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Found 270 results

  1. Preston MDR2 g4 blue dot (sn2252) with $600.00 cinetape interface cable. Also come with a bunch of run and power cables. Also, in this set is a DM2 motor (sn2800) with power cable, bracket and 15mm insert. Both have been meticulously cared for, and are in excellent working condition. Run: Red, Panavision, Arri, Hirose Power: Panavision, Aaton, Film Motion, Moviecam $3000. OBO Buyer pays shipping. Thank you.
  2. Hello, My name is David and I am a 1st AC I have a Preston DM2 Motor for sale. (SN3437). Reasons for selling is to upgrade. Motor is wonderful and works like a dream! I'll include two Pam brackets as seen in the photo. (i do have another DM2 Motor for sale if that interests you more... please let me know and i can send photos and make a deal on the two!) Asking price £1,200.00 (inc VAT) I can deliver within London or meet up at Panavision or Arri Media. Shipping overseas. If you get in touch i will let you know a price. (BUYER PAYS FOR SHIPPING) Please call on +44 7939678450 or reply to the thread!
  3. Selling a Preston HU3 G4 Blue Dot Handset, good working order Feel Free to ask any questions, Item located in South Carolina but can ship anywhere $4800. Or (£3700 Can have it shipped to London)
  4. FOR SALE: Preston Remote Focus System Asking 15,500 USD The kit was well loved and is in great condition with some cosmetic wear. Everything is working 100% and was recently serviced by the Preston Rep in Toronto. Kit - HU3 Remote Focus Unit (G4 Blue Dot) - MDR 2 (G4 Blue Dot) - Focus/Iris Single channel Unit (G4 Blue Dot) Motors - DM1X S/N # 3746 with bracket - DM 2 S/N # 6721 with bracket Rings - 5 x Pre-mark rings (A,B,C,D,E) - 1 x Blank Ring - 1 x Small Blank Ring Cables 1 x Control cable to Red Epic 1 x Control Cable to 3 pin Lemo 1 x Power to D-Tap 1 x Power to 3 pin Lemo 2 x Motor cables (Right Angle to Right Angle) This kit is located in Toronto Canada and can be shipped anywhere at buyers expense.
  5. This is a complete kit ready to go onto any production, It includes a single channel controller, wireless Microforce and any cables you will need plus spares. The hand unit was modified by Panavision technicians for aerial work on Mission Impossible Fallout and Mulan and has an extra aerial meaning it now has a range of up to 1 kilometer. Kit is currently in New Zealand but international shipping can be arranged. Due to restrictions on shipping batteries the kit will come without any batteries but the charger is included. The kit is housed in 2 x Pelican Storm 2300 cases, one laser cut for the essentials and the other for back up items. Price indication $29000-$27000, all offers considered. ryanspearman@orcon.net.nz Main Components: 1 x HU3 1 x g4 MDR2 1 x Focus/Iris Single channel Handest 1 x Digital Microforce 1 x Radio microforce module. 1 x DM1X Motor 1 x DM2 Motors. 1 x Heden M26VE Cables: RS Run x2 RS "Y" Cable (power and run) Epic Run 11 pin Fischer run Red One run PV Genesis run x2 PV 12 volt PV 24 volt D Tap Power RS Power (Arri 3 pin) 24v 3 pin xlr 12v 4 pin xlr Mini EXT to RS converter Cinetape Interface cable. Motor x 4 Extension command cable RS Microforce Y cable (for stand alone zoom control) DTap Microforce Y cable Misc: Iris handset discs PV Zoom and PV Iris pitch motor gears. Pan handle converter for microforce handset
  6. Preston DM1 motor for sale. Comes with Hill-style 19mm bracket. Works great. $650 or best offer Bigdne68@yahoo.com
  7. Preston HU3 for sale. Works great and has latest firmware. Buttons replaces as well. Lights on knob work perfectly but plastic covers are gone. Comes with blank marking ring, 3 batteries and charger $4200 or best offer Bigdne68@yahoo.com
  8. Single channel MDR 2 Pin Power Cables 1700.00 US Dollars
  9. 2 Channel FIZ system Hand Unit 2 ( G3 ) MDR 2 ( G3 ) Omni shot battery adaptor with 2 batteries 2-DM1 motors with PAM bracket & motor cable Case various accesories $3000 USD or best offer Text Chris for photos and info 310-880-2518
  10. For Sale $6,000.00USD A very well taken care of 3 channel Preston follow focus. Case and pouches are included. Buyer will assume any and all tax/shipping cost. There are 2 cables that I made to power the MDR off of my sled. If you let me know what sled you have (if you have one), I can alter the cable for you before shipping it. Follow this link to see more pics! https://www.facebook.com/groups/forsalecameraassistantaks/permalink/2380915348645899/?sale_post_id=2380915348645899 Includes: MDR2 Handset with TX analog microforce X3 DM1 motors X2 battery Chargers x5 Preston batteries x2 shorty microforce cbls x1 10' microforce cbl x2 4pin XLR to 4 pin lemo mdr pwr cbl x2 2pin lemo to 4 pin lemo mdr pwr cbl x2 ptap to 4 pin xlr mdr pwr cbl x3 coiled mtr cbls x2 mtr cbls x2 command cbls x2 OSHA cbls multiple dog bones for mtrs multiple 15mm/19mm inserts x2 pana iris gears x1 2B lemo connector for s/s cbl extra anttenas
  11. Selling my trusty P F I Unit, it is a G3 system but G 4 Boards are readily available, will consider all reasonable offers around US $3,500 it comes with 14 Discs and will consider adding 1 x Sony NP-QM91D Battery The biggest and most long lasting in the range I believe they rate at 7.2 Volts and a 29.8 Wh (never had one go flat) Happy to ship at buyers expense Email me on jem.58@icloud.com Link to all pics for sale is here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FZD6J2NeKSA0XBfXv7e_0JHgkG72wceh?usp=sharing
  12. Single Channel Handset selling as seen. New version with Antenna Switch, external or internal Comes with 4 Rings. External antenna. I used this for one show. Perfect condition. Selling to buy other gear. Price $3500 USD plus shipping
  13. Someone starting out may have a use for this old guy Preston 1: Hand Set MDR Focus Rings Cables 1000.00 US Dollars or make me an offer If your starting out and need a preston lets talk, I'm sure we can hook you up.
  14. PRESTON 2: Only Ever Used On the Rig MDR (UPGRADED TO G4/BLUE DOT)-WORKS WITH MDR3 Power Cable to Pro Rig Misc Roll Cables 1000.00 US Dollars
  16. For Sale asking $1750 MDR 2: -G4 -Blue Dot -updated firmware -comes with cine tape cable and sony/red command cable Excellent contidion Cosmetic signs of wear Feel free to ask any questions or for more pictures. eacamera@yahoo.com Thank You, Eli Aronoff eacamera@yahoo.com
  17. Hello all, For sale is a Preston MDR-2 kit in good condition and working order. Package comes with: 1x MDR-2 Serial# 1742 1x Cinetape Interface Cable ($600 cable) 1x Skipps Engineering mounting bracket 2x Power cables to 3 pin Arri fischer 2x Power cables to 2 pin Panavision Lemo 1x Power cable to P-Tap 1x Power cable to 24v 3 pin XLR (8') 1x Power and r/s combo cable to 3 pin Arri fischer 1x Main command cable, 25' $1200 USD for everything. Available for p/u or delivery in Los Angeles, free ground shipping within US 48 states, or will ship elsewhere at buyers expense....
  18. For Sale Preston FIZ 3/MDR 3 with single channel (G4) $22,000 HU3 x 1 (W/ Handgrip, Sidecover, and Neckstrap) Iris Controller x 1 MDR 3 x 1 DM1X Motor x 1 DM2 Motor x 2 Digital Microforce 2 x 1 DMF Bracket x 1 Batteries x 6 Battery Chargers x 2 MDR3 Cinetape Interface Cable x 1 MDR 3 Panavision PWR cable x 2 20’ DMF Cable x 1 6” DMF Cable x 1 Motor Cables x 4 MDR 3 Arri Run Cable x 1 MDR 3 Arri 3 Pin RS Power Cable x 1 MDR 3 Y Combo x 2 MDR 3 XLR PWR Cable x 1 MDR 3 Command Cable x 1 Red Reduction Bushings x 4 Blue Reduction Bushings x 4 Jerry Hill Style Motor Arms x 3 D Clamps x 3 D Clamps Extention x 1 Hand Unit Marking Ring x 6 Iris Marking Ring x 1 48 Pitch Gear x 1 64 Pitch Gear x 1 Spare MDR 3 Antenna x 1 Inner Space Case x 1 Available for local pick up in the New York/ New Jersey Area. Can be shipped as well. Please contact with any inquiries or best offer at lmay2873@gmail.com
  19. Pair of Preston Cinema MDR-2 (G4 Blue dot) motor drivers for sale. $2000 for the pair, $1200.00.each. Preston to Cinetape Interface cable for sale, $150.00
  20. $20,500 Includes: Preston Remote Focus System HU3 handset with MDR2 Single channel All blue dot Micro force digital 2 Sony smart charger with 10 batteries All cables included Digital Motors: 2xDM2, 1xDM1 Pelican Case Immaculate condition, gently-used. Pictures https://ibb.co/NZ2zFdF https://ibb.co/fNpk7x0 https://ibb.co/C55m4JQ https://ibb.co/pbHLYDh https://ibb.co/B6bTDRc https://ibb.co/mcqDJLm https://ibb.co/r27r5SR https://ibb.co/x3b0RGz https://ibb.co/0jFRnm2 https://ibb.co/F7sqdTx https://ibb.co/JF5VQ97 https://ibb.co/74szHTy https://ibb.co/gvnqwts https://ibb.co/2sVDDWx https://ibb.co/FVjJZ54 https://ibb.co/Sn56FfG Contact satrazemis@gmail.com for more details
  21. Preston HU3 #1551 Digital microforce 1 #D7064 MDR2 # MT-2435 DM1 # 627 DM1 #1089 Heden #52878 6 focus disks 5 large Sony batteries 3 chargers 4 motor cables 2 Arri 3 pin power cables 1 cinetape cable 1 short zoom cable 1 long zoom cable (15’) 1 ‘y’ cable 3 pin power to power and camera 2 Arri 3 pin run cables 1 Sony f55 run cable 1 Red run cable with time code splitter box Camera accessories microforce to handunit bracket (frees up the 1/4 20 on back for monitor or mount brackets) handle and handle cover Pelican style storm im case with custom foam and handy lid pouch 3 cable pouches $15,000 I’m in Woodland Hills, CA email is best tylerinla at gmail dot com thanks
  22. Hi All, I am selling my Preston MDR back pack system, very lightweight holds MDR plus Anton Bauer Gold Mount and will accommodate a Teradeck etc, The 20 foot umbilical runs 2 x Motor Cables right angles and 1 x command to 3 pin RS, power is provided to the MDR and Teradeck etc via the D Tap facility Looking for around US$ 600 which covers the cable & plug costs Link to the pics of everything for sale is here:- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FZD6J2NeKSA0XBfXv7e_0JHgkG72wceh?usp=sharing many Thanks Jem
  23. Selling My Preston Radio Microforce Unit with 1 x Sony QM91D Battery These Batteries have a super long life, great considering these units often get left on by accident, Will consider all reasonable offers around US$ 2,500 Link to all pics https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FZD6J2NeKSA0XBfXv7e_0JHgkG72wceh?usp=sharing Thanks so much Jem
  24. PRESTON HU3/MDR3 etc FOR SALE Great Condition Location: London, UK Preston 2 Chanel system for sale : MDR3 / HU3 / FI / 2xDM2 / cables / cases + extras £14,000 + VAT Owned since new with low/moderate use. Recently had the motors serviced at Optical Support and the HU3 software is up to date. If you’re looking at this you know what Preston’s are about this is a great system which can be easily expanded to a 3 channel system. DM me with any questions / see more pics, or to arrange a viewing. Happy to ship internationally at buyers expense. Thanks Andrew
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