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Found 8 results

  1. Hand Unit 3 G4 MDR2 (2) DM2 (1) DM1 Digital Micro Force 2 (4) motor cables all on/off cables possible 50' command cable 20' Handset to Microforce cable Hill Brackets (3) 15mm (3) 5/8 (3) 19mm (6) Panavison & Arri Collets Rain Cover for Handset All focus rings and then some Gears for everything Panavision 48, 64pitch Canon & Fuji pitch It has everything you need. Make me an offer Pictures aren't the greatest. If you would like to check it out, please don't hesitate to message or email me jtbarger@hotmail.com Thanks for your time.
  2. Microforce V+F2 for sale, $850 OBO. Controller only, no motors/cables/brackets included. Some chipped paint, but otherwise fully functional. Bought for a project that fell through, so no longer need it. Make me an offer! Buyer pays shipping, or picks up in NYC. Contact for inquiries at calvin@falk.us
  3. Hi, all I just got the first job as Steadicam Op. I was really excited but the producer told me this and am really worried now. Here's what he said: "Just so you know, our insurance may not cover you if you are "owner-operator" (because CA state requires you carry your insurance as contractor; thus many production insurances don't cover owner-operators who are contractors). So use your company as a rental company then there's no problem." As a new guy, I haven't set up a company for my Steadicam yet. I'm just wondering if what he's saying is true and I have to use my own insurance or if it's false and there's a way to get it covered. Thanks,
  4. hey yall just saw Boyhood at Arclight. If you stay through the credits there is an interview with the EPs and some other behind the scenes footage and also a few great shots of some operating. This may only be at Arclight theaters. There was a lot of steadicam throughout the film with some interesting shots and a few very long walk and talks that were excellently executed. I think there were something like five steadicam operators on the film. Whoever did the Big Ben(?) hiking shot and the bicycle/alley walk and talk, well done yall! Besides the operating yall should see the film for its creative merit. have a good one brett.
  5. Hello, My name is Quaid Cde Baca, a young working camera operator, and 1st and 2nd AC, but new to steadicam (ideally trying to learn about all I can, techniques, and experience from working professionals). I know the only way to really learn is through experience and learning from professionals, and I am no were near a professional, but I want to start on the road to become one. I can 2nd AC, intern, camera PA, or whatever position offered to learn. I want to put in the hours to learn from the pros, develop the right habits, and put myself out there to network. Im very open minded, and a positive thinker, and a clean slate to learn the trade, just looking for some help to get into the business. Thank you, hoping for any help, Quaid Cde Baca. http://quaidcdebaca.com
  6. Hi guys, hope I am posting in the right place. We are shooting a music video in mid February (14th) in London and are looking for a Steadycam op. We will be using a SONY FS700 with either Zeiss Compact primes or a set of good primes TBC. I am posting the job here as I we are keen to work with someone coming up the ranks and/or starting out and willing to gain experience. Don't get me wrong, it's a fully paid job, but we can't unfortunately afford the higher end of the spectrum. If you are interested, please email your showreel and rate to pedro@madebyautobahn.com Many thanks, Pedro www.madebyautobahn.com
  8. Hi I'm a student at Birmingham City University and am doing my dissertation about Steadicam and low-budget alternatives. I wish to contact a Steadicam Operator who I can do a quick email/phone interview with as part of my research. I wish to know information about why the Steadicam costs so much, the future of the Steadicam (as cameras get smaller and lighter) and also an experts opinion on why the Steadicam is better than other alternatives. If anyone here knows an operator who may be willing or is an operator themselves you contact me they can email me at Jacob.williams1@mail.bcu.ac.uk Also if anyone has any responses to the questions, suggestions of alternatives I shouldlook into that would be great. Thanks :-)
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