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Found 10 results

  1. Hello people!! I wan to try an electronic monitor horizon for the AR, but I only know 3 models, and I don't know which one is better. I know those ones: - https://www.smartsystem.com/product/smartcam-horizon-lite/ - https://www.smartsystem.com/product/smartcam-horizon/ - https://www.toughgaff.com/product-page/rock-a-bye-baby So, does anyone know any other more? Can you tell me which one are you using and why do you like it? Thanks so much in advance!! ^^ Best regards.
  2. As I dont really use this amazing tool as much as I would like , he re is up for a sale MK-V AR OMEGA . New electronics from last year. Gravity monitor bracket . Side to side plate Many balancing weights Power cable Camera cables: Alexa Mini/Mini LF Sony Venice- 4pin XLR ARRI full size cameras (24volt) all cables Leno 1b wired for Betz Tools sled ( could be remade easily for mk-v) The unit is in great workin order Asking price : 19000 EUR Free EU shipping (ground)
  3. Hello! I'm a director on a studio film and I'm interested in the MKV (or similar solution) as a tool on the production. I will ultimately discuss with my DP - but I'd love to hear an operator's POV to better understand the tool and what can make the best shots. Thanks! Overall I'm looking for great shot variety and speed. I love the ability to go from low to high mode within a shot. I love the rolling 360 dutch shots. Are there alternate / better tools. Drawbacks? Can you use a short zoom with it? Like Optimo 15-40mm? What about weight? What's the ideal camera/lens weight? Is there a preferred combo among operators? I don't want to request something that kills my operator. :) Space constraints? Height / width? Anything else I should know?
  4. MK-V OMEGA FOR SALE The MK-V Omega is the newer version of the AR. All the electronics are integrated in the base which makes it sled agnostic. It's set up for a PRO sled regarding power cables, includes 2, and monitor arm sled post inserts. It comes with the new motorized monitor arm which allows you to maintain your balance and drop time at all angles. It connects to the Omega with a single external cable which 3 are included, 2 short and 1 long. Custom cables can be made to run power and data down the post depending on the sled. The monitor arm can also be configured as a gravity controlled arm as well. It also comes with a bracket for cable management, lens motor mounting rods, spare belts, and a pelican case. I’ve had it for a few years but have been able to keep it updated to the latest and greatest by connecting with Ashley and Dean from MK-V when they come over here for Cine Gear, including the one last month where it got a full look over. I haven't been able to use it as much as I hoped so it’s still in brand new condition, see photos below. The system new cost $30,000...I think a fair price for this slightly used one would be $20,000. If interested please email, text, or call. I'm located in LA if you want to check it out. Thanks! Scott Hoffman scott.camera@mac.com (213) 880-2550
  5. Hello all, Selling my MK-V AR Revolution with Motorised Monitor Bracket. All serviced and upgraded electronics from Ash at MK-V Omega See photos via the link above. Any questions welcome. M: +44 (0) 7523871005 E: richard.jones112@gmail.com A: United Kingdom AR Revolution 1x AR Revolution Head 1x AR Top control box + Blue AR Cable 2x AR Monitor cable (orange 6pin lemo) 1x Monitor power cables 8pin lemo 1x AR Motorised Monitor Arm 1x AR bottom control box + blue cable 5pin lemo 1x Bottom AR Sensor box + Yellow 7 pin lemo cable 1x Grey AR Cage Motor Cable 1x Green AR Cage Motor Cable 1x Pelican Case 1x Spare Sony AR side-side adjustable camera plate 1x 19mm Focus Motor mounting rod 1x 15mm Focus Motor mounting rod Various AR Revolution Cable Guide Brackets £8,500 GBP ono
  6. Hi, I' m selling my MK-V Omega AR. This is the latest version, bought one year ago so almost new. It's lighter, more simple (just one button to set it, iPhone control, all the electronics and sensors are in the upper box), more quiet, and compatible with any type of sleds. For example I' m using it with a Betz Rig sled. I' m selling it because I' m starting a new career and new life as a director / Dop in a South Pacific island. The kit includes : 1 x MK-V Ωmega Revolution HD V2 AR Rings with Side to side plate + Cables Ωmega Revolution Control Box including Roll remote with OR Spatial Sensor Pelican Case Ωmega HD Motorised Monitor Arm Infinity Yoke to suit Transvideo Monitor Ask for more pictures ! 22500 $ (or 20000€) + VAT
  7. Omega Lite for sale. As new condition, Its a great tool. Selling it to free up cash for other things non steadi related. Manufactures site www.omegalite.com Its currently in Dubai. Can ship anywhere Email me for details camerasteve@gmail.com Steve
  8. http://letushelix.com/ I got a chance to check this out a little at NAB. Seems pretty cool, but it wasn't working 100% at the time. It actually looks like the same concept as the Lynn Axis. Looks like it has a Steadicam Dovetail built in for roll axis correction, and it has industry standard connections.
  9. Not follow focus, but still zoom related: I'm looking for the ability to zoom and ENG lens while using an AR Omega. Wireless is not an option due to the frequency spectrum already used in the studio. This is for the operator to control and should be a gimbal handle mounted controller. This is for studio use and will be used for along time. My thought process is a Libec, Stanton or gZoom with a super elongated cable, with only zoom capabilities. No need for return or comms control as the camera is a P1 with canon lens broadcast via RF. Does anyone have the pinout for the 8 pin lens controller? Does anyone have an existing solution which can be borrowed for testing or purchase? Does anyone have any better ideas? Thank you!
  10. MK-V AR KIT FOR SALE Selling a Mk-V AR V2 kit - all in excellent condition Set consisting of: 1- Peli Case 1620 1- AR cage w/ cable guide 1- AR motor driver w/ mounting bracket 1- AR V2 brain w/ 15mm mounting brackets 1- AR V2 sensor block w/ 15mm mounting bracket 1- AR motorized monitor arm w/ 15mm mounting bracket 1- side-to-side plate 1- standard camera plate 1- panavision camera plate 1- ENG/Alexa camera plate 2- gear belts 2- cage motor cables (green/gray) 2- sensor block cables (yellow) 2- power cables (blue) 1- monitor motor cable (orange) 1- MK-V power extension cable (red) I’m the second owner of this AR. I bought it from John Moyer last December. It was needed as an additional remote head third axis and backup unit for a project that I recently wrapped. So at the moment I’m happy with the one AR, I already own and like to sell this fine unit. The unit was serviced and got a new main gear ring and a pair of new motors. This AR is easily upgradeable to the new Omega electronics that makes it a even better standalone unit. Total Package Price…..€9950 EUR. Located in Berlin, Germany. EU wide shipping included. email: ar-forsale (at) benjamintreplin.de
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