera control system. The camin with ARRI White radio works with up to 3 separate wireless control units, drives lens and /or rig motors and can communicate with most of the popular film and digital cameras used in today’s broadcast and motion picture productions. The camin is equipped with an internal power booster. This ensures the digital motors are supplied with a constant and sufficient voltage even when using 12V video batteries. https://www.cmotion.eu/shop/product/c0e2-k05-camin-8m-arri-white-l-287?category=101 also selling: arri alexa classic cine tape udm hedén motors lemo & cbus cables email me at: RRHeikens@hotmail.com
  25. M-one motor (recently serviced) Lots of cables including: -Pro power -Aaton power -dtap> power -2pin>2pin -Back up antennas for motor driver and hand unit -Marking rings & 15mm>19mm step up rings -Motor gear pitch wheels and backup motor 5pin>5pin cables Motor Driver has a Pro DB bracket receiver so you can slide it onto your diving board if you're sporting a DB. Comes in a peli with a backup 9v and a really useful motor bracket that sticks motor out further and gives more mounting options. *things to note*: (HU battery wire/spring was stretched recently on a show when switching batteries it stuck to the battery upon removal, works fine you just have to push the battery more than usual to slide the door closed on the HU because the spring isn't fully compressed.) $2,900 Located in LA.
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