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Found 20 results

  1. Located in France! A plate dedicated to Arri Amira. You can mount 2 x 15mm rods on the front. Never used, only adding weight to my AKS case. Price new is 550€ Asking 300€ Buyer pays shipping IMG_7447.HEIC IMG_7446.HEIC IMG_7448.HEIC
  2. Hello fellow Steadipeople! I once saw that Chris Fawcett has a longer plate for his Archer2 and asked him where he got it. Turns out he had it made by a local machinist. Then I saw that Peter Abrahm made the "Zalex Long Plate" and was amazed to find what I need. Unfortunately it's not meant for my dwarf top stage. (also an Archer2) Even though there is a way to use it on my stage I wanted a solution that really fits. So I decided to remember my classes on mechanical design and do one myself. Now my questions to you are: Does anybody else want something like this? Do you have suggestions or improvements to the original design? Status right now: Basic design complete. (Safety pins still missing) Lenght 42cm/16.5in Same hole pattern as the standard plate. (This plate should also fit Zephyr/Clipper/Aero?) https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesteadicamgroup/permalink/10154392148416629/
  3. Selling a bunch of used XCS plates. 3 in mint condition €180. 2 in good condition with cosmetic wear €150. These plates are $400 new. Only shipping to Europe! VAT Nr. is required for EU buyer! 19% VAT for German buyer! Buyer pays shipping!
  4. selling my plate - $300 plus shipping
  5. XCS Straight Rail Monitor Support Arm for XCS post sizes - $850 XCS Standard Camera Dovetail Plate (Short) - $225 XCS Standard Camera Dovetail Plate (Long) - $225 Shipping not included Matt Lingerfelt Atlanta, GA
  6. Hi everyone I'm selling my Baer-bel Plate. The plate is modified so it fits on the Artemis Topstage. Plenty signs of usage, but it's great working condition. I'm asking 350 EUR € Buyer pays for shipping and any upcoming transaction fees! Plate is in Berlin/Germany. Shipping within EU preferred!!! For inquiries shoot me an E-mail at info@ozzyoksuz.com Cheers
  7. Hi everyone I'm selling my Optical Support Alexaplate, it's great when you work with Alexa EV (classic) or Plus Plenty signs of usage, but it's great working condition. I'm asking 300 EUR € Buyer pays for shipping and any upcoming transaction fees! Plate is in Berlin/Germany. Shipping within EU preferred!!! For inquiries shoot me an E-mail at info@ozzyoksuz.com Cheers
  8. Hi Guys, im looking for a used Hardmount and a used Alexa plate like the one from Optical Support. Many thanks Felix
  9. Hello all, I'm looking to buy a weight cage or plate. Any tips or leads on where to acquire one would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I'm looking for an eight to twelve pound weight plate for my Flyer LE. E-mail me at: lukeknezevic@gmail.com
  11. I'm looking for an eight to twelve pound weight plate for my Flyer LE. E-mail me at: lukeknezevic@gmail.com
  12. Friends! In a bit of a pinch right now. Im looking to buy a V lock male plate for my Intersex plate to mount my recorder to an empty v lock battery spot. Attached a photo of what I need. I can buy them online, but they take weeks and I have a job coming up in a week. My email is rtoussieng@gmail.com Thank you so much!
  13. Alexa Plate I bought a year ago from Optical support. As I've switched to the Fletcher design a week later (....Again, I know!) I sell this one. 350€ Buyer pays shipping. VAT applies for france buyer.
  14. Selling a XCS side adjustable camera dovetail plate in excellent condition. From XCS website: "Universal camera dovetail plate that fits all cameras. This design uses slots for camera plate positioning allowing you finer adjustment of balance. No flex design, three 15mm rod holes on the front. Dovetail on the back for our transmitter bracket." New from XCS sells for $490. I'm selling this one for $350. Located in Berlin, Germany. EU wide shipping included. email: xcs-plate (at) benjamintreplin dot de
  15. Camera Positioning Systems, a Canadian machine shop specializing in Libra head and camera accessory manufacturing, has built a fantastic mounting plate for Arri Alexa cameras. This plate is CNC machined from aluminum and anodized black. The underside is hollowed out to save weight, while still maintaining structural integrity. The plate is designed to mount directly into a Pro sled (or similar). It features a slight cutout in the bevel (pictured) on one side which acts as a safety on Pro rigs preventing the plate and camera from sliding off if loosened too much. This plate mounts directly into the Alexa camera body (no other plates required). It features a small captive brass button that slides into the cleat at the back of the camera to increase rigidity and reduce flexing of the camera fore and aft. Both the brass button and the mounting block at the front can be adjusted left to right in unison and locked in position to fine tune side-to-side positioning of the camera on the sled. This is crucial to dynamic balance and provides fast repeatable results for every build. Convenient captive screws mount into the camera body and are tightened with the handy 5/32" T Handle used for everything else on the Pro sled. These are 3D CAD designed and built in Canada. Camera Positioning Systems have been designing and manufacturing custom remote heads, accessories, plates, and brackets for many years now. Similar plates go for at least $650. If interested, please check out the online store for Camera Positioning Systems at http://www.cameragak.com where you can place an order. There are many other great and handy brackets and plates for sale there too. http://www.cameragak.com/products/61-ARRI-Alexa-Steadicam-Baseplate/
  16. hey yall looking to pick up AB to V mount plates so that i can mount IDX batteries on existing AB plates. Id like 2 in total. Im in los angeles and can pick up this week! brett. 404.408.5951 12@brettmayfield.com
  17. Looking to buy a used Optical Support Alexa Plate. If you have one up or have any leads, please let me know. Much appreciated! -Timyoder1@me.com
  18. Hello, Looking for a weight cage or someone who makes them in the NYC area. Needs to be able to fit FS700. :) Thanks!
  19. i got a couple of V-Mount style Sony dovetail plates for broadcast cameras. they are really great when trying to keep the rig light. You save about 2-3lbs compared with the regular v-lock plates and also they are a way more solid connection to the camera than regular plates! no vibrations or shaking or flex at all! you can use them directly as a dovetail on your top stage (modifications for efp style topstages are also available) and they come with 15mm focus rods for direct attachement. here is the official link: http://shop.strato.d... V-mount Plate" (attention, the plates which are sold here are slightly different in construction (see pictures)) the regular price is 725,90 Euro (including 19% VAT). sold here for 250 Euro (including 19% VAT) located in Dortmund, Germany pm or email me: KameraJaeger@gmx.de cheers Karsten
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