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Found 22 results

  1. STEADICAM Pilot SD 2013 : - STEADICAM sled (can handle up to 10 Lbs / 5 Kg) - STEADICAM arm - STEADICAM vest - STEADICAM dedicated backpack - spare parts + DECIMATOR 3G SDI (HD > SD) + Multiple D-tap to power your accessories (TERADEK, light, mic...) + Gimbal SkyMagic for better grip Small dead pixels area on the monitor, not disturbing while operating 90% of this demo ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlIIMqb_UvQ ) is made with this trustworthy Pilot which is perfect for small cameras : PMW, PXW, C300, etc. 2700 €
  2. I have a number of items I am no longer using so here is a list of a few of the things I have for sale: Steadicam Pilot upgraded to HD I have replaced the wiring harness and upgraded the video line with a strand of Belden 179DT to be able to carry an HD SDI signal. The video line terminates at the base of the post and top stage using DIN connectors (I couldn't fit BNC connectors in the base of the post). The topstage power connector has been replaced with a Lemo 0B 3 pin connector for a more secure connection to match larger rigs like the Flyer. The monitor has been replaced with a SmallHD Focus monitor (brand new with film over screen) which is paired with a Small HD D-Tap dummy battery for power off of the V-mount battery plate. A short RG179 cable is also included for a clean connection from the DIN connector to the BNC on the monitor. See pictures below. C-Stand not included. Asking $1350 + shipping Digital BarTech kit with Heden M21VE-L motor. Kit is in pristine condition Kit comes with: - BarTech Handset - fSTOP Wireless V2-1 BarTech Digital Receiver - Heden M21VE-L Digital Servo Motor with 0,8 gear - Set of Heden gears for M21VE-L: 0,4 0,5 0,6 - Digital Motor Cable - P-Tap Power Cable - 4-Pin XLR Power Cable - BarTech C300 On/Off Cable (Works with C100, C300, C500) - Pelican Hard case - 3 Plastic Focus Strips - 9V Battery holder Asking $2500 + Shipping. Willing to separate motor. Paralinx Arrow Plus 1:2 wireless kit Comes with everything pictured. Asking $500
  3. Hey everyone, Been using the Steadicam Pilot for a few years, on a very occasional basis and I'm generally very happy with it. Tempted to upgrade to the Aero 30 as I'm now mostly flying Red cameras, but in the meantime the one thing I'd like to look at is upgrading the crappy Merlin/Pilot vest with the plastic chestpiece of doom. Any recommendations for something a little sturdier, not too expensive and that can easily take the pilot arm? Thanks all.
  4. Hello, I'm selling my SD Tiffen Steadicam Pilot. I bought this as my first rig and I am the second owner. It is in really great condition and comes in the original kit as Tiffen sold it. The only thing broken is the original stand. I got the stand repaired by Tiffen until they no longer carried the pieces to fix it. The clamping mechanism on the riser post on the stand is broken. I can send more detailed photos if you desire. The rig is perfect for dslrs or camera weighing in the 5 - 10 lb range. Here is a link to the manual of rig I am selling with the OG Michael Craigs! http://www.tiffen.com/userimages/Steadicam_Pilot_Manual_sm.pdf Asking $1500 or best offer
  5. My company came across a Steadicam Pilot that has been collecting dust, and I offered to throw it on the forum. Some parts are damaged or missing but it can still be recovered (all the important parts work great such as gimbal, arm and sled structure). Asking $500 plus shipping. We’re based in Atlanta if you would like to take a look in person. -Vest is missing the Velcro straps (one could either use some 2” Velcro or go more elaborate and add some standard buckles - or buy one of the pilot vest’s for sale on here). -Arm is in great condition. -Battery pack to post screw is missing (hopefully just a trip to the hardware store). -Monitor screen turns on but the screen is too damaged. The power cable works fine so it can be replaced with a different monitor. Please feel free to message me with any questions or for additional photos! Richard Volsky volsky@ritemediagroup.com (Apologies for the crude pictures. We took the photos as we were inspecting the rig.)
  6. dear friends, I've a Pilot to sell, it's in good conditions, I used it on 4 theater stages... It comes with the original bag and with a very robust flycase tailored on the steadicam and accessories... The basic concept of case is that it is really sturdy, solid and handy, it is designed to leave your camera attached on the quick release plate, it has 2 wheels on a side and handles on 3 sides so you can also move the case as trolley. I can Mount for you a Manfrotto or Cartoni quick release plate. Now a Cartoni is mounted. The steady is located in Verona (North Italy - Europe) I can send it everywhere... and if you come here good Italian food and wine (Amarone) are provided of course... price is 2.500 Euro shipping excluded... :-) Here are the photos
  7. For sale : Steadicam Zephyr HD v-mount. Item is located in San Francisco, CA. Pictures show whats included (exact item pictured though I didn't take photos of the item) and listed here: Steadicam Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled) Dovetail Camera Mount 2 x Lemo Power Connector 2 x BNC Connector HD monitor Zephyr Arm Standard Vest IDX V-Mount Battery Mount Docking Bracket BNC Video Cable Tally Sensor 2 x 801-7940 Steadicam Stage Weight Brackets - Missing Screws Case Looking for $6300 net (or best offer) to me shipped in the CONUS. In 9/10 condition. Bought it and it sat. Doing way more aerial work so going to invest into that. Message or post back. Thanks.
  8. Hey everyone, I am new to this arena. I just want to establish that. I tend to ask a lot of questions, sometimes annoying questions about obvious things. These questions may seem obvious to a seasoned operator but this is how I learn, by asking dumb questions. Like this: How does an unestablished operator become a better operator? I thought this meant purchasing a smaller, affordable rig like a Pilot or Scout to practice with? I don't mean to purchase such a rig and then go directly to work on big shows. But that is what it seems like. This is a professional's forum and I appreciate being welcome to interact with all of the seasoned pros in this wonderful community. But how am I supposed to learn from you without asking obvious questions? To be taken seriously and not damage my fragile reputation, do I need to take out a loan from the bank and spend $30K - $50K on a real rig like the Ultra 2 or MK1?? Even though I have no experience whatsoever? That is the vibe I seem to be getting. When I mention the Pilot or Zephyr, if I sound like an amateur, it is because I am just that. I am just getting started on union shows as a grip trying to make a living and support my daughter. The Steadicam dream is very real for me but I am a little confused about how to approach these matters without seeming amateurish? Yes, I plan on taking a workshop. Yes, I know this is professional gear and the gear is a tool in which we use to perform a craft, so it must be the right tool. But I have to start somewhere, right? I have been reading a lot of posts for about a month now, and most of the what I am reading is buy a real rig, even though you have no experience operating. So I am supposed to invest $30K - $50K on a tool of which I have no experience to even be taken seriously on this forum? I am just trying to get to know you all better. Please forgive me for asking dumb questions. This is how I learn from you. : )
  9. Has anyone operated with or own a GH4? I am considering purchasing Pilot SD system. I am unsure how to connect GH4 to monitor? I know, all the typical dslr headaches, lol. I am brand new to this forum but am serious about operating. Should I buy SD rig and use an HD monitor? Then buy an hdmi - sdi converter box? Can you connect sdi in (BNC) to composite? Also, the GH4 camera has NTSC, PAL, and a 24 Hz "Cinema" frequency, through which is the only frequency capable of Cinematic 4K. According to the gh4 manual, when system frequency is set to 24 Hz (which mine is all the time) playback on a composite monitor is impossible? I would love to be informed about how to properly connect a DSLR to a SD monitor or HD monitor
  10. Tiffen low mode bracket. Fits pilot, zephyr, scout, and flyer. Located in Los Angeles Make an offer
  11. You're on the forum so I'm sure you know what the Pilot is about but If you’re thinking of getting into Steadicam this is a great place to start. This Rig is perfect for DSLR's and C300's. I've used it for about a year and have nothing but good things to say about it. I'm also including a HD to SD converter to allow you to run a hdmi feed to the monitor. it has been well looked after, always stored in its case and not been damaged or dropped. It's pretty much as new. I'm selling due to upgrading to a bigger rig. If you would like to see more pics, have any questions or if you'd like to tale a look please get in touch. youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2shQVbvVwQ - (please note different battery setup) It offers: Frictionless, Silky-Smooth Iso-Elastic Performance Huge 28" Lifting Range One-Touch Lift-Adjustment for each section Lightweight Design 5.8" LCD Color Monitor CarbonLite Expandable Center Post New Arm / Vest Interface System X-Y Vernier Adjustment of Stage Plate Operates in Standard and Low modes Professional tool-free 3-axis gimbal £2,000
  12. Need Pilot vest, one with standard connection to arm (as shown), preferably with less velcro straps, more buckles (reduced operating noise), mine broke out filming. I'm located in Dublin, Ireland - let me know what you got! thanks
  13. Panasonic hmc150 with accessories
  14. Sorry if this is an absurd question but I couldn't find any info on it anywhere. I currently have the AA mount on my Pilot but plan on flying the Blackmagic in projects in the near future. Right now, the company I'm working for has Anton Bauer Gold batteries which are very heavy. Would the Pilot be able to use those? If not, what model of Anton Bauer battery does it use?
  15. Hi guys, sorry I know this topic has been touched on elsewhere with regards to hdmi to rca converters etc but I just thought I would see if anyone has actually managed to get this set up running? I'm very new to all this and would love to get my d800 working on the pilot monitor but obviously only having a mini hdmi out is presenting some problems and I could definitely do with some advice around what I need to purchase to make it happen. Many thanks Andrew
  16. This is a robust, and well made DSLR cage for Film/Video use. It has plenty of 1/4 20 and 3/4 holes to attach accessories as well as one of the best HDMI security systems on the market. It has access panels for the battery, CF card, monitor, and top view LCD. It comes with a 15mm Rod adapter, and accessories to mount almost any camera. I have only used it with Canon DSLR, not sure if it can support a Nikon, but I am willing to test it out with the buyer. I have posted several pictures of the item, but if you need more clarification on the features please go to the video link bellow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k2-bTTD2WY Or search: "Hollywood HD-SLR Camera Cage--Alan Gordon Exclusive" on YouTube. The cage alone is priced at $508, new. The rod adapter is priced at $130, new. The whole package would cost $638.00 plus tax and shipping. At $325.00 this is a great deal for any DSLR filmmaker looking for a cage solution. Thank you.
  17. Action!Tiffen Steadicam Pilot Sony PMW F5 CineAlta Zeiss Compact Prime CP2 Distagon 28/T2.1
  18. I need some help with my Pilot vest. There are no buckles... all purely velcro straps. With the arm in place there is more weight on the right side of the vest which over a short period of time when I move, it causes the vest to slightly rotate to the right. The center spar is no longer centered and is shifted to the right. Any suggestions on what to adjust here? Is the bottom hip strap supposed to be super super tight? Currently there is a little bit of room (not easy tightening the bottom when the whole thing is velco. if only it was a belt/strap). But if I were to push/pull the bottom to either the left or right, I would still be able to rotate it around my body. Or maybe I need to tighten the chest straps?
  19. Just upgraded to a Zephyr, so sellin' my old Pilot system. It's same as this guy (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/536219-REG/Steadicam_PILOT_VLB_Pilot_VLB_Camera_Stabilization_System.html). Everything works great, except the SD video signal cable is damaged. It's just the RCA connector that popped off, so it's an easy fix. But I have a long HD-SDI cable spiraled down the post for HD work so I haven't bothered to replace it~ Comes with... - Vest w/ Buckle Upgrade - Arm - Center Post - Sled - Stage Plate - LCD Monitor - IDX Battery Mount - (2) IDX Batteries - Dual Charger - (2) Counter Weights - Carry Case - Trolley Upgrade for Case - Long HD-SDI Cable - Manfrotto Quick Release Plate for Sled $2250 for the package! Definitely prefer a local sale, so if you're in the market for one these guys, come check it out! I'm based in Manhattan in the Lower East Side~
  20. Hello folks, I have a Steadicam Pilot and a couple of different cameras to use with it - a Sony NX3D1 and a PMW EX1. The EX1 would be the preferable camera to use on it but so far I've had little luck getting it balanced (certainly in the way that all the pro users get it balanced!) While being a newb with this piece of kit, I've spent a good couple of days tweaking gimbal height, mounting on the cheese plate, setting balance points with the bottom post and the stage and different configurations of weights. I'm thinking that I'm missing something obvious to do with how to set it, or perhaps I'm just being too impatient with the process of setup. I have found that I can tweak and adjust the sled to the point of getting the cameras rested upright and balanced but as soon as I touch or move the camera, it fails to right itself back to that perfect point. I am also finding if very difficult to get the camera balanced in such a way as to avoid the pendulum effect of stopping when wearing the rig. I was wondering if any of you EX1 users out there could share configurations of gimbal height and weight-placement that you find give you a nice static/dynamic balance? Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated! Kind regards, Richard
  21. is there such a device where you can continue to keep your Rig powered when docked for an extended period of time, during lunch hour, coffee breaks, etc. so I could dock and plug my rig into a standard 12VDC power supply, and walk away for a bit without losing sync to my wireless transmitter, or not having to powering down the camera, or pull the battery out, etc. especially for single battery rigs... (i presume with the big rigs you can easily hot swap batteries since they use more than 1 battery.)
  22. I've been trying to maximize and upgrade this little rig as much as possible. has anyone had any success with making their gimbal tool-less? perhaps swapping out the allen bolt with a wing bolt or kip of some sort...
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