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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all! My next job will fly a Sony Venice. I looking for infos or thought from ops would have already flown it! Balance, weight, Power, ... Thanks
  2. 2,000 USD 4 x 260WH Gold mount Dynacore Batteries and a 4 bank charger. This was all bought in 2018. They were never put in a rental house so the cycles are low for their age. They were always stored with a full charge so they're quite healthy. These batteries last forever and I love them. I actually have 9 of them, so I'm keeping 5. I got a smaller camera recently so I don't need all the power. These work well on lights too, if need be. I'm located in Vancouver. If you're in the area I can drop off, otherwise buyer pays for shipping.
  3. Hey all, Glad to be a part of this forum. I'm new to Steadicam and have been practicing with my Flyer for a couple months now. I use a GH4, to an Atomos H2S, to a Decimator 2 from which I have to drop the power line down to the batteries on my bottom stage. The reason for this is that when I first purchased a Decimator, I had a lemo to 4x P Tap port/splitter from Alvin's cables that I thought would come in handy in the future. Plugging that into my top stage, and then the Decimator into one of the 4 ports via DC to P Tap, i shorted the Decimator. Smoke poured, and examining the inside of the Decimator I can tell I burnt it pretty bad. So I thought for sure, that splitter must have been the problem, maybe it was the polarity. Luckily I had bought that one second hand and just bought another one new, along with the Nebtek DC to lemo from B&H made for the Decimator. Problem is, when I plugged my new Decimator into the top stage of my Flyer with this Nebtek cable, I heard a pop again and quickly unplugged the cable. Very slight smell of smoke again but I managed to save my Decimator and have been using it with no problem. For learning and practicing I don't have too much of a problem dropping that power cable, but at this point I am afraid the issue lies with my actual Steadicam and the lemo power port. I'm hesitant to plug anything else into that port until I can figure out what the issue is, and hoping someone on here can point me in the right direction. It is worth noting that I also bought the Flyer secondhand from someone on Craigslist and haven't been able to verify with them if they had any issues with the rig. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  4. Hello all again, I've recently built my rig part by part (pro) and I'm finishing up buying accessories. I know there will be a plethra of cables I'll be buying through out my career as there are different cables for different cameras and what not, but I was wondering what would you guys say is the standard cables to own as a new operator? Right now I have power cables for the alexa, amira, a p tap splitter, power cable for my monitor, and gonna buy a variation of lengths of SDI cables from Media Blackout. Also what other places do you guys suggest buying cables from (like power cables for Reds)? So the tldr of all of this is what is the standard cables a new op should own? Thank you for any info on this question, Joseph H.
  5. Selling a used Tiffen 4 pin hirose to p-tap muti cable. Very useful. $100 MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
  6. I've always used AB-Gold mount. Typically it seems like rental houses carry those rather than V-mount. But my question is what you you guys as Steadicam Ops typically run into using? I see a lot of sleds in the market place being sold that are V-mount and it just got me curious because Every rental house I've rented from ((Able Cine, Adorama, (ID) Illumination Dynamics,)) all seem to rent out Gold-Mount for Alexa's, Amira's, REDs.
  7. Spiral cable, 6 pin lemo, male-female. Length: min58cm - max240cm. In very good condition. Rarely used. (New over 280USD). 150euros
  8. I've got a small run of voltage adapters and USB cables. The voltage adapter has a standard D-tap cable in and a 2.1mm DC jack out, and the USB cables are available in either micro or mini. 2A max. Perfect for charging phones, or for small on-camera lights that need USB inputs. I can also provide extra 2.1mm cables to power 5V accessories (e.g., Monoprice SDI-HDMI adapters that run on 5V.) Shipping's extra, but it won't be much. Coming from Kentucky, USA. PayPal, Venmo, Apple Cash all accepted.
  9. Being inspired by similar designs by Rencher, Germond and Bard I finally received the parts to do something I've been wanting to do for a while and thought I'd share it as I'm sure others can build and improve on it. It always bothered me that I had an internal battery in the Hyperdeck which really doesn't last long enough to be useful for my purposes other than if an alternate power source was disconnected without me knowing. I also didn't like how heavy the BMD cheeseplate is as well as always having to come up with some sort of way to power the thing from p-tap to barrel which aren't always available after adding FF, HD Transmitter, Monitor etc. I've always liked several camera back solutions I've seen where we can just stack devices with the last item being a battery powering it all. So with all this in mind and getting some info from Iain on his great mod, I went to work. Here are photos of my phase 1 mod: Male Gold Mount Plate powering Hyperdeck and the Female Gold Mount: http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1534.jpg http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1536.jpg Unfortunately given the size and design of the female plate I had to offset it to keep the centre balance correct: http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1538.jpg Mounted on an AB mount installed on back of camera cage, could also go on the back of monitor with an AB plate: http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1541.jpg http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1540.jpg Stacked on battery hanger: http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1542.jpg Alternate method however I haven't tested this yet as I need to investigate and ensure that it's safe to power the Hyperdeck from the CAM PTAP to Hyperdeck Barrel which would essentially loop the power back in the system which may be a huge no-no. If I can't do this then I'll have to stack a battery on the hyperdeck or install a kill-switch on the female AB plate. I do like the balance of a single battery setup when possible so hopefully I can get it to work. http://www.mommaertsdmp.ca/images/url/IMG_1545.jpg For Phase 2: - I want to put an on/off switch on the Hyperdeck but am weary of it getting accidentally switched. - Like Iain's mod, I'll be installing some BNC terminals. - I'd like to install another switch which would disable the power to the female plate, again though would want to make sure it's located in a knock free zone. - Maybe both these switches will go on the bottom of the male AB plate as that area is fairly protected. - Another option, if I can't loop the power, would be to use the male side of the hyperdeck and use an intersex plate from Alan when available, then run a ptap to barrel to power the Hyperdeck. - I'd like to use authentic AB male and female plates however I have been unsuccessful finding the latter, so I ordered from ebay/china which is never my preference as nothing is every exact fitment wise (If any of you know where I can buy a smaller but good quality powered female plate please let me know). Anyway, I welcome any ideas, thoughts or comments good or bad.
  10. Ok, so what are the best high draw gold mount batteries out there?? I know Optical Support here in London do a 130 Wh high draw batt. But what about other companies like Beillen, who do a 160 Wh. SWIT who do a 190Wh. Or Const, who also do a 190 Wh.... Anyone had any experience with any of these other companies?? I'm aware they might be too bulky for steadicam use???? While the Optical Support ones are designed specifically, size and weight wise, for steadicam... can any one help?? tom
  11. Hey ops, Just curious what your thoughts are on the new Cine Bats from AB. To me they look too chunky and square. Obviously the specs look great but real, in the field, use is always better. These are the ones I'm talking about. http://www.antonbauer.com/en-US/Shop/cine-batteries CHEERS
  12. I'm selling 6 of my PAG batteries and a 4 way charger. There are five L95e and one L96e batteries. They are identical in every way apart from a different colour scheme... it was just part of PAG's re-branding in 2013. I'm selling them as I am working with higher draw cameras more frequently now. The batteries have had between 70 and 90 cycles, so hardly used in PAG quality standards. I bought these from PAG in London on 29th may 2013 - i can send you a copy of the receipt to validate this. Batteries were £230 each new and i'm asking £150 each. Charger was £726 new and i'm asking £500. All prices excluding VAT. All very clean and in perfect working order.
  13. Curt Schaller will be in NYC June 11, 12 and 13th He has a very interesting and new Artemis Stabilizer system with him, something very new and very different. This was shown at CineGear also. The Gear will be at TCS Rental from on June 12 for testing. Please let us know if you are able to come and play around with the gear. He will also be there Friday, June 13th. Curt would like to have dinner with anyone who is available. Is June 11 or 12 better? And what would be a good place to meet up? Please let Curt know if you will come to TCS and your availability for dinner. Curt Schaller artemis_info@me.com curt.schaller@vitecgroup.com Mobile: +49 171 62 38 240 Thank you. Paul D
  14. FOR SALE VICTORY 12/24 VOLT BLOCK BATTERY $250 OBO For questions or offers please contact me via email at: swift2412@aol.com
  15. For Sale 3 Patco Belt Batteries (Barely Used) Includes: 3 Patco Belt Batteries charger and cables for charger $600 OBO For questions or offers please contact me via email at: swift2412@aol.com
  16. i am selling my almost never used anton bauer TWQ charger and Dionic HCX battery. i have had these for prob a year and have maybe used them twice. it was a purchase that i never really made use of. so here is a good deal for someone who needs them. i have the original boxes and receipts. like i said, basically brand new. 800$ for the charger $400 for the batt. contact me for more info. mike 224 619 5333
  17. Hey all, I have a job coming up with a RED Epic/Scout and am looking for a 3 pin LEMO (male) to 6 pin LEMO (female) cable. I know Tiffen has one but does anyone have any other (cheaper) suggestions? Thanks, KC Kennicutt
  18. I think they're about 300$? I have one I don't need anymore, only used a couple times. email dustinheindl@gmail.com
  19. hey yall I have been doing a lot of location shoots with limited power resources. I realize I can grab a genny, but I really dont like burning gallons of gas throughout the day near my gear just to keep batteries fresh, power a laptop, download cards, etc. Typically I will run a laptop off of a Versa battery, plug batteries into the moho, or come up with the typical methods for powering gear throughout the day, but I am considering a few electrical modifications to my 4Runner to make it a more well-rounded tool in my kit. First, are there any power inverters that you would recommend for use in 12v power outlets in a vehicle? I have one (Vec024CA )and have been using it for years, and now it is blowing a fuse in my truck, so I am looking for recommendations based on our profession's/community's needs. Second, I am thinking about installing a second battery into my vehicle, maybe a motorcycle battery, and running it on a constant setting so that the vehicle does not have to be on in order to use the power. Then running wire towards the back of the vehicle and installing a standard wall outlet for powering batteries, laptops, etc, unless a cigarette-outlet style is required. This way I can recharge the battery with a trickle charger overnight, as I do with motorcycles, or maybe there is a way of having the vehicle recharge it. has anyone modified their vehicle to be more power efficient for the use of equipment? I have been reading a lot of posts on T4R.org as well as other 4Runner forums, but I am interested in what other operators have done. brett.
  20. I am interested in building a customer base to rent out my red epic. For that I am willing to rent out my entire package for only 500 dollars per day to the right customers. Please email me with some info about yourself and the use for the project. This message is to gauge the interest of the markets so if you are looking for this kind of deal please message me now to start up a business relationship. EF and PL Mount 5 inch touch display Red tactical cage Plenty of media Plenty of power Sliding dove tail Servicing the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia markets Website to come: kevwelch.tv Please message kevwelch@mac.com to being a conversation
  21. So I am making some new camera power cords for myself and I was thinking it would be really nice to have have coiled / pigtail / stretchable cable for these. I can't seem to find any raw cable like this for sale though. So I am looking for raw cable like this: that have has similar characteristics to something like Canare Two-Conductor Cable (http://www.canare.com/ProductItemDisplay.aspx?productItemID=57) or Canare Star Quad (http://www.canare.com/ProductItemDisplay.aspx?productItemID=53). Thanks!
  22. Hey guys, I have a custom top and bottom stage on my rig (wired by Terry West), and am wondering if you guys could help me figure out an electrical issue. Before you dismiss me and tell me to take it to Terry, I've been working on this with him also, but figure I'll cast a wide net for answers. The issue is that my camera power has a tendency to drop out, and it seems pretty much at random. Its both the 12v and 24v power. Whats strange is that the power doesnt drop all the way out- it just drops from 14.4v or 24v to about 9v, and will shift back and forth from one to the other, but never anywhere in between or lower. Sometimes this shift is very quick maybe just a few seconds, and sometimes it will be minutes. Obviously this shuts down any camera that is being powered by the rig, so I have resorted to powering things on camera for quite some time while trying to figure this out. I went through and spread the pins on the post (XCS post) to make sure each connection was nice and solid in the post / bottom stage connections, but the problem is still persisting. I'm not really an electrical engineer, so before sending this in to Terry one more time I was going to open it up here and see if anyone has a good idea. Hit me with your best shot! I'm stumped. -TJ
  23. I wanted to use a Teradek bolt for wireless video (which has a 2 pin lemo connector) and power it off my zephyr's 3 pin lemo connector. Is there such thing as a 2 pin to 3 pin lemo cable or adapter? I know i can make the cable myself but I would prefer to just purchase it. I also understand that the 3 pins are: ground, 12v, 24v. If I can't find a cable ill make it but is the top pin the ground? Does anyone know of someone in New York that could make the cable for me? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Ryan
  24. is there such a device where you can continue to keep your Rig powered when docked for an extended period of time, during lunch hour, coffee breaks, etc. so I could dock and plug my rig into a standard 12VDC power supply, and walk away for a bit without losing sync to my wireless transmitter, or not having to powering down the camera, or pull the battery out, etc. especially for single battery rigs... (i presume with the big rigs you can easily hot swap batteries since they use more than 1 battery.)
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