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Found 17 results

  1. For sale: used Pelican iM3075 w/ customized foam cut For Trinity2 set and arm from various brand My arm is is GPI Pro Titan Bought on November 2023, only used for a 40-day gig Ask for $600 plus shipping
  2. Hey folks, I am considering buying one of these long “rifle” style cases for my sled, particularly the Pelican 1745 Air. I have always hated how bulky and hard to carry/ maneuver the typical Steadicam case is, especially in small New York apartments. So the idea of having a more space-saving case is very appealing to me. I would need a custom foam setup, but the sled would fit within the dimensions of the case and would still have room for docking bracket, monitor etc. The only thing I am unsure of is how much foam should there be between the edge of the case and the gear? It should work out that at the extremities there would be at least 1-2 inches of foam while the rest of the sled would have ample room. Before I pull the trigger on this I would appreciate any advice, general guidelines on case foam, recommendations, or any anecdotes; especially if you have used or considered one of these long cases for your gear. Cheers!
  3. I'm buying a GPI Pro cinelive sled, and a Pro Titan arm, and wondering what cases people are using for their kit? Also looking for advice on interior foam. Here is the sled: Pro telescoping post Cinelive top and bottom stage Donkeybox III Battery rack gen III Tiffen M1 volt gimbal Transvideo 8" monitor The arm: Pro Ttian Also I guess there are probably some threads on this subject already! If anyone knows were they are please point me in the right direction. Thanks
  4. XCS TB-6 SN: 0173 Manufacture Date: 05/10/2002 I purchased this used about four years ago, and used it for little over a year with no issues. The monitor works just fine. I haven’t personally had it serviced but it has sat in a pelican case for the majority of the time I have owned it. In addition to the TB-6 I am also selling: - Pelican Case 1450 - Redbyte Decimator - Blackmagic Design SDI to Analog 4K MiniConverter - Mounting Pin with Pin Receiver - Plastic Rain/Dust Cover for TB-6 - Sun Shade for TB-6 $2,000 OBO (I also have Down Converters for sale in a nearby listing;
  5. Hello all, For sale is my that was used to accommodate my sled, arm and basic accessories. It has all the original foam layers and all the pieces that were cut out. Everything is put back into its place so one can make his/her own space arrangement. You can see in the pictures the cut out parts. The case is fully functional (handles, locks and wheels) with only normal signs of wear form transportation. The case is located in Thessaloniki, Greece - Europe. Price: 220€ + shipping. Please message me for any questions you may have. Thank you, - Haris -
  6. Selling a USED Pelican 1550 case. $75 OBO Located in NYC can ship at buyers expense. MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  7. The package is worth over 30k new. It's only at $2000 in the bidding with buy it now at 10k and less than 24 hours to go. its about to end on ebay: http://r.ebay.com/R7oziP Thanks Tyler
  8. Pelican 1650 Cases with Padded Dividers For Sale 1 Brand New still in box with slightly used padded dividers. A damaged case replacement. $225.00 2 older style cases with padded dividers. Both in great condition. $150.00 ea 1 extra padded divider set. $50.00 If interested please call, text, or email. Thanks! Scott (213) 880-2550 scott.camera@mac.com
  9. Hi All, You know when sometimes things happen, and you didn't plan for them to happen? That's what happened. So now, I'm selling my X45/EFP rig. Here's some highlights: Glidecam X45 Sled Steadicam EFP Arm (#350) Boland 8.4 DayBright HD-SDI Monitor -- with fan control (1400 nits, I believe it was) Transvideo Cinemonitor iiia SD backup monitor (sd only) Transvideo Frameline Generator for Cinemonitor (sd only) Glidecam Gold Series Vest Glidecam Low Mode Brackets (2) Various Hex Wrenches, and Screwdrivers (see pics) Glidecam Docking Bracket Libec ZC-9EX Canon/Fujinon Zoom Control (2) Mega Flex HD SDI cables -- 12 and 24 inches, from Media Blackout (1) Hyperflex HD SDI Cables -- 24 inches, right angle connectors, from Media Blackout (2) Cinecoil BNC Cables, right angle connectors, 10, and 20 inches. (2) 2-pin Lemo to XLR 4-pin (2) 2-pin Lemo to DC Pelican 1650 with dualie wheels/pluck foam insert. Rig is clean, in good shape, with low miles. I'd like to sell this package as a whole, if possible. It would be nice to hand her off to someone who's just starting out, or who needs a bigger rig. But, I'm open to discussion/offers for pieces. I'm attaching pics, with some comments on pros and cons of the whole setup. Get it now for $9250 + shipping. Or best offer.... :) PM me, or mail me, beau800@gmail.com.
  10. FOR SALE: Steadicam Cart w/Modular Custom Cases "Landau Style" Selling one of my extra Steadicam carts because our sponsor for The Stabilizer Workshops is Inovative Carts and this cart is the last holdout. This is a Backstage Junior Steadicam Cart with custom locking drawer cases by A&S Case. It is used but well cared for in good condition. Everything works and everything is solid. The outside of the cases are in great shape but have some decals and shipping stickers that need to be removed. They'll clean up to almost new condition. Steadicam Cart Features: Locking pneumatic wheels, custom waist high shelf, vest hanger with baby pin, telescoping docking post with baby pin. Custom Modular Cases by A&S Four cases combine to form one case on the cart Cases may be used individually, together or single stacks depending on your needs Includes full case lids for shipping Eight locking drawers on smooth heavy duty roller bearing glides Case modules interlock to each other with flush twist lock latches Modules are within ATA airline safe checked baggage dimensional size and weight limits even loaded Modules make it easy to lift and load / unload into vehicles Fits in most passenger vehicles Load and build straight from your car to cart and cart to car This system saved me at least 30 minutes unloading and and loading each day and secured my gear. No more dealing with storing, securing and moving Peli cases during the day. It also saves time during the day because you have everything at your finger tips and you have a shelf work surface at a proper height. Cases include fresh uncut foam inserts for the drawers so you can customize to your specific gear. Cost new $4,800 Selling for $2,800 Free delivery to Los Angeles otherwise buyer pays shipping May be inspected and picked up in Las Vegas Detailed high-res photos at the link below. ** Some of the photos are of the system when new and are for illustrative purposes to show you how I use it. ** http://starling.com/cartphotosweb/index.html Thanks for your consideration! Robert
  11. Pelican 1550 for Sale (Used in good condition) Will include old foam if interested. Replacement foam is available: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/41127-REG/Pelican_1550_400_000_1551_4_piece_Foam_Set.html $80 USD or Best Offer buyer pays shipping. Matt@nysteadi.com
  12. hey yall i would love to pick up a used pelican 1510, 1610, 1640, or other pelican case. let me know what youve got! id entertain most options, pelican, storm, etc. trying to do local pickup in southern california. atlanta is also ok. have a good one! brett.
  13. hey yall i am looking to buy some cases. pelican would be great, open to most brands (similar to pelican; not interested in A&S style) id prefer orange, then black, then any other color. foam or no foam, used or new, any will do. particularly interested in small cases for items like small wireless tx/rx, recorders, converters etc. but open to anything! i can pick up if it the los angeles area and would consider shipping if not nearby let me know! brett.
  14. Camera Essentials has been developing Pelican Case lid organizers, and now we have 3 models to choose from. The panels velcro to the inside lid of your case and offer organized storage of cables and parts. Here are the details: #5704 Pelican 1520 - 12 clear pocket panels for focus rings or cables $98.00 USD #5708 Pelican 1510 - 9 clear pockets $85.00 USD #5707 Pelican 1550/1560 - 6 pockets, one large and 4 small $98.00 USD Please call or email if you have questions! Patti Harrison Camera Essentials tel 626-844-3722 cameraessentials@gmail.com
  15. Pelican 1610 Cases Interior Dimensions: 21.8" x 16.7" x 10.6" Cases Only / No Foam or Padded Dividers Old Style Latches Old Style Handles Old Style Manual Pressure Valves Cases are Solid and in Good Condition Color: Black Quantity: 2 $50 ea Pelican 1550 Cases Interior Dimensions: 18.4" x 14.0" x 7.6" Cases with Velcro Padded Dividers Old Style Latches Old Style Handles Old Style Manual Pressure Valves Cases are Solid and in Good Condition Color: Black Quantity: 3 $50 ea Pelican 1450 Case Interior Dimensions: 14.6" x 10.2" x 6.0" Case Only / No Foam or Padded Dividers New Style Easy Open Double Throw Latches New Style Automatic Pressure Valve Old Style Handle Case is Solid and in Good Condition Color: Silver Quantity: 1 $25 If interested in any of the cases please call or email. Thanks! Scott (213) 880-2550 scott.camera@mac.com
  16. selling Pelican 1730 case. includes already cut out foam for a pro rig and accessories. I rather keep this sale tri state NY, due to shipping costs. I can deliver the case personally :) $200 OBO, or maybe even trade?
  17. Modulus 3000s are like new and transmit a strong signal. 3 Modulus 3000s. Each kit includes: 1x Modulus 3000 1x Pelican Case 1x Right Angle Antenna 1x 6db Attenuator 1x 24v 6 pin to 3 pin XLR 2x 24v 6 pin to 2 pin Lemo 1x 2' BNC Cable 1 Dual Directors Monitors. 2x 7" LCD Monitors 1x Dual Monitor Metal Housing w/ Rubber Grips 1x Neck Strap 2x Antenna BNC Chassis Mounts 1x NP Single Battery Box 1x NP Dual Charger 3x NP Batteries 1x 5/8" Baby Pin Receiver 1x 12v Power Wall Wart 2x Half-Wave Excellent Antenna If different cables are needed let me know and I can make them. Make an offer. Looking to unload soon. Email: Justinwat@gmail.com
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