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  1. Hey Steadicam Fam! I have a Micro Force V+F2 for sale if anyone is interested. I’m not quite sure what this would go for so best offer goes. -Gareth
  2. Multipurpose and trusty MDR 2. Great for backup or extra cameras. Stunt units. Budding operators- Walking into a job without remote focus? could save the day. Asking $750 obo for everything. Thanks Julian
  3. I've upgraded to operator and it's time to sell my Preston kit and invest elsewhere. Asking $30 000 USD ($40 000 CAD) OBO Kit was purchased from Steadicam marketplace and overhauled by Preston in 2019. Phil Cremer, Blue Star Cables and Canadian Preston Rep, can vouch for me and inspect the kit for a serious buyer. bluestarcables@gmail.com Located in Toronto, Canada. QTY ITEM SN HU3 1 Preston HU3 2642 5 Metal focus rings (A-E) 1 Preston Hand Grip 1 Preston Hand Grip Cover Motors 1 DM1X Motor 3963 1 DM2 Motor 2920 1 Haden M26VE 54098 3 90 – Straight Motor Cable 1 90 – 90 Motor Cable 3 Hill Brackets 3 15ml Bushing 4 Panavision Bushing 1 Hill Extended Bracket 3 Spare 0.8 Mod Gears 1 Panavision Iris Gear 1 Panavision Zoom Gear 1 0.5 Mod Heden Gear 1 Preston OEM Dogbone Bracket 2 Panavision Rod 3 15 mm Rod (2”) MDR4 KIT 1 Preston MDR4 1485 1 Cinematic Precision Paddle Bracket 1 MDR4 Cheeseplate 1 ARRI Ext to 3p R/S adaptor 1 2P Lemo to DTAP 2 MDR4 Combo Power + R/S to 3P Fisher 1 2P Lemo to 3P Fisher Power Cable 1 Cinelock w/ Arri Antitwist Bracket FOCUS / IRIS KIT 1 Preston Focus Iris Handset 4 Metal Iris Rings 1 F/I Cheeseplate RADIO MICROFORCE KIT 1 Digital Microforce 1 99265 1 Radio Microforce 1150 1 DMF to Radio MF Cable 1 DMF to HU3 Cable 2 Pan Arm Adapters 1 DMF to Hand Unit 3 Bracket 1 DMF Y Cable to DTAP 1 DMF Y Cable to 3P Fisher MDR2 KIT 1 MDR2 1337 1 MDR2 Cheeseplate 1 MDR2 Cinetape Adapter 1 MDR2 DTAP Power 1 MDR2 2p Lemo 1 MDR2 3p Fisher 1 MDR2 Y Power + R/S 3p Fisher 2 MDR2 R/S 3p Fisher 1 MDR2 to 00B Lemo Red R/S 2 MDR2 Panavision Genisys R/S 1 MDR2 Red One R/S 1 MDR2 Arri Film Camera R/S 1 MDR2 Panavision 12v Power 1 MDR2 Panavision 24v Power 1 MDR2 3p XLR (Panavison) Power 1 MDR2 4p XLR Power BATTERIES 9 Batteries 1 Shape Gang Charger 1 Single Charger MISC 2 Storm Cases 2 Lid Organizer Inserts 5 Plastic HU3 Rings 1 Command Cable 3 Replacement MDR2 Antennas
  4. Preston DM1 motors. Works great! Inexpensive way to add another motor to your Preston kit. Works great for focus, iris or zoom. High torque. I currently have 2 for sale. $650 USD each. $1200 USD for both. $30 shipping with insurance & tracking. gottfried.pflugbeil@protonmail.com
  5. Selling Preston Single channel hand set with 8 rings and 3 generic FM50 batteries. Asking $3200.00. Prefer US buyers. Will ship via US Post priority service.
  6. $1000 OBO. Perfect working condition. Buyer pays shipping/insurance. Cables: (1) 3Pin Fischer Combo Power/Run Stop (1) DTap power (1) 8' 3Pin XLR power (1) 3Pin Fischer Run Stop
  7. Im selling my beloved Preston FIZ System. Its in very good shape and working condition. It was my backup on most shoots and beiing honest to myself, I don't need it. It's still 3G and works great as a system. I never had any problems... its Preston, what else to expect. Should you want to upgrade to 4G, Pretson can do the HU3 for about $.300. However you would need to find a new/used G4 MDR Unit. Some of the parts have never left the case. The package contains... Pelcian Case #4060 Hand Unit 3 [w/6xRings, 2xLi Batteries, Charger, Grip #4102 MDR-2 Motor Driver w/ Tranceiver Lid, Antenna, 24v #4200 DM-1 Digital Motor [with 15mm rod & .80m output gear #4201 DM-2 Digital Motor [with 15mm rod & .80m output gear #4221 0.80M output gear .50" wide 2x #4240 0.50M gear Canon Video - Focus, Iris, Zoom #4241 0.60M gear Fuji Video - Focus, Zoom #4242 0.40M gear Fuji Video - Iris #4301 Arri 19mm Swing Arm [side rod #4302 Arri/Panavision 19mm Swing Arm [top rod 3x #4320 Step Down Bushing 19mm/15mm Arri #4333 Moviecam/ Arri Bracket #4400 Main Command Cable 30' 2x #4410 Motor Cable [w/straight Lemo connectors 24“ 2x Motor Cable [w/right angle Lemo connectors 24“ #4435 Camera Cable: Sony Hi Def (MDR-2) #4499 Motor Driver Power from Arri 24Volt/Moviecam #4521 Camera Cable: Arriflex 435/535/SR3/ Mvcm 3 pin (MDR Not on Pics but included: 2x GPI PRO Power 9“ for MDR GPI PRO H-Bracket for MDR asking 10.000€ or best offer buyer pays shipping & transaction fee / additional 19% VAT apply for european buyers
  8. PRESTON - 2 x DM1 motors for sale - London UK - £800 ONO - barneypiercy@hotmail.co.uk DM - 1 Digital Motor S/No. 1364 (motor slightly noisy, needs service) DM - 1 Digital Motor S/No. 1344 1 x ‘Hill’ Rosette Motor Mounts 1 x ‘Hill’ 5/8” arm (PV) 1x ‘Hill’ 15mm arm 1x ‘Hill’ 19mm arm 3 x Motor Mounts 1 x Preston 15mm Motor Mount Stubbs 3 x 19mm Motor Mounts 1 x Speedy Clamp Motor Mount 1 x Bushing 19mm - 15mm 1 x Bushing 19mm - PV 2 x Motor Cables (90 degrees at both ends)
  9. Immaculate condition - hardly used. MDR2 bought new from Optical Support London in 2014. Includes Arri and Panavision Power and turnover cables.... £600 obo
  10. 2 AXIS PRESTON CINEMA SYSTEMS - WIRELESS LENS CONTROL SYSTEM Mk1 KIT LONDON UK - asking £3000 ONO Would be a great back up system, well cared for. MDR1 - Motor Driver S/No. 1407 TX Unit S/No. 49319 DM - 1 Digital Motor S/No. 1364 (motor slightly noisy needs service) DM - 1 Digital Motor S/No. 1344 FI + Z Handset U1 S/No. 2248 FI + Z Reciever S/No. 1292 Remote Iris Box Omnishot Battery Converter 6 x FM50 Batteries 1 x Dual charger & spare 1 x ‘Hill’ Rosette Motor Mounts 1 x ‘Hill’ 5/8” arm (PV) 1x ‘Hill’ 15mm arm 1x ‘Hill’ 19mm arm 3 x Motor Mounts 2 x Preston 15mm Motor Mount Stubbs 3 x 19mm Motor Mounts 1 x Speedy Clamp Motor Mount 1 x Bushing 19mm - 15mm 1 x Bushing 19mm - PV Preston Handset Wet Weather Cover 2 x Spare Handset Scales (1 x Focus & 1 x Iris) 3 x Reciever Antennas 3 x Handset Antennas 2 x Antennas (older style 3” - 1 x TX & 1 X RX) 2 x SMA 90 degree Connectors (for orientating the MDR antenna) FI + Z Command Cable (30ft - allows hardwiring between MDR & handset) Remote Iris Cable (8ft - hardwires remote iris box to handset) MDR Power Cable (8ft - allows powering from 4 pin XLR) MDR Power Cable (2ft - allows powering from 3 pin Arri Fischer) MDR Power Cable (2ft - allows powering from PV) MDR Power Cable (2ft - allows powering from Anton Bauer D Tap) Camera Command Cable (2ft - connects MDR to camera Arri Fischer 11 pin) Camera Command Cable (2ft - connects MDR to camera Arri Fischer 3 pin) Camera Command Cable (2ft - connects MDR to camera PV Lemo 10 pin) Camera Command Cable (2ft - connects MDR to Moviecam Fischer 2 pin) Camera Command Cable (2ft - connects MDR to RED EPIC) 2 x Motor Cables (90 degrees at both ends) 15 x Focus Discs 1 x 1550 Peli Case & Padded Dividers (1 latch damaged)
  11. $5000 Preston Cinema Systems Hand Unit 3 HU-3 original owner/part of my AC Kit Well maintained in Good Condition includes: 6-Focus Marking Rings 10-Zoom/Iris marking Sticks Clean Camera Support Microforce Bracket Preston Microforce Bracket 2- 6” Digital Micro force-HU-3 cables 1- 10’ Digital Micro force-HU-3 cable 3- Batteries & Charger Left Hand Grip Available for pick up in Los Angeles $5000
  12. Kit includes HU3 Handset S/N 1644 6 Focus Rings (A to E + blank) 5 batteries and 1 charger (#10050603, #10055815) HU3SC Side Cover HU3 padded hand Grip Neck Strap HU3MF2 (Microforce) Mounting Bracket 1 x DMF2 - HU3 Zoom Cable (8inch) L14P L6P RED/GREY) shipping Case
  13. Full Preston FI+Z kit for sale in very good condition. This system is fully up to date and serviced and maintained by Monster Remotes for me. I am located in Brooklyn NY. $25,000 Plus shipping. If interested or for more info email: noheatmac@gmail.com Kit includes HU3 Handset S/N 1644 6 Focus Rings (A to E + blank) 7 batteries and 2 chargers (#10050603, #10055815) HU3SC Side Cover HU3 padded hand Grip Neck Strap MDR3 S/N 2332 PFIC Preston Focus / Iris Controller S/N1606 MR-PFIC Marking Ring Digital Microforce 2 S/N D252290 HU3MF2 Mounting Bracket 2 x DMF2 - HU3 Zoom Cables (8inch, 20ft) L14P L6P RED/GREY) Motors 1 x DM1X and hill bracket S/N 3296 (wide gear) 2 x DM2 and hill bracket S/N 4583 + S/N 4570 3 x ARRI pitch, 1 x Panavision Zoom 48pitch, 1 x PV Iris 64pitch gears Cables CB-MDR3AY (MDR3 Arri Y (3pf - 2pl power & 10pl run) CB-MDR3PVP (MDR3 Panavision Power L2-L2) CB-MDR3PVP (MDR3 Arri Run Power Combo F3-L10) CB-MDR3AP (MDR3 ARRI Power (F3, L2) CB-MDR3MC (MDR3 Main Command Cable HU3) 20ft 4 x Preston Motor Cables (L7P Green) CB-CTMDR3 Cinetape to MDR3 (L4, L6) MDR power (2pl-2pl) Accessories 4 x RB- PV 19mm-5/8inch PV Reduction Bushings (RED) 4 x RB- ARRI 19mm -15mm ARRI Reduction Bushings (BLUE) 3 x FIZMA-19mm Motor Arms (Hill Brackets) 1 x D-Clamp extension for Hill Bracket 3 x D-Clamp bushings for Hill Bracket Shipping Case
  14. Hello I am selling my Preston Light Ranger 2 sensor only for sale. In full working order. Used for three years. Comes with 'lens' cap and smoke or fog adaptor. No cable or brackets included. I will pay to have the items shipped slow boat UPS ground to a USA address (I have had bad luck shipping items overseas). 3,500.00 No warranty or returns. All sales final. Please email with any questions. leevickery35@gmail.com
  15. Hey guys, Full Cine-tape kit for sale. Includes a wireless cine-remote and Preston mdr interface cable. US$5000 plus shipping from New Zealand Display - S/N 31158 Horns Noga Arm PLC electronics UDM Cine Remote Transmitter PLC electronics Cini Remote Receiver Cine Remote Antenna x 3 2 x Sensor cable 2x RS24V 1 x D-tap 1 x 2 pin Lemo 1 x 24V PV 1 x 12V PV 1 x Cine Data Cable 1 x Cine Data - Preston Handset Custom cable 1 x Arri UMC Cable 1 x laser cut pelican case
  16. Selling (2) Preston Cinema MDR2 motor controllers. 2 x 12v XLR power cables 2 x Power and Run/Stop pigtail cables. 2 x ARRI R/S on /off cables 1 x 2 pin power cable 1 x Panavision Run/Stop cable Panavision Accessory Power TAKING ANY REASONABLE OFFER.......
  17. Fantastic FIZ Unit for sale. Hand Unit 3 with Handgrip Focus/Iris Hand Unit Digital Microforce with Bracket 2 Battery Chargers MDR-3 G4 1 DM-2 Motor with Swing Arm and Bushing 1 DM-2 Motor with Swing Arm and Bushing 1 DM1-X Motor with Swing Arm and Bushing 6 Batteries 6 HU3 rings 3 F/Iris rings 4 Motor Cables DMF to Handunit Cable 5 Power and Run Cables 1600 Pelican Case with Padded Dividers New $32,000. US on Sale for $19,999. US Located in North America. Shipping not included. Please email ryanpurcell.ca@gmail.com for any Questions, Thanks so much for looking!
  18. $3800 OBO LR-2 Preston Cinema Sytems light ranger 2 + serial cable, only. No VOU, no brackets. 2018 model. Updated to current firmware & serviced at Preston in August. I am an AC, this LR-2 is from my personal FIZ kit. It’s been a great tool. Available to pick up here in LA. Shipping available. ~Chris Toll
  19. Lightranger2 $9500 with pelican case LR2 Sensor VOU 2x Arri power cables , 2x serial cables ,lightranger Arri bracket Available in L.A. US shipping available.
  20. Selling extra Preston gears. $20/each for 32 pitch(I have 1 each of motor replacement style and screw-on style) , 48 pitch, 64 pitch or Fuji. I also have a wide 32 pitch for $40 Text 323.868.1586
  21. Helping to sell my friend's complete Preston Follow Focus system (2 motors). Was rarely used and just finished service (and update) at Preston, great condition overall. Selling because not getting enough rentals of it. Package include (see photos for detail listing) - HU3 (G4) - MRD-2 (with mounting adapter) - 2 DM-2 motors - various cables, adapters and focus rings - Pelican case Asking for 10900$, but open for offers and might be interested parting the package. Locating in LA, but can ship world wide :)
  22. Hello all, For sale is a Preston MDR-2 kit in good condition and working order. Package comes with: 1x MDR-2 Serial# 1522 1x Cinetape Interface Cable ($600 cable) 1x Skipps Engineering mounting bracket 2x Power cables to 3 pin Arri fischer 2x Power cables to 2 pin Panavision Lemo I also have an assortment of 24" Run/Stop cables (not pictured): Red BNC, Red micro 4pin direct, Red One 4pin, Panaflex 10pin, Arri 11pin, Moviecam 2pin, Genesis, Sony 900 etc... If any interest you, I would be happy to throw in a few at no additional cost. (No Arri 3 pin fischer available, but you could always replace the camera side of the above older ones if you like...) $800 USD for everything. Available for p/u in Los Angeles, free ground shipping within US 48 states, or will ship elsewhere at buyers expense....
  24. I am selling 2 single channel handsets. They have the mounting cheese plates on the backs. 4 batteries, 2 chargers and 9 rings. 6000$ for both or 3200$ each reach out to me at qpaglaro@gmail.com for any info. Cheers, Quincy
  25. Posting for a Friend: Selling Peston FIZ System in perfect condition ( HU-3/MDR-3/DMF-2/DM1x/DM2/DM4x/ F-IU) This was private system for 5 years and was un-used the last 2 years contact: lorenzosenatore@me.com
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