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Found 19 results

  1. Garfield/ vehicle mount -4.5" high-hat/ mitchell base -vehicle mount with complete socket block -U-bolts for two diameters of speedrail -anvil hard case Almost new condition. $850 plus shipping (from Indianapolis, IN)
  2. Take 10% off listed prices until November 30th! https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlx5hoimqx009m3/Black Friday Sale 181123.pdf?dl=0 Power Pods Preston FIZs Sachtler 20 Pro Surface Mounts Batteries Road Cases 3D Printer
  3. Looking for a Klassen Vehicle Mount. B side configuration. Thanks all!
  4. Hi there, I´m selling a Walter Klassen vehicle mount + a doughty clamp. Nearly new. Only used very few times. Scratch free. Optimum conditions. PRICE: 600€ (Transport Costs not included) Contact details: email: c.cabeceran@gmail.com phone: +34 686 073 321 web: www.carlescabeceran.com Origin: Barcelona (SPAIN)
  5. Selling an LX vest. Selling worldwide as long as buyer pays shipping. Vest is in good condition and if you are in Los Angeles you can come check it out for your self **Contact: jamesmarin8888@gmail.com Email for shipping/ international injuries. Located in LA. $2,000 USD
  6. GPI Atlas Pro Arm For Sale Hey everyone! Im selling my GPI Pro Atlas Arm and my secondary single canister arm Both are in perfect condition and have little to no signs of use. Ive decided to sell them because I no longer have any use for them and have moved on to bigger and better things. Everything included listed below: GPI Atlas Pro Arm Secondary Single Canister Arm w/aluminum block mount connector 2x Blue Canisters 2x Black Canisters Quad Canister Carry-Bag Pro Arm Carry-Bag Vehicle Mount 2x Blue GPI PRO Wrenches T-wrench Small bag of spare parts Asking $10,000 O.B.O. (Buyer pays shipping) Located In Denver Colorado Interested buyers please email: ibschultzy911@gmail.com Thanks, Isaac Pictures Below:
  7. Hi there! Some weeks ago I started to build a new CG-yoke for the Atomos Shogun Inferno and Flame series and the Ninja 7" versions. The thread is here. While I was thinking I remembered my old wish for a new and better option to clamp my yoke to. Here is what my precision mechanic and I designed: On the top you see a yoke in the dimensions of a 7" Atomos monitor/recorder. Below in purple there is the newly designed yoke clamp which makes it possible to rotate the yoke as far as the sled allows - and this very close to the bridge. Below in green there is the newly designed bridge for the monitor arm coming from the sled. It clamps on standard 15mm rods. The distance of the rods can be everything you want beginning from 50mm. On the image you see a 70mm distance. In some weeks I'll be able to show the prototypes.
  8. Aloha, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with single battery AB chargers, and if so what have you used? I'm looking for something to backup my AB quad charger. I've only seen the D-tap style chargers for batteries with d-tap connection: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1130064-REG/swit_s_3010b_portable_charger_for.html Not sure if using something cheaper like this is damaging to batteries. I have the AB Digital 90s. If anyone has used any solutions like this I'd love to know! Thank you for your time.
  9. Hey everyone, I have my Tiffen Ultra 2 Vest up for sale. I've personally owned the vest for four years now after I purchased it used. It has the normal wear and tear you would expect. The back lumbar pad has some velcro that's worn out but I will have that replaced by the time the vest ships out. I have the original thicker pads for the shoulders and the new thinner pads as well. The vest only includes the thicker waist pad. I will also include the original blue rip chord in addition to the black one. $2,800 OBO, buyer pays shipping. E: aaron.gantt@gmail.com C: 704.322.6889
  10. Hey! Looking for some Hytron 140s that still holds a good charge. I'm located in Sweden but I am willing to buy from anywhere in the world as long as the shipping costs doesn't kill me! I'm also looking for a full size A/B gold mount plate (not the QRC, compact version). Cheers!
  11. For sale are two Hill Products 19mm ‘PAM Kits’ For DM-1, DM-2 & DM-1X Motors. The arms already have the new design. Includes Arm, Motor Rosette, D-Clamp and 15mm Captive Reducers. NEW $285,- USD each These PAM kits only have been used half a dozen times and are in pristine condition. Each PAM Kit goes for for $200,- USD plus shipping pam-for-sale (at) benjamintreplin (dot) de
  12. Thought I would put some feelers out there before contacting MK-V directly... Anybody have an extra Dual IDX mount with 3 pin MK-V power lying around? Mine crapped out unfortunately, Mount drops power sporadically. Thanks so much!
  13. This is an extra plate I made when making a few of these recently - it's a plate to mount Decimator MD-HX converters (as well as MD-CROSS and similarly shaped "new" Decimators) to the back of Cinetronic and other monitors using their AB Battery mount. Bolt it to your converter and snap it on, and you don't have to worry about PSF issues or compatibility anymore (no Velcro necessary!). Comes in a beautiful chalkboard black anodized finish. Likely to be the last one I have of these for a few weeks. Asking $200 shipped via USPS Priority (2 days inside the US). Email me at willsvideo@gmail.com. See picture of it in use here: http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=22727&p=111922
  14. Hi threre, looking for a used hardmount to go with my G-50. Cheers, Chris
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find a Garfield mount in Paris, France? Many thanks for your help in advance, Neel Potgieter DOP/Steadicam Op tel: 0033621532327 email: neelpotgieter@me.com Paris
  16. I'm looking for a PL mount for a Kish Ultimate Director's Finder. Thanks. Randystone@me.com
  17. Hi yall I have a vehicle shot on Saturday and am wondering if anyone has a garfield mount that I can use to put on a mitchell base. Ideally it would also have a socket block...I am located in Los Angeles and willing to drive out a bit if need be. I would love to pick it up on or before friday so that I can prep with it. I can return Sunday or at your convenience. Feel free to email, call, text, or get in touch via the forum. Have a good one! brett. 404.408.5951 12@brettmayfield.com
  18. I just wanted to share my last creation for my Zephyr. A recorder mount on the battery hanger to place my Hyperdeck Shuttle. I used to place it under the post, where the second battery should go, but I wasn't satisfied. This is a first prototype made with what I could find in my local hardware store, an alluminium 3" L bar a few screws, a hack saw, a metal file and a drill. Feel free to share if anyone has an idea to improve it (and I know there is a lot that could be done)
  19. Here are some images and the latest design/info for our new TwinArm SteadiCam Monitor Mount. The goal was to mount the 10” Transvideo monitor and its yoke to the post clamp at its balance point. Mounting the monitor at its COG allows the operator to change the viewing angle including the yaw angle without affecting SteadiCam rig balance. The design allows full adjustment of the monitor to improve counterweight effect and viewing position, it includes our custom monitor yoke that mounts onto monitor balance point. The yoke is machined to achieve balanced side to side for the perfect COG mount. The TwinArm shown is mounted via its top bar to the ¾ key pocket on the post clamp. The mount's top bar can also be adapted to mount to most any post clamp. For low mode, turn the unit on the quick-release post clamp. The monitor can easily be removed for transport in its own case. Unlike other systems that change the yaw angle at the spigot/bridge-bracket or at the center post, we allow adjustment of the yaw angle at the base of the yoke and eliminate the weak mounting point at the spigot altogether. Spigot mounts that will not lock in place are known to spoil the balance of the rig when the monitor gets bumped. TwinArm features: - full flexible adjustment and positive locking with Upgrades Innovations ball-loc system at any adjustment point. - changing the yaw viewing angle at the monitor base and not at the post keeps the weight shift to a minimum. - scissor motion of the TwinArms lets you move the monitor not just up or down but also in or out to decrease or increase your panning inertia when needed. - Full pivoting monitor and yoke about vertical and horizontal axis for optimum monitor view. - For mounting your monitor with the yoke onto a camera, all you need is our 15mm Ball-Loc Clamp # 11856, it accepts a 15mm stud/rod. Alternative options are a 15mm stud or a 5/8 spigot adapter at the yoke base, which also has a 3/8 thread (offset by 1.3”) - weight: 600g without the post clamp. (post clamp add 75g) Rudy Voser rudy@upgradeinnovations.com www.upgradeinnovations.com
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