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Found 23 results

  1. Good day, evening and everything in between! I currently work as a camera operator and AC based in Norway, but I’ve always had a dream of doing steadicam operating one day. Experience wise, I’m pretty much starting from scratch. The closest I’ve been to steadicam operating is a bit of gimbal work- and running around with a knock-off glidecam (the handheld kind) when I was younger. I am looking to attend a steadicam workshop, and saw that there is both a gold and a silver workshop coming up later this year. The question is, which do i choose? Seeing as i have little to no experience, should i go with a silver workshop first, then perhaps step up to a gold workshop later? Or could I in theory go straight for the gold one, and be just as fine? Would you recommend me getting at least some experience with a steadicam before attending, or could I rock up as a complete beginner? The silver workshop is being held in the UK and the gold one in Sweden. Being based in Norway, I would have to fly in either way, and the Gold workshop includes accommodation/food, so the price difference wouldn't be too massive. Thanks -Yngve
  2. Hi everyone ! I want to get my first stuff ans search for zephyr, aero-30, flyer or something acceptable for a newbie like me :) thanks ! (PS: I live in Paris )
  3. Hi guys, I'm from Europe and want to purchase my first steadicam, which should fly camera systems @ ~8-10kg. I prefer buying a solid used kit (vest, arm + sled) and got my eyes on these kit-setups: 1. Easysteady Lite&Go Kit Too https://www.easysteady.com/kit_too_it.html 2. Tiffen Zephyr There are more infos and reviews about the Zephyr, so buying this one should actually be a nobrainer. But i would be quite happy if anyone here can share thoughts and experiences on/with both - Zephyr & Easysteady Kit. And: Maybe i'm already blind from newbie investigating, so i'm always open for new advices. :) Thank you & best regards, Lu
  4. Hi It may be a topic that has been asked before, but I hope to get an answer here anyway. I have been working as a film photographer for 10+ years and have now decided to start my next chapter up, going into the Steadicam world. I have used Steadicam very limited before, but have an idea about it. I have the opportunity to attend the Gold workshop this summer, which I will do. But I would also like to go out and invest in my own equipment. My question then is whether Steadicam Zephyr is a place to start, or whether it will limit me so much from the start that it's better to wait until the savings are big enough to go all-in? There is, for me, a big difference between going out and buying a Zephyr for 12.000$, rather than an M2 for 47.000$. It would probably take me a year or two to get that money set aside at the moment and I would like to get started now. I currently shoot a lot at Arri Amira, Arri Alexa Mini, various RED, Canon C500mkII etc. and that is one of the things that worries me about Zephyr. Is it a bad choice to start with if you know you want to fly movie cameras and not DSLR at all? I am aware that there is a limit to the weight, but your experience says that it will be an eternal headache with a weight limit of 10.4 kg, or is your impression that the most cameras will gradually become so light that it can actually be done In most cases? Zephyr is gradually becoming an older system, does anyone know if there is anything newer on the way in the same class that it makes more sense to wait for? Here are a few of the perhaps stupider questions: - When it says that Zephyr can carry 10.4 kg. So is it with everything that is on the pole? Camera with all accessories, monitor, batteries, etc. or is that what you put on top, ie camera with accessories? - in several places there is disagreement about whether the cabling inside the pole is powerful enough to power cameras like Arri. Does anyone have a clear answer to that. If I buy extra battery mount so I have 2 batteries on each minimum 150Wh, is that possible or is there a limitation? --- summary, is Zephyr a good place to start for the above cameras and with limited experience with Steadicam, but in return for intending to use it professionally and eventually upgrade to a larger rig? I hope you will take the time to answer my many questions, so I make a sensible choice and get started on this exciting world. The best greetings Sebastian
  5. Hello! My name is Carlos Hernandez, I work primarily as an Assistant Camera for mostly reality based content in the Tampa Bay area. I've been intrigued with Steadicam since 2015, the delightful shots and the physical ability enticed me. However I wasn't able to get experience with a rig until December last year, with a very kind NY operator. I'm very grateful for that opportunity because it solidified my curiosity into desire. I then scheduled a Tiffen Silver Workshop in Burbank. It was scheduled in March, I almost canceled due to Covid-19 but took the risk. We all social distanced and took best practices at the time, and to my knowledge no one was exposed to Covid-19. Instead we were exposed to the extensive knowledge from Rey Reyes, Tyson Galland, and Nic Somera. They were all very helpful and encouraging. And my peers were very pleasant and impressive operators. It was a very enlightening and fun workshop, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Then after arriving home safe, the pandemic had set in. So I haven't bothered reaching out to local Florida operators, however I know there are many productions up and running in Florida. I have two negative test results already and plan to be tested again. Is there any op in Florida that is willing to let a newbie get in their rig? Of course, with proper safety measures taken. I definitely need more practice, so any time in a rig at all would be very helpful. I will soon be buying a rig for myself. The Zephyr has been recommended to me, which I'd like to buy used if possible. Does anyone disagree with the Zephyr as a starter rig? Any things to look out for on a used one? Do you know someone selling theres? Any and all advice is welcome, I would love to hear from my seniors.
  6. Hey everyone! I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in doing a meet-up and practice? I'm still a newbie, so I'm trying to get more time in the rig practicing with other ops to help give/get tips, advice, network, etc... I want this to be mutually beneficially for everyone! I'm located in Los Angeles. Please let me know! Have a great day!! Kevin
  7. Hi, I'm from france and currently in last year of cinema school, so not only I'm new to steadicam but also new to cinema in general ^^. As you guessed I want to learn steadicam so I would like to have your opinion on my plan: For a first rig I'm thinking about getting something ultralow budget like this. https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjqpfLwiJrlAhXEiNUKHeqKAmoYABAKGgJ3cw&ae=1&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQeD2NoDhByvPgRbXshJGeoS3Rdlk7TybJAilL3tyu203lSetpv5Mzm7Kww3uyI9MZ4OuPJtbkIdK5AnXkdTXiKO4&sig=AOD64_1SZTeJEOwfkMRycuJQAAGyahJNKQ&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwitjerwiJrlAhUDhxoKHQM5BcwQwg96BAgKEBQ&adurl=https://www.proaim.be/products/flycam-galaxy-arm-vest-with-redking-video-camera-stabilizer%3Fvariant%3D22668859637841%26gclid%3DCjwKCAjwlovtBRBrEiwAG3XJ-zxiimvxEk-Zl3XSebDgY3nC6Ev_IG3aAlAhwxZ7OXzaTE-ns9Y6whoCoeIQAvD_BwE Basically a glidecam with arm and vest around 500-600$ Actually for me it's not ultralow budget at all but I guess it is compared to steadicam budgets. I currently work on lowbudget music videos so the cameras I'll need to fly are DSLR like the sony A7III mostly. I would take a glidecam that can fit small cinema camera setups like Devin Supertramp's one. Is it good to get a foot into the world of steadicam and improving myself with this. Or should I just wait to be able to follow a formation and get my hands on a professionnal rig, because I wouldn't learn correctly with this ultralow budget setup. What are you opinions and advice. I'm waiting for your kind help ^^.
  8. I am a steadicam newbie. I have shot stuff for myself, and recently operated on a rock video. It went great, and it was a lot of fun. I am good with vertical, static and dynamic stability. But I am having diffuculty with the arm. I know I am using too much arm strength. The blue adjustment knobs on the ZEPHYR arm are super tight! I can barely get them to twist, and they don't seem very responsive. I read that I should never use a tool to force the 2 blue adjustment knobs on the arm, so I haven't done that. I feel a little clueless, hope someone has a tip.
  9. Greetings, Community! Taking a brief moment to introduce myself. I pulled sharps in the LA area for six years before making the transition to operator, spending time getting comfortable with this industry and saving up cash for what I really moved out west for… Steadicam. I’ve been fortunate to have a great mentor who helped me get my steadi-legs. He put me in a rig, loaned me gear so I could train at home and fly on small gigs. Along the way there have been plenty of other Ops that willfully let me glean valuable info from them, both on the job and through this forum. Finally, I took a workshop to buff out the edges and voila: I was hooked. I earmarked my birthday of 2017: come Dec 24th, own a rig and start flying or hang up this dream and just be a dirtbag rock climber who lives in a van. I’m very excited to report that my goal was reached and I look forward to being a respectable member of this community; reciprocating and paying forward the kind of support others have given me. My wife is excited too since she doesn’t quite see the glamor of the rope-gun, rock-jock lifestyle. Such is life. Weekend warriors it is! So completes my overly sentimental intro-rant. I live on the westside (culver/palms area) and I’m always down for practice sessions between gigs. I’ll bring the crudités. Cheers!! Stephen
  10. For sale my first Rig! This baby got me starting and was a solid learning machine for me! See details: https://cvp.com/pdf/GB_ArtemisDVPro.pdf Listing: - Sled - Arm - Backmount Vest - Docking Bracket - 4Pin XLR Power (I can adapt that for you to have a female DTAP) - Tool (Allen Key) - all canisters for the arm (light,medium,heavy) It as a very nice stage at the bottom for fine tuning dynamic balance. This is a SD Sled so you'd need a downconverter for most cameras. Asking 1.900€ + VAT + Shipping Based in Vienna, Austria
  11. Hello all, I am brand new to this feild. I am looking at getting into steadicam work because my city is growing rapidly in the film industry, and it shows promise of continuing growth. I have been looking around at rigs, and what I can afford. I plan on attending workshops this summer, but I want to purchase a rig and start practicing everyday. I flew once and was pretty good at it. (for a noob) I found this modle on amazon and ebay, but I attached the ebay page. I have been watching video reviews, and people seem to love the rig. I wanted to get some feedback from people who work in the industry, and may own this rig. I want a rig that can atleast fly an Epic, and this can hold up to 33lbs. The sweet spot is 18-25, but it can go up to 33. I would obviously upgrade once I can afford to, but would I be able to get gigs with this rig, or is it looked at as amatureish? Carbon fiber Stabilizer specification: Max. Length: 102cm Mini Length: 70cm Load Capacity: 2.5-15kg (5-33lbs) link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAME-TV-2-5-15kg-Load-Camera-Steadicam-with-Wondlan-Wireless-Follow-Focus-/351341425742?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51cd94b44e
  12. Hello all! So I have been on a couple of steadicam courses and up until now have been the owner of a Ronin and an M15, but finally investing in my first Steadicam. I have had experience using the Steadicam Zephyr and have a budget of around £10,000. I won't be putting any more weight on than about 23lb (weight of the Zephyr), but could I get something better for my money second hand? Yes I am based in the UK, so prices are in GBP. Thanks in advance! Chris
  13. Hello, my dear steadicam gurus. I just graduated from film school, (I am 23 right now) and I decided to go serious about my carrier as a steadicam operator. I've made some mistakes along the way to start this business, such as buying CAME-TV steadicam as my first rig, and buy many 3rd party accessories to minimize my budget. I know many of you criticize that this rig will not be acceptable in professional field, and initially I disagreed. However more research I do and more gig offers I get, I realize I do need better equipments that last long and perform effectively. In a way, I learned my lesson in a hard way. Now, as you can tell from the fact that I try to minimize my budget to start my carrier, I don't have much to start with, and especially not 30k-50k. I was about to give up on pursuing this carrier until I bumped into rent-to-own program and leasing options. I was looking into GPI Pro rigs, because it offered rent-to-own program while offering solid service, and it was the same for Steady Rig although they only sell arm component. Then as I research more, I realize I can talk to credit union to get loans if I want to get gears from other companies. This option will let me go on a track to be in the business, but as I am young and unexperienced with financial world, I am very concerned if I will be eligible for loans, so I am asking advice from folks who were also in same path as I was, I want to hear from your perspectives how you guys handled the initial budgets and which would you guys recommend me between lease, loans, and rent-to-own programs. On a different question, I am very new to upgrading sled with different components, so I want to know what is absolute feature in sleds that I should consider if I am choosing my first rig? For an example, I realize both MK-V J Box center pole cable and GPI Pro HD center pole cable would not fit in any rigs that is less than 2' diameter. So I know now that if I want to upgrade electric components in future, I must get a sled that is larger than 2' diameter. That's one feature that I learned to consider, but I want to know if there is anything that is essential features in sleds if I am considering upgrading in future to minimize expenses in the future. Thank you teachers, and any criticism and advices are welcomed.
  14. Hi Guys n Gals, I have previously been using a hdge n podge glidecam for a fair while to reasonable success for my own things and then moved onto a 1st gen Steadicam Flyer. I have now got myself a Steadicam Zephyr and I am keen to increase my skills. I have the Steadicam operators hand book, read it through a bunch, don't do enough practice as I might. So I am keen to improve but want to aslo do it the most efficent way possible. Not trying to be lazy but I just don't have a lot of spare time. I love doing steadicam, I don't aim to be a steadicam op for other peoples productions, really just my own. My day job is I run a small production company in Sydney with a few employees. We mainly make corporate videos and TVCs. Last year in colaboration with some industry friends we made our first feature and we are keen to do more. This is what I'd like to be able to be a decent steadicam op for, our own low budget features. Most often the feedback I see is to do a workshop. I'd love to, thing is after speaking to Brett from Tiffen I get the impression that there is not much chance of a workshop in Sydney. So... 1. I bumped into a Steadicam Op at Lemac recently and got chatting. Is it a good Idea to hire some one like him to come and give a day lesson? Is there any pitfalls with that idea that I havent thought of & how do you determine who will be good at teaching you? 2. Are there any workshops going on in Sydney that I have not found yet that you peeps know about? 3. Any tips for improving other than Workshops, The hand book, and keep practicing? What I currently have trouble with: Offten I have a slight side to side wobble trying to keep the frame centered. Getting dynamic ballance I find very frustrating and some times elusive. A sense that I could be set up better/I am making simple mistakes I am unawear of. I feel that the glidecam route of learning has imbued me with bad habbits or areas of miss information. Any advice is appreciated. I have read through alot of post on this forum so happy to be pointed in the direction of something I have missed. Nat J
  15. Hi guys just bought my steadicam solo and im having some issue balancing Im using a canon 6D with 24-105f4 L but here's the thing sometimes I can balance it properly but usually when I leave it and try to switch from a slider and then go back to the steadicam solo it's always unbalanced I also trie 2 1/2 second drop time and 3 secs drop time Im using 2 weights (1 each side) any suggestions or maybe a link to a video how to balance steadicam solo cant seem to find anything on youtube thanks PS : Im a newbie in film making
  16. I'm a college student just starting off- everyone's heard that before, no? I rent out my school's Zephyr rig often and work on many thesis films with full F3 rigs that almost max out the rig. I also have a video production company with a few of my guys from school and we plan on moving out to LA to continue our company. Our company has a Dragon with nice lenses, and a bunch of lighting and grip equipment. The Dragon weighs a ton, which the Zephyr can't really handle. I've built up a decent reel with all of this footage I've accumulated over the past year or so of oping, and I'm looking to purchase my own rig but don't want to start small like most people do because I'm already beyond that. I need something that can fly the fully outfitted Dragon and even an Alexa because that's what some ad agencies in the area are using. It's taking a bit of convincing on my end for my folks to help me with this sort of investment. Basically, they want guarantees in an industry where guarantees are hard to make, especially at my point. I was wondering if people could share their advice and answer a few questions I have about things. Here they are: -What does the average steadicam op make a year? Without telling me what you personally make (because no one likes to do that, I completely get it), just throw me some numbers; Is it enough right out of school with a killer real to meet other expenses such as owning a car/place to live and eat? -If Im looking to fly a fully outfitted Dragon and even an Alexa because that's the stage that I'm at right now, then what equipment should I really be looking at that won't absolutely break my wallet like a $50k GPI Pro system? I really want to do front mount and like the feel of a larger post like the action cam and GPI systems. Should I mix and match components to build what I need and what would you suggest? -How in the fuck do I finance something like this right out of the gate without any guarantee I can make it back? What are some of your stories- surely not everyone has $50k lying around to finance the best rig right out of the gate- yet how can you compete with these jobs and in the industry if you aren't right up there with the big dogs? -Does getting a loan from your family as well as a loan from the bank and then going to different businesses/agencies and asking for upfront money really work? It seems to me that if you talk to an agency you don't know then they wouldn't want to give you money up front to do a job- it's basic business. Any stories from people who have successfully done this? The problem is I don't have anyone I know in the industry to ask these questions to- questions that I really need to know in order to go into the field because I really love the job and the creativity it brings. I love how everyone on set knows you by the end of the shoot and you feel like you accomplished some huge feat at the end- which might actually be true haha. Can anyone lend me a few minutes with a response to one or some of these questions and help me out? Thanks. -Brendan
  17. Hey everyone, I am new to this arena. I just want to establish that. I tend to ask a lot of questions, sometimes annoying questions about obvious things. These questions may seem obvious to a seasoned operator but this is how I learn, by asking dumb questions. Like this: How does an unestablished operator become a better operator? I thought this meant purchasing a smaller, affordable rig like a Pilot or Scout to practice with? I don't mean to purchase such a rig and then go directly to work on big shows. But that is what it seems like. This is a professional's forum and I appreciate being welcome to interact with all of the seasoned pros in this wonderful community. But how am I supposed to learn from you without asking obvious questions? To be taken seriously and not damage my fragile reputation, do I need to take out a loan from the bank and spend $30K - $50K on a real rig like the Ultra 2 or MK1?? Even though I have no experience whatsoever? That is the vibe I seem to be getting. When I mention the Pilot or Zephyr, if I sound like an amateur, it is because I am just that. I am just getting started on union shows as a grip trying to make a living and support my daughter. The Steadicam dream is very real for me but I am a little confused about how to approach these matters without seeming amateurish? Yes, I plan on taking a workshop. Yes, I know this is professional gear and the gear is a tool in which we use to perform a craft, so it must be the right tool. But I have to start somewhere, right? I have been reading a lot of posts for about a month now, and most of the what I am reading is buy a real rig, even though you have no experience operating. So I am supposed to invest $30K - $50K on a tool of which I have no experience to even be taken seriously on this forum? I am just trying to get to know you all better. Please forgive me for asking dumb questions. This is how I learn from you. : )
  18. Hi all! Looks like I have the opportunity to work with an actual film camera for the first time, the Arriflex 416. I have a Clipper 2 Steadicam so the weight should be fine but I don't have the 24v upgrade yet so would need to run it with the on board battery. I've had a look at the manual and can see it's got a built in video tap and FIZ brain so reasonably happy that I can physically mount and fly it without much trouble. Should I use any adapters to mount it like the Alexa? Does anyone have any hits, tips, suggestions or other comments about operating with this camera or film in general? I've read that depending on how the film magazine works it can affect the balance as it spools through which makes sense but how much of an affect does it have? Is it just a matter of tweaking the balance between takes? Cheers guys looking forward to it just want to make sure I'm as prepared as possible :) rups
  19. I have been working with the Steadicam Pilot that my school purchased fairly consistently for a few months now and one of my professors has recommended me to a colleague who is producing a film. I have only ever worked on student film sets and my training was fairly rudimentary so I have some anxiety about being on a professional set as an operator. I was wondering if anyone out there had some suggestions for the questions I need to ask before filming, preparations that I need to make with my rig before filming and while on set, good workflow for when I am on set, any faux pas to avoid, and a good workflow for breaking down my rig after filming has wrapped? any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! -Vertullo
  20. I have owned my freakin' expensive merlin for probably 2 years. NEVER used it. I just can't do it. I am too stupid to figure out how to balance this thing. I've read EVERYTHING... dvd, manual, forum, youtube, cookbooks... I am too stupid, literally. I will PAY someone to show me how to do this. I really want to learn how to do this. If you are in the San Jose, CA area, and you're willing to spend an hour or two to teach me, let me know. How does $200 sound? I want to use it for my canon 7d with a sigma 10-20mm. Thx!
  21. I'm looking to invest in a better/bigger rig. I started out with the merlin a couple years ago. I took the Steadicam course and got a flyer after that. I'm finding it more difficult to work with the bigger the shoots get so I've decided to invest in a Zephyr. I mostly work with RED camera's (Scarlet and Epic) and DSLR's. I've done research and I think I have a list of things I will need. I'd love if someone could take the time to look through it and see if i'm missing anything or something is unnecessary for this kit. I also have a couple questions to end it with. -Steadicam Zephyr HD AB mount Standard Vest -$10,000 - IDX A-AB2E V- mount Adaptor - $160 -AB H50 Digital HyTRON 50 Battery or AB DIONIC HC Lithium Ion Battery ($280 or $470, not really sure which I should invest in) -Ikan C 2KA Portable Dual Battery Charger- $300 -3007901 Mini Low mode F Bracket - $200 -Bartech Follow Focus Kit -$4,000 (Don't know if this is the best option for a beginner) -Teradek Bolt Wireless 1080p60 SDI- $2,400 (best option for beginner?) -Cables for RED (Scarlett and Epic) Lemo(Steadicam) to DTap, Dtap to Red, D Tap splitter $200-500 each -Cables for Canon DSLRs (not really sure about cables needed yet) Questions: 1. I'm not sure if the cables for RED camera's are all there or maybe some of them don't need to be there. Cables for the Canon I still have to research. 2. The Bartech and the Teradek are both pretty expensive and I'm not sure if those models are really necessary for the stage i'm at now but I know those models are reliable and maybe worth investing in for the long run? 3. I don't know if I should invest in the Digital HyTron batterys or the Lithium battery ones listed above? 4. Any idea's for a monitor for the receiving end of the wireless video system? Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
  22. Hello Everyone, This semester I managed to get enough footage I am happy with in order to make my first Steadicam Operating Reel. All of the footage was shot with a Steadicam Scout, without a follow focus, and for course-related purposes (including recording a live-event for a separate course). I am quite pleased as to how my operating has developed over the semester (been operating since March 14, minus the summer break, so about 6 months total in experience). https://vimeo.com/82858951 I have yet to work on anything outside of course work, but I was wondering if you guys would consider me ready to work as an operator (even small starting points like short films, etc.) based on my reel. A lot of the shots I did cut in the reel because I felt they would make my reel too long, so I was also considering posting those by themselves on my Vimeo account as well. Any advice/feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  23. Hi All, I'm so glad i found this forum. It seem's to have a huge community of people who really want to help out and discuss your industry. I'm a mature student in the UK studying Film Production. I have previous experience in photography, specifically Fashion and Editorial, but i quit my job and moved back to the UK to try and make the step into film. Whilst making shorts, i was introduced to a Glidecam rig, and i really enjoyed using it and the potential it gave me for my films. Obviously, i've only used it a few times so i'm in no position to know if it's something i could do as a career. Additionally whilst i have some on-set experience as a runner and Cam Assist, i lack intimate knowledge of the working environment over and above these entry level positions. If i posted up some of my concerns and questions about this area of flim-making, would anybody be able to give me their perspective? I always knew i'd be aiming for Cam Op, i just love cameras and using them, creating something beautiful... but the steadicam just opened my mind to a specialised and skilled area that i hadnt considered before. Huge thanks to the community for all the already available information here. I know what i'll be doing all day :( Rhys
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